Emerging Sub Spotting Technology Threatens Nuclear Deterrence

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Somehow through 70 years of nuclear buildup we’ve managed to avoid complete annihilation or worse. No world leader has pushed the button or turned the key or made the call, no volleys of ICBMs have been launched from cornfield silos, no squadrons of bombers have taken off on one last nuclear-armed flight. We are alive, even though, as any reasonable alien observer might conclude, we should not be.

One comment on “Emerging Sub Spotting Technology Threatens Nuclear Deterrence
  1. At least it is nice to know that they are our last defense to attack a enemy. The land defense could be taken out. The one thing that would make the difference though is the SATELLlTES, THAT COULD BE KNOCKED OUT OF COMMISSION. tHAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM.

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