Allen West: Here’s why I’m SICK of Obama’s politically correct Army

Allen West


At this critical time for our U.S. military, we should not be focusing on social engineering and pet political ideological agendas.

I know, the immediate retort from the progressive socialist left is that we’re winning against ISIS — how peculiar. We’re now bombing ISIS sanctuaries in Libya, if you haven’t noticed. And I’m tired of being told about ISIS no longer being in Ramadi or Fallujah — they weren’t there before we made the foolish decision to conduct a complete withdrawal of our combat ground forces.

Yet, ISIS still maintains solid bases of operations, centers of gravity, in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa, Syria. Meanwhile, ISIS has spread its cancerous barbarism to far more areas and states. So we’re not “winning” against ISIS, nor are we winning against the global Islamic jihad. If you haven’t seen, the Taliban just claimed responsibility for an ambush of U.S. and European tourists in Afghanistan. My question is, who chooses an active combat zone for a vacay?



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