The Marines are Looking for a Few Fat Millennials


By Ray Starmann

You are witnessing history.

You are watching the death of one of the greatest fighting forces in the long history of this planet.

You are a spectator with a fifty yard line seat as the complete and utter destruction of the United States Marine Corps takes place.

It has been seven months since Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, with the blessing of White House social engineers, decided to lift the ban on women serving in the combat arms (infantry, armor, armored cavalry, artillery) and special operations (Marine Recon, Marine Raiders, the Green Berets, the Rangers, Delta Force and the SEALs).

Carter’s authorization was barely even discussed and rubber stamped by a Congress sorely lacking in military knowledge, moral courage and veterans; and indeed combat veterans who served in the Army or Marine combat arms units.

It’s been the battle cry of the Pentagon perfumed princes, from Dempsey to Dunford to Milley and Carter and Mabus that the standards will never be altered to accommodate women as the US Military continues its kamikaze run to destruction on future battlefields.

Obviously, those assurances, like everything else flushed downstream from the Pentagon toilet bowl is genuine, Grade A, horse dung.

This week, as reported in the Washington Post, the Marine Corps will now allow chubbier women to slip through the cracks.

“Female Marines will be allowed to weigh five to seven pounds more than before for each inch of their height, according to new guidelines published by the service. A 5-foot-6 woman, for example, was previously allowed to weigh up to 155 pounds, but can now be 161. A 5-foot-9 woman was allowed to be up to 169 pounds, but can now be 176.”

In order to accommodate those muscular superstars of the Millennial Generation, the Corps is also relaxing the rules on pull-ups for men and women.

The new rule will eliminate fixed-arm hanging as an alternative choice to pull-ups for women. In place of fixed-arm hanging women, and men, will have the option to choose push-ups instead.

What’s next, perhaps an option not to show up for the test at all?

“Push-ups become an option on the PFT (Physical Fitness Test), but Marines are incentivized toward pull-ups, as these are a better test of functional, dynamic upper body strength and correlate stronger to physically demanding tasks,’ Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said in an administrative message to the Corps released Friday. ‘Push-ups are also a valid exercise and good test; however maximum points can only be earned by executing pull-ups.”

Comrade General Neller continues with more Orwellian doublespeak:

“The hybrid pull-up option is the Marines’ solution to a four-year conundrum of how to promote pull-ups for all Marines without making it impossible for women to succeed.”

And, there lies the rub. The Corps knows, like everyone knows, except the brainwashed academics, pundits and leftists in the Obama Administration, that 99% of women cannot meet the physical standards required to serve in the combat arms.

The standards will be lowered until the new gender neutral Marine Corps is so weak that they couldn’t seize and hold a sandbox, much less a hostile beachhead.

Here are some highlights from Neller’s memorandum for record:

Last November we began a comprehensive review of physical fitness and body composition standards. Subsequent efforts focused on developing a physical fitness program that incentivizes behavior toward an end state of a healthy and fit force able to better answer the call in any clime and place.  The review was a collaborative effort that drew from fitness experts and Marines, and provided wide-ranging options for consideration.

As a result, a major change to the PFT is the elimination of the Flexed Arm Hang for females and incorporation of a push-up / pull-up hybrid event for all Marines, recruits, and officer candidates.  Push-ups become an option on the PFT, but Marines are incentivized toward pull-ups, as these are a better test of functional, dynamic upper body strength and correlate stronger to physically demanding tasks.  Push-ups are also a valid exercise and good test; however maximum points can only be earned by executing pull-ups.  These changes go into effect 1 Jan 2017.

Other changes to BCP include modifying the maximum allowable weight limits for female Marines, use of more precise tape measuring devices and de-centralizing BCP waiver granting authority from Manpower and Reserve Affairs (Manpower Management) to the first General Officer in a Marine’s chain of command.  These BCP changes go into effect immediately.

America expects its Marine Corps to be the most ready when the Nation is least ready.  Collectively, these are the biggest changes to the PFT since 1972 and CFT since 2009.  We will monitor the effects of these adjustments for two years and then adjust if required to ensure our standards continue to contribute to the effectiveness of our force and enhance our ability to respond when our Nation calls.

Neller made his decision after getting the results of what he called a “comprehensive review of physical fitness and body composition standards.”

“We will monitor the effects of these adjustments for two years and then adjust if required to ensure our standards continue to contribute to the effectiveness of our force and enhance our ability to respond when our nation calls,” he said.

Effectiveness of the force? Ability to respond when our nation calls? It gets better…

Major-General James W. Lukeman, the commanding general of Marine Corps Training and Education Command, said in a statement that the new testing plan raises the bar for physical fitness for all Marines.

Really, how’s that general? It looks like allowing overweight Marines to serve in combat units, or serve at all would be lowering the Corps’ readiness. Furthermore, dropping the pull up requirement clearly lowers standards.

Lukeman concludes with some truly impressive Bravo Sierra…

“Marines today are stronger, faster and fitter than ever and these changes reflect that,” he said. “Bigger and stronger often means heavier, so tying performance on the PFT and CFT to changes to the Body Composition Program are improvements that we think the Marines will appreciate. In the end, it’s all about improving the readiness and combat effectiveness of our Corps, and the physical fitness of every Marine contributes to that.”

I have news for Lukeman, fatter and bigger does not create track and field stars. Fatter and bigger creates slow moving targets of opportunity for the enemy.

Fat and out of shape Marines die in battle.

Fat and out of shape Marines put their unit and the Corps in danger by their total lack of fitness and physical prowess.

Idiots like Carter and Mabus and sycophants like Neller and Lukeman think that they’re somehow being kind and compassionate by allowing the physically unfit to serve in the ranks of the Marines.

There is no compassion in war. There is no gender neutrality in battle. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy in combat. In war, the strongest and the smartest survive, and the weak; the fat, the slow, the less than able are toe tagged and body bagged.

The US Marines didn’t carve a trail of courage and ferocity for 240 years because their ranks were filled with overweight women and soft and pudgy men. They won wars because they were tough, fast, brutal SOB’s who knew that in war there are no second chances, that in the words of MacArthur, “There is no substitute for victory.”

The US military is on the verge of complete collapse and our enemies are loving every minute of it.

18 comments on “The Marines are Looking for a Few Fat Millennials
  1. As a former Marine infantryman, I am sickened by what I see. When I was in the fleet, we all thought the flex arm hand for WM’s was a joke. Now, one can do push-up’s instead of pull-up’s.

    The two do not compare. Back in the day, I was doing 350 incline push-up’s a night, in sets of 80. But pull-up’s took far longer to get to that magic 20. But one thing I never bought into was what they allowed then: “kipping,” which was some sort of swinging momentum–not a true test of upper body strength.

    It just keeps getting worse, it seems.

    How many Marines will die in our next major war because of the liberals have turned the Fleet Marine Force into a pack of pussies?

    • I’m a 68 year old Vietnam Veteran and a stroke survivor. I have a very slight gut but it’s not soft or flabby.. I still have a chin-up bar and try to get as far up the bar as I possibly can. My still do my stretches in the morning. Hooyah to all Marines and Navy vets!!

  2. I was proud to serve nearly 35 years on active duty with the Marines. In that time, I saw many changes that did not directly add to the fighting capabilities of the Corps or its Marines, all dictated by politicians or their appointees. By far, these changes are the worst I’ve seen. It is good to be retired; I pity the Marines saddled with the changes the lower standards will bring. The Marine Corps I served in is no longer the Marine Corps I joined.

  3. We are watching the destruction of the United States Marine Corps. Something the enemy has been unable to do in over 240 years.

  4. There is no honor to be had in military service to the United States while a Democrat is in the White House. If you’re in, get out. If you’re out, stay out.

  5. Wasn’t doing 20 pull ups not the norm or the minimum, but the goal in the Marine Corps (although some individuals went well beyond that).

    The minimum was to do a couple of pull ups (I thought it was 3). Anyone in reasonable physical shape with some discipline and effort leading up to it can train to do three pull ups. Once you can do three, improving on that becomes much easier.

    It is a critically important physical skill set if you have to clammer in and out of helicopters, onto small boats bobbing next to a ship in heavy weather, or climb ropes and nets.

    Of course I can’t do pull ups, because I am a cow and have hooves and it is hard to grasp the bar.

    • Twenty pull-up’s gave you the max score on that part of the PFT. If you weren’t doing 20 pull-up’s as a Fleet Marine infantryman, you weren’t shit. And that’s the truth.

      If you could only do 3 pull-up’s in any combat arms MOS, you would immediately have been put on remedial PT, and would have been the laughing stock of your unit.

      And if you did not improve, you were discharged as unfit for military service.

      Anyway…that’s how it was in the mid-to-late 1980’s when I served.

  6. RE: The Destruction of the American Fighting Forces

    The Pentagon is run by a bunch of Obamabots.

    The greatest sacrifice a flag-grade officer can make—aside from dying on the field of battle—is to resign in protest over these actions and go public.

    If enough of them did it the people would realize what a disaster Obama is fomenting.

    But, over the seven years of Obama-mania, all the flag-grades in the Puzzle Palace on the Potomac are Obamabots who don’t give a good damn about America. The only thing they care about is themselves.

    • This is what happens when the POTUS (Piece of Totally useless Shit) replaces 134+ Commanding Officers during his 7 1/2 years in office. Any change to the Corps (usually for the worse) is rubber stamped by the O-bots.
      God Help Our Corps

  7. I’m 52 y/o and always considered myself kind of a pudgy guy – 5’11”, about 195# – while PT was never too much of a challenge back in the day, I always carried around a few extra pounds.

    I never thought I’d see the pandemic of butts and guts I’m seeing on people of my own general build nowadays; Ee-gad.

    • This is also a command failure.

      The picture of that morbidly obese person…I hope n pray that was not an actual US Marine.

      Anyone anywhere close to that obese should already be back in the First Civ Div, Couch Company, Potato Platoon.

      But the point here is that those “Marines” should’ve been on weight control LONG AGO and out of the Corps.

      Unless they’re on medical or legal hold for a DAMN good reason, they should already be civilians.

      The fact their obesity got this far stands as an indictment of EVERYONE in their chain of command, all of whom should be relieved for cause and face some sort of NJP for gross dereliction of duty.

      In my day, if you were even a little overweight, everyone from your squad leader to your company commander rode your ass; you went on a diet and remedial PT and you lost the weight, or you went home for good.

      Obviously, these obese “Marines” (God, I cringe using that word to describe those fat bodies.) forsook PT long ago, which is why I said medical hold.

      But still, this is so fucked up that everyone in their chain of command from their section or squad leader up to at least company level, and for sure, the fucking corpsman involved in allowing them to get so obese…all should be relieved for cause and sent packing.

      • Nothing like running around the barracks for a couple hours with a M-60 over your head to help you lose weight.
        Oh, wait, that’s the old Marines, the old Army, a microaggression in today’s military. Most of the NCO’s I knew were walking, talking major-aggressions.
        Your average Millennial would wet themselves in the old military.

    • Every non – Sat recruit I saw ( overweight ) was put on a 3 salad a day diet no dressing they had 1 week to drop the questionable wieght or get sent to the fat farm. MPT ( Motivational Physical Training) I do not recall anyone who went there recovering and being picked up at a later training date ever earning the title of Marine. 78-82

    • When I was in Boot Camp in 1973, We had a recruit join our Platoon on his 3rd hold back. He had a choice to take a medical discharge. He wanted to be a Marine so much that he continued with His training and finally Graduated with Platoon 133 July 1973 He went thru hell and back and lost 85 Lbs.. The Day He Graduated was the proudest day in His life. He introduced me to His Parents with tears in His eyes.. Super respect for Him!


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