Julianne Moore vs. J.E.B Stuart


By Ray Starmann


Oh, those evil Johnny Rebs…

Liberals love to bash the Confederacy. It’s easy to pick on men who are dead and who can’t defend themselves. The destruction of Confederate history and Southern military heroes has become a virtual blood sport for Democrats, tantamount to their endless sociopathic harassment of Mr. Trump.

In the latest bit of PC madness in the country, Hollywood actress Julianne Moore’s ridiculous quest to rename her alma mater, J.E.B. Stuart High School, in Falls Church, Virginia, took on a new life this week.

According to an article in the Fairfax Times:

One of the most pressing – and polarizing – issues facing Sandy Evans as she begins her tenure as school board chair is the ongoing debate over whether to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church.

Bearing the name of a Confederate general, J.E.B. Stuart entered a countrywide discussion over the appropriateness of maintaining names and symbols associated with the Confederacy last year when a small group of students launched a campaign to change their school’s moniker.

J.E.B. Stuart alumni, including Hollywood actress Julianne Moore and film and TV producer Bruce Cohen, also distributed a national petition that eventually garnered 34,000 signatures.

This week Breitbart also reported:

To mollify Moore and others, the school board voted Thursday to form a committee to study the ramifications of changing the school’s name, which is already estimated to cost taxpayers upwards of three quarters of a million dollars. The name change is also opposed by a solid majority of people in the school district.

Does Ms. Moore know anything about J.E.B. Stuart? I seriously doubt it. I have a hard time believing she sits up late at night reading Lee’s Lieutenants, the unabridged three volume set, by Douglas Southall Freeman or Shelby Foote’s brilliant treatise, The Civil War. I have a hard time believing Ms. Moore knows much of anything about the War Between the States.

J.E.B. (James Ewell Brown) Stuart was one of the greatest cavalry commanders in the annals of warfare. Stuart’s cavalry were the eyes and ears of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, a spectacular force that road rings around Union Forces the first two years of the Civil War.


To this day, Stuart, Lee, Stonewall Jackson and the Army of Northern Virginia are studied and revered at West Point and at military academies across the world. Simply put, the Army of Northern Virginia was one of the greatest military forces that the US or any nation has ever fielded.

Stuart’s great-grandfather was a hero of the American Revolution and his father fought in the War of 1812. He was a graduate of West Point, who resigned his commission from the US Army to fight for the South, and more importantly for his home state of Virginia, when the Civil War broke out in 1861.

More importantly and a firm rebuttal to Moore and Cohen’s petition and motivations, Stuart freed his two slaves in 1859, two years before the conflict even began.

In fact, Moore might be surprised to learn that only ten percent of Southerners in the CSA (Confederate States Army) owned slaves. Imagine that.

Does Moore even have the faintest idea that General Ulysses S. Grant, the Union’s greatest general, and one of the few competent Union generals, was a slave owner himself! Grant freed his slave, William Jones in 1859 in Saint Louis.

Are we also to presume that we must now ban all references to General Grant who became President Grant? If we follow Moore’s illogic, we must.

Stuart went on to fame throughout the war as a brilliant leader of men and a dashing figure who seemed to be from yesteryear. His greatest blunder occurred when Robert E. Lee needed him the most, during the opening days of the Battle of Gettysburg. Stuart’s cavalry’s carefree joyriding in the North left the ANV without any battlefield intelligence. Lee was forced to rely on an actor for information on the disposition and composition of the Union Army.

A year later, J.E.B. Stuart was killed in action at the Battle of Yellow Tavern.

Moore has also stated that Stuart fought to keep African-Americans in slavery. How does she know that? Most Southerners fought because Lincoln had invaded the South, for States’ Rights and for a thousand and one other reasons than slavery.

The Union Army also committed a myriad of atrocities in the Civil War, much more than the South did. But, you never hear Julianne Moore or other Hollywood liberals talk about Sherman’s March to the Sea do you?

In fact, Hollywood’s current portrayals of the Confederacy are almost laughable. In the new remake of the mini-series, Roots, shown on the History Channel last month, Southerners are sadistic maniacs and the CSA seemed to spend a majority of its time hunting down escaped slaves. In actuality, General Robert E. Lee had more things on his mind than slaves from Alabama fleeing to Pennsylvania.

But, in modern day, politically correct America, if you praise Lee or Stuart or Jackson, you’re a racist.

Sound familiar? It’s the same liberal rallying cry. When they don’t agree with you, you’re a racist and a sexist.

Jeff Bezos, the Czar of Amazon banned the sale of Confederate flags and items during the Great Confederate Purge last year. Strangely, Nazi paraphernalia is available for sale on Amazon and has been for years. Apparently, one can go on Amazon and outfit themselves to look like the second coming of SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, but the sale of Reb flags is strictly verboten. Talk about total hypocrisy. Talk about total insanity. The Nazis, Mr. Bezos were mass murderers who were responsible for millions of deaths.

But, isn’t hypocrisy the liberal rallying cry?

Liberals have become the new tyrants on the planet. Anything and anyone they don’t like must be immediately scorned, harassed and then banned. Don’t like J.E.B. Stuart, ban him. Don’t like a book, ban it. Don’t like someone’s political views, attack them verbally and physically. Don’t like Mr. Trump, destroy police cars at his rallies and call him a racist and a sexist. When conservatives respond, cry havoc and retreat to a safe space.

Guess what Julianne? I don’t like your acting and I don’t like your movies. I think we should ban them. How does that sound?

I think I can speak for millions of conservatives who are sick of Hollywood liberals trying to inject their warped view of politics and history into mainstream American life. Hollywood does not represent America. It never has and it never will.

Ms. Moore, like the rest of the Hollywood crowd snubs her nose at the good, God-fearing, gun-owning people of Fly over America.

Ms. Moore is a liberal tyrant.

No doubt liberals will say, Mr. Starmann is just another good old boy born south of the Mason-Dixon, who’s got his dander up.

Wrong. I’m from Illinois and my relatives fought for the Union. To paraphrase Mr. Jefferson, I have eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

Political correctness, in all its vicious forms is nothing but a Dictatorship of the Left. It’s high time conservatives put their feet down and stop these people at every turn before they create an America that looks nothing like the nation we all love, but bears a stark resemblance to the old the Soviet Union.

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  1. Excellent article!
    The ‘left’ and tyranny are synonymous today.
    Our parents would not recognize nor under stand what has happened to the America they fought and died for.

    The LEFT has LOST Their MINDS!!!
    The LEFT has ACCUSED ALL MILITARY VETS of Going to SNAP at Any Moment!!! This Has CAUSED Hysteria Across AMERICA!!! REMEMBER MILITARY VETS FOUGHT, DIED, & BLED so ALL could Voice there FREE Speech!!! @hhc16th is an EXAMPLE how a Big Business GAVE In to FEAR About a COMBAT VETERAN!!!

  3. What is Ms. Moore’s contribution to our society? Some forgettable films? Or the fact that she has no problem with being nude in front of her audience. In a correct society, the war hero would be honored and Ms. Moore shamed.

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