Boycott the NFL


By Joe Ragonese

I was a police officer for 36 years.  Prior to being a police officer I served six years in the U.S. Air Force, four on active duty and two in the reserves.  Before that, my fondest memories, while growing up, are of going to the VFW with my dad on Friday night for their fish fry or clam bake.  When I was in high school I played on that VFW Post’s Drum & Bugle Corps.  My Dad served in the Merchant Marine during WW II, and recounted having been torpedoed once while on a North Atlantic convoy.  All of my uncles served in the Army or Navy during WWII and some of my older cousins in Korea.  My brother was a Marine who was stationed in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and I went to Vietnam.

Neither my brother nor I were wounded while in the service, but some of our uncles were not so lucky, and our father had to tread water in the cold North Atlantic before being picked up by a Coast Guard cutter.  Our family willingly sacrificed for this nation, as did millions of others.  When people say freedom isn’t free, we know, first hand, what that means.

My grandfather was a Carabinieri (Italian Federal Police Officer) in Sicily before he immigrated to America, and beyond my 36 year police career, two first cousins were policemen, two were married to policemen, one second cousin is currently a police officer, and so is my oldest grandson.

Standing up for American values is who we are, and we are not ashamed to defend them.  Of course, most of you reading this article feel exactly the same.  Law enforcement is a vital aspect of maintaining those values, as well as remaining a free and prosperous nation.  Without it we are no different than those lawless nations in Africa who slaughter millions of their countrymen for whatever reason they wish. The post-Civil War Old West could not prosper until law enforcement firmly established itself, and those intercity ghettos of today will never prosper until law and order prevails.  We will continue having body counts in Chicago’s neighborhoods that surpass any in Iraq or Syria, until the law is enforced.

Our flag means a great deal to me.  When I hear the National Anthem played it sends shivers up my spine.  I am not ashamed to admit that I am a patriot, which brings me to the point.  When I see the flag desecrated or witness someone dishonoring this country, I get very upset.  But to watch an overpaid, spoiled athlete dishonor this country, goes beyond the limit of my tolerance.  These athletes use the freedoms, that other’s earned for them, to be disrespectful to the very people who pay for those franchises to exist.


The NFL has been under attack by the radical left for several years now.  It is no accident that so many media stories, from print, television and the movies, have attacked the NFL with stories about concussions and the effect on players; from high school through the pros, and the cover-up by the NFL to hide the facts.

Football is a violent sport, that pits men against each other, acting in a manly way, while forsaking feminism; and as such the left doesn’t like it.  The left is trying to do away with football at all levels.  That means the people who watch and support football, are the rest of us; you know, Hillary’s deplorables.  We are your everyday working guy and gal; Joe six-pack, guys and gals who like to go to the games and tail-gate, make a day of the sport and have their friends over for a bar-b-cue.  Just everyday working people, the heartbeat of America; that’s why the left doesn’t like football; they are too elite for the sport.  So in typical leftist fascist fashion, they are trying to do away with it.

In response, the NFL is trying to pander to them.  They think that they can win over the feminist Nazis and leftist fascists.   Of course, it won’t work.  Just as it didn’t work for the tobacco industry, the NFL is on the way out; because there is no compromising with the radical left.  The NFL; however, has no qualms about insulting the rest of us.  They figure that we will support them no matter how much they mistreat us.  Well, I for one will no longer accept being insulted by them.  I am not accepting those athletes spitting in my face by being disrespectful to everything that I believe in.  I will no longer accept their superiors not putting an end to their tantrums, or the NFL itself allowing this type of disrespectful behavior to continue.  That is why I have boycotted the NFL.

It all began in the NFL preseason, when Colin Kaepernik, a third string quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, during a pre-season game, refused to stand for the National Anthem.  When questioned by reporters, he stated that he could not honor a nation whose police kill black men.  Of course he was referring to BLM lies.  He went a step farther the next game, when he wore socks with police officers depicted as pigs.  Since his first disrespectful act, several other jerks, on different NFL teams, have joined him.

The NFL remained silent, but others stated he was within his rights.  This is the same NFL that barred the Dallas Cowboys from placing a sticker on their helmets to honor the five Dallas police officers who were gunned down by a BLM racist.  The hypocrisy doesn’t end there, though.  This is the very same NFL that applauded Beyoncé strutting onstage in her racist Black Panther themed outfit, at this year’s Super Bowl.  The liberal press, and the NFL, gushed at her paying homage to the Black Panthers; you know that racist black group that wants to kill white people and especially the police.  Apparently the NFL has no problem with anti-white and anti-police bigotry.

So this writer has chosen to boycott the NFL, and I would urge everyone reading this article to do the same.  The NFL is a capitalist business.  It exists solely to earn profits.  I will not spend one dime on an organization that opposes everything that I believe in and that insults me, nor will I watch those televised games, because they earn profits by how many do watch.  If you, too, are a patriot, please join me in boycotting the NFL.

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  1. I served with the U.S Marines in Vietnam. It was a little different than football… the gooks were out to kill us and we were out to kill them. I don’t have a beef with football, just with Kaepernik. He developed a swelled head thinking he was the greatest, and that the world loved him, and that he was qualified to be a spokesman for the entire racial situation. He pissed off a lot of his former fans. He should have stuck with football. Now he is just another turd.

    • “Gooks?”

      No, that’s not what happened. You invaded a country a few thousand miles away under the false pretense and lies, i.e. NSA declassified doc of Gulf of Tonkin.

      You indiscriminately bombed and sprayed lethal chemicals on the natives. They were merely defending themselves from an invading drones like yourself.

      Yes, you were a turd….

  2. First they run a devout Tim Teabow out of the NFL because of his faith. Then they allow the players “protesting” the flag and country and the NFL leadership is OK with it. Colin K. is allowed to wear piggy socks but Dallas cowboys can’t put a star on there helmet to honor slain cops. I will buy no NFL apparel for Christmas. This isn’t my dad’s NFL. Also I am a Iraq war veteran what cowards running the NFL.

    • William To bad their are not more Tim Teabows in sport . NFL is anti American and anti police . They are fueling anti cop sentiment with the thugs and criminals who the police protect us from by allowing these player protests . Unbelievable they think it is OK to disgrace the flag and country . It’s no wonder NFL tv ratings are down .Thank you to all the police in the country. And to Colin K and to all of you who protest the flag and country you can leave.No more NFL for me .

  3. I am with you 100% .Not only should they not be viewed by le , they should lose their tax exempt status. pay their fair share.

  4. I made a rather painless decision. I compressed the power button on my remote and discontinued the irritation I was experiencing with overpaid/majority-mindless jocks. Then I had a change of heart repowering to watch Garth Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood cook.

  5. Amen brother! I quit the NFL 8 years ago after a lifetime of idolizing and playing the great sport but 8 years ago i woke up to reality in America and could not watch or support them in any way any longer. Like almost everything liberals touch it turns to garbage.

  6. I join you whole heartedly! I have been a Seahawk fan since it’s inception, I have spent almost one thousand dollars on Seahawk gear for the 2016 year and now this. Well, I’m done until there is an apology for their foolish antics. I, for one, am fed up with this anti American garbage.

  7. Right on! I might add that our tax dollars also subsidize these teat sucking deadbeats anytime they want a new stadium as well.

  8. I don’t watch that mindless craps now. A bunch of over paid idiots running around with a ball is infantile. The NFL leadership has been taken over by Zionists, just like most other institutions and government. Are we surprised?

    I’m not

  9. The NFL has already been boycotted, at least for this Monday night. 80% of all football fans, even the diehard ones, will be watching the Trump-Clinton debates instead. Because that’s where the real entertainment is going to be. Triumph or train wreck? Place your bets now.

  10. I used to be a huge NFL fan as a kid. I used to watch games every weekend and many times on Monday Night Football. Then in about 1986 my dad asked me to stop watching NFL and as a good kid, I did. I’m so glad all these years later I listened to him. I haven’t followed sports in over 30 years. It’s sometimes hard when you meet people, even women, who talk about this pro jock or that pro jock and you have no idea who they’re talking about, but NFL is a time waster anyway. F the NFL.

  11. I noticed we weren’t watching any football games, but college ones. My husband said it was because of the NFL BOYCOTT because of the ……not being at attention for the national anthem. That means there are many boycotting who aren’t recorded anywhere. I am with him….

  12. I could not agree more with every single point made! It is unfortunate that the individuals mentioned are undereducated about this country and its constitution and what the flag represents. I will personally never support another NFL event or product unless they fully reverse their position on this matter and publically apologize to the country. Football is a great sport and not a political activity, period!

  13. As an Air Force retired veteran I will no longer spend my money on any sports that condones this action by overpaid court jesters who are there to just entertain me.
    God Bless America!

  14. I’ll join with you. I’m tired of the politically correct crap. These idiots want justice? Life is not fair, never has been, never will be. You just have to work hard and make the most of it.

  15. My family has been boycotting the NFL for years! As you pointed out, this is a “for profit” industry… so why do they enjoy a tax-exempt status usually reserved for religious institutions like churches? Have you ever taken a step back an watched football fans? They are more zealous for their team then the average “Jesus Freak” is for God! Why is that? From where I sit, football looks a LOT like a false god/religion.

  16. Patriots who will not tolerate desecration of the American Flag, nor those who tolerate their employees demonstrating callous disrespect for our National

    Since the NFL and the NCAA exist as money-making entities, then they will have to pay the price for their hypocritical intolerance of patriotic displays on the part of their players, but complete tolerance of anti-patriotic displays of behavior by players.

    As suspected, the anti-American Flag, anti-National Anthem theme is now spreading across our nation.

    Congratulations, NFL, you pitiful fools. You have made your bed, now you will lie in it.

    We do not need you and I am boycotting you, and all NCAA teams which permit this disgraceful, repugnant behavior.

  17. Totally I AM DONE!!! the overpaid cry babies are paid to play a game THEY ARE NOT WORTH listening too!!!


  18. How many million NFL sports fans want to take a stand do something about taxpayers who the government took 7 billion dollars from us to publically fund the nfl for stadiums and dont tell me that doesn’t give the nfl hundreds of millions of slush for salaries, jerseys and travel expenses.

    What will it take in your life to get mad enough, to motive you, someone or something to be so close and personal to discover that the NFL is using you and taking your rights and beliefs away? Its you’re hard earned income and from all tax payers to pay for salaries ,stadiums and jerseys that you own 50% of.

    You have the power to say enough so what’s it going to take? Will it take; hell to freeze over? Will it take your quality of life to be threatened?

    Will you stand by and do nothing until something bites you in the ass to motivate you?

    A strangers sacrifice is all it takes for me.

    Public funding removes ones 1st amendment rights within that entity. We own 50% of the stadiums, the jerseys and the salaries.

    Take your protests out of my staduim, take off my jersey and hit the street to do your protesting.

    And those lame ass rams players last year; move your ass to north Korea so you can spend the rest of you life in government prison.

    Oh and take Kapernick with you.

    I was a foreign national once, I pledged alliengence to the flag of the United states of America. I don’t need a foreign national flag to fly in the usa. I don’t need a foreign set of values, I don’t need a foreign national language or eastern mystesysem religion.

    I have mainstream American beliefs, values and one flag I pledged to. There are too many in America that don’t have these values, yet you are here. So why don’t you get off you’re asses and do something for America?

    I am 1, 1 who is boycotting the nfl, and you know what, I found I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought, I found I have more time to be productive and apply that absurd loss of time and money to other things I can believe in again.

    Who will go me?

  19. These idiots don’t even have a clue. Their boycott is for the wrong things. The blacks are being used just like the military has been used.

    People are really clueless about what’s going on in the world & who is behind it & the end result.

    I was also law enforcement & you see the politics there also. Since retiring I have spent some time reading & I’m disgusting by what the politicians have done to this country over the past 150 years.

    Apparently, you haven’t gone down that rabbit hole yet, but when you do, you’ll understand so much more.

  20. I have loved sports since childhood, but this
    Blatent and disgusting display by some of the
    Most pampered and spoiled NFL brat players
    Is too much.

    I still have hockey and baseball to tend to

    I will not watch a single snap or
    Buy ANYTHING that I hear is advertised while
    NFL games play

    If the players of baseball turn left wing
    I will take up knitting

    Fuck those bunch of losers, I hope they
    Lose %70 of their fan base and the games is
    Ruined as a spectator sport

  21. Allen West wrote an interesting article (which I agree wholeheartedly) and as far as the NFL goes, well, they better shape up – the toob (football) will be off at our house unless they make this right!!!

    Not a soccer fan either – of coarse the globals want to change this – the Baseball strike took me years to come back as a fan – football may never!

  22. As a Pastor of Becoming More Than I Am Now Ministries. It bothers me that people just don’t care about the Lives of our Veterans. Why? Because they think that The Black Lives Matter. But it doesn’t matter because God created us to be equal. We don’t deserve to breathe. But all Lives Matter not just Black Lives. But I know that I am proud to Boycott the NFL because of the Black Lives Matter Movement hate crime. And in the honor of my Great grandfather and my Uncles and cousins.

    • It sickens me (us) the way our Vets are treated! These punks have not a idea of the freedoms they have at the cost our family’s (Vets) gave the ultimate sacrifice so that these freaks can run their mouths full of lie’s – No, Black Lies Don’t matter to no one except the Adversary!
      I thank God for the blacks (all ethnics) who aren’t buying into this Geo. Sore-ass (and the like) crap – Sa’tan always uses the young & dumb to further his agenda’s!
      Our family is of mixed ethnics & thank God every day that we don’t buy this Ba’al Camel Dung that’s being spewed! Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men who understood chivalry & true freedoms for all!
      Question for those who’ve bought into the lie’s against the anglo-saxon male (& people of Biblical faith) w/out us, you’ll be nothing more then Soylent Green – or should say, to serve man, yeah, like dog food! Have you not pondered their plans for you who hate if they have they’re way? Who will you go to who may give a rats asshole? They’ll just say ‘you phool’ we owe you nothing, you bought into the diverse lie, Hades awaits you! PLANNED P HOOD is all about ridding the world of the black race – check it out! Founder of PPH Margaret Sanger hated the negro’s – the left couldn’t care any less for (but they got to have your vote) you, they loath you – Christian’s do care, we care for all human life (including baby’s in the womb) because we know mankind is special to the Lord – Go ahead, buy what the devil is pushing, you’ll be forever lost. I pray that you’ll come to Christ Jesus our Savior, for He did the ultimate Sacrifice for you!
      *There are only two future’s, the time to choose is now, once one dies (w/out Christ) comes the Judgment – no escaping the Lake of Fire – Only Jesus can Save you from this eternal horror – call upon Him now, ask Him in & to forgive you of all your sin’s – He’ll Honor your prayer, for the Gift is free – Read the book of John (new testament) it’s the book after Luke – then read the Acts & Roman’s! Roman’s chapter 1 will blow you away, especially verses 18 thru 31!

      God Bless
      our Veterans,
      we haven’t
      forgot! …Heb 13:6…


      at our church we don’t care
      what ethnic one is – we are
      family of God – yes, many
      are Messianic Hebrews –
      Jesus came for the Jew 1st –
      then the Gentiles (one new man)
      Sa’tan loves division amongst
      the people/Rebels w/out a cause!

  23. You have my support. I never longer watch the NFL. There has been one belief that has united our American sub-cultures. That has been our basic patriotism with respect of our nation, flag, and anthem. Now unhappy people are using that to protest. They have that right, but I do not respect them. Too bad. Their actions help no one and hurt us all

  24. I was disappointed in many of my friends today watching the NFL. As a veteran and a retired police officer, I am boycotting the NFL. 22 veterans committ suicide everyday and these childish people add more stress to there lives. How can I help this movment?

  25. i have not watched a football game since the cry baby took a knee. now it has gone into college ball. So now i quit it all. And you know i don’t even miss it which suprised me. it is clear they are anti america, always looking for an opportunity to poke americans in the eye. i agree it was a huge waste of time. Now that i kicked it, i will never return. nor will i buy anything from them. i’m done. I appreciate the posts from you guys, i wasn’t sure if i was the only one that felt this way.

  26. I gave up anything ‘pro-sports’ when I saw what it has done to our good men, boys and girls. The worshipping of these events, the money spent to watch and wear the uniform of these cowards is beyond pale. I saw this also with the Universities and the money made. You, who still watch or attend these ‘side-shows’ are being used for their ill-gotten gains. If it took the Kapernick’s of the sports world to have the ‘light bulb’ go off in American’s heads then I applaud them. What used to be an innocent time of watching a game with your family has turned into one of the biggest money making scams of our country and most are complicit in keeping this engine going. There’s one way to stop them, take away what they find near and dear to their hearts–$$$$. Boycott.

  27. I am officially joining the boycott, I have not watched a single NFL game this year and do not intend to support the disgraceful actions of over paid sports figures. I also am boycotting their major sponsors, Bud Lite and Papa John’s. I am sick of having liberalism shoved at me every day and will actively fight back.

  28. I hear so many people complain about the direction our country is headed, yet when it comes to taking action or taking a stand they evaporate. NFL stadiums are still full, organizations like the NRA are still in dire need of members and donations, and on and on and on. I have not watched a down of NFL football this season and don’t plan to. For all of it’s supposed support of the military, the NFL has abjectly failed here. Like virtually anything else, the best place to start is by hitting them in the pocketbook. As long as people fill the stadiums it will continue to be business as usual and actions like those taken by Kaepernick will be assumed to be tacitly approved.

  29. I too served in the military. I served the Constitution, not the government.

    I respect an individuals right to protest and boycott anything they wish.

    If Kaepernick et al wish to protest the police shooting criminals, that’s his right.


    He does not have the right to do so in the workplace. Walmart employees can’t stage a political event at work. They can do so on their own time, but not at work. I believe that should apply to NFL players WHILE THEY ARE AT WORK.

    I pay there salaries. I am the customer. I do not want to be forced to implicitly agree by the simple act of watching. Therefore, I too am boycotting the NFL.

    Not only the NFL, but all their sponsors as well. If we really want the NFL to get the message, we need to have the influence of sponsors. The only way to get them to pressure the NFL is to boycott their products as well.

    Here’s a list:

    Gatorade (PepsiCo)


    Campbell’s Soup

    FedEx Worldwide package delivery service

    Frito-Lay (PepsiCo)

    Mars Snackfood

    Pepsi (PepsiCo) – Soft drinks

    Dairy Management Inc. – Dairy/milk/yogurt/cheese

    Bridgestone – Tire

    Gillette/Head & Shoulders

    Vicks/Old Spice (Procter & Gamble)

    Verizon Wireless – telecommunication service
    Barclays Affinity card/rewards program (NFL Extra Points)

    Papa John’s – Pizza

    Castrol – Motor oil

    Anheuser-Busch – Beer

    USAA – Insurance/military appreciation

    Bose – Home theater system
    Courtyard by Marriot – Hotel

    Xbox (Microsoft) Video game console/interactive video entertainment console

    Quaker Oats – (PepsiCo)

    Tide/Duracell – (Procter & Gamble)

    Lenovo – Computers

    McDonald’s – Restaurant

    SAP Cloud – software solutions/business & business analytics software

    Surface/Windows (Microsoft)

    CoverGirl (Procter & Gamble) – Beauty

    Zebra Technologies – Player tracking technology

    TD Ameritrade – Personal investing/online

    Extreme Networks – WiFi analytics provider

    Nationwide Insurance – Insurance

    Hyundai – Auto

    Dannon – Yogurt

  30. I totally agree. I’m a big football fan. I haven’t watched the NFL for 2 weeks, Only college football. If the college teams start to disrespect the flag I will no longer watch them either. I have found out there is more than football on sundays, Monday nights, and Thursday night.

  31. If these spoiled Brats cannot stand up during the National Anthem, then they should not be at the game PERIOD.If these players sincerely believe what they say, than they should not participate in a game that is preceded by this Song that seems to offend them so deeply.. SO….. Lets see how sincere they really are.: What the NFL should do is suspend them each time they dishonor our country by not standing during the singing of our National Anthem. That is what they SHOULD do. And…. if they did, it would be interesting to see how many of these guys continued to kneel. My guess is, if it effected their pocket book:……. NONE!!!

  32. I believe, the players have a right to protest all they want. I also believe it would be amazing to be at a game where 1 player kneeled during the national anthem and the entire stadium walked out

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