The US Military is a Politically Correct Weakling

By Ray Starmann


It’s literally something more absurd every day now…

Practically every 24 hour news cycle, the perfumed princes and princesses in the Pentagon announce some ludicrous bit of social engineering that sounds so compassionate, sensitive, politically correct and trendy, but in actuality is another nail in the coffin of the US Armed Forces.

The latest bit of total insanity was the announcement that the US Navy was going to name a ship after deceased gay activist Harvey Milk.

According to USNI News:

The Navy is set to name a ship after the gay rights icon and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk, according to a Congressional notification obtained by USNI News.

The July 14, 2016 notification, signed by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, indicated he intended to name a planned Military Sealift Command fleet oiler USNS Harvey Milk (T-AO-206). The ship would be the second of the John Lewis-class oilers being built by General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, Calif.

No doubt at the ship’s christening, some DoD official will tout the glories of diversity and LGBT rights and how modern and trendy the New Military really is.


Our enemies are laughing themselves into a tither. Let’s face it, a majority of gay men don’t exactly exhibit the most martial qualities needed to wage war. When you think of the male homosexual community, images of Broadway choreographers, Hollywood producers, antiques dealers and art critics instantly pop into your cabeza.

No doubt the USNS Harvey Milk will strike terror into the hearts of our enemies. What’s next, an aircraft carrier named the USS Liberace, a destroyer called the USS Charles Nelson Reilly, a submarine dubbed the USS Ellen DeGeneres?

The USNS Harvey Milk activation is just another event in the long line of lunacy that has besieged the military since the Kenyan Commander in Chief took the oath of office.

We now have a US military with open and authorized homosexuality, transgenders getting gender reassignment surgery on the Pentagon’s nickel, lactation stations on military bases, storage of breast milk in the field, white privilege training, classes teaching the Bible as a sexist document, Marine Corps gender sensitivity training, 1984 gender neutral terminology, men conducting physical training in pregnancy simulators, male ROTC cadets parading around in red high heels on college campuses and most distressingly women being pushed into combat arms and special operations units.

With the authorization to allow women to serve in the infantry, armor, cavalry, artillery, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta, the SEALs and Marine Recon, the Crown Jewels of the US military have been hijacked by left wing nuts who don’t have a clue about the military and most importantly, combat.

To anyone alive who served in the military from WWII to even the early days of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military has become not only a politically correct weakling, but an entity so foreign that it bears no resemblance to its past existence.

The evisceration of the US armed forces by the Obama White House was made possible by hundreds of willing executioners in the Pentagon and at various military commands across the globe. Federal bureaucrats like Leon Panetta, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus and Eric Fanning and generals strong on narcissism and greed and low on moral courage, like Martin Dempsey made the demise of the US military under Obama a virtual shoe in.

What’s the attitude of current general officers and recently retired general officers? Look no further than General John Allen, who is supporting Hillary Clinton under the most dubious of circumstances and motivations and who was channeling Burt Lancaster as General Mattoon Scott in Seven Days in May two nights ago at the DNC.

The one group of individuals charged with defending the traditions and readiness of the US military, its generals and admirals, have willingly gone along with policies they knew would be destructive to the armed forces, for the simple reason that they don’t have enough guts to stand up for themselves, the organization they represent and the nation itself. History will judge them as some of the greatest cowards to ever have set foot in the Pentagon.

The left wing social engineers destroying the military are having the time of their lives watching the last bastion of American true patriotism; selflessness and manhood go down the proverbial drain. But, some are just ignorant and believe that the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are nothing different than corporations or hipster startups in Palo Alto.

They are dead wrong.

The military’s life breath is morale, camaraderie, tradition, bravery and sacrifice. While some Americans could care less about the daily lives of homosexuals and transgenders, their open presence in the military is a death knell to morale and camaraderie. Transgenders are officially viewed as mentally ill by many noted psychologists and psychiatrists. Homosexuals have a higher rate of AIDS than heterosexuals. A battlefield blood transfusion from a homosexual soldier could be a matter of life or death itself. Also, many military members have negative views of the homosexual lifestyle based on their own religious beliefs.

The military has been targeted by feminists since the early 1970’s. Because of solid, courageous senior military leaders and intrepid Secretaries of Defense, the feminists were stalled for decades. Only recently have they been able to infest the military and change its operating procedures and ethos.

The feminists’ greatest triumph has been the inclusion of women into the combat arms and special operations. This is undoubtedly the greatest disaster in US military history that will lead not only to peacetime problems of morale, cohesion and readiness, but to eventual defeat on a hundred distant battlefields.

The mission of the US military is simple. When directed by the President, it is to wage war by sea, land and air and to defeat and destroy the enemies of the United States, violently and rapidly.

The mission of the US military is not to provide white privilege presentations, gender neutrality classes, day care, endless maternity leave, camouflaged breast pumps, lactation stations and gay sensitivity training.

While the SecDef is busy being PC and implementing ludicrous leftist directives, the US military is crumbling around him.

The Marines and Air Force have horrific supply problems. The Army’s readiness is in mortal danger and the US Army Armor Corps is a ghost of wars past. Right now, the US Army could not conduct a Patton style breakout across France, a 73 Easting movement to contact as in Desert Storm or a dash to the gates of Baghdad. Just what can the US Army Armor Corps do? You got me.

Obama has purged or forced hundreds of senior leaders to exit the service. Good people of all ranks are leaving the service because they are at odds with the politically correct policies decimating training, operations and morale.

What does all this social engineering do to the military, it creates a whole force that lacks that indefinable, but instrumental trait called “fighting spirit.” Fighting spirit is a combat multiplier of infinite proportions. Joshua Chamberlain’s 20th Maine Regiment had it at Gettysburg, the 101st Airborne Division had it at Bastogne, the 7th Cavalry had it at Ia Drang and the Marines had it in Fallujah. With fighting spirit, victory is certain; without it, defeat is imminent.

This lack of fighting spirit is seeping through the consciousness of the military. The performance of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf last January speaks volumes and is an indicator of deep systemic problems. When confronted by thugs from the Iranian Navy, the US Navy failed on all levels: senior command, mid-level command, junior command, fighting spirit, maintenance, navigation and adherence to the Code of Conduct.


Politicians like Hillary Clinton and her Sandinista cohort, Governor Tim Kaine cry to gullible voting masses that this is the best military we’ve ever had. They can bellow into oblivion all they want.

It’s not the best military the US has ever had. It’s not even close. The troops know it. The leaders, junior, mid-level and senior know it.

Most importantly, our enemies damned well know it.

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15 comments on “The US Military is a Politically Correct Weakling
  1. This is so depressing….but we’ve got a chance to start
    the needed change in 100 days. With God’s help, we
    can rebuild.

  2. This a very well-written article, Ray. Nice work raising the important issue of tradition in the armed forces. I hope this sort of common sense approach to big social issues can some day be mainstream thought. I think Leftists/liberals need to understand that sure, LGBQT people deserve their pursuit of happiness, but that it shouldn’t have to affect all institutions. You did a great job here being pretty PC yourself. The military and its atmosphere must run a certain way, and this PC world, affecting so much of US daily lives at this point, shouldn’t be the focus of the greatest military in the world! Like you said, it should be the mission statement.

    • “…I think Leftists/liberals need to understand that sure, LGBQT people deserve their pursuit of happiness,..”

      We have arrived at this point in time, because of milk toast platitudes such as this.
      There were always sodomy laws on the books to keep these cockroaches in the dark where they belonged- but because of weakling sympathizers like you,left wing shyster lawyers were able to scrap common sense laws based on Biblical injunctions against sodomy.

  3. Hardly anything left to add. John Paul Jones, Smedley Butler, John Basilone and many others from the Revolutionary war forward. Men who fought at Belleau Wood, Argonne Forest, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, Inchon, Chosin and other places where brave men died so that our country would be strong, wherever they are – in Heaven and Hell- they are now look at us as fools. And Shakespeare added in anticipation “What Fools These Mortals Be!

  4. Destroying everything that America was great at. Job well done Obama and our spineless congress is just as guilty for letting it happen.

  5. Why not name the ship the USS Sodomizer or USS Fellater? The USS LGBTQ Rainbow? How about the USS Mohammed or USS Allah? The USS BLM? Why not just fly the White Flag of Defeat & Surrender on ALL US Naval Ships? Did those Naval crew learn how to Cry in Training was that part of the Empathy Course & Heartfelt Feelings Class – You know – Cry with your enemy so they will Love You?

  6. You think the USA has problems…. Us poor bloody Brits are in a similar pickle. The old regiments are being disbanded and, no matter how regimental commanders try, keeping tradition going is difficult.

    Not to mention constant threats of prosecution for attempting to do your job….. Think “Marine A”

    I think, like the yanks, the fighting men are there – just need leadership…..

    • Don’t count the Brits out yet. Remember what Napoleon said about the English – “There are bitter weeds in England.”

    • Hope you still have your Royal Marines. If there are any left of 41 Commando, give them my regards! Semper Fi , Per Mar Per Terrum!

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  8. The Military is as they’ve described, & yet the Masses are TOLD Not to Believe it..well, gee, what OTHER LIES Have been told?? You’d better Believe HE HAS Decimated it, Along with the FIGHTING SPIRIT, IT DID EXIST..Just as THE “UNITED” in THE UNITED STATES Did, PRIOR TO THE GREATEST DIVIDER & LIAR IN CHIEF! After all, You Really Think HE’S not been GROOMED for this? Please..Just need to mention 2 words..Rev WRIGHT. SO Much More, But Truly, Really DID NOT Need Any More than that! YET, there’s SO MUCH MORE..FACTUAL, Not LIES & SPINS & PC BS! As Evidence, & Will Eventually, & ALWAYS, TIME WILL TELL! & Once “HE” IS OUT..ALL Will FLOW, TRUTHS That IS..To be RIGHT once it’s Too Late? Not going to HELP US THEN, WE NEED MR. TRUMP NOW!

  9. My shame and humiliation is bottomless. Not with REAL soldiers/ sailors/ air defenders both women and men but with the military leaders that allow this to happen to what I consider is the most important to this country’s defense level of government. My heart is heavy for those military personnel who chose to serve and protect this country and all the people in it. I’ve spent my younger life traveling abroad and back to the continent many times with my family. My father served 24 years in the USAF. He retired and passed in early 80’s. I miss him but am relieved he did not know of these absurd and disgraceful goings on. Every time I’m able I trip over myself to get to military personnel and shake their hand and thank them for their service in the still greatest military on this planet. I have one regret and that is that I wasn’t able to participate. My heart has always felt sad. I wanted to be a helicopter pilot. When I hear an engine in flight my eyes follow the sound. Some happiest times were living on air bases and being awaken to roaring and booming engines. I still get thrilled. Just a note. My last name is Armbruster. It’s meaning is cross bow and or cross bow soldier. Both sides of my family come from a long line of military. Civil war, WWI and WWII. Both sides even fighting against each other. I pray this madness will end soon.

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