Military Leaders Finally Take a Stand Against Obama

Allen West


Something is happening when the civilian officials in the Obama administration openly conflict with the White House talking points on the fight against Islamic jihadism. But you know something is happening when uniformed members of the military, finally, stand up and openly criticize the state of our force readiness and the lack of strategy. Yes, I know what y’all are saying, what took so long?

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3 comments to “Military Leaders Finally Take a Stand Against Obama”
  1. Way to go military. It is about time to stand up against a Benedict Arnold in Chief. From reports of person who has known about the true obama, who is NOT AN AMERICAN BUT A MUSLIM—-RADICAL. WHO PRAYS 5 TIMES A DAY IN THE WH. And also learning on sites that the Fed courts are after both the bushes and obama with notice not to leave the country and they will be before the court. That is the world court people. and he is also worried about NSA coming to arrest him.!!!!

  2. Well, let’s be clear about what this really is. It is a very public and very loud exercise in ass-covering by the same ticket-punching careerists who brought you fags in the barracks; wenches on your fire team; and now, fucking transvestites in your aid station.

    They want to make sure that when we get our asses waxed by a peer adversary (or, it now seems, even not-so-peer adversary), they have an excuse, and they can say, “We warned you.”

    That’s what this is all about.

    • If these careerist REALLY cared about readiness–and let’s be clear about what readiness means; it means ready in all respects, right here, right now, on the President’s orders, to go kick the living dog shit outa anyone, anywhere, anytime on about 18 hours notice (or less)–if they really cared about readiness, they would’ve raised hell over women in spec ops units.

      Are they fucking serious??

      If they worried about ANYTHING other than their careers, they would’ve raised hell from 2001 until today, saying, “Hey, yeah we gotta fight these wars, but ah, we need to start replacing a lot of very expensive gear and we need to start NOW.”

      But they said nothing.

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