Ray Mabus’ Social Experiment Navy is Steaming Ahead to Disaster

By Ray Starmann


Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, is a left wing, cultural Marxist, whose social experiment policies are turning the US Navy into a feckless fiasco on the high seas.

Mabus is responsible for pushing women into the Navy SEALs, Marine infantry, a new Orwellian gender neutral lexicon, Marine Corps Unconscious Bias Training, while also completely ignoring the Corps’ $36 million dollar study that showed why women can’t meet the rough standards of the combat arms and special operations.

Mabus’s latest social experiment laboratory creation is the selection of Admiral Michelle Howard as Commander of US Naval Forces Europe.  Howard was the former Vice Chief of Naval Operations until May 2016.

In the past, the Commander of US Naval Forces Europe, like the Vice CNO, has always been an officer with a myriad of ship time, command experience and more importantly, an officer heavy on combat duty.

Admiral Howard, though, has very little ship time, command time and no combat experience. She had command of only one non-capital ship, the USS Rushmore (LSD-47), a dock landing ship. She has held a plethora of shore assignments, including serving as the Action Officer and Navy’s liaison to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Military Services (DACOWITS), Action Officer J-3, Global Operations, Readiness on the Joint Staff from 2001–2003; Executive Assistant to the Joint Staff Director of Operations from February 2003 to February 2004; and Deputy Director N3 on the OPNAV Staff from December 2005 to July 2006.

Howard was the Deputy Director, Expeditionary Warfare Division, OPNAV staff from July 2006 to December 2006, and senior military assistant to the secretary of the Navy January 2007 – January 2009.She served as chief of staff to the director for Strategic Plans and Policy, J-5, Joint Staff from August 2010 until July 2012. From August 2012 to July 2013 VAdm Howard served as Deputy Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command headquartered in Norfolk, Va. She served as Vice Chief of Naval Operations from July 2014 until May 2016. 

Her only other command time at sea includes command of Expeditionary Strike Group 2 and Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer in April 2009. Boxer was the flagship for CTF 151, a multinational task force established to conduct counter-piracy operations in the Indian Ocean.

Once again, in a Navy career spanning 36 years, Howard has only commanded one ship, a dock landing vessel and served as the commander of an anti-pirate task force. She has never commanded a cruiser, a destroyer or an aircraft carrier. She has never been in combat, although she did serve in the Persian Gulf, aboard the USS Mount Hood, an ammunition supply ship.

Howard was promoted to rear admiral (lower half) effective September 1, 2007 and to rear admiral, effective August 1, 2010. She was promoted to vice admiral on August 24, 2012. On July 1, 2014, Howard was promoted to admiral.

The last three promotions came quickly and all while President Obama sat in the White House. Do you believe in coincidences? I don’t.

After her last promotion, a former instructor of Howard’s, remarked that she was promoted for “capability.” In actuality, she was promoted to full admiral and to many other ranks up the ladder for diversity.

Admiral Howard’s awards also offer a picture of her background, which is heavy on staplers, pens and paper and non-existent when it comes to putting cold steel down range. Her highest award is the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, which is bestowed upon members of the Navy or Marine Corps who distinguish themselves by exceptionally meritorious service to the United States government in a duty of great responsibility.

She has no Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star or Purple Heart.  She has no Navy Commendation Medal with a V for Valor device, because it’s hard to give out valor awards to Chairborne Rangers.

Her other commendations are right out of the Diversity Playbook.

She is the recipient of the 2008 Women of Color Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Career Achievement Award, 2009 Dominion Power Strong Men and Women Excellence in Leadership Award and the 2011 USO Military Woman of the Year. 

On February 1, 2013, Howard was honored with the “Chairman’s Award” at the 44th NAACP Image Awards. She is a 1987 recipient of the Secretary of the Navy/Navy League Captain Winifred Collins Award.

Howard is obviously a decent staff officer, but was blatantly unqualified to be the Vice CNO and now the Commander of US Naval Forces Europe. It is clear that she has gotten as far as she has because she’s an African-American woman in a military run by feminists and left wing idealogues who are intent on destroying every last vestige of the US military we all knew and loved.

You know; the US military that won wars.

All the staff work in the world is not preparation for the job of Chief of Naval Operations.

It appears that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus mentored her thru one senior billet after another, by-passing other highly qualified combat-trained, more senior flag officers. During the process, she received orders to the proper Command and Staff Colleges, in order to prepare her for each new command assignment, Mabus’ careful guidance led her to her current billet.

In the last seven years, Obama has amended the selection process for flag and general officers, by ensuring the potential selectee’s compliance with his ‘social experiment on diversity”, as a condition for whether an officer will be considered for promotion to Admiral or General.

Since 2008, hundreds of superb admirals, generals and other high ranking military officers have been purged from the military for the simple reason that they refused to comply with Obama’s Great Leap Backward, the Cultural Revolution engulfing the military like a ten alarm fire.

Admiral Howard is the diversity, female empowerment poster child for the new Navy, which is high on social experimentation and sensitivity and extremely low on combat power and fighting spirit.

Just ask our new nuclear deal buddies, the Iranians. They’ll tell you what kind of American matadors they faced out in the Persian Gulf last January. From crying sailors, to officers who willingly surrender their boats and men, to future CNO’s with no ship command and combat experience, the US Navy is a shadow of its former greatness.

Diversity is not a combat multiplier. Diversity, like all political correctness is cultural Marxism. With diversity at the helm, the Navy is on a course of destruction that will be Biblical.

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37 comments to “Ray Mabus’ Social Experiment Navy is Steaming Ahead to Disaster”
    • Agree about the revolution, However the Military cannot step off and lead the way on this matter.

      If the People chose to rightfully and justly do so, then it is the Military’s duty to aid and protect the people and the Constitution against those that would destroy it, even if those enemies are the sitting officials.

      But the military cannot initiate it, only the people can.
      Otherwise we are just another tin pot military dictatorship, regardless of our best intentions.

  1. What kind of Navy commander are you —socialist pervert. STOP TRYING TO TAKE OUR NAVY DOWN TO THE DAVY JONES LOCKER. OUR NAVY IS NOT AN EXPERIMENT BUSTER. I guess its ok to be a obama puppet if it is just you —BUT DON’T TAKE OUR NAVY DOWN WITH YOU YOU MORON.!!!!!!!

  2. This same formula to “correct” America’s judicial system began when Obama first sat down in the Oval Office. The actions we are witnessing by Secretary Mabus symbolizes what Obama initiated through judicial appointments (or decrees); and, suffice it to say, will be carried through to term when H. Clinton assumes his Oval Office throne. The species Mabus created through Navy appointments, the Obama/Clinton Connection will cultivate for the US Supreme Court.

    • Not started by Obama, had already been there quite some time. Obama greatly accelerated it, yes, but underpinnings of the ‘promote me’ cause you have too movement have been oozing thru our systems for a long time.

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  4. I was a surface warfare officer for 22 years, retiring from command in 2005. Howard was a student of mine at one time, and while I was CRUDES, several of my close friends served with her in various commands. Every promotion and billet beyond 04 was a tribute to the Mike Mullen gang and the “right think” philosophy of shaping the officer corps: seamanship, afloat leadership and naval competency were no longer the values. Diversity, program management and social networking became the core competencies – and you can see what has become of fleet capabilities today. Having watched as so many talented and deserving officers were shelved in order that their fair haired peers who steered clear of sea duty (which of course, as one brave 06 told me must be viewed only as an opportunity for something to tarnish your career) could wired into the puppet strings was the most painful thing one could experience. To watch this incompetent boob prance and fitter about in a uniform makes me want to vomit. Thank heavens I can still remember going to sea on an honest to God DDG, with iron sailors, iron chiefs, real leaders and a clear mission.

      • Amen to Bottom Blows comments the Navy as we knew it is going down the tubes. I spent 30 ys n the Navy when it was the Navy not traing platform for a friend of DC crowd. Im glad that I’m there to vomit Even the new CPO’s that come out of the CPO school make me sick having to sing Anchors away for the crowd..

    • Hail, men-o’-war’s men — safeguards of your nation
      Here is an end, at last, of all privation;
      You’ve got your pay — spare all you can afford
      To welcome Little Buttercup on board.

      Now, landsmen all, whoever you may be
      If you want to rise to the top of the tree
      If your soul isn’t fettered to an office stool
      Be careful to be guided by this golden rule
      Be careful to be guided by this golden rule
      Stick close to your desks and never go to sea
      And you all may be Rulers of the Queen’s Navy
      Stick close to your desks and never go to sea.

      Gilbert and Sullivan
      And you all may be Rulers of the Queen’s Navy,

        • Pinafore. The guy starts off as an office boy to an attorney’s firm, and he polished up the handle of the big front door so well that he moved upward and eventually became Ruler of the Queen’s Navy.

    • Weak comment from someone who won’t even sign his name. Mine is Kevin Green. And I actually know some of the people you slander.

  5. Ray Mabus is a POS! Our military needs to become autonomous from this horseshit. Hope I see you on a dark night Ray.

    MM1/SS/ DV

  6. I know Michelle Howard. She was my shipmate when she was a junior officer, and a very good one, fresh out of the Naval Academy (after a life as a youngster in a career Air Force family). I have followed her career carefully in the 33 years I have known her.

    Here is her biography: http://www.navy.mil/navydata/bios/navybio.asp?bioID=394

    BTW, she completed her tour as VCNO this year and as moved on to her second four star job, this time in Europe.

    Michelle served aboard six ships as ship’s company, the 5th as Executive Officer, and the 6th as COMMANDING OFFICER. As a senior Captain, she commanded SIX ships as Commander Amphibious Squadron Seven (she was “The Commodore” in this assignment).

    As an Admiral afloat, she commanded Expeditionary Strike Group Two (known in the old days as PHIBGRU 2), composed of over a dozen ships. That was an afloat flag billet. She was the Admiral on the scene directing the rescue of Captain Phillips (Maersk Alabama) and the killing of his three pirate captors by clean, simultaneous head shots from SEALs under her control that night. Michelle Howard has a lot of Command Experience and more Combat Experience than most.

    Nobody is a stronger opponent of PS (Political Stupidity) than I. And Ray Mabus is certainly a mealy-mouthed leftist who has done real damage to the USN and USMC. BUT, I know Michelle Howard, and she is the real thing, and a worthy promote to ADMIRAL.

    • But, Captain: Was she the best one available? We used to insist on the best, not just the most politically attractive.

    • Then again Capt., I know someone personally who also comes from the Amphib community and very successfully commanded an LSD, an LHD, and a COMPHIBRON, and as is usually the case, will finish as an O-6. As you know it is rare to go from the Gator Navy to four stars as there are few amphib Admirals. Clearly being an AA female in today’s environment helps one bridge to the greater navy.

  7. You guys are idiots. She commanded a ctf and an esg. And that ctf was the one that killed pirates on Easter morning while your lazy butts were still sleeping. Who the hell in the navy would have a purple heart? Seals and corpsman, and the former hates jobs like this and the latter is enlisted. Takes 9 years for 4 stars? Adm Davidson did it in like five. Wonder why the author didn’t suggest anyone better? 1-because there isn’t anyone with the qualifications he wants and 2 – he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    • You’ve obviously been at the Pentagon Bar and Grill, sucking down some of that Ray Mabus Kool Aid. If you think Howard is qualified to do anything but command a desk.

    • And what ship driver has a combat V? The CNO has these Awards, Navy Distinguished Service Medal (2) Defense Superior Service Medal ( 3) Legion of Merit (4) Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership. Don’t see any Purple Hearts or combat Vs or any other combat award on the white male at the top. Most Naval officers who drive ships don’t except aviators and SEALs. Have you ever met the woman or heard her speak? Heard the dealings she has had with heads of foreign militaries, including our frenemies in the Middle East? Did you know she had to negotiate to have the Malasian govt allow our Marines to have weapons while she delivered aid to the tsunami victims? She was the first US warship to the rescue and refused help unless our Marines could protect our people delivering aid.

      • Actually, CNO’s used to have Purple Hearts and Bronze V’s and DFC’s. Even back to ADM Johnson in the late 90’s who had several Air Medals. Mabus personally mentored Howard and ensured that she got every billet she did. She’s the AA Female poster child. Colin Powell was an AA poster child, but Powell had the chops to do the job. The Navy has serious issues. Why does it take vets to point that out?

  8. Just an idle thought from a former Marine:

    If, may God forbid, we get into a war and lose, there will, and must, be a ruthless housecleaning at the Pentagon that will make Stalin’s purges look like a model of due process and fairness.

  9. I can’t believe there are officers with the same paperwork experience as Howard, but have also had sea command duty in wartime situations who are be far better qualified for this promotion. Diversity does not equal competence.

  10. I feel horrible saying this, but I almost wish for a major war just so the catastrophic enforced softening of the military and American society in general would be exposed by the introduction of an enemy that still does things the universal way, and the inadequacy of the “new order” mindset that sees this softening as a necessary “advancement” would be inescapably exposed as unable to preserve the US against those who refuse to discard “backward” concepts like masculinity and gender differences. The biggest concern would be that maybe the military leadership is already too far gone for us to survive that test.

    • Don’t worry, we have less than 10 years before the war starts. No guarantees we’ll win though.

  11. ADM Howard was my PHIBRON commander during my 15th MEU deployment in 2005. In this deployment, she took no risks, said many stupid things, and was held to the lowest possible standard. Among other things – we couldn’t respond to Tsunami damage to Sri Lanka because of the danger of anti-personnel landmines washing out to sea. She is personally responsible for the expenses resulting from the attempts to recover a harrier that crashed due to mechanical problems, because she refused any attempt to recover it. However, this article misstates her actual command experience.

  12. People say they want fair and equal treatment, until it turns out they really aren’t qualified for whatever position it is they desire.
    When that happens there is always a card to pull. Race card, sex card, homosexual card, gender identity card, immigrant card , diversity card etc….
    PC is going to destroy this nation. Why don’t we just stick with C?

  13. Not to worry about her, mate. When Hillary is president, the people she appoints will make these folks look like the scourge of the seas. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Progressivism is government by farce.

  14. Like CAPT Brown, I served with Michelle Howard, and hold her in high regard. Though I’m now retired, I would not hesitate to serve with her again–she is no token, but a highly accomplished officer with strong leadership skills. This article discredits only its author.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to have the list of the people who were actually qualified to be VICE CNO and COMMANDER, ALLIED JOINT FORCE COMMAND NAPLES

  15. Doesn’t matter if she actually is qualified for that position, because of the twin “anchors” of AA(B) and AA(F), a very large number of people will default to the position of “Well, we know how she got there and it isn’t because she deserved it, it was because she is black and (secondarily) female.
    And better than even chances that the charge is true.

  16. Just another evidence they are trying to make us a socialist country. Destroying us from within is the plan and we are watching it happen! Wake up people!

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