The Clintons are a Disgrace to America


By Ray Starmann

Well, the fix is in.

Former President Bill Clinton, doing his best Boss Hogg impersonation, rendezvoused with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the middle of the scorching Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport tarmac to discuss “grandchildren, golf, family” and of course his “wife’s” possible indictment for violating a couple hundred national security statutes.

Indictment? This is America 2016, the land of the Obamian Banana Republic.

Of course, the media caught wind of the top secret meeting, where the FBI was told to prohibit anyone from taking pictures or recording audio or video within 500 yards of the meeting. There’s nothing like the Attorney General of the United States squashing the First Amendment is there?

And, here we are on July 3rd and rumors abound that Hillary will be not be indicted at all, on any counts, for anything, even a parking ticket.

The FBI is under big pressure to make a decision in the case. When they do recommend that Secretary Clinton be indicted, Loretta Lynch will rock back in her fake leather government-issue DOJ swivel chair, glance at the picture of Stalin over her desk and burst out laughing.

What will FBI Director, Mr. Comey do then? Probably nothing. He will be told in no uncertain terms that unless he wants to be one of the HUNDRED MILLION Americans out of the workforce, he should shut his mouth and march in lockstep with Grandma Lynch and Hellary.

No doubt, Comey has enough evidence to put the waddling, blond Maoist away for 300 years. It doesn’t matter. We are no longer a nation of laws. Hillary will be pronounced “Clean as a Houndstooth, just like the 81st Precinct in Serpico.

It will all have been just a big right wing conspiracy, a KarlRovellian plot designed by pasty faced white guys in Brooks Brothers suits. Strangely, this conspiracy has followed her everywhere; her whole, crooked life, from the days she was booted off the Watergate Committee for unethical practices.

In a couple weeks, Loretta Lynch will pronounce Hillary as innocent and inform the nation, that this was all a big misunderstanding. The Democrats will sit in circles, hold hands and sing, “This Land is Your Land”, while Hillary smirks for the cameras and spits vicious insults at Fox News, Trump and the GOP.

And, our enemies will be laughing. They will know that the corruption seeping through the US Government is indicative of the complete moral and social collapse of this nation under Barack Obama. They will be laughing because their intelligence services were able to crack Hillary’s Rocky Mountain server in about a minute. They will be laughing because from Moscow to Teheran to Beijing, there are five foot high piles of Hillary’s Top Secret/SCI/SAP emails on the desks of our enemies.

And, the Clintons will rejoice once again, that they have outwitted the dimwitted American public, just as they have walked on the raindrops for 25 years, as they commit one felony after another and nothing ever happens to them, because they’re too big and corrupt and evil to fail.

Hillary and Bill are indeed modern day Richard III’s.

“And thus I clothe my naked villany
With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

King Richard III (I, iii, 336-338)

What could be more indicative of the corruption that is the life and breadth of the Clintons, then the Clinton Foundation itself? The Clinton Foundation, while set up under the guise of feeding the poor and healing the sick is really nothing more than a 100 Billion dollar personal bank account for these blackguards. That is the real reason for the private server and the national security crimes. The foundation was the safety deposit box for foreign bribes and payoffs to Bill and Hillary.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July tomorrow, we should all put into perspective the evil that we freed ourselves from 240 years ago; a global establishment that was corrupt, greedy, domineering and wished to dictate to us how to live our lives.

The Clintons are the modern day Redcoats, the King George’s, who believe they are above the laws of their nation and the laws of God. They are simply a criminal enterprise, like the British Empire, masquerading under some type of civility, as they loot and defraud and swindle half the planet.

The Clintons are a Disgrace to America and all its greatness; that greatness defined in a million ways, but notably by the millions of hard-working, honest, patriotic Americans, who expect more from their leaders than the villains named Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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4 comments on “The Clintons are a Disgrace to America
  1. If this does get swept under the rug, then we must pray that
    Putin will release everything he’s got…then let the FBI affirm
    it or squirm in disgrace for not having found it all in the first place. In either case, American citizens have to stand up and say enough is enough. Treason has consequences, in some countries, and it’s time we were one of those countries.

  2. Prophetic call on Comey’s disgraceful ‘sellout’
    of American justice on July 5th. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

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