Comey’s FBI Helped Convict Navy Reservist who “Handled Classified Materials Inappropriately”

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Illustrating that FBI Director James Comey is a liar and a fraud, his agency helped convict a Navy reservist last summer of the same crime that he just cleared Hillary Clinton of committing. In that case the reservist from northern California got criminally charged—as per FBI recommendation—for having classified material on personal electronic devices that weren’t authorized by the government to contain such information. The FBI investigation didn’t reveal evidence that the reservist intended to distribute classified information to unauthorized personnel, so he was just being “extremely careless” like Clinton and her top aides.

2 comments on “Comey’s FBI Helped Convict Navy Reservist who “Handled Classified Materials Inappropriately”
  1. Yes, but the Navy Reservist KNEW he had classified information on his computer system, unlike Hillary!

    Oh, wait. She knew, as well.

    But, she didn’t have any INTENTION of storing classified material on her computer, where it could be compromised to hackers.

    Oh, wait. She is a Yale-trained lawyer, the highest ranking cabinet member after the Vice President, knew the dangers of, and penalties for, mishandling classified information, signed a pledge that she would not mishandle classified national defense information, warned others in the State Department not to do it, but did it herself — on not one unauthorized server, but seven during her tenure as Secretary of State. This was ANYTHING BUT GROSS NEGLIGENCE. This was INTENTIONALLY subjecting classified national defense information to compromise in order to maintain an illegal veil over her corruption while in office: specifically, in selling of uranium rights to the Russians in exchange for the donation of hundreds of millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation, and other self enriching exploitation of her power as Secretary of State.

    Well, at least Hillary’s intentional mishandling of classified information could not have compromised information to our enemies as damaging as that held on the Navy Reserve Officer’s computer.

    Oh, wait. She has potentially — and almost certainly — compromised our nation’s HIGHEST and most sensitive (Top Secret – Sensitive Compartmented Information), the release of which terminates covert operations and operative’s lives.

    At least we have the assurance that with Gucciffer the Romanian hacker who said that he easily broke into Hillary’s illegal e-mail servers, arrested and incarcerated by Federal authorities, we’ll soon know the level of classified information he stole, and the level of damage to our national defense Hillary has inflicted upon us.

    Oh, wait. He was found dead while in Federal custody this morning. Seems that he found a means to commit suicide before he provide any information on what he found, and to whom he sold it, and before he could be interviewed by Congressman Trey Gowdy, or any other patriotic member of a future Congressional impeachment committee, or by any future Independent Counsel, or by any future prosecuting attorney.

    How very timely and how very fortunate for Hillary! What a lucky criminal! Skipping over the surface of felony after felony enroute to her acceptance of the Alinski-Marxist Party’s nomination to follow in the footsteps of Alinski-Marxist Obama! What luck!

    What a continuing and stupendous joke is on us, and the Republic we have been given by those who sacrificed so much for our freedoms, folks. We have been, and are being played for fools, and we continue to take it,

    Now we are treated to the sordid spectacle of the corruption of the FBI Director’s verdict that a traitorously corrupt Democratic woman’s presidential candidacy is still viable. Just after the FBI Director’s boss, Attorney General Lynch, meets with the corrupt felon’s husband, the corrupt felon and former President Clinton — oh, so coincidentally!! — on a Denver private airport runway and, in complete secrecy, no journalists, they “converse about grandchildren and golf “. Yeah. For 39 minutes.

    And the FBI Director’s “nothing to indict here” decision is announced, another coincidence!!,just in time for her shameless liar, traitorously corrupt former boss, the President, to join her on the campaign trail. They were, in fact, in Air Force One — flying at immense U.S. Air Force/taxpayer expense– on the way to Raleigh, North Carolina to campaign together as the FBI Director ludicrously said that there was an insufficient case for prosecution.

    The FBI’s Director now shown himself to be no better than Chief Justice John Roberts, a duplicitous and quaking coward, unworthy of his office, a betrayer of his own reputation as one who could always be trusted to do his job thoroughly and without corrupt influence.

    Just how much more of this are we willing to take, folks?

  2. History shows that great nations grow and grow until they reach the peak, then they subside into oblivion. Folks, we are on the downhill slide into the abyss!

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