90 Minutes at Hofstra


By Ray Starmann

Hillary Clinton came on stage, dressed like Chairwoman Mao and leering at Trump like a possessed clown. Trump went long and deep on first down, but soon found himself in a running game slug fest against Madame Secretary in a debate version of the Ice Bowl.

The debate was divided into various sections that lasted roughly 15 minutes each:

The Economy:

Clinton – She burst out of the blocks, sounding like she had memorized her first opening statement, and by reciting typical Democratic tenets: raise the minimum wage, raise taxes, more family leave and company profit sharing. Batting her eyes slowly, she rattled on endlessly about her middle class upbringing as if she is some RFK tribune for the poor. She also stated that Obama has made progress with the economy for eight years.

Trump – He was at his best talking about the economy. He came across as a knowledgeable businessman who wants to bring back jobs and rejuvenate the Rust Belt. As President, he would renegotiate trade deals such as NAFTA. Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on NAFTA and TPP. He railed on that Hillary has no economic plan except to raise taxes and weigh the average American down with over-regulation.


Clinton – She mentioned over and over again that Trickle Down economics don’t work. She kept talking about her middle class background, when she is the second coming of Marie Antoinette. She scored the biggest points when mentioning Trump’s failure to produce his tax returns.

Trump – He channeled Reagan by reiterating his plan to lower taxes and create jobs, and mentioning that Hillary is all talk and no action and merely sound bites.


Clinton – She sound like bland malted milk about race relations. She quickly digressed into the subject of guns. There is no doubt Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the Second Amendment. Trump missed his change to go after her on the subject. She sounds weak on crime and law and order. She wants to ban military style weapons. She moved away from the subject by bringing up the Birther Issue, which she scored some points on, but was stopped by Trump who brought up the fact that she and Sidney Blumenthal, her all around muse, were the ones who first raised the issue in 2008.

Trump – He made some strong points by painting himself as the LAW and ORDER candidate. He specifically mentioned bringing back Stop and Frisk, which seriously diminished the number of violent crimes in Manhattan. Hillary came back by being against Stop and Frisk on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. Trump’s best comment on the subject came when he stated that he had travelled to many minority communities beset by high crime and she decided to stay home and that’s okay.

Securing America:

Clinton – Hillary discussed cyber security and brought up the age old DNC talking point that Putin hacked their emails. She went on to mention and with a frightening look in her eyes that we need to be hard on the Russians, which is basically parroting the globalists’ wishes to start a new Cold War. She said she had a plan to defeat ISIS, which Trump interjected is apparently on her website. She tried to hit Trump on the fact that he wants to break up NATO and that he would start a war with Iran.

Trump – Trump responded by stating that he was endorsed by 200 admirals and generals, by ICE and the Border Patrol. He blamed much of the Middle East’s problems and rightfully on Hillary and Obama and stated that the US pays for 73% of NATO and other nations need to cough up their fair share. On the subject of nuclear weapons, Trump stated that he would not authorize a first strike, breaking 60 years of US national security policy, either deliberately or inadvertently.


Trump said that Hillary simply doesn’t have the stamina for the job. While she has experience, she has bad experience.

Hillary told us all again that she has a plethora of experience, she’s travelled to 120 countries as Secretary of State and she’s a virtual Walking Wikipedia on the subject of foreign policy. Finally, she pulled out the age old feminazi card and called Trump a sexist. What a shocker.

Hillary was on the offensive for 75% of the time, appearing marginally human and with shades of a heartbeat. Trump was on the defensive and failed to mention her email scandal or the Clinton Foundation. At times he seemed unprepared, as if he could walk in and wing it like he did in the primaries. But, during the primaries he was always on the offensive.

Trump was largely a gentleman tonight, restraining himself from perhaps looking like a bully beating up on a woman. In Round Two, he needs to go on the offensive and finish her off, once and for all.

90 Minutes at Hofstra was probably a draw.

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4 comments on “90 Minutes at Hofstra
  1. It was interesting to watch Hillary continue to turn her head to the right as if paying respectful attention to Donald when it appears to me what she was really doing was turning her head away from the camera because her right eye seems to have a nerve problem. She very infrequently looked at the camera straight on for more than second. She also began coughing a bit in the beginning but had it under control otherwise.

  2. Ray – I agree with you that, for most part, Trump was insufficiently aggressive. I’d like to think he’s laying a trap for her the next time around. He needs to hammer home that her administration will be an Obama third term – no new ideas. Same old. Anyone who thinks the last 8 have been fine, won’t vote for him anyway, but he might get some undecided dumocrats thinking. Often Republicans (I call them kamikaze Republicans) are oversolicitous to groups that won’t ever support them ever. Not only a waste of time and resources, it can frustrate and alienate their on base. Obviously more to come.

  3. Retaining control of US foreign policy is what drives Hillary’s flying monkeys… along with the millions Goldman Sachs and the Saudis have paid her…

    NATO bombed Serbia so the IMF Jéws could make loans for rebuilding and get control of Serbian iridium assets… while Saudi non-profit n.g.o.s kept the KLA terrorists well fed and well armed…

    Albanian Muslims now operate human slaughterhouses in Kosovo where they rip out the organs of Christians to sell to Turkey and Saudi Arabia… How is Hillary Clinton’s “reset button” working out for America, comrades?

  4. Trump could have dropped a marital issue on H after she brought up the pig comments. He could have killed her with Benghazi. He could have shut her up by using more time on her 3000 deketed emails and she could have had a real tough time explaining all the dirty laundry all the way from Arkansas to the WH.

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