No women in the Masters, but women in the Navy SEALs; are you kidding me?

By Ray Starmann


It’s been a summer of good sports: the Tour de France, the Rio Olympics, baseball, and now within weeks, the beginning of the football season.

Professional and amateur sports are obviously not coed. Why aren’t women competing with men in the track and field events at the Rio Olympics?  Because men can run faster than women. Why aren’t women competing with men in the Tour de France? Because men are stronger and have more aerobic lung capacity. Why aren’t women intercepting a pass in the NFL? Because women don’t have the muscle mass and upper body strength to last five minutes in the NFL.

So, let’s get this straight…

No women compete in the Tour de France.

No women compete in the NFL.

No women are teeing off with Jordan Spieth in the Masters.

No woman play in the NHL.

No women play on Major League Baseball teams.

Yet, women will now be allowed in the Green Berets, the Navy SEALs, the infantry, the cavalry, the artillery, the Rangers, Marine Recon and Delta Force.

Professional sports have a profit motive and bring in a fortune every year. Do you really think the owners of the Dallas Cowboys are going to start a woman as QB just so they can show how sensitive, progressive and PC they are? Of course not! First of all there would be outrage that a woman would be subjected to physical destruction on a football field. Secondly, the Cowboys would lose millions in revenue after fans refused to buy tickets. The networks would lose millions when people turned the dial from Sunday football to reruns of Mannix.

The same could be said for every other sport I’ve mentioned. Granted, golfers aren’t body slamming each other to the ground, but lady golfers no matter how talented or cute they are, just can’t compete with the Men’s PGA tour. The networks aren’t salivating over the Marriot Ladies PGA Tournament. They salivate over the Masters, the US Open, the British Open because the best golfers in the world are there and the best golfers in the world bring in millions on TV and the best golfers in the world are men.

So, let that sink in for a second. No woman is allowed to tee off with Dustin Johnson at the US Open, yet women are now allowed in the toughest units of the US military, the combat arms and special operations; jobs that require an incredible amount of physical exertion, upper body strength, endurance, aggressiveness and the killer instinct that nature has given men, along with the physical prowess only young men possess.

Why isn’t there outrage in the country over the fact that our nation’s young women are going to be subjected to the horrors of ground combat and the rigors of life in a combat arms or special ops unit, which turns strutting 22 year old men into geezers in a decade.

Why isn’t there outrage in the country that our nation’s young women are going to be maimed and butchered in future conflicts?

Do the people of America have any idea what the young men of this nation have endured in our wars? Speak with a survivor of Iwo Jima, Omaha Beach, the Frozen Chosin’, Khe Sanh or Fallujah and ask them if they want our nation’s sisters, daughters and mothers exposed to the nightmare world of a battlefield.

Do the members of Congress even care what happens to our nation’s young women? Furthermore, why are they willing to let aviators like Martha McSally become the experts on the inclusion of women in the infantry or the Green Berets?

The generals know the real story, as most of them are combat vets, but they are too spineless to take a stand as USDW has indicated in a myriad of articles.

Since the dawn of time, men have defended their nations and fought wars. While technology has evolved, the simple mission of the combat arms has remained steadfast. Their mission is to seize and hold ground and to annihilate the enemy swiftly and violently. The combat arms have no other mission but that. What has changed in the DNA of mankind to suggest that women will now somehow be able to survive on a battlefield?

The answer, obviously, is nothing has changed in the DNA of mankind. What has changed is the effect of militant feminism on society. What has changed is the absolute spinelessness of the US military’s leaders in allowing this insidious insanity to be instituted.

Feminism, like socialism is nothing but death: death for the family, for women, for masculinity, for society, for freedom, for the future of mankind. It is evil incarnate and as heinous a philosophy as fascism or communism. It belongs at the bottom of a very deep sewer.

Feminism is now in the process of destroying the US military as no enemy of this great nation ever could. If the current policies are allowed to continue, feminism will be responsible for the demise of the US military in a future war and the fall of the Republic.

Feminism has created a whole generation of women who have literally been brainwashed by Hollywood, leftist K-12 teachers and card carrying communist instructors who lecture at Women’s Studies classes in the nation’s universities. Many American women now believe they are physical equals of men, no matter what history and science tells them. It is a mindset that teeters on delusion. This is why we predict that there we be women’s teams for sports leagues such as Major League Baseball, NFL and MBA in the near future. I wonder if it will be just as popular with sports gamblers? Will companies like FanDuel offer fantasy leagues for women’s sports leagues?

On the other side of the spectrum, the nation’s young men are the feminized products of a whole generation of the War on Boys by school administrators, the absence of male role models as coaches and teachers and a feminist driven society that portrays men as indecisive wallflowers who parade around in capris and crocs.

While a loss in sports may result in a loss of money for a team, a TV network or individual players, it does not mean the death of soldiers, Marines, the US armed forces and the nation itself.

We are now at the point where we need a gigantic reality check as a nation. We must finally ask ourselves if we are willing to send the US military to its death in a future war, in order to placate cultural Marxists, feminists, liberal imbeciles and gutless generals.

Will common sense finally win the day in America, or will we march to our deaths like zombies, led by feminist executioners? Will America be nothing more than a chapter in world history, where future historians explain how the greatest nation on God’s earth was destroyed?

Time will tell…

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10 comments on “No women in the Masters, but women in the Navy SEALs; are you kidding me?
  1. This article is ‘so’ correct. I am an infantry veteran from the Vietnam Conflict. I spent a year walking through the jungles, mud and water of the Mekong Delta and Cambodia; not only fighting the enemy, but also fighting the elements of rain, heat and trillions of mosquitos. As General William Tecumseh Sherman once said: “War is hell!” When you have seen bodies and body parts flying, lying, dying, it is something you never want to see and experience again. It affects a person for life. ‘He’ will never overcome the brutality of an infantry veteran. I never want to say, ‘SHE’ will never overcome the brutality of an infantry veteran. Except as medical personnel, ‘women’ should ‘NEVER’ be permitted in a military of any sort. The personal hygienic differences, fraternization, and mental, physical and emotional weakness demands that they not be permitted in the military, period! I don’t care about being politically correct. I want a strong America. I want men fighting our wars and conflicts, and I want women home with the babies, running our families. If America doesn’t get back to this concept and to the God who created this country, we, as a country, are doomed. God Bless you all.

  2. A reply to a friend who sent me the article.
    Hi Xxxx,
    A really excellent article…..BUT do you think any of these “mandatory safe place” Liberals in charge of our country at this point will even hear, let alone pay attention to, anything like the warnings coming from everyone who actually HAS served in combat, and HAS the balls to tell them what a bunch of dumbshits they are. The whole movement is based on the Liberal need to feel good about themselves, and the stupider and farther out there the topic is, the better they feel about themselves because that topic makes them unique in their feel-goodedness. Well uniqueness gathered in a group of fellow dumbshits anyway. Their political correctness for the sake of self-esteem is going to be the death of this country.
    A good part of the problem is that a 90+% majority of the population has no connection what-so-ever with the military. Never been in it. Know no one well who is/has. Their view of combat is from video game play in the safety of their device screen and mother’s basement. Hell…sure girls can play “Call Of Duty”. Some almost as good as boys. Why can’t they be SF, Marine Recon, or SEAL? And who is going to scream the loudest when girls are actually killed? Those same Liberals who fought for the feminist right for women to be treated as “equals”. They probably won’t scream quite so loud when men in the girl’s unit are killed because of her performance….or lack thereof.
    Sorry-assed state of affairs for our country.


    “The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy but where are they.” –

  3. Great piece as usual. General “Fighting” Joe Dunford are you listening or is you nose up the Obama’s buttt? Where is all that courage you are suppose to be noted for?

  4. Great piece as usual. General “Fighting” Joe Dunford are you listening or is you nose up Ash Carter, Mabus, and Obama’s butts? Where is all that courage you are suppose to be noted for? Oh! you are hiding under you desk. Where is all the bold and daring the Marine Corps preaches to their officers?

  5. In 1950, I fought in Korea at a place called Chosin. Thank god we had no women there. 40 below zero, outnumbered 10 to 1, but we kicked ass! We survived because we were strong and motivated. What a debacle that would have been, if there been women in our ranks. This gender equality crap will spell doom for America. You had better be smart and and elect a president who will end this stupidity. I don’t like everything about Trump, but you must vote for him to stop Hiiarity!

  6. The essential question is why, why, why are the generals allowing this? I served 28 years & became convinced they were better than this. Yes we have civilian control, properly so, but we are to now believe our generals have absolutely no say in how the technical aspects of military power are prepared & deployed? There is something seriously wrong – I hesitate to say, but must conclude is sinister – that no blogger like you or email responder like me can fix. Where are our past & current generals? What are they doing, not doing, & why? Why are they allowing the commandos to be diminished? Why? Why are they abandoning their posts? This is the essential question whose want for answer leads to more demoralization & destruction than the idiotic decisions being passed down by the current career civilian Secretary of Defense. I truly do not understand what is happening. The generals. Where are the generals?

  7. This piece is brilliant! I am a product of the sixties, and I was right there in a liberal arts college witnessing this radical feminism’s beginnings, and as a life long teacher, I witnessed its effects over the years. I have been married to a Vietnam army veteran for 46 years, and we have watched these destructive changes in our society occur and have felt puzzled an helpless. We have seven grandchildren and feel such frustration for their future. We are very involves in the political process and have no problem speaking out concerning our traditional conservative family values. However, people have become so polarized, so unchristian, and so uneducated concerning our great American history that we feel as if we are in a foreign country. This article does a great job of putting one aspect of the insanity taking place in a nutshell.
    Doris Beam

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