The US Military is Not an Equal Opportunity Employer

By Ray Starmann


As I type the headline to this article I can already here the cries of leftist fools everywhere…

How dare you try and deny anyone the right to serve in the military! Being mentally or morally or physically unqualified is no bar to enlistment. You dinosaur!

It’s 2016 and we have…according to the words of our beloved Commander in Chief yesterday, “the greatest military the world has ever seen.”

Really? Pardon me while I bust a gut laughing.

Better than the Roman Legions? Better than the German Wehrmacht of Rommel and Guderian? Better than the US military in WWII? Better than the US military that won Desert Storm?

What a crock. The US military in its current state couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag. Just ask the Iranians. They’ll tell you about the American matadors, the American men of steel, the modern day John Paul Jones and Commodore Deweys they met on the high seas in January.

One of the many reasons we’re a weak sister is that the military is recruiting people that couldn’t have made it through the recruiting NCO’s front door in the old days.

Everyone, according to the Obama Administration has the right to serve in the military, from off Broadway choreographers who wear purple ascots and rose tinted Charles Nelson Reilly glasses, to wimpy and blimpy Millennial slackers, to that guy down the street who likes to dress like Norman Bates’ mother when there’s a full moon.

The US military is now a magnet for every crackpot with a sexual deviancy; refugees from a Richard Simmons Weight Watchers workout and the You Go Girl delusional feminists who binge watch Xena Warrior Princess and who think they can go toe to toe with a Jihadi in a K-Bar fight.

Last month, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the Pentagon was “ending the ban on transgender Americans in the United States military.” “Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly, and they can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender.”

Additionally, Carter said, “I have directed that the gender identity of an otherwise qualified individual will not bar them from military service or from any accession program.”

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, told WND and Radio America it was a “terrible decision for military readiness.”

“For the Department of Defense to focus on a tiny, tiny, minority and disregard the concerns of the majority of people in the armed forces is more than irresponsible,” Donnelly said. “The secretary of defense is instituting a policy that will encourage indiscipline and sexual tension and a range of problems that have nothing to do with strengthening the Armed Forces. There’s no excuse for it.

In Obama’s “everyone gets a trophy military”, the Pentagon has directed that people with mental illnesses will be allowed to serve in the US military.

Doubling down on this insanity, the Pentagon also stated that anyone in the military who receives a medical statement from a military medical professional certifying that they suffer from gender dysphoria will have all medical resources available for surgical alterations.

Obviously, these are the priorities of the Obama White House, not spare parts for Marine Corps aircraft.

Good God…

Also, the Pentagon acknowledged “mixed genitalia” will be present in military bathrooms, showers and barracks because service members will be in various stages of change in their sexual identity.

Various stages of change? How does this affect unit readiness and morale?

It destroys it.

“Hey, Corporal Smith, where’s Private Snuffy?

“Uh, Top (a master sergeant, the highest ranking NCO or sergeant in a company), Snuffy’s currently identifying as a chick named Brianna, so he’s decided to shower with the females this morning.”

“Roger that. If the CO is looking for me, tell him I’m at the Pangender Mess Hall and then I’ll be at the Patricia Schroeder Lactation Station for a briefing.”


They used to call something like this a nightmare, a CLUSTER#UCK. Now it’s just standard operating procedure.

Combine this latest social engineering with the avalanche of leftist directives from the White House and the Pentagon.

First the Pentagon tested the waters by allowing homosexuals to serve openly. Any concerns that homosexuals have a higher rate of AIDS and therefore could endanger someone during a battlefield blood transfusion were swept away.

Then, last December, Ash and Trash Carter announced that women would be allowed to serve in the combat arms (infantry, armor, armored cavalry, artillery) and special operations (Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, SEALs, Marine Recon) of the Army and Marines.

To prove to the world that women were physically capable of withstanding the rigors of the combat arms and special ops, the Army participated in what US Defense Watch believes was a conspiracy to pass several females at Ranger School last autumn.

One of the three female graduates was a 37 year old mother of two. Anyone with any knowledge of Ranger School knows the chances of a 37 year old woman graduating is nearly nil. The school spits out 22 year old male combat arms soldiers with the speed of a hotel power flush.

When Congressman Steve Russell (R., OK) requested the records for the three females, Russell was informed that the records were “shredded.” When Russell requested the Green Cards, or the transcripts for the three women (in fact, all Ranger School grads back to 1952 have a Green Card on file) he was stonewalled. As of today, Russell has received nothing from Fort Benning.

If the Army has nothing to hide, why are they refusing to turn over the Green Cards?

The concept of women in the combat arms and special ops is all part of the equal opportunity mentality among liberals. Of course the liberals so gung ho to send physically unqualified women into the infantry and the Green Berets, know next to nothing about the physical demands of life in the combat arms, demands which are doubled and tripled and quadrupled in wartime.

To pave the way for our new female warriors, the Marines have rolled out so-called “unconscious bias” training. This is mandated brainwashing being conducted by mobile Soviet style training teams that are intent on convincing male Marines that the five foot, 90 pound cheerleader in your foxhole will hold her own in combat.

Gender neutrality is blown to smithereens the moment the first hostile round goes downrange.

The crazy academics, the leftist pundits and nuts compare the military’s social engineering with the 1960’s Civil Rights movement and the earlier integration of blacks in the military in 1948 under President Truman. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Physically fit men are men. It doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, red, yellow, blue or purple.

No one has the right to serve in the military just because they desire to serve. They must be physically, mentally and emotionally stable and strong. They must meet certain standards for their MOS and their service branch. If they can’t meet these standards they should be shown the door.

The social engineers believe this bountiful bouquet of diversity and compassion in the military is somehow making the military stronger. In contrast, anyone who has served and particularly those who have served in combat know that the US military is on the verge of a Number One Breakdown.

All of this nonsense is a total distraction from the real mission of the military, which is to defend the nation and when called upon to wage war and win those wars. The mission of the military is not to provide artificial penis surgery for the squad dyke who wants to look like Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad.

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, once remarked that “diversity is a combat multiplier.”

The only thing diversity is multiplying is the myriad of ways the US military is dying.

Diversity and gender neutrality are the death knells of the US military.

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  1. Though I spent 30 years in the Marine Corps, I have no “unconscious bias”. My bias is with full consciousness based on reality in combat. Only a fool would even think seriously of placing women in the infantry. And to add trannies to the mix is downright idiocy! We had better arm ourselves because the military won’t be able to defend us.

    The author refferred to the impending doom as a
    CLUSTER#UCK. A better description is what we, in the olde Marine Corps would say. Fucked up like a Chinese fire drill!

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