BBC Suggests Calling Terrorists “Terrorists” is Politically Incorrect

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If you thought that the insanity of political correctness had reached its peak, then think again.

Never mind Obama refusing to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” now the BBC has suggested that calling terrorists “terrorists” might be a bigoted thought crime.

A tweet sent out by BBC Scotland asks, “Do you think we should remove the word “Islamist” or “terrorist” from our newspapers or does it categorise the atrocities for what they are?”

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  1. “If minorities prefer Sharia Law,
    then we advise them to go to those
    places where that’s the state law.
    Russia does not need minorities.
    minorities need Russia, and we
    will not grant them special Privileges,
    or try to change our laws to fit their
    desires, no matter how loud they yell

    -Vladimir Putin

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    Islamic Terror on American Soil

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  2. JAPAN

    Japan is the only nation that does
    not give citizenship to Muslims.

    Permanent residency is not given
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    Propagation of Islam in Japan is

    In the University of Japan, Arabic
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    Japan is the only country in the world
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    One cannot import a “Koran” published
    In the Arabic language.

    Muslims must follow Japanese law and

    The Japanese government is of the opinion
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    Muslims cannot rent a house in Japan.

    There is no Sharia law in Japan.

  3. My thought on this is, A terrorist is a terrorist, is a terrorist! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it damn sure must be a duck. Political correctness is what the world is suffering from. BBC wonders whether they should be called what they are. Winston Churchill is probably rolling over in his grave due to that stupid question. i seriously doubt that the rag heads care what we call them. They are only thinking about killing us and it won’t change their minds if we identify them as something else. Being nice won’t save us! Nice guys don’t win ball games. Nice just makes it easier for them to kill us. We can apologize after they are dead!!!

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