US Marines To Accept Chubbier Women

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In an effort to maintain the new status quo of cutting standards everywhere in the name of equality and “progress”, the Marine Corps announced major changes over the Fourth of July holiday weekend regarding how much it will allow service members to weigh, and the biggest shift comes for women: going forward “larger” ladies will be allowed to defend the country while also standards used within the physical fitness test will also be relaxed.

2 comments on “US Marines To Accept Chubbier Women
  1. the person in the above picture is not a Marine. the haircut is not to standards and her weight is far beyond the limits. photoshop?

  2. Equality and progress will get good male Marines killed in combat. The reason we have military armed forces is to defend our nation, not to engage in social equality. How can the Corps “close with and destroy” our emeies when we are burdened with women who are not qualified to engage in close combat? Maybe they will screw them to death. that won’t work. The enemy will just want more and if we give them ther fatties, then it might.

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