Election 2016 – Globalism vs. Americanism

By Ray Starmann


This is undoubtedly the most important election in recent American history.

This election isn’t just about Republicans vs. Democrats. It’s about the evil of Globalism vs. the goodness of Americanism. It’s about the very idea that the US is just another country, no better and no worse than the rest of the nations on this planet, versus the belief that this is a special country, ordained by God to be a Shining City on a Hill and the embodiment of freedom and economic opportunity for all.

Globalism is the death of US national sovereignty. Globalism is the death of every nation’s sovereignty.

One of the major tenets of globalism is the concept of open borders, or in actuality, no borders. This feeds into the idea of extreme and force fed multiculturalism to the point of social chaos and economic destruction.

Open borders are causing the complete collapse of Western Europe as ancient nation states collide with millions of single male refugees raised on Stone Age values and a diet of Jihad.

Beautiful Lake Como on the Italian/Swiss border has been turned into a whistle stop of poverty and disease as thousands of refugees pour into the area, creating a UN-like border camp in the scenic Alps.

Historic Europe is being devoured by refugees, in a diabolically conceived plan by Angela Merkel,  George Soros and other globalists. Angela Merkel is no friend of Germany and Europe. In fact, she is no friend of anyone or anything except Lucifer, the former East Germany and her Swiss Bank account where Soros is undoubtedly parking millions of Euros for a job well done. Once in the Stasi, always in the Stasi, nicht wahr Merkel?

The destruction of Germany, Western Europe and the complete destabilization of the Western world is proceeding on schedule, courtesy of globalism and its evil stepchild, multiculturalism.

In the New World, eleven million illegals from Mexico and Latin America hijack American blue collar jobs and suffocate American blue collar wages. The American middle class is disappearing as more illegals flood into the Southwest at an alarming rate, while the globalist Democrats see them as a future voting block that can tilt the scales forever in their favor.

Globalism preaches central power and authority which liberals flock to like moths to a flame. Central power allows them to create more and more worthless and freedom devouring big government programs that suck the life out of populations.

The globalists love the EU because it annihilates nations and instead creates a goliath Big Brother bureaucracy that dictates every factor of your life from the taxes on durable goods to the wattage of light bulbs and the banishment of toasters. The monstrous EU pushed the Schenegen Agreement, which allows for free travel across European borders. But, letting Germans travel freely to Austria is quite different than allowing Syrians to travel across Europe’s borders like mad Gypsies with rolled up sleeping bags of Semtex and AK-74’s.

The EU is a harbinger of things to come if the globalists have their way. They desire more than anything, a world government, a UN on steroids, controlling every facet of your life, creating a worldwide serf population living on low wages, while the globalist elite live like 18th Century European monarchs. To keep the population under control, the globalists push universal gun control. They have been largely successful across the world. They will try it here if Hillary Clinton wins.

They will try and not succeed.

The globalists have created and supported trade deals like NAFTA and TPP, which do nothing for the United States and everything for Third World nations, corporate elites and China. These trade deals are sapping the life out of American industry and crucifying the American worker. Lousy trade deals like NAFTA have created a $12 trillion trade deficit since the 1990’s.

One of globalism’s arch enemies is the alternate media and indeed the Internet itself. They would love a Chinese style Internet where they could completely control what is fed to the public. Even without total censorship, the corporate elites have at their fingertips, Facebook, Google, and about 75% of the mainstream media who manipulate the news and information with the aplomb of Soviet commissars.

With their control of much of the media, the globalists are able to push political correctness, which is all about control and nothing about freedom.

The globalists support and want the US to continue its reckless pursuit of endless and unwinnable wars, which continually send the brave US military into foreign hornets’ nests. Globalism loves chaos and violence and wars because they create instability. The instability allows the globalists to come to the rescue with solutions that give them more power and suck the life out of broken nations and defunct economies.

The Establishment backs globalism, because globalism allows them to control countries, control economies and control populations. Globalism is the endless gravy train for the Establishment that arrives on time with boxcars laden with US Greenbacks and Euros.

Hillary Clinton is the standard bearer for the globalist establishment and the corruption and evil they ooze.

If Hillary Clinton wins, the United States of America will be on borrowed time. There will be no one to the rescue, not from her party or from the GOP, which has completely sold out to globalist interests. Don’t think for a moment that Paul Ryan is coming to your rescue. Paul Ryan is a Faustian globalist hack.

Hillary is in the globalists’ back pocket. She will be at their whim and fancy and implement more economic policies that help the elite and destroy the middle class. She will open the border and allow millions of people to flood into the nation, while giving amnesty to the illegals that are already living here. Her national security policy will be reckless and incompetent. In short, she will be a disaster for the nation, but a windfall for the globalists.

Thankfully, there is one man who is the sole impediment to the globalist criminals. That man is Donald Trump.

Trump is a nationalist whose America First ideology has rejuvenated the Silent Majority and electrified the nation. Trump’s policies of securing the border, renegotiating trade deals, taking care of the American worker, making nations pay for our defense and not throwing the military into unwinnable wars are Kryptonite to the globalists.

Make no mistake about it; Trump is the enemy of globalism and the Establishment. Hence, there is a full court press to discredit and destroy him, while the globalists prop up a physically ill, lying, devious, scripted criminal.

Americanism must carry the day, or the Shining City on the Hill will be in mortal danger.

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