The Fall of the Republican Empire – A Canadian’s Reflection

By J. Stewart Cook


Never in the history of the United States of America has an election been so mismanaged by the Republican Party (GOP).

Almost out of the blue came a man from the corporate world prepared to challenge the “Roman” republicans, whose cumulative political years would “trump” by far the corporate challenger.

Donald Trump, also referred to as “The Donald,” ran for the title, President of the United States of America. His challengers, 16 republican politicians, were defeated. It was a stunning defeat to these seasoned politicians. I’m sure Donald Trump himself was bewildered! Donald Trump made history as the Republican candidate for the Presidency of the USA.

Who is Donald Trump? A businessman, a pragmatist, an opportunist, or perhaps a modern day Don Quixote (who loses his sanity and decides to set out to revive chivalry, undo wrongs, and bring justice to the world). I see him, in many respects, as a Don Quixote for the modern day USA.

It was not long before the Republican Party noted that Donald Trump was also similar to “a man for all seasons.” (as in the play by Robert Bolt whereby Sir Thomas More plays the role of a man of principle, envied by rivals and loved by the common people and by his family).

Donald “Quixote” Trump was now holding the reins of the Republican Party and was set on a course never seen by the GOP, nor the American people. It was as if Donald Q had missed the years which were so dominated by the two infamous words “Political Correctness.” Still entrenched in American society, political correctness had taken its toll. Not only political correctness, but Donald Q opened up Pandora’s box holding the present psyche or “soul” of all Americans. It was huge! Never before had Americans been given an opportunity to open their hearts and have someone at the other end listen. Donald Q seized the opportunity and never looked back.

Having unleashed Donald Q, the Republican Party quickly realized that they had a candidate with little, if any, political experience and was prepared to speak his mind, reflecting what he believed to be on the hearts and minds of the American people. He it a chord with the American people and drew massive crowds where ever he went espousing a “New World Order,” commencing with the USA and then the rest of the world. No one was able to stop him from speaking his mind. Confusion set in for the Republican Party establishment. Some were aware, from the onset, that having Donald Q as candidate was the biggest mistake the GOP could ever make. Others, needed time to come to terms with this matter and finally reach the same conclusion. Others remained supportive. Nevertheless, division was evident and solutions were needed. The Republican Empire was on the verge of collapse.

Donald Q was never a deep rooted republican (nor a democrat, nor a socialist, nor a libertarian). He is a man with a mission and saw the opportunity by means of the Republican Party. The GOP was caught off guard. The guardians of the GOP did not hear the political tsunami alert, nor did they see it coming. It was devastating! Donald Q was immersed in the thoughts and words of the American people and practically drowning in the massive crowds ready to listen to him and hail him as the new Emperor of the USA.

The Republican stalwarts had made a grave mistake. Who to blame? Themselves, perhaps. Mistake? What mistake? Here was a man who read the pulse of the American people and was right. Why not back this man? You could not pick a better winner! No, he is not a “true” Republican and more importantly, he does not speak for Republicans. He is a populist without a political party. And more so, an opportunist who is ruining the GOP. The establishment of the GOP was being hit hard. In fact, taking the hit was supposed to be for the Democratic Party and those on Wall Street. Donald Q was on the loose and his first adversaries were many of the members of the Republican Party.

The race for the White House was on and in no uncertain terms many Republicans made it known that they were not prepared to support the “man for all seasons.”

Why the “fall of the Republican Empire?” Simply put, you always “stand by your man” and the GOP refused to do so! Unity, allows you to win. Division, sets you up for failure. Some members of the Republican Party tried desperately to undo the divisions within the party. It was not meant to be!

As of this day, the division deepens. The adage of putting your best face forward applies, but for how long? Donald “Quixote” Trump continues campaigning every day. He still speaks his mind on any issue. He commands vast audiences across the USA and believes that when all is said and done that he will be the next President of the United States of America.

J. Stewart Cook has been involved in Canadian politics since he was a teen.  He was actively involved during Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s era during the latter years of the Cold War, serving as an advisor to three different Members of Parliament and Press Secretary to Stewart McInnes, a Federal Cabinet Minister from Nova Scotia. Mr. Cook left active politics in 1988 and entered the Canadian Federal government as a civil servant in the field of Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP). He retired from the government in 2011 as Director of ATIP for one of the Federal Departments. He currently lives in Ottawa. 

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