Danish ISIS ‘sympathiser’ is charged with attempted murder after shooting at police on a drug raid in Copenhagen

Daily Mail


A Danish man with alleged ties to terrorist groups has been charged with attempted murder after shooting at police conducting a drug raid in Copenhagen, seriously injuring one of them.

“He apparently has ties to (militant Islamist group) Millatu Ibrahim and sympathies for IS,” police said of the 25-year-old man, referring to the Islamic State group.

They described the man – named by local media as Mesa Hodzic – as a Danish citizen who had come to the country from Bosnia when he was four years old.

However, the police said, there was “currently no evidence that (his alleged IS sympathies) has influenced the shooting incidents.”

Two police officers and a bystander were injured during the raid in Christiania yesterday. The area is a self-governing commune in the capital with a long history of openly trading drugs.

The suspect shot one officer in the head, a second in the thigh and a bystander in the leg before escaping.

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