‘Western Europe is practically dead’: Polish terror experts lash out at the EU and slam Merkel’s response to jihadi attacks

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  • Former Central Investigation Bureau officer Jacek Wrona spoke out
  • He slammed the German government’s response to terror attacks 
  • Military historian Dr Rafal Brzeski accused Germany of ‘self-censorship’
  • Wrona said Munich shooter could easily have got a gun 
  • ‘The whole Balkans are flooded with weapons,’ he reasoned
  • There have been five attacks on Germany between July 18 and July 26 

A former Central Investigation Bureau officer in Poland has claimed ‘Western Europe is practically dead’ and blamed Angela Merkel‘s migration policy for its demise.

Jacek Wrona slammed the German government’s response to terror attacks while appearing on a Polish chat show alongside military historian Dr Rafal Brzeski,wPolityce reports.

Wrona compared the situation to the fall of the Roman Empire, saying: ‘Europe is at the end of its existence. Western Europe is practically dead.

‘These people live in a void, without ideas. And they come the young, who want to acquire wealth, as once did the barbarians. And they have the power.’

He said the EU is suffering because of political correctness.

‘The worst problem for services is political correctness. We need a sober judgment,’ Wrona claimed.

Dr Brzeski also criticised the German government’s response to recent terror attacks. ‘The Germans have had enough of this, which does not mean that the government has had enough. These are two different approaches,’ he said.

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