Europe’s Socialist Zombies are Marching into Oblivion

By Ray Starmann


Put a fork in it. Europe is done.

By the way, I should note here that I mean Western Europe. Those in the East still have not very fond memories of the Muslim invaders on their southern doorstep and would rather do without the barbarians raping their women and detonating suicide bombs on the streets of Krakow and Prague and Bucharest in the 21st Century.

Let’s face it. Western Europe has been hurting for a long time. They lost millions of entrepreneurs, individualists to the US in the great waves of 19th Century immigration. Then there was World War I, the “War to end all Wars” that turned Europe into a charnel house and created the Lost Generation and a raving maniac from Austria, who somehow turned a club of four down and out vets into a political movement and a mass murder machine. When WWII ended in 1945, tens of millions were dead and the continent was in ruins. More than that, the Europeans themselves were in shock and suffering from group PTSD.

Enter socialism on steroids…

Socialist post war governments, run by tough men like Konrad Adenauer, evolved into regimes with parliaments who became babysitters for a docile population that wanted the nanny state to tell them when to holiday, when to retire, what kind of health insurance to have and what names were available for their children.

In just a few decades Germany went from jackboots to Birkenstocks.

Why think for yourself when the state can do it for you? The state provides all that you can ever want as long as you do what you’re told and never, ever think outside of the box.

The result: whole nations of socialist zombies who can’t take a breath without the government telling them how and when to inhale and exhale. The people of Western Europe are the modern day equivalent of the meek, brain dead Eloi in H.G. Wells’, The Time Machine.

When she took office, the Germans dubbed Angela Merkel, Mutti Merkel, or Mother Merkel, as if she is their mother who will take care of them. Unfortunately, she has evolved into the evil step mother intent on obliterating the country she has sworn to serve. Merkel isn’t a caretaker, she’s a home wrecker, a modern day Visigoth who is intent on taking down Christian civilization in Germany and Europe. History will consider her one of the greatest villains of this new millennium.

If that doesn’t show the European socialist attitude to be taken care of by the government, what does? I can’t see Americans calling Trump, Father Trump. We don’t need, nor do we want, nor will we ever desire a government to be our caretaker. The Europeans have never figured out that government is not their friend, but in their case now, their undertaker. The Europeans have never figured out that government is like a combustible material that takes one lit match to turn it into a full blown out of control fire.

Socialism is death. It is the grim reaper of societies.

In return for state sponsored health care, abortion, euthanasia, unemployment and maternity benefits, generous pensions and burial insurance, the Western Europeans have sold their souls, their individualism and their liberty to Big Brother.

Socialism’s evil seed is feminism which is death to the family, to schools, to society, to men, women, and now the great nation states of Western Europe. Like socialism, feminism is the enemy of humanity.

Feminism is the greatest scam on earth. Women are indoctrinated that they don’t need men and that they should focus on their careers and men are nothing more than sex toys. If they get pregnant, they can always have an abortion, courtesy of the state, which is God on earth. By the time women reach their late 30’s, they realize they have been had. They have no husband, no family, no children; nothing. They have been had by a lie that is so evil in its intent; that the devil himself, surely came up with the concept.

The results are obvious in Europe. The continent’s birth rates are in the basement. Europe is gray and hobbling and dying and the only people reproducing are their new guests, the Muslims.

Even the promise of state sponsored Kinder Geld in Germany, or money for having children wasn’t enough to make German women want to have a family.

The Europeans have also abandoned God. Why need God when the state is your God? Europe’s churches are nothing more than museums where visitors can inspect ancient burial tombs, gold statues and light a candle. Yes, light a candle for Western Europe…

Europeans are now proud of their atheism.

Great, how’s that working out for you, Europe?

They chose their new God, the state and the state is pronouncing the death of their society, their culture and their lives to Muslim invaders, courtesy of the EU, and former Stasi officer, Angela Merkel, code named, Erika.

Millions of Muslims are pouring into the European continent. They are not coming to settle down and prosper. They are coming to loot, rape, main, kill and desecrate Christianity. That is the Muslim modus operandi throughout history. They are simply incapable of co-existing in a Judeo-Christian society.

Yet, the Europeans welcome them with open arms as if they are the prodigal sons returning after the gates of Vienna were slammed in their bearded faces 600 years ago. As Europe’s new citizens murder, rape and pillage, the socialist zombies make excuses for their crimes.

Those of us here in the New World have wondered when the Europeans would say enough is enough is enough. That day isn’t coming. That day will never come.

They simply have no fight left in them anymore. The modern day Eloi are marching in lockstep to their cultural deaths, all courtesy of governments and an ideology that promised them stability and delivered anarchy, violence and death to their nations.

For Americans of European heritage, watching the old nation states west of the Oder-Neisse Line go up in flames is like watching a sibling you look like, but have nothing in common with anymore, destroy themselves.

Observing the Germans and French and Swedes flounder around, you realize that they don’t even know how to help themselves anymore. They have surrendered whatever freedom they had to the Death Star in Brussels. They surrendered whatever individualism they had decades ago. They surrendered their manhood in the killing fields of Russia and Normandy and the Ardennes.

The future is bleak for them. Actually, they have no future. Their future is the morning call to prayer, Sharia Law, car bombs, suicide bombs, honor killings; the daily chaos and pure insanity that is the Muslim way of life.

A hundred years from now, every French and German village will have a mosque and the church steeple, which once reached to the heavens will have been replaced by the minaret.

As for the Europeans themselves, some will immigrate to the US, many will die at the hands of their new residents and others will simply knuckle under and submit to the Sword of Allah.

Put a fork in Europe. It’s done.

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6 comments to “Europe’s Socialist Zombies are Marching into Oblivion”
  1. America turned Western Europe into puppet states after WW2, so perhaps you should ask where the blame really lies. You firebombed German cities to enforce your liberal world order, and you would do it again, you were the creators of the zombies.

    • Actually, it was the Brits who were big on night time firebombing. Strangely, the WWII generation who bore the brunt of it all, were not nearly as brain dead as the young Germans are.

  2. Hey were certainly not doing any better here under capitatist regime who have shook us hardworking folks down and stripped us clean of once good wages and benefits and long term employment. Now we are fighting over cheap paying contract jobs with no future. Like the saying goes, clean your house first before telling your neighbors to clean theirs.

  3. Democrats have riuned this country by the export of our business and social benefits and taxation. Return cotrol to the people and we will determine our own fate! Let the Fathers hand move over the nation and watch the magic of true independence and enlightenment! Or/ reap the consequences!

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