The US Military’s Latest Lunacy – Transgenders in Uniform

By Ray Starmann


Welcome to 2016 when male soldiers train in pregnancy simulators, tactical lactation stations dot the battlefield, women are fraudulently passed through Ranger School and US Navy sailors willingly surrender their boats and equipment to Iranian thugs without so much as firing a flare.

It’s the era of breast milk in the field and Liberace joins Delta Force…

A perfect storm, a Category Five hurricane of doom and destruction is sweeping over the US military with the deadly accuracy of the Angel of Death on Passover. We have a President who is intent on destroying the military through insane social engineering. We have willing lackeys in the Pentagon from Ash Carter to Ray Mabus to the whole rotting, spineless lot of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are all too eager to rubberstamp the lunacy. We have an American populace so separated from the military because they never served, so ignorant of the military, so clueless about combat operations, that they really believe Jill, the cute blond Tri Delt can be a Navy SEAL and Captain Bill should be able to swap spit with Captain Bob in the Bravo Company orderly room.

I know. I’m being so insensitive. So politically incorrect…

Guess what? Our enemies aren’t politically correct. Our enemies aren’t sensitive. Our enemies aren’t compassionate. Our enemies burn people alive, behead innocent women and children and drown dissidents. They also spend their time devising ways to destroy us. The Pentagon now spends its time  trying to be diverse and sensitive to the point of irrationality and seemingly spends no time training for war these days.

We’re making it easy for the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians and ISIS. We’re doing all the work. The US military is on a 24/7 Charge of the Light Brigade into oblivion.

The latest absurdity and another threat to military order and discipline is the recent authorization by all around sycophant and general idiot, Ash Carter to allow transgenders, aka the mentally ill, to serve in the military.

I know, I’m being insensitive again. Who am I to stop Jack, who thinks he’s Jenny, from serving. He/she/it should be afforded gender reassignment surgery courtesy of Uncle Sam, who is actually Aunt Samantha on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The loony meter is in the red right now. The Pentagon is wasting tax payer dollars and training for war time to write manuals and set up command centers for transgenders.

Hey, Sarge, you got a copy of FM-001, Transgender Operations?

Yeah, it’s right under the 5th Special Forces Group commander’s breast pump. Here you go…

Gee, thanks sarge… Hey, sarge…


I think I’m a woman and I’m pansexual…

Fill out a DA-5670… I’ll put it in channels. We better head to PT. Suit up in your red high heels. We have to show empathy towards female rape victims this week.

Don’t worry about spare parts for Marine aircraft, or the fact that no one in the US Army Armor Community knows how to run a combined arms range or qualify on a tank. We wouldn’t want to focus on military stuff when the military itself can become Obama’s Personal Freak Show.


The 15 page directive was cleared for public distribution and is available online at:

Here are some highlights from what can only be described as 15 pages of unadulterated insanity:

DoD and the Military Departments will institute policies to provide Service members a process by which, while serving, they may transition gender.

Service members with a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary, will be provided medical care and treatment for the diagnosed medical condition.

Why in God’s name would gender transition be a medical necessity? Is someone going to drop dead because they can’t get female hormone injections to grow boobs? Is it a matter of life or death if Private Jane Smith doesn’t get an artificial penis in the next 90 days?

Recommendations of a military medical provider will address the severity of the Service member’s medical condition and the urgency of any proposed medical treatment.

The only thing that is severe is the level of mental illness the soldier, sailor, airman or Marine is suffering for wanting to change genders.

Commanders will assess expected impacts on mission and readiness after consideration of the advice of military medical providers and will address such impacts in accordance with this issuance.

Of course it’s going to affect readiness. Men running around a military base in dresses usually puts a damper on military operations. The whole subject is a walking, talking gigantic distraction from military readiness. Then again, the Obama White House and the Ash Carter Pentagon is a distraction from military readiness.


  1. Establish a Service Central Coordination Cell (SCCC) to provide multi-disciplinary (e.g., medical, legal, military personnel management) expert advice and assistance to commanders with regard to service by transgender Service members and gender transition in the military and to assist commanders in the execution of DoD, Military Department, and Service policies and procedures.

More wasted time and tax payer money. Apparently, the SCCC is now the military’s command center for transgender nonsense. The military now has a whole command focusing on this garbage.

Gender transition while serving in the military presents unique challenges associated with addressing the needs of the Service member in a manner consistent with military mission and readiness.

  1. Living in Preferred Gender. Real Life Experience (RLE) is the phase in the gender transition process during which the individual commences living socially in the gender role consistent with their preferred gender. Although in civilian life this phase is generally categorized by living and working full-time in the preferred gender, consistent application of military standards will normally require that RLE occur in an off-duty status and away from the Service member’s place of duty, prior to the change of a gender marker in DEERS.

So, basically Sergeant Dan will be a man by day in the Marines and off duty hang out as a chick at the local bar and grill. Okay…How is he going to deploy if needed, as a man or woman or as a hybrid?

  1. Military Readiness. Unique to military service, the commander is responsible and accountable for the overall readiness of his or her command. The commander is also responsible for the collective morale and welfare and good order and discipline of the unit, the command climate, and for ensuring that all members of the command are treated with dignity and respect.

What readiness? What morale? What good order and discipline?

The Pentagon’s authorization to allow transgenders to serve in uniform is the height of political correctness, leftist irrationality and complete stupidity. Those suffering from gender dysphoria are mentally ill. Allowing transgenders to serve is just another social engineering project that is contributing to the demise of the US military and its eventual destruction on a future field of battle.

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3 comments on “The US Military’s Latest Lunacy – Transgenders in Uniform
  1. This social engineering crap will get all of us killed. The primary mission of the military services is not to cater to specific groups. If somebody cannot determine their own sex by looking at their crotch, they don’t belong in the military. If they go to Army basic or Marine Corps boot camp, the drill instructors don’t have time to sort them out. But they will and it won’t be nice for the recruits who don’t know who or what they are. Bad idea, and not at all good for the armed forces!

  2. I’m so glad that my father isn’t alive to see this disgusting display of what they are wearing. Get rid of the eye make-up and make these so called men look like men would you please. This is totally disgraceful. They are suppose to represent a military, then damn well look like one-please. The enemy see this and they will start laughing. No wonder our men want to leave the military because of THEM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well here we go again i think its time we give the military a enema
    And rid it of this shit .we can not
    Afford cowards and queers to
    Run us VOTE TRUMP
    If he don’t fix this mess then
    Divide and concour. … and
    Remember there’s always prayer
    We are going to need THE ALMIGHTY GODS HELP!!!!

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