FBI Pros Question Decision Not to Charge Hillary Clinton



If some in the general public were outraged, so were some in the FBI.

This week, FBI Director James Comey testified that Hillary Clinton and her aides had compromised classified information in an extremely careless fashion, exposed it to hostile adversaries, violated public records law, destroyed public documents (some permanently, so that they cannot be forensically recovered) and that Clinton made repeated false statements in public about her actions. But, he concluded, no charges should be filed. Clinton apparently told the FBI she didn’t understand classified markings and all the technology at issue, and that she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong. And the FBI takes her at her word.

One comment on “FBI Pros Question Decision Not to Charge Hillary Clinton
  1. Amazing! This woman aspires to be the leader of the free world and does not understand proper handling of classified material. As President she would be handling it every day, but of course somebody would hold it while she reads it so she would not have to touch it! And foolish (or stupid, or both) Americans are going to vote to put her into that high office! I want to puke!!!!

    To you fools who read this and still support her, you deserve the trouble our country will face, though the rest of us won’t!

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