Micah Johnson Was Kicked Out of the Army for Stealing Panties

The Daily Beast


Two years – perhaps to the very day – before he murdered five Dallas police officers, Micah Johnson returned from Afghanistan a changed man. “He was withdrawn, didn’t want to talk to people anymore, didn’t believe in God anymore,” a family friend named Myrtle Booker recalled to the Dallas Morning News.

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  1. How can anyone say he was kicked out when he was given an honorable discharge?? Is an honorable discharge the Army’s 2015 politically correct version of getting kicked out??

  2. Pentagon records do not reveal the reason for Johnson’s Army discharge in April 2015. But a military lawyer who represented him said Johnson had been accused of sexually harassing a female soldier and had to leave the service. Bradford Glendening, a military attorney who practices near Fort Hood, said that the Army sent Johnson home from Afghanistan, which was unusual. Discipline for sexual harassment is typically counseling, he said.

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