Are the Rio Olympics going to be a repeat of Munich in 1972?

By Jerome Almon


Most Americans don’t know this, but Brazil is one of the most terrorist filled nations on Earth. The South American giant is ranked 5th in size by the CIA, has a population of 204 million, with the world’s 8th largest economy, and has been targeted by Iran and its Sunni rivals ISIS and Al Qaeda as a future Jihadi state. Brazil is the focal point for the Islamist cultural invasion of South America, with the long term goal of putting America in a terrorist vise grip. With a Muslim population of one million growing at a 30% clip annually, you can see where this is headed; invasion and war.

This is why having the Olympics in Rio is such a huge mistake. Brazil doesn’t have the money, sanitation, nor the necessary security apparatus to stage such an event. It is Munich 1972 waiting to happen. There is no doubt that Jihadis have planned to attack the Rio Games, it is too huge an opportunity to pass up.  With participants from all around the world, the global media, and endless targets, how could they resist?  I fully expect to go on the internet and hear a breaking news alert that terrorists have staged an attack and are holding hostages.

The attacks can come from either the Hezbollah/Iran side of the Jihadi sector, i.e. the 1994 attack on the Buenos Aires Jewish community center or from the ISIS/Al Qaeda side that has Europe on its knees. The Hezbollah/Iran attack in Buenos Aires left the building a raging inferno, with 85 dead, and 300 injured. Iran has built on the successful attack by essentially invading South America, creating alliances and sending refugees in large numbers to Venezuela, Argentina, and Paraguay. It is estimated by a top intelligence official that Iran has 40,000 agents between South America, the Caribbean, and the US, waiting to pounce if Iranian nuclear facilities are ever attacked by Israel or the America. The pouncing will be against such metropolises as Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as US interests in South America. However, in the meantime there is the big, irresistible target of the Rio Olympics.

No matter what the scale of any attack at the Olympics, it will change the world for the worst. Anyone that was of television viewing age in 1972 will never forget the video of the ski mask clad gunmen periodically appearing on camera with assault rifle in hand. Imagine this scene played out in Rio at the Olympics in the age of social media and the internet…it will be a “24/7 Tet Offensive” in the war between the Muslim world and the West. Unfortunately, it will send the same message and have the same outcome-defeat.

With the Jihadis having a giant surge in momentum due to their successful attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice, Orlando, Turkey, San Bernardino, and on and on, hitting the Olympics would be like winning the gold medal of terrorism.  The attack would both change the Olympics permanently and forever, as well as the West permanently and forever.  The attack would relay the message that our enemies can and will hit us anywhere, at any time, by any means and without fear of being stopped. This is an extremely dangerous message to the rest of the world. It says to the globe, as one expert put it recently, “We can’t beat these people.”  It is tantamount to surrender.

Ninety-nine percent of the conduct of the White House regarding terrorism makes absolutely ZERO sense.  President Obama is neither fighting the war as a war, nor does he seem to be cognizant that we are in a war by his actions and words.  For a Harvard professor, he seems to be completely lost or something else. With all of the security warnings that must be on his desk from the CIA, FBI, DIA, and NSA about the Rio Olympics, it is bewildering that he would allow so many Americans to “Head to Munich.” Brazil is not safe under normal circumstances for tourists, with an AIDS epidemic, ultra crime, and with beaches that are coastal septic tanks.  With ISIS having killed Westerners in the past 18 months by assault rifle, bombs, knives, axes, and trucks from California to the French Riviera, they must be salivating at the opportunity to do the same in Rio.

The Rio Olympics show that the leadership in the West, especially the Obama administration just does not get it. We no longer live in the pre-9/11, pre WMD Iraq invasion world. There is a level of delusion within the administration, the West, and especially America that borders on insanity. There is an unwillingness to take ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Iran seriously when they state they want to kill us, that they want to wipe out our civilization, that they want the world to be one big Islamic Caliphate. Hosting the Olympics in Rio, is not some brave defiant stand against terrorism, it is stupidity. It is the epitome of Bread and Circuses, the very Bread and Circuses mentality that got us into this mess.

In the middle of the most important war in America’s history since WWII, we are going to Rio to “play?”  We are going to the Zika infested, infectious disease capital of the Americas, to have fun without any concern whatsoever?  We are literally going to recreate the surreal scene from “Apocalypse Now” where Robert Duvall’s character orders a soldiers to surf in the middle of a battle with the Viet Cong. It is like the smartest people in the room getting together for the company’s corporate getaway, and they choose to vacation in South Central LA. There is dumb, and then there is Washington DC dumb. Sometimes the enemy just has to lay back and WIN.

So if you turn on your TV or log on to the internet and see terrorists in ski masks with assault rifles, it is not a historical revisit to Munich ’72, it is Rio 2016. It is how you felt when you first saw the news on the Orlando attack, the Paris attack, the Nice truck attack. I bet your initial thought was a failure to register this was a NEW attack, since it seemed so much like the attack that just happened last week. It then became surreal, followed by gloom, and then followed by the question of, “When will this stop, what’s next?”

The answers are it isn’t going to stop until we stop it. What’s next is Rio being hit like all the other spots for the exact same reasons: because the terrorists can, because we make it too easy for them, because our minds are effeminately weak. We are mired in a deluded Bread and Circuses culture with Pokemon as its priority, but that doesn’t mean terrorism doesn’t happen. Americans should stop lying to themselves-it’s psychotic. Americans should stop lying to their fellow citizens. It is getting them and their families killed. Most of all Americans should stop lying to those of us that know better-we will have to clean up the mess when reality strikes.

If anything, my time in the military serving as a paratrooper in war taught me that physics always trumps everything else.  That is, a rifle bullet, a bomb, a 10 ton truck, and gravity always trumps my wishes, desires, and fantasies. A terrorist’s truck bomb or AK-47 does not care what I think of truck bombs or AK-47’s, they are exploding and firing respectively NO MATTER WHAT.

Much of America and the West doesn’t understand this, especially our leaders. It is time for the adults in America to re-take the house from the children (Congress, the President, the idiot box), and save the country and OURSELVES while we still have the slimmest of chances to do so. However, I do not expect this to happen until after the Rio Olympics ends in disaster.

Jerome Almon is a former university lecturer/expert on domestic violence, international politics, terrorism, school shooters, and urban crime.  He worked under global experts Dr.’s Mitja Zagar (Slovenia and co-author of their Constitution/Syrian refugee & security expert/Top EU negotiator), Otto Feinstein head of the Urban Agenda and author of Ethno-Development, Richard Mansbach-CIA consultant, and worked at the University of Toronto on the Delphi Project out of Belgium. Mr. Almon is also a former paratrooper and combat engineer and a veteran of the Gulf War in 1991.

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  1. Well Jerome, it sounds to me like you are helping to set the stage that the Olympics will be moved…..hmmmm.

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