President Trump, how to Make America Great Again

By Joe Ragonese


A President Hillary Clinton is too awful a prospect to contemplate.  So we will assume, for this discussion, that God really does love America and has blessed us with President Donald Trump.  He will have risen to that exalted position do to his defiance of political correctness.  That is a good thing.  Once sworn into office, he must continue governing from that same position.  His first duties must include revamping our military; which he has already stated he will do.

Rome fell after politicians began tampering with its vaunted army.  Due to the political correctness of its time, the Roman senate, in all of its wisdom, over the objections of many commanding generals, lightened the armor worn by the heavy infantry, forwent the javelin in favor of darts, and most importantly, allowed non-citizens of Rome to become its soldiers.  That last move was its most disastrous and done only to curry favor with its (conquered) enemies, read political correctness.  Those soldiers had no love for or interest in a powerful Rome.  They were not the Roman Army that conquered the known world and held it for 1000 years.

Fast forward to 2016 and eight years of a President that neither loves nor desires a powerful America.  The best military the world has ever known has been tampered with, not by a know it all congress, rather by a President, through executive order, who truly hates the U.S. Military and its might.  Congress, through sequestration, and apathy, did play a role in the demise of our military; however, President Obama’s executive orders, demanding homosexuals and woman be included in the structure of the forces, is the most damaging to its effectiveness.

Homosexuals bring with them, in today’s PC climate, lowered moral and, of course, transgenders, (read men dressing as girls and girls dressing as boys.). If nothing else, it lowers the moral and fighting spirit of combatants.  Being a soldier is a manly occupation.  Testosterone must flow in copious amounts, equaled only by adrenaline, to get fighting men to charge into the face of overwhelming odds.  Gays in the military do not usually display such traits, thus bringing down the fighting capabilities of the entire force.  This is not to say that some gay men have not served honorably and well; only that they are the exception, not the norm.  Women, too, have served in our armed forces with honor and distinction.  They are also the exception.

Speaking of women in the armed services, they have finally been forced into the combat ranks of all branches of the military.  Surprisingly enough, only the Marine Corps has objected, and has been overridden and ordered to actively recruit females into their combat service.  Being good soldiers (I know they hate being called soldiers, but they are) they have acquiesced and are obeying the Commander in Chief.  On so many levels, females are bad for the armed forces.  Others have delineated the horrible effects of integrating females into the combat branches of service.  Just accept the fact that with females in combat, our armed forces will not be the best combat forces on earth, and susceptible to massive failure.  That means losing the next war we must fight.  That could be with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, or the Caliphate.  The consequences of losing to any of them would be the end of the American experiment, born with the blood of patriots in 1775.

President Trump is well aware of these facts.  It is, I believe, why he chose to run for the presidency.  His first act as President, should be to reverse the executive orders commanding the military to accept gays and females into combat branches.   Unless I am wrong, the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) still has laws requiring gays to be discharged, ‘for the good of the service.’  I also believe that Congress has not repealed its prohibitions on women in combat.  Simply obeying the laws of the land would take care of our most damning problems in the service.  So, President Trump only needs to enforce the laws on the books.

He should; however, go one step further and revert females in the service back to their own chain of command.  The best fighting force on earth was the U.S. armed forces in World War II.  They were unbeatable and the last of US forces to win an unconditional surrender of multiple enemies simultaneously.  The fighting forces of that time consisted of 16 million men and women.  The women belonged (except the nurse’s corps) to women’s army, air force, navy and marines.  On the pages of Generations the Magazine, each issue has at least one story of a World War II veteran (  The women explain how they were separated from the males, on adjoining bases or sections of bases for females only.  Those who traveled overseas were on ships that had barriers between them and the men.  The women were treated as ladies, not whores.

In today’s armed forces, women and men sleep side by side, with bathroom facilities that are separate (that may not last long if Obama has his way) and ships that are constructed, at additional cost, to accommodate women; who do not contribute anything meaningful to the ship’s crew.  Some will argue this point, they do their jobs; however, the moral of fighting sailors is way lower than our WWII forefathers.  Simply look at the crying and degradation heaped upon those sailors captured by Iran.  It was a disgraceful display of our nation’s fighting navy.  The closeness of women creates its own special problems.  It is why we see all of the sexual harassment charges and discipline problems with young servicemen.  It has long been known that women created problems between fighting men.  Officers spend too much time trying to sensitize men to women’s issues, instead of desensitizing them to the cruelty of war.  Women side by side with fighting men weakens our military.

In order to have the best fighting forces on earth, President Trump should revert to the double chain of command of women and men in the armed forces.  Once accomplished, his next task is to allow the armed forces to do what they do best; kill people and break things.  If he wants them to become the police of the world, hire policemen to do that job.  Airmen, marines, sailors and soldiers should be trained to one thing and do it well…kill and destroy.  The present rules of engagement come right out of fantasyland and are a danger to our armed forces.  We have honorable servicemen in prison today for violating those ROE.  One is an officer who put the safety of his men above that of a local who did not obey orders to stop and advance no further.

Is it no wonder that warriors are opting out of a career and those still serving have a moral problem not seen since the travesty of Vietnam.  From the ash heap of Vietnam, it took many years to rebuild our armed forces.  After the Vietnam War, had Russia or China wanted to totally destroy us, it would have been a cakewalk.  The anarchy of the Vietnam era, had yet another victim, the police of America.  They were harassed and disrespected just as were our returning servicemen.  Their moral plummeted, too.  The end result of the Marxist revolution in America of the day was skyrocketing crime rates and a military incapable of putting down a banana republic that chose to defy us.  This was, after all, their objective, and President Obama is one of those revolutionaries.  What is happening to our military is not due to incompetence, but rather by design.

The people of America, too, fell into a morass of apathy in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.  Nothing went well for us.  Jimmy Carter was our President who led us without a clear direction.  He wanted to be liked more than be a leader.  His only policy was not to be hated like Richard Nixon or Gerald Ford, who pardoned him.  Carter was weak and with limited vision.  His lackluster leadership led us into double digit inflation and interest rates never before seen, except by criminal organizations like the Mafia, and massive failures abroad like allowing the Shaw of Iran to fall and returning the Panama Canal to a corrupt nation.  The results of such feckless leadership was the taking of the American Embassy and the taking of hostages by the Iranian government (which is still in power) who embarrassed us for over a year.  His only response was a rescue attempt that went horribly wrong and caused the death of our servicemen, due to his minute control of the event.  Its failure was America’s burden, and another knife in the heart of our great nation.

But God smiled upon us then.  Ronald Reagan was elected the 40th President of the United States of America.  He was a visionary who defied the leftist press and the political correctness of the day.  Even though burdened with a democratic congress, he was able to put in motion his objectives of making America great again.  To do so he defied the political class and confronted Russia, then called the Soviet Union.  The sky is falling crowd of that time was the nuclear doomsday bunch who used some fantasy clock as their club to keep their Marxist ideas alive; much like the man made global warming crowd does today.  President Reagan dismissed them and their silly ideas, and brought back America’s military, brought down crime by huge numbers while rebuilding trust with the police and defeated the ‘Evil Empire’, Russia.  His actions crumbled the hated Berlin Wall, a symbol of worldwide communist evil and all of a sudden, America was back where it should be, the only superpower on earth, blessed by God.

The right man at the right time.  President Reagan was looked down upon by the political powers and press of the time.  He did not obey the political correctness of those days, was optimistic and always believed in American exceptionalism.  His greatness led to the world we had until Barack Obama.  And then it all disappeared.   President Trump could be the Ronald Reagan of the 21st Century.  His campaign slogan says it all; Make America Great Again.

Joe Ragonese served in the U.S. Air Force from 1963 to 1967, working in command & control.  For the next 36 years he was a police officer, 35 of those years on the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department (Chicago, Illinois).  During that time he went to college on the G.I. Bill.  Joe was a freelance writer until retiring in 2005 as a police detective.   Since then he has written a novel, “The Sword of Mohammad,” available at, about nuclear terrorism in Chicago, and publishes Generations the Magazine, a senior newspaper,(  His passion is military history.

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2 comments on “President Trump, how to Make America Great Again
  1. I agree that way too many executive orders have been given by the current President but to say, “demanding homosexuals and woman be included in the structure of the forces, is the most damaging to its effectiveness” is without merit. Do you have any proof of this or is it just your opinion? How do you know that Homosexuals “bring with them…lowered moral” (and not enough testosterone)? I am very much in favor of Trump for president, but to degrade homosexuals to try to prove your point without any proof is pointless and takes away from your argument.

    • Homosexuals have always been a part of our military. Some have been heroic, others cowards and most somewhere in between; just like all soliders. The difference is that under today’s PC military they are given preferential treatment at the expense of the rest of the forces. This lowers moral. Lower moral results in less combat readiness. It is not worth the risk of a weakened military for some social experiment.

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