Female Marine drops out of Infantry Course



The only female officer enrolled in the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer’s Course has dropped out after failing to complete two conditioning hikes last month, according to the Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command.

“At this time, there are no female officers enrolled or slated to attend (the Infantry Officer’s Course),” Marine spokesman Capt. Joshua Pena told CNN.

He added that 33 additional officers have been dropped from the course out of a starting class comprising 97 officers. The course started on July 6 and is scheduled to finish on September 20.

This was the female officer’s second attempt at passing the course. She will now be given another specialization for her career as an officer in the Marines.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced the opening of all combat roles to women back in December, but as of yet no female Marine has passed the Infantry Officer’s Course.

In January, then-head of Southern Command, Marine Gen. John Kelly, cast doubt on whether many women would be able to enter the infantry if current standards were upheld.
“If we don’t change standards, it will be very, very difficult to have any numbers — any real numbers come into the infantry,” Kelly told reporters at the Pentagon.
But the deputy commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. John “Jay” Paxton Jr., espoused a more optimistic view.
“I think the Marines who happen to be women, who are going into those units, are committed to live up to that standard and contribute to unit efficiency and unit success,” Paxton said in an interview with the Marine Corps Times published Monday.
The US Army fielded its first female infantry officer in April.

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  1. General Paxton is full of walrus dung. Marines “who happen to be women”? Does he mean women Marines? As in Marines with terminally low levels of testosterone, which limits their upper body strength, endurance and aerobic capacity? Does he mean women Marines who cannot get pass standard male physical fitness training tests and who cannot hope to pass Infantry training or other combat-related training courses? Is that who he’s talking about? The gender that has never fought an enemy as a U.S. Marine, and shows absolutely no objective, measured capacity to do so, but who now is said to have every “right” to a “job opportunity” to do so? Is he talking about the type of Marine that cannot wade through a swamp filled with parasitic leeches because of their tendency to see out and lodge themselves in human genitalia? The type of Marine that cannot bear heavy loads more than a few miles without collapsing, and/or injuring herself? Is this the “Marine who happens to be a woman”, the one who exits the Marines with a physical or mental disability at a rate 6 times that of male Marines, that General Paxton is so sure is going to contribute to the Marine combat unit? General Paxton needs an early retirement and some mental health counselling for his perceptual ailments.

  2. Of course no female officers will pass the tests.
    That is, unless you get a tough homosexual or
    a super rare specimen of a female.

    It is idiotic to think God (or Mother Nature) did
    not know what they were doing. A muscular
    female fighter is not attractive enough to assure
    the maintenance of the race.

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