How Douglas MacArthur would have responded to ISIS terror attacks

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** FILE ** Five star Gen. Douglas MacArthur smokes one of his trademark corn cob pipes aboard a ship bound for Luzon Island in the Philippines in this Jan. 20, 1945 file photo. A congressional committee cut Gen. MacArthur down to size in 1951, deftly exposing the flaws that had led President Harry Truman to remove him as Korean war commander. The man at left is unidentified. (AP Photo/File)

Like all Americans, my wife and I watched with horror as the news came about the mass shooting in Orlando by an ISIS-inspired fanatic.  It made me realize how Douglas MacArthur, one of America’s greatest military leaders and the subject of the biography I just published, is more relevant than ever for understanding our age.

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  1. We need more men like Churchill and MacArthur and Eisenhower, Reagan, Daniel Boone, these were men of stature and pride in their country and would defend it at all cost. The men at the Alamo, they knew what they were facing. and none of these would give 2 cents for what we have in obama—- he would have been gone long time ago. The fickle men in Congress and the Senate –some are traitors. Don’t in clude people like Sessions or Lee, Cruz, Paul. The others are weak with no eithics or have real pride for their country. all are a bunch of moochers, drain our blood so they can get rich. Do you for one moment think that Washington would have anything to do with obama. He would be on the rope along side of ARNOLD. aND MORE THEN LIKELY THE KIDS OF TODAY DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO i’M TALKING ABOUT.!!!

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