Dr. Milton Wolf, Obama’s Cousin, Catches Lie in Hillary Clinton Medical Report



Dr. Milton Wolf, a board-certified diagnostic radiologist from Kansas, has examined Hillary Clinton’s medical report and found some interesting inconsistencies with standard medical practice.

Hillary Clinton released her promised “medical records” today in the form of a letter written by her personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack, describing her as in “excellent physical condition”.  As if we expected an official release from the Clinton campaign to say she was in horrible medical condition?

Dr. Wolf, after examining Clinton’s bill of health, had some observations regarding the medical tests that were supposedly performed on her, as he outlined on Twitter.

Believe it or not, Dr. Wolf happens to be Barack Obama’s 2nd cousin, once removed as explained by his family tree released by the Washington Post.


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5 comments on “Dr. Milton Wolf, Obama’s Cousin, Catches Lie in Hillary Clinton Medical Report
  1. I am not a doctor or a medical professional in any form but if Obama’s second cousin, once removed, says this report….not medical records….is questionable, works for me!

    Does anyone around Hillary ever tell the truth? I don’t think so!

  2. Hillary supposedly has Parkinsons, also has a private medical clinic on the 4th floor of daughters apt. building where private dr. and care is off record/ private. Also wears leg braces for stability, like many would wear arch spts in shoes-meaning daily. Google in: Hillary’s private medical clinic. then type in you tube: metal piece falls from Hillary’s pant leg (when legs gave out, she was lifted in van on 9/11 .)

  3. This is stuff that lay people would not be privy to. Most of those who are Hillaryites would be impressed by such medical ‘chicanery and be relieved that she is in such excellent shape. And for those who know better, well if they attempt to prove the info Is nonsense, you know that the full weight of the Clinton machinery would fall on those hapless souls and they would be berated into silence. The other interesting thought is, how can we know that it truly is Hilary, that they are talking about and not a body double, when it comes to any medical information. One only has to look at her to see that she is not in excellent shape.

  4. We need to pray that Dr. Milton Wolf doesn’t commit “suicide” like Vince Foster did if this information gets back to the wicked witch.

    She sold her soul to Satan long ago and he might be getting ready to demand payment on their deal real soon.

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