An Open Letter to Mr. Khizr Khan

By Ray Starmann


Dear Mr. Khan:

I, like millions of Americans saw your speech at the DNC on Thursday night.

I wish to offer my sympathy for the death of your son, Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq.

As a former US Army officer, and a veteran of the Gulf War, I can certainly understand the pain and anguish that you and your wife endure every day.

Your son died saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. As Jesus told his disciples according to the Gospel of John, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Captain Khan is a hero. I am sure the soldiers he served with regard him as one. I know you and your wife do. Rest assured that millions of veterans regard your son as a hero as well.

To paraphrase from the Book of Ecclesiasticus, your son’s name liveth for evermore.

Your son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, a country that was new to you and your family and one which you openly embraced and certainly love.

When you and your family arrived to America from Pakistan, you assimilated into our country. You adopted American ways, learned our history and apparently you even acquired a pocket Constitution along the way. Good for you sir.

But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.

That is unacceptable to Americans. There is only one law of the land. That is the US Constitution.

As you well know, Mr. Khan, we live in violent times, dangerous times. Muslim madmen from ISIS and other radical Jihadi groups are on a murder and terror spree across the globe.

Your religion of peace, Islam, is anything but that in 2016. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims.

A Muslim terrorist attack has become the sign of the times.

Regardless of what the feckless, naïve, leftist ideologue Barack Obama and his dimwitted colleagues John Kerry, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel state, the United States and the West are at war with Radical Islam. It is the job of the President of the United States to protect his nation from all enemies; foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama romanticizes Islam and refuses to accept reality, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people across the world.

Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have one goal, the complete destruction of the Judeo-Christian culture, our religions and our way of life.

Many Americans have families that have been here for decades, even centuries. Many families like mine have relatives who fought in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Some families have relatives who fought in the American Revolution.

We don’t plan on letting our country be devoured by Muslim maniacs. We are Americans sir, and not unarmed, socialist European zombies. We will do what is necessary to protect the United States. While many Democrats and liberals see the world through rose colored glasses, conservatives understand that there is good and evil in this world. Evil must be destroyed before it destroys us.

Strong measures, wartime measures, must be taken to protect this country from those that wish to annihilate us and our way of life.

Mr. Trump’s plan to temporarily halt immigration from Muslim countries that are known to either support terrorism or harbor terrorist groups is not only pragmatic, but indeed it is constitutional. It is the constitutional duty of the President of the United States to protect this nation.

There is simply no way to vet hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from war zones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Europe is being destroyed because reckless leaders like Angela Merkel have opened the continent’s doors to a flood of over one million undocumented Muslims arriving with nothing more than a bad attitude and a haversack of Jihad.

Do you think Americans are stupid? While the left lives in a dream world, the right does not. Mr. Trump understands the threat to his nation and the threat, sir, is not from Swedish Lutherans named Anna and Lars. The threat, sir, is from Radical Islam.

How in God’s name are US immigration authorities supposed to know the true intentions of a 22 year old Syrian man? It is impossible. You know it is impossible.

How in God’s name are US immigration authorities supposed to know the true intentions of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and thousands of other sundry Muslims who wish to arrive on our shores?

It is impossible. You know it is impossible.

Whether you, your wife, the Muslim world and millions of Democrats are offended by Mr. Trump’s realistic view of the world is irrelevant.

Whether you, your wife and son would have been prohibited from emigrating from Pakistan to America under Mr. Trump’s wartime plan is irrelevant. The security of this great land supersedes your desires and the desires of others who wish to come here now. The United States of America has no obligation to open its doors in order to placate foreigners and liberals in our government.

To adopt any other course but Mr. Trump’s would be a cause for further endangering the lives of Americans every day. That, sir, is unacceptable.

You attacked Mr. Trump in front of a worldwide audience, yet you can’t understand the fact that he defends himself against attacks from you, Hillary Clinton and the left. What else is one to do sir?

We must live in a world of reality, not a world of denial, delusion and fantasy the Democrats inhabit every waking day of their lives.

Radical Islam is the enemy of everyone on this planet who believes in freedom and justice. Until it is destroyed, this nation must protect itself from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Ray Starmann, Editor-in-Chief, US Defense Watch


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552 comments on “An Open Letter to Mr. Khizr Khan
  1. Thank you sir for an eloquent and essential response. There is no doubt that this man is out of his element and is being used shamefully by the Clinton campaign. We will know the truth someday but it is apparent that he had a great deal of assistance in preparing his speech.

    • Are these parents pawn on a bigger picture?? Absolutely. I cant imagine loosing a child. Unfortunately both side do this. Yrump wpuld have been better to say nothing. Sometimres he does go overboard, giving the other party full throttle to his words and say they’d never do ,yet it is without us knowing.(ie emails, have you seen what they said?) The difference is with the Democratics it’s hidden just as fast as it’s been exposed. Most if not all major media refuses to cover anything that will discredit or expose the Democratic party. Yet they will rip the Republicans to shreds.fair mudslinging to all.

      • Yes they are they are one of many pawns hillary uses to try to destroy her opponents she doesn’t kill first.

      • Thank you for the great and informative Open Letter and Answer to Mr. Khizr Khan. According to reports, he is a Lawyer who is very active in Muslim Affairs and works for many Muslim affairs including more immigration. He and the Law Firm that he works with gives much to Hillary’s campaign!

        • What law firm? You should see the article written in the Washington Post… And all the responses… Omg… Unbelieveable

        • Please give us your information regarding the occupation of Mr Khan. It is my understanding that as an Immigration Lawyer lawyer he assists potential immigrants to avoid some of the tedious and time consuming procedures to enter the USA country…. especially those in the upper levels of Middle Eastern Countries. If this is true, he would certainly be against any close scrutiny of his clients.

        • Investigation into the background of Lawyer, Khizr Khan needs to be done. The possibility that Khan works on Muslim affairs makes him suspect of offenses to our government. How much does he contribute to terrorists himself. I don’t trust him!

          • That is a particularly nasty thing to say about a man whose son gave his life to protect the US and the American way of life.

          • I agree with you 110% . Isn’t it amazing that there was no place for a reply for NIKKI statement.
            It’s about radical Islam that we are against not a soldier that died serving our country.

          • Nikki,
            This family was recruited by Hillary Clinton to stand up before all of us and denounce Donald Trump. Do Hillary supporters expect him to be quiet? No, they expected the left wing news media to react exactly as they have. She stole the nomination from Bernie. Now she wants to steal the presidency from the American people. Trump 2017

          • Well let me be nasty to NIKI The constitution does not allow Sharia Law but even more to the point Khzir is a Immigration lawyer which means he is working against the Constitution and Bill of Rights He is fighting according to the Executive Orders Obama has illegally signed . Just last month the SCOUTS shot down one of Obama bills therefore that right there puts Khizar at odds with the Constitution . Another factor to examine if a immigrant comes into America they swear to Assimilate and uphold the constitutions .

            Please please read NIKI

            Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

            “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

            Theodore Roosevelt 1907

            Every American citizen needs to read this!
            KEEP THIS MOVING!

          • Khan is a liberal lawyer who has been directly or indirectly working for the Democratic Party for 10 years. For him to ask Trump “what he has sacrificed?” is extreme slanted to the left. In truth, the only thing Hillary has sacrificed are 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. Why did Khan not ask what Hillary has sacrificed? The work of Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry will give Iran, the most anti-American country on the planet next to North Korea, nuclear weapon in a decade. This has the potential to kill hundreds of millions of people. Good work Democrats.

        • No, Nikki Khan’s son did NOT die for the US you idiot. He died for a MUSLIM COUNTRY!! A Muslim country whos men are ballles, spineless cowards who can’t fight for their OWN country or family so they let the US military die for THEM. So your idea that his died for the “American way of life” is an idiot statement by an idiot who does NOT know what she is saying. Moran.

          • You do remember how all this started, I hope- George Bush invaded Iraq FOR NO REAL REASON. OOPS. But since Republicans are never wrong and never apoloquise they must find someone to blame. So, we blame Obama, Hillary and Khan. Years after this war was started by Bush. Khan died for the US in a war Bush should never have started, and which has escalated to its present state. Y’all are the idiots with no knowledge of history as well as an international embarrassment from Bush to Sallie Mae.

      • A president is just a president. In the US, he can do little if he is opposed by the opposite party that has control of congress. Please go back to school, and take that political science class you never took.

        Teacher, 26 years.

      • This is for Mr. Starmann…. surely … being in intelligence.. you know that there are many forms of Sharia… and Many countries in the middle east have different forms of Sharia. oooops

        • What’s you point “Sharia law (Arabic: شريعة) is the body of Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.”
          You’ve been served!

        • So what is there is different forms of Sharia law this is a America and we have a constitution not Sharia Law….If you want Sharia Law move to the middle east…

        • Surely, Mr. Patterson, you should know that along with all of those form of Sharia, NOT ONE OF THEM IS SUITABLE FOR AMERICAN SOIL. They are all in direct violation of the American Constitution and our beliefs and freedoms. oooops

        • And which form of Sharia is the one where all are created equal and have equal rights, Jim Patterson? You’re one of those head in the sand liberals, aren’t you?

        • Jimmy WRONG why is it you lefties make shi# up out of whole cloth. There is ONE Sharia Law that goes for all sects of Islam and Jimmy…There are 73 sects . Next you will be making up there are many Ten Commandment;

      • Do nothing? He has tried to get laws which would benefit your country immensely, but greedy, selfish republicans kept blocking him. You really can’t see what a great president Obama has been for your messed up country. The rest of the world certainly can.

        Trump doesn’t care about the common man. I hope for the sake of citizens of the world everywhere that he fails

    • Thank you Mr. and Mrs Khan for raising such a patriotic son who was willing to lay down his life for defense of Americans.

      I congratulate you and Mrs. Khan for speaking to the American people, in your own words, without a teleprompter. We hear the sincerity in your words and pray for healing for your pain.

      • These were NOT khan’s words but typical CNN propaganda words against Mr.Trump. Why bring up old news 12 years old? Shame on you “Hillybilly Hillary”.

        • Shame on you TOMMO39. Hillary is not a Hillbilly and like everything, else, pretends to be. We true Hillbillies really take umbrage at someone thinking she is one of us.

        • Mrs khan did not speak in the video I watched..such is customary in mulsim countries the women don’t deserve to speak until spoken too. I’m surprised she was allowed to leave the house with her face showing.

        • I do agree with ur words. Shame has no limit for Khans family they use their sons hero medal recipient for his religion and political propaganda to help DNC
          Enough is Enough entire world is not safe because of ur religion
          Viva Trump

          • their son died in 2004 that’s 12 years ago. Are you saying she hasn’t spoken or smiled for 12 years

      • It’s too bad they are tools of a lying corrupt politician who will do anything and say anything to gain more power including a stupid slandering remark about the Constitution. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Clinton Foundation money somewhere in this.

      • Question: How did a smilingly quiet, unassuming family that lost their son 12 years ago in combat get on the Clinton radar as someone who should speak at the convention?

        Mr. Khan – Did you really think you could challenge a candidate on the national stage and not get a response? Did you think having lost a son in combat gave you an open license to say whatever you want and have it go unchallenged?

        It doesn’t work that way

      • how do you know he didn’t use a teleprompter and who wrote the speech for him. He was definitely used politically by Clinton. Also the law firm he works with has given much money to Clinton’s campaign. There are 11,314 families grieving loss of soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • And she does not care how she treats ppl ….Knowing how hurt thy were …I cant understand why this family never comfronted hillary like that…

      • American Thinker states that Khizr Khan is a published expert on Shiria law and has written many articles re: the fact that it supercedes the Constitution.

    • great letter. This man does not even know Donald Trump, he only listens to the liberal bias.

      • I would like to sign this letter. Finally someone had the courage to stand up for Mr. Trump our next President of the United States of America. Thank you.

        • Im a Canadian from Vancouver BC. We have a small population of Muslims which practice Sharia. I find it disgusting to see women dressed in black having to walk 10 ft behind the man.Canada prides itself as a leader of human rights. The oppression of women is the ultimate human rights violation imop. Beleive me 99% of the real Canadians dont want this sick religion in our country either. I cant beleive how the US media outright lies and pretty much re-words and twists everything to their adavantage. You guys have and unbeleivably corrupt political system. I can truly understand why Trump is popular and I would vote fir him myself if I was an anerican citizen.

          • Thank you for your empathy. We now have one of the most corrupt politicians running for President of the United States.
            They will stop at nothing to attain their goals.
            We have got to be on top of what is sure to be a rigged election.
            Hillary is a stranger to the truth.

          • Yeah? Wearing a hijab and practicing Sharia are two different things! You’re not an American citizen, so suck it!

          • Well said. I too am a Canadian who wishes we had someone like Donald Trump to run this socialist country.

      • Excellent idea. It should be posted on social media as well. If your idea comes to fruition, please let me know.

    • Captain Kahn died a heroes death and it is about time that the soldiers who died in Iraq are acknowledged as such. The truth about Mr. Khizr Khan is far less heroic. He is a Harvard educated immigration lawyer who practices in Manhattan and Washington, DC. As such, he knew full well that he was misrepresenting Trump’s views on immigration. Mr. Kahn has professional ties to the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, and the Clinton Foundation. He worked in the same law firm that our current corrupt Attorney General and corrupt Head of the FBI worked. Part of Mr. Kahn’s law practice is selling very expensive citizenship Visas to very wealthy foreigners. I am of the opinion that Mr. Kahn was motivated to misrepresent Trump’s views – and curry favor with a woman who voted to send Mr. Kahn’s son to Iraq and slander someone who was innocent in that regard – very simply for his own personal benefit – fame and fortune. I am sure the phones at his law firm are ringing off the hook today. He should be ashamed for saying things he knows full well are untrue to aid the people who truly had some responsibility for his son’s death and doing so over his son’s dead body in such a public way for his own personal advancement. Mr. Kahn was not duped or tricked and he is not out of his element at all. He lied for his own personal benefit and he used his son’s death as a trope in his lies. Captain Kahn died a hero’s death for a valiant but ill-fated endeavor. Mr. Kahn, the scheming lawyer, sold his integrity to keep America’s streets awash with Mexican heroin and determined jihadists. Mr. Kahn has the soul that is black, not Donald Trump.

    • Outstanding Sir. Well put. Americans will stand to protect America from all evils that threaten us. Many have died before us to keep America free and I believe that there are Millions of us who, if necessary would take up the sword. Not only we veterans all true Americans.

    • Trump could have used some help when he didn’t realize Russia had already invaded the Ukraine. A man running for President of the United States doesn’t realize the threat that Russia is, is unacceptable.

    • Does this man think that his son was the only son that got killed, no he was not an everyday more or being killed . The people that read this an think Trump was so rude as to his remarks need to stop an think about this whole speech an why he was put on the DNC convention list to speak here, he was on here to try an help Hillary why didn’t she have the 4,400 an some parents to talk about their sons an daughter) she had him because he was a Muslin .

    • Thank you so much for speaking for us…We need a voice of courage. Mr. Khizr Khan is not thinking of all the people…bless his son for fighting for our country …but to blame Trump …for what? Did Trump leave our Americans alone in Benghazi? Who lied about e-mails? Who lied about the video? What about the corrupt Clinton Foundation? Finally we have a voice for the people and Politicians are upset.. We are not safe in America and around the world because of Radical Islam…we need a wall. Europe is a mess…who wants to visit any place anymore…We must wake up. Thank you so much for giving us a voice.

    • The VFW begs to disagree. But doubtless you imagine them to be unpatriotic shills for Clinton.

    • I so appreciate your very eloquently put comments. They express what I have in my heart and wanted to say to the Khan’s. I hope they saw it. You were absolutely spot on with all your comments. VOTE TRUMP!! Mr Trump has been unjustly attacked about this whole matter first by the Khan’s and then by others in the media and party. Did anyone actually listen to what he said? He never said one insensitive or mean spirited thing about the brave soldier. He had a right to defend himself against the unjust attack by the Khan’s on him.

    • A sincere Thank You for writing “An Open Letter to Mr. Khizr Khan.”

      A greatful American whose father fought in WWII and Korea.

      • I am trying to respond to the original letter, which I totally agree with. It does not surprise me Hillary used this man for her own agenda but I am also not so sure he doesn’t have some agendas of his own. My son was not killed but was disabled in Iraq and lives with these disabilities everyday. We all do. But this is still the most patriotic mother in this country. Yes, I have my own opinions but these crooked politicians are tearing away our rights, one by one for their own gain. Is Trump qualified? I don’t know but one thing is for sure. Hillary cares NOTHING for this country! She is only out for herself and her family. Period. I have read my constitution Mr. Kahn and she is trying to take a lot of my rights away! She has done NOTHING for the vets, even after it all blew up. Nothing with the VA has changed for the better. We deal with it all the time. She is powerful. Not for our country but for herself and she is selling out America! She needs to lose that power and to do that we must defeat her! All the years she has been there shows she has done nothing for our country but everything for herself! She’s lied, cheated, stole, been accused of murder, used people, and I for one am sick of it. Mr. Kahn, you need to reconsider your candidate because she will chew you up and spit you out when she’s done with you. What has she promised you? You bashed Trump but tell me nothing as to why We should vote for her. And we should temp. halt immigration before we lose control like Europe has lost control. Or is it you worry your business will suffer if we do that? What is your connection with her? You refer to yourself as Muslim American. Then there are Black,Mexican, Latino, Cuban, Asian, whatever Americans. I am AMERICAN! Period. I don’t have a label and that reference to yourself offends me. As all the others do. Has America ever moved? Does your label make you more important than the rest of us? No. We all have the same rights. The same constitution, the same problems, etc. ISIS is a problem. You have other countries you can move to just like you have in the past. We don’t. And we must do something, right, wrong or otherwise to combat it. If you don’t like it sir, leave. You most certainly have that right.

        • I’m entirely on that heartfelt letter. it’s painfully obvious that Hilary for herself and has her husband double checking, I can’t say I trust khan after learning how close his firm works with the Clintons however I do appreciate their sons service\sacrifice for this country.

        • I don’t know you or your vet but will include both in my prayers. My son was also injured in service of his country. I wish I could make your & this letter mandatory reading in all high school & colleges. They are simply indoctrinated and need to have at some exposure to the truth.

        • That is so well said, as was the original email. Thank you. I wish you would post on social media so many others can read it.

        • Great comment Rita Turner. Many thanks for your son serving in the military. God Bless you and your family.

        • Very well stated, Rita. I echo all of your sentiments. It is time for someone with a backbone to help this nation stand tall again. The only candidate whom ever showed that character trait is Donald Trump.

    • I totally agree with you. The statement regarding Mr. Khan’s wife not speaking might not have been “politically correct”, however I did not feel it was offensive. They’re Muslim and their women’s rights are severely limited. Pat Smith was extremely emotional when speaking of her son, but that has been treated very poorly by the media. Double standard for sure.

      • Time to end “politically correct” and talk truth. The fact that the wife is completely silent shows they have not assimilated into American Society

        • And i understand thy are hurting and i noticed him acknowledging her to talk everytime she was going to speak his head would nod …maybe its him agreeing but who knows…

        • “The fact that the wife is completely silent shows they have not assimilated into American Society”

          Rubbish! There could be hundreds of reasons why she did not speak.
          And as far as women speaking in public is concerned, might I remind you what it says in 1 Corinthians 14:34 – “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.” So let’s not be hypocritical, alright?

          • Really?? Paul fervently wrote 2 letters to the Corinthians urging them to change their ideas and lifestyles (which most are highly still disagreed upon today) but to put your 1 verse from Corithians into perspective… The women were being highly offensive, wearing gautty clothing and jewelry, talking & gossiping loudly to gain attention from the men across the aisle. Paul gave them this warning as to caution their actions of self seeking attention while distracting others from hearing the gospell (hum again how that applies today) To compare a Muslim woman who can’t speak her mind or go in public w/o being covered due to risk of personal endangerment is offensive!! Christian women have the right to worship, pray and learn along with their male counterpart. There are women in the Bible, that risked everything to spread the gospel and God makes a point countless times how treasured these actions are!
            Just to drive my point a little more into action… If Muslim women believe the lies of inferiorism, why do they dress up w makeup & jewelry & beautiful dresses only to stay inside (or risk personal endangerment) with only other women to share their thoughts and believes… To laugh, enjoy not being covered & to ‘let their hair down’?? Just another way for an unsecured man feel more worth while stepping and ridicully God’s treasured creation. I don’t care if that mom could or wouldn’t speak but I do care about what she thinks and says! Muslim ideals have been taken out of context since Mohemed wrote the book and the Christian chastizes him for it! He beloved Jesus was the son of God! Again I ask, REALLY?!?

        • Carolyn Schultz, I whole heartedly agree with your opinion. I’m sure Mrs. Kahn has and may still be deeply grieving the loss of her son, but I for one do not accept the idea that seeing her son’s picture kept her from speaking. I read that the Kahns support Sharia law so they have not assimilated into American society.

    • I am in awe of the beautiful letter of respect and fact written to Mr. Khan. You put in words how I feel regarding this incident that has unfortunately blown up into a horrible political whirlwind. I felt such American Pride in your words..Thank You. I do wish Mr. Trump could express himself as you do, but that’s not Mr. Trump. I am voting for Mr. Trump because I believe he loves America and wants to protect her and her citizens. He wants to bring our country back from the horrible Obama/Clinton etc. years! Thank You for your service Mr. Starmann

    • Many Americans, fathers and mothers has lost, sons and daughters in wars. Many of Children have lost mothers and fathers in America fighting wars. Our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, great grandfathers and great grandmothers, etc…… If you was born here in American, your families have also paid a cost. This freedom was paid with blood, and the grace of God in Jesus Christ! The gospel of Jesus Christ plough the America course.

    • for sure he is being used politically, it is shameful. To date 11,314 soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think each grieving family should have equal air time by the media. My son went to Fallujah Iraq for 8 months. Many American soldiers lost their lives their. It was taken over by Isis once Obama took the soldiers out. The lives were lost for what??? I thank God every day my son was not one of them.

    • My heart goes out to this muslim couple for loss of their son. He flashes the constitution to us the American public; but have him check the quran for the over 100 places it instructs all muslims to kill us Christains. If they believe in and carry the quaran; they are our enemies

    • The Open Letter ot Mr.Khizr Khan.

      I must tell you how difficult to even explain to this
      man Mr.Khan my feeling on this situation that
      Hillery Clinton has bestowed on us. She knows all
      the tricks to make us Patriotic Americans go crazy,
      as we all love our wonderful and brave men that fight
      to protect us. In saying that , we should not forget
      that this country was born on our fore fathers that gave much for what we now enjoy. You put your kind and compassion words in the right place, and your much needed words that followed. Thank you for your
      letter that we all need to remember. Liberty is not free,
      and God forbid we ever lose that . We all remember
      Fort Bragg. and we cried a lot….Thank you for putting the words in the right place. Hillery will be
      very upset you did not blame anyone for this man’s

    • Profoundly said. So true that Hilary would use this man to further her own interests. America comes first aboe all.

    • Saying thank you for your words seems lacking….your words were so very well written and express the thoughts of so many!

      I am a Navy mom, Marine and Navy aunt, an Air Force sister, an Army daughter and granddaughter….we need to stand strong for this great land! Sometimes that means calling for very tough new rules!!!

      Thanks again!

    • Thank you for this wonderful truthful letter! This country is in need of much prayer! 2 Chronicles 2:14, and I know many Christians are praying!

    • Burn the freakin letter! You should be ashamed. Muslims are not the only terrorists and people that hate Americans. What about our home grown terrorists? What do we do with those Americans?

      • No one says what to do with ISIS ” OH we have to defeat ISIS” Oh really . Tell ya what only Trump was right! there is only one defeating ISIS That is the same as what they have in store for us Americans. Every last ISIS member must be woman and children, yes children they are taught to kill at five years old they are called and refereed to as the “Young Lyons!” This is not all Muslims now calm down lefties!Actually Obama help with the decision he closed Gitmo!
        Lets not get all tearier eyed Remember when God told Moses,Saul to go and kill there enemy the Philistines, Canaanites and to kill every man woman and child! . That was because there were no redeeming qualities in these Arab foes.They committed every imaginable sin and God said they could not be redeemed God also said it was not out of retribution they should die!. the Caliphate haven no redeeming qualities and burning people in cages and their ideology can not be chanced not even by giving them a hug and a job.

    • I have so many problems with this article, I don’t know where to start. I’ll address just 1 or 2 because it would take pages to address them all one by one. Let’s start here: “But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.” I know many Muslims and not one of them believe this. It takes 2 years of vetting to just get in the country. All are proud to be Americans. Most are well educated and assets to this country. All my doctors are Muslim and 2 have saved my life. Would we judge all Christians by the Church of Wells or that awful Baptist church in the deep south that sends people including children to shout obscenities are the funerals of our brave servicemen? Or what about the 19 year old white man than shot up black church members at a bible study. Only he who is without blame and cast stones. I’ll also write a comment to the author of this piece of propaganda.

      • Well said M. MCCORD – I find this entire thread to be BS – and that’s coming from a white guy! We sure have a lot of prejudice and ignorance in this country. Too bad.

    • Khan got paid well for the dirty deed of the Clinton Campaign to collect more votes.
      The White House gave the Clinton Campaign Khan’s name. Khan was paid $25,000 for the appearance and to announce the prewritten teleprompter speech. CNN & NBC News paid Khan to be on TV. A female Clinton staffer bought a copy of the Constitution hours before the speech.
      Why didn’t Khan attack Bill Clinton a draft dodger? People do remember and are aware. This could backfire on the Clinton Campaign.

    • You continue to miss the point! The lack of regard Donald Trump has for anyone who disagrees or even comments on his positions with regard to anyone who isn’t him or just like him, causes me great concern. He’s begun to reveal his bi-polar tendencies. I read recently that he has an IQ of 155!!! It may also be that he has a form of Asbergers, so not socially balanced. Whatever it is, he is not fit to serve the rest of us. I have no interest in being dictated to, or disrespected or left with no responsible and accountable leadership. He’s a reality TV star folks…. get that? A reality TV star, whose Father gave him a business and an attitude.

      No thank you.

    • Great letter. I agree that some one who was not born in this country even though his son is a war hero, does not have the right to be used by the democratic party to try to get a few votes for Hillary. I hope our military people who have served our country and had family members die for it are smart enough to see through this.

  2. This letter is an accurate comment of my position on the Muslim situation here in the USA. The McCarren-Walter Act gave the President the right to restrict immigration of any group, any nationality considered by him to present a danger to the USA. The argument now used today, 2016, that the act cannot be used against Muslims because it is banning a group due to their religion is specious. There is no way to separate a Muslim from Islam. A Muslim is Islamic unless the person is from a specific country and self declares as some other religion or spiritual path. Then they are Iranian or Syrian Christians or Buddhists or whatever. Don’t fall for such balderdash as Muslims are not Islamic.

    • Funny how Malcom X was a Muslim and Mohammed Ali the greatest American boxer, also Muslim. Muslims do not exclusively come from one part of the world. Education is the real truth which you seem to lack just like most religious fanatics. I’ve personally stopped distinguishing between religions when it comes to terror from Christians or Muslims or any other religion that preaches hate of anyone.

      • That’s great, you seem a very good person to have such a sane opinion. The world needs more of your kind, who is well educated (PHD I think) , not the OBLaden kind who was just an engineer. Those recent attackers in Bangladesh were uneducated illiterate doctors & engineers.
        I am sorry that I couldn’t locate any Christian doctor or engineer who has bombed a city or shot partying people dead. So silly of me. I am sure you can identify them.
        Thanks for your great ideas.

      • Christianity, my friend, absolutely does not preach hate. You can read any portion of the New Testament and hatred is never preached. Hatred is talked about but never preached! You seem to be the uneducated one.

        • Hmmm… I guess the Spanish Inquisition (Christian expansion north from Rome throughout the West), which was a holy war brought on by loose interpretations of the New Testament and hell unto itself, never happened. I suggest taking a history class from an accredited learning institution. All religions are guilty of evil transgressions at one time or another. Don’t hate the Muslims for some of them being evil, just as we wouldn’t hate all White people for the actions of Hitler.

        • Please, give me a break! ! I am Christian, just because I am realistic to the dangers of the world today and want to live to see another day and ensure a future for my grandchildren doesn’t mean I preach hate! ! Knowing the threat of radical Islam is smart, not unchristian!

        • Unfortunately many Evangelical Christians these days preach hate. And no it is not the preaching of Jesus, yet they practice hate in his name. They are ruining America with their hate and love of guns. So sad.

        • Christianity Mate, is based on the new AND old testament. So don’t imagine your little sleight of hand went un-noticed. The old testament is just STUFFED with hate, cruelty, xenophobia and divine schizophrenia. The Koran is pretty tame next to that!

      • Yeah, because there’s no difference between Christianity and Islam? Are you mental? Please list all the acts of “Christian terrorism” in modern times and how “Christian terrorism” threatens democracy and free nations.

        Also, please point out where in the Bible there are Christian teachings that “preach hate”.

      • It’s funny how when someone wants to go against the laws and culture of the United States, they suddenly become, “Muslims”. Self declared Muslims are fake wannabe’s. Don’t kid yourself.

      • REN
        This is not discrimination against a religion. Islam is a Theocracy. Their religion and laws are one and the same. It is unconstitutional for another form of government to come into the US. The McCarren-Walter Act is why this is constitutional and you, sir, are the one who seems to lack truth,

      • Ren
        Never in all my 65 yrs have I heard any christian organization and don’t try to lump Westboro Baptist into that as they are certainly not christian, tell anyone that we are to kill the infidels or unbelievers. You are as guilty as anyone for making a statement such as you have made putting christians in any type of hate situation.

        • You can’t just pick and choose which Christians YOU think are REAL Christians. After all, you don’t let Muslims do the same thing.
          Extremist Christians, Extremist Muslims etc. etc. Once you have decided to trust the voices in your head over whats real, all bets are off!

      • REN… remember, Mohammed Ali refused to serve his country and was banned from boxing for awhile. Don’t forget about that piece of history.

      • Oh how very smart you are, put the rest of us in our place with your superior intellect!!!!! Get real, when the IRA was the problem, we didn’t bat a eye about seeking them out in Christian/Catholic Churches. None of what is going in response to radical Islamism has to do with actually wiping out the as in previous conflicts, it has to do with progressive power hungar. So that the elites can force the masses into allowing themselves to be ruled by a few.

        • Yeah, you’re right! The “few” in this country want to “rule” all of us; they want regulate who I love, my body and personal health decisions, and where I go to the bathroom (I can keep going…)! The government has no right to meddle in these matters. Period. And it was the “few” who lied to the country and world, taking us into Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place. Give me a break! Your lack of knowledge on the issues makes you look ridiculous.

      • And Islam is not a true religion, it is however a political/religion. That has been trying to take over the know world for 1,400 years.

      • Again so superior; like we don’t know. But that is exactly the point, the radicals view the entire world the land of Islam, to be taken by force & non believers punished or killed. How often do they have to clearly tell us that, beheadings not clear enough.

    • Is there a way to separate “Christian” from “America?” Just wondering. I guess we’re all now required to be Christian and worship the same deity (like they were in England in Colonial times). Hmmm.. That doesn’t sound very American to me. No, I think you’ll need to find another way to be racist. As an educated, middle-aged white male, I can say with surety that you don’t speak for the majority in this country. Ignorance doesn’t help the discussion any. If you want to be helpful, enlist in the military or – at the very least – invest the proper time in educating yourself about the issues and the politics (rather than just repeating the BS you hear on Fox News). Do either, and you won’t pretend to be and American while spreading fear and hate.

      • Someone said there are many different Sharia Laws no their is one Sharia law for EVERY MUSLIN. The laws within Sharia were taken from the Quran and the Hadiths, surahs ( taken from the moral life of Mohammad while he was alive) Therefor the Sharia Laws are one ,Please do not make up what you wish you can debate

        American! no one wants you to be a Christian Hell worship Lucifer if you wish as your it is apparent your Presidential candidate Hillary does!. When Hillary was in Law School and Collage she was connected at the hip with Saul Alinsky the Author of Rules for Radicles which Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer.

    • Nope. The KKK is a Christian outfit too, but has little of the values of Christianity. Same with the nut jobs in any violent sect of Islam…….. You are painting too many a brush far too wide. Just as all Christians are not in the KKK, not all Muslims believe in violence.

      Truly, it is just that simple.

      Political Science teacher 26 years.

      • KKK is NOT CHRISTIAN even though they say they are they are4 inbred uneducated people that believe everything sister/ mommy tells them.
        A man said to Christ..can I follow you ? Christ said If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.The man did not follow Christ , The KKK think they are but they are not, the KKK id denouncedeas non Christian by every Christian Church

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  4. Amen. If it walks like a duck and squacks like a duck, it must be a buck, if a man shouts “Allahu Ackbar” when killing our friends he must be a Muslim. Unless the total Muslim populace takes decisive action to stop terrorists and terrorism, then all Muslims will be suspect!! Now if you want battle cry, call out Semper Fidelis and Marines will come to your rescue!!!

  5. NO,
    islam is the threat to all those who believe in freedom.
    Find in their “holy scriptures” where it even allows it.

    • I hope someone reads it to trump and the Constitution of the United States and I hope trump tours Arlington National Cemetery, I’m sure he’s never been there in his adult life.

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  7. Thank you for this coherent statement. Why didn’t Mr. Khan reject Radical Islam and Sharia law in his speech? That would have made a powerful impact. He simply called out Trump like every other simple minded progressive.

    • Excellent point about Radical Islam and Sharia Law. He should condemn those perpetrators along w/ Mr Trump. But he didnt ….Shame on DNC for presenting this.

    • Ann….you are absolutely correct. That’s the issue. His denial of these two tenets of Islam would have given us a reason to trust that his speech was from his heart…..not Hillary’s writers.

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  9. Absolutely spot on reply regarding Muslin immigration. There should be no debate. Muslim extremists want to kill every single one of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc. We are at war. Time to face that fact.

  10. Bravo.

    100% Agree.

    If Mr. Kahn does not like Mr. Trump’s free speech then Mr. Kahn can go back to Pakistan and be executed for saying what he was allowed to say on American television.

    Don’t let our Bill of Rights hit you in the butt on your way out.

  11. Thank you for your truthful, yet insightful comments.. We also lost our oldest son in the Gulf War, SGT Jeffery T Middleton, KIA 17 February 1991. My husband was a commanding officer in Vietnam, my father served during WWII for 4 years, and our second son retired from the US Army as an Army Reservist. Our family has fought for our freedoms and our oldest son paid the ultimate sacrifice.. We appreciate your forthright comments. Thank you to the Khan family for their son’s sacrifice. We stand behind Trump, all the way because our America needs to be Great Again!

  12. The letter was very well written. I would add that the war was one that Hillary supported and Mr. Trump did not. He was right and that it ended up destablizing the radical Muslims which range from 15 to 25 percent of Middle East countries as stated by the experts. Then, despite knowing this she invaded Libya and Syria to unleash more radicalized Muslims. The dictators of the area have been keeping these radicalized Muslims under control. Now they have been unleashed and taken over regions of the Middle EAst and call themselves ISIS. The radicalized members have gone to other countries with the refugees. The world is seeing the results of HIllary’s work as terrorism is spreading. The FBI has one million residents in the United States they are watching and are at their maximum limit. They asked that no more Muslims be let in until they could find a better way to vet. Trump merely responded that it makes sense to hold up on immigration until the FBI has the vetting system in place as we do not want more terrorists in our country. Of course, Obama looking through his rose colored glasses sees no problem letting more in despite the concern of the FBI. I will also add that if Hillary could stop her criminal activity, the FBI could use more resources toward the watchlist.

  13. Understand that Only a Muslim is Allowed to show the Most Blasphemous Document Known to Democrats: The Constitution. Mr. Muslim man go to your Mosque & find the Terrorists & turn them in to the Police. What – you could Never do that to a Fellow Muslim? The very kind that Killed Your Muslim Son? I’m Shocked!

  14. Let me make it Clear. I know a Christian Lebanese who was the Personal Private Pilot for the King of Saudi Arabia back in the 80’s. One day he asked the King – Your majesty why do you allow Me – a Christian to Fly Your Plane? The King replied – I Know That You Are a Good Christian Man & I can Trust you with My Life – but I Cannot Trust Any Muslim Anywhere on Earth for they would surely Kill Me at their 1st opportunity. He also told my Pilot friend that he Only Trusted Jews to watch & Care for his Money & Riches because they are very good Stewards of All things Financial. So Go Figure A Christian & A Jew were the King of Saud’s Most Trusted assistants. Even He knew – MUSLIMS ARE NEVER TO BE TRUSTED – EVER!

  15. Thank you Sir, for your poignant and eloquent letter to the Kahn family. The American people are generous and very forgiving people but many of us are descendants of warriors and we are not about to hand over our rights and our freedoms to anyone demanding to come to our country and not assimilate and live by our laws. Many have sacrificed much through America’s history and too many have died due to Radical Islamic jihadists. Mr. Trump if he is President will protect this country as is required to keep America safe. We will not have anyone demanding that we allow jihadists to enter at will to kill us. We wil not bow to his rants or those of the liberal, Socialist Democrats, or anyone else.

  16. A rational response to a very emotional issue for the Khan family. I am old enough to remember Jimmy Carter and I even, regretfully, voted for the man. During the Iranian hostage crisis, Carter stopped Iranian immigration into our country. I don’t remember ANYONE state that Carter was a racist or bigot. Without question, thoday’s immigrants are even more likely to be anti American and more willing to harm us. Trump is not racist or bigoted, he is rational and wants to protect our citizens.

  17. America has lost thousands of our best fighting Muslim radicals. All of them are heros. What does trump have to do with any of the losses? Their son joined the military. He was not drafted. All of us in this country are fighting a silent war against radical Muslims. What does trump have to do with his death? Nothing at all– except he wants to stop the people who did kill their son from coming here. I want to prevent those groups from coming here, this was a democratic grandstand. It failed miserably. We see through this

    • You are absolutely right!
      That’s what I was saying to my husband before I read your comment.
      Unfortunately the news media is going in a very biased direction,
      I fear that this campaign is going to get more rigged than ever before.
      Hillary wants this more than anything and will go to any extreme to get what she wants.

      She does not worry about this country, all she wants is power.
      That’s all she has ever wanted.
      She mentioned on Chris Wallace’s interview that our founders got a few things wrong and that the constitution needs some corrections.

      I pray that Mr. Trump will stay focused and strong throughout this campaign.
      I truly believe that he wants to protect us and our Country.

      Our Country will be in grave danger with Hillary in charge.

  18. What I don’t understand is why Mr. Khan wouldn’t want to stop this “fringe” of his religion from coming to this country? As a peace loving man, you would think he wouldn’t want those who kill others in the name of his god to continue to make his life more difficult here and defame the name of his god by going against his will. (If indeed they are.) If Christians were doing what Muslims are doing in the name of Jesus, Christians here would denounce this very publicly because the Bible is very clear for New Testament Christians in how they should act. Something is just not right about all of this.

    • I’ve read the post and I choose to respond to this one. As an African American I recall KKK proclaimed to be christians. You killed innocent people of color and sat in church every Sunday. You bomb churches killing innocent children Your greatest problem is fear! You have encountered a group of people that you can’t show up in white sheets and expect for them to live in fear of you. My karma is a …….Now discrimination isn’t going to save you, infact it will only make it worst. It’s the muslim community will have to attack the incorrect teachings or outdated teachings of ISLAM.Not some ignorant white man Trump talking about banning people based on their religion.

  19. Mr. Khan,
    It’s a privilege to have you as a citizen of the United States. Your words may have been the most powerful words ever spoke about our great country. Thank you for speaking out about your feelings and specific reasons why Donald Trump does not have the moral character to be “our” President.
    Thank you for your son’s service. He would be very proud of his parents.

    • ‘The most powerful words ever spoke’; unbelievable! You might want to read some of writings of the founding fathers.

      • I’m pretty sure none of the founding fathers lost a son to war, fighting for their country. They were powerful from that perspective alone! And I’ve read the preamble, the constitution, the bill of rights, and the declaration of independence – I think SUE VAN KIRK is correct.

  20. Mr. And mrs. Khan., my husband and I, our hearts go out to you and your wife. We cannot express our love for you and are more than proud to have you as permanent citizens in the wonderful county you belong in and love. We are so sorry for the loss of your son, but very proud that he sacrificed for the county that he loved. Pam


  22. The left does not believe in Good at all. Just evil. They do not not believe that God has the last word. They do not believe in the word of God. The left believes in Abortion . To unaram our peolpe. To due away with our troops..Keep black Americans from getting ahead. They are for themselves.

    • JFK was a Christian, a liberal, and certainly not evil. You’ll need to find a better reason to hate. But good for you – your parents would be proud to see that they raised such a confident, smart person (who’s obviously smarter than everyone else on the planet). Maybe you should run for president! There are just as many liberal people who believe in God as there are Republicans that do. And I know a lot of conservative republicans who are either agnostic, or are faithful in other faiths. To canvass an entire group of citizens like this is not very American. Your gay uncle or Jewish neighbor must be evil as well.

  23. Hillary and the DNC used the Khan’s to come after Mr. Trump to try to discredit him . I feel the words from Mr. khan was written by the speech writer for him. Thank you for the wonderful stated letter.

  24. Unfortunately,Many innocent muslims will die just as in Japan.We HAVE to win this WAR at any cost Or will be slaughtered one by one.We are infested with these murderers and must cut the head off the snake which is Iraq and Syria…

  25. I largely agree and understand, but please leave Swedes like myself and my family out of this discussion. Mostly we are not named Anna or Lars and, more importantly, we are not Lutherans, fact is that many of us are atheists or, like me, agnostics. And a vast majority doesn’t care much, again like myself. Which doesn’t make us terrorists. I try as much as I can to be a good and righteous person, without involving religion, which in many peoples mind is a contradiction.

    • Well, you better get in the fight or your country will be overrun. Or, has socialism destroyed your will to fight?

    • Well said, and nicely done, Anders. Hello from Texas (we’re not all racist hicks). While Texas is obviously the center of the universe, I’d like to think that most of us respect and value human life and dignity – and that from the International Space Station, the planet has no borders or territories; we’re all one people, and we all need to find a way to value that reality. Anyhow, I don’t know how I landed on this right-winged, ignorant website – I was trying to find the email address for the Muslim father who lost his son in the War in Iraq (the one Donal Trump criticized) – I wanted to send him a note of condolences, and to tell him that not all of us are xenophobic racists…

      • How did you end up on this site reading beautiful letter that you would never see on the left…go stick your head back in the sand. Have you ever served…I bet not.

  26. “But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.”

    Sigh. Many? Can you cite a few sources? One, perhaps?

    THIS is the fear that every statistic puts the lie to. Have there been exceptions? Yes. Were they terrible? Yes. BUT, this letter above is pure spin, and loses all credibility. There are far more Christians who we as Americans need to fear, than Muslims. Fact. There are far more Jewish Americans that we are Americans need to fear. The fact is the number of incidents on this land involving a perp who was Muslim — is the tiniest, tiniest drop of water in a very large water tower. And, for those who still have not figured that out, look it up. For the author, who buys into the “fear-baiting” — look it up.

    Those who believe in Sharia law — give me a break. Show me the litmus test that will protect all of you victims of fear-mongering, and very dangerous Islamophobia, to “out” these (almost imagined) boogeymen. Sigh.

    This letter is poppycock.

    • Was the World Trade Center one of “the tiniest, tiniest drop of water in a very large water tower”?

    • You’ll find everything there that you request, plus more. Hope you have a strong stomach. Not a site for children.

  27. what total BS — exactly where are these “Muslims in the US who want to live under Sharia Law”? That’s like saying the typical Catholic church-goer is a Westboro Baptist Church member….

    • Go to Dearborn Michigan. You’ll find them there. Then, go around Muslim neighborhoods and ask which the prefer, Constitutional law or Sharia law. Almost all will say Sharia. 8 or 9 out of 10 will definitely say that. Then add Minneapolis and Phoenix to your list. Yes. There are Muslims in the US that believe in Sharia. In fact, Mr Khan is one of them.

  28. Trump never said he had a problem with legal immigrants,Hell he married two of them and had wonderful children with them.
    But shame on anyone that uses a fallen soldier to try to justify illegal Muslims flooding our country.
    But that’s how Muslims work.
    He would not be the first one to use their own child’s death to further the sharia law and movement of a Muslim invasion.
    This is not truth But twisted emotions to further the cause.
    Anyone buying into this crap is an idiot.
    Thank God we have a man that doesn’t submit to moonbat emotion and opinion.
    Physiological warfare is all this is.
    He knows if Hillary,Clinton wins ,it will be a free for all Muslim takeover.
    And Khan will be laughing at the country he had his demented revenge on.
    And you moonbats helped him.

    • You are absolutely right this Khan guy was a plant from Hillary side and it makes me angry if you have to lissen to all these comments. When this guy started to talk I could not believe what I was hearing. He attacked MR. Trump out of nowhere and now everybody feels sorry for him and his wife – he did not talk about the thousands of other sons, husbands, wife’s, mothers who lost their live to protect us. Schame Mr. Khan you are an insult to the rest of us go back where you came from.

  29. Many people say that you shouldn’t condemn an entire group of people for the actions of a few becauses this is stereotypical bias.
    Let me give you an example from another discipline called statistics. Testing bombs at the factory. You can’t test every one, but you can do sampling, close inspection with specialized equipment. rather than passing the entire batch, It’s called quality control. If you find one bad one… a bad fuse, a cracked casing, you throw out the entire batch.
    I learned this from my father who was a GS13 Quality Control Engineer for the Federal Government inspecting and running tests on nuclear torpedoes. He did find bad ones, and threw out batches rather than kill a submarine’s crew or destroy an entire group of Naval vessels. I prefer my Dad’s statistical approach over the ‘one bad apple DOESN’T spoil the whole barrel’ approach because one life lost is one too damned many.

    • Exactly! If someone put a bowl of m&m’s in front of you and told you that one out of fifty was poisoned, would you eat them? Give them to your children?

  30. I’m very disappointed in my fellow citizens. I am a Michigan-born citizen in my 40s who served my country in the US Army with pride, an Eagle Scout, and flag-flying patriot. I think this thread of comments (and the open letter itself, for that matter) makes us look like racists and does not reflect our views. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that none of you are subjectively following the political race, or you wouldn’t be saying such garbage. Shame on all of us. We can do better. I was raised Catholic, and I’m here to tell you that we all bleed the same color – if we’re American, we’re American! Especially this young man who gave his life so people like you could be free to live in ignorance. God bless.

    • A M ERICAN your political views are showing, first of all this is not racism , it is common sense to defend yourself against your enemies who have sworn to annihilate you and your family just because of ideological beliefs ,you are a veteran and should know know this already!

      • ROGER STEPHENSON, Seventy-five percent of the world’s religious population is Muslim, and 99.9% are peaceful people who do not advocate hatred. And we’re eliminating those that do want us dead with systematic precision (with success). Do you really think we need to be divided as a nation? The Muslims in this country that I know are in the Army, are doctors, fire fighters and police. They’re also students, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers – all who love our country and are willing to die for it. We’re the most innovative nation on the planet; surely we can find a better way to proceed than by reverting to cold-war policies and behaviors that subscribe to hate and fear.

    • God Bless you. Now, how we we vet these folks by the thousands. I want to know the entire protocol. My grandfather was turned away because he had sun stroke in Texas. He got the sunstroke in Texas at the waiting at the port.

  31. Beautifully worded. Thank you for clarifying the stupidity of the left over this matter. God Bless

  32. Radical Islam is part of Islam and the solution if any …for that is so called non radical Islam need to stand up in a huge way. Amy amount of force from West will change these people even escalate for one simple reason these people are so passionate they do not mind getting killed themselves .. I wonder what goes on in their mind, we need some scientific research.

  33. Ray Starmann could’ve saved a heck of a lot of keystrokes and just simply said one thing, “Mr. Khizr Khan, I’m a staunch republican…”

    • And you might habe just replied with “just another staunch liberal living in denial”.

      • …and you could’ve replied with, “I’m just a shallow American who gets all my info from Fox News.” Free your mind. Enlist in our military, run for office, or – at the very least – educate yourself before proclaiming ideals of others which are rooted in fear (the same fear that allowed this country to lynch black folks for being black). Wake up.

  34. I’ll say it in this site: Can someone please explain why a Muslin mother and father was at the DNC, someone who was “not” born in the USA, is on stage having lost their son, speaking on who to vote for, then criticizing Trump for his “American” right to speak?
    We’ve had a lot of US Soldiers who lost their lives in a war but their families did not speak at any convention, so why a Muslin family, A Hillary Clinton way to attack Donald Trump.
    I’m sorry for anyone’s loss but “NOT” while you are promoting or endorsing someone. You the father and mother along with “Hillary Clinton” need to stop using people to benefit your own personal gains.
    How much did Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation pay you to speak at the DNC?
    Embarrassment for the current government and the Democratic nomination.
    Trump all the way

    • because their son gave his life fighting for a belief – a sense of pride in a nation that respects people for their independent contributions to society rather than painting an entire race or religion as evil. he’s more of an American than some of these Millennials who couldn’t survive one day of boot camp. I can say that with authority – I’ve been there!

  35. Well done. As the 9th and 8th grandson of America revolutionary soldiers, I salute you.
    Gayland French

  36. This couldn’t have been better said. We cannot allow unrestricted immigration in this perilous time. No way we can properly vet thousands of muslims wanting into this country.

  37. A perfect statement of defense against an obviously staged speech. I found it notable that the audience at the DNC heckled anyone that had any connection to the Defense Dept. They even boo’d and heckled Leon Penta. But were silent and teary eyed for this couple. The audience boo’d the Navy seal that spoke of his dead comrades.

  38. God bless you and your family Mr. Khan. Your son is a true American Hero! My family and I are so grateful for his service and sacrifice. We have you and your family in our prayers! We as Americans stand by you and your wife.

  39. I think a correction is needed? French President Francois Hollande addressed the truck terror attack in Nice, by saying the “scourge of terrorism” must be fought against. He went on to say “France as a whole is under the threat of Islamic terrorism, we have to demonstrate absolute vigilance and show determination that is unfailing.” President Hollande does not have a problem calling it radical Islam. The French are in this fight. Source: FOXNews 14 July 2016

  40. I wear a cap with “kafir” in Arabic script on it. On the back of the cap is the interpretation, “infidel”. I wear it in an attempt to call out any radical Islamist. And I carry a firearm should one of these guys attack me. But since I’m stupid enough to define it as noted above, I may get shot in the back. So be it. It would reveal them for the cowards they are.

    At the beginning of your letter, you reveal sympathy and understanding (something of which Mr. Trump seems incapable). His first response is ad hominem, then, in a follow-up tweet honors Capt. Humayun Kahn for his heroism. But the tone and substance of your letter strike a discordant note to its conclusion.

    It’s a conclusion with which I am in some agreement. I agree that radical Islam is a threat to us. I would even say that there’s a significant minority of Islam that while not sympathetic to ISIS would like to see and expect to see the entire world become Islamic to satisfy their eschatological beliefs, which by the wy are not too disparate from Christian Eschatology.

    The Constitution has many components, and one cannot use one aspect, defense of the country to obviate another, due process. Mr. Trump seems to think he can unilaterally change the immigration laws. Who does THAT sound like?

    You say Mr. Khan attacked Mr. Trump. Fair enough. Do you honestly think the counterattack, where Mr. Trump saw fit to question the motivation for Mrs. Khan’s silence? Her silence spoke volumes. But Mr. Trump attempted to parse her silence into something nefarious. The Khan’s didn’t deserve that response, but it is what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Trump. Trump is a petulant, querulous, thin-skinned, vindictive person who is unfit to hold the office President. That personality may be permissible in a CEO. In a president it is dangerous.

    Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, while not the perfect candidate, especially on this issue, is a man of reason, and if the Libertarians believe in anything, it’s self-defense. How that would manifest itself on the issue of Muslim immigration remains to be seen but, it will involve ALL aspects of the Constitution, not just the convenient ones.

    • “The Constitution has many components, and one cannot use one aspect, defense of the country to obviate another, due process. Mr. Trump seems to think he can unilaterally change the immigration laws. Who does THAT sound like?”

      Trump isn’t talking about changing the immigration law. The President has the power to set priorities, especially to counteract threats to National Security. A temporary ban on bringing in ‘refugees’ is not a change of law. It is an implied power of the presidency.

      Your partisan analysis of Trump is nothing more than a regurgitation of political talking points for those seeking to demonize Trump and elect a liar and thief – Hillary! Johnson has no chance of winning so his candidacy is nothing more than another misguided anti-Trump effort that will help elect Hillary and destroy the Supreme Court.

      • Mr. Johnson said on Fox News that he smoked Weed or pot everyday, and now says that he has stopped the last couple of months to run for President! I find that strange because isn’t this illegal?

        • Not in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. It’s decriminalized in Nevada where he owns a company.

          And he said he would not smoke it as president.

        • It’s only illegal in some states. And so what? A significant majority in this country enjoy or use cannabis for a variety of ailments – or just to relax. Either way, weed is not the enemy, and maybe you should try some. You’ might like it.

      • Gary Johnson is not “another misguided anti-Trump effort”. The Libertarians have been fielding candidates for President for over 40 years. And in the last few have been on all 50 state ballots. The country needs go back to its roots of true liberty as codified in the U.S. Constitution.

        If Hillary wins the Republicans will have only themselves to blame for nominating the worse political candidate in its soon to be ended life.

        And no one has to demonize Mr. Trump. He does that every time he opens his mouth.

    • He does not have to change any immigration laws, what he proposed is already a law in effect that a sitting president can choose to implement at his descretion

  41. Well and powerfully done. I would only add ….. Mr Kahn was used by a political party that Will Do and Will Say anything and let the thrusting be dammed

  42. Super amazing that his son is killed by a muslim and he attacks Trump. No mention of muslim killing muslim, but the same as black lives matter, no mention of blacks killing blacks. Do you see the pattern????????????

  43. Very well said. As it has been said so many times before, not all Muslims are terrorist and not all terrorist are Muslims. God Bless all Americans regardless sex, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation

  44. Sir your comments are spot on. This is the United States of America not Syria, Iraq, or Pakistan. We DO NOT want this country to become a Muslim nation. If Muslims do not
    like the way we govern or live, I wish they would just go back to wherever they came from. Why did they come here to begin with? Donald Trump’s solution to our safety is solid.
    I concur with him 100%.

  45. Great response to Mr. Khan. I thought his pre-written Democratic supporting speech was false and full of lies, just like Hillary Clinton. It was disgusting to sit and listen to him berate Trump, all prompted as part of the show the DNC put on. For a man and wife who assimilated to America some time ago, his commentary was way off base and un-American. In fact the entire DNC was full of pomp and circumstance and little substance to do with Hillary Clinton.

  46. So true……every word. I will never agree with everything Mr. trump or anyone else has to say……..especially Hillary, but on this, Mr. Trump is right on. Prayers for God’s guidance in his life and for our nation.

  47. Great letter to Mr. Khan. His speech was pre-written by a lying bullshitting democrat and his attack on Trump shallow and un-American. My sympathies to the family who lost their son but, they were sucked in by the democrats who ran the worst political convention in history.


  48. Dear Mr. Starmann,

    You have already lost the war on terror if you are resigned to this position, to no longer believe that the United States welcomes “huddled masses yearning to be free.” If you are willing to ban an entire group from the U.S. because 1 in 5,000 or 1 in 10,000 refugees is a lone wolf fighter, then you have already lost the war on terror. None of which addresses American citizens who become radicalized. Mr. Trump has already called for surveillance of mosques, which is against the Constitution you claim to love. I suppose next you’ll be calling for the rounding up of Muslims and placing them in internment camps, such as was done with Japanese-Americans during World War II. The reality of the situation is assuming a 9/11 style attack every year, you would have a 1 in 100,000 chance of dying in a terrorist attack. The odds of dying in a car accident are 1 in 6,000. The odds of dying from drowning are 1 in 80,000. And for this, you are willing to cower behind a wall and isolationist policies. I am not. We used to be proud of being the melting pot of the world, now you want to shudder our borders out. As Mr. Roosevelt said decades ago, and what Mrs. Clinton reiterated last week, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I choose not to live in fear. I’m astonished that the right truly believes that scattered lone wolf attacks will be the end of Western Civilization. There are 325,000,000 people in the United States and 7,300,000,000 in the world. An attack that kills 10, 20 or even 2,500 is not going to be the end of the United States. Besides, Americans kill each other at a rate of around 15,000 per year, according to the CDC. The majority of domestic terrorism is not done by jihadist (Columbine, Newton and Oklahoma City for example). The reality is the Mr. Trump is selling you a false narrative, preying on unjustified fears based on mass coverage of scattered attacks and in turn creating a modern day Crusade of Christianity against Islam. So, please don’t tell me that the left is living in some false reality. Go outside and open your eyes. The United States is the greatest nation in the world, enjoy its freedoms and don’t deny them to anyone based on color or creed. Or fear. That is not what being an American is about.

    • You’re wrong, Patrick, study well all the last-couple-of-years news from each European country that allowed a large influx of so-called “refugees” of the Islam origin.

      These country have a huge number of crimes, and USA will have these troubles as well if it follows the policy of the highly-troubled European countries, which would not have their problems if the Islamic ethnics would continue to live in their own countries of their origin. Mr. Trump is right. But the H. Clinton’s family favors (and thrives on) the money they are bought off by the Arab Emirates.

    • Dear Patrick,

      You letter is nonsense……you say an attack that kills 10, 20, or even 2,500 isn’t going to end the United States so we don’t need to worry about letting hundreds or thousands of ISIS terrorists flow across our borders. Since when is that the criteria for taking the action actions necessary to protect our nation and her citizens? By your irrational comment, I’m wondering if a nuclear attack on our nation would be sufficient for you consider it would be wise to take precautions………probably not!!

    • Those who think like you are why we need mandatory military and/or civil service. Two years minimum at age 18. No exceptions. There are places to work and things to be done… contributions can be made by everyone. If everyone had to actually make some sacrifice of some kind for this country a lot of thinking would change. If you want so, so much melting even to our 1% detriment or less then it sounds like the “new Europe” at a minimum would be a better place for you. I actually love Europe. I lived there for many years of my life. But now it is being ruined and their people are being killed and have to live in fear. They are no longer safe in their own country. Trump didn’t start any Christian Crusade again Islam. Radical Islamic Terrorists are in jihad against the West for many years now. This has been going on, off and on, for well over 1000 years. Read more European history. They were kept out of Europe over and over. Now, due to people’s ridiculous over-adoption of PC culture they finally have their in-road. This type of ignorance on the part of people like you is what will bring us to ruin. Europe is well on the way already. Open your eyes!

  49. I don’t understand why it took 12 years before this
    becomes public.

    Are you trying to influence this election?

    Why not speak up in 2008/2012.


    • Because Trump raised the issue when he called for a ban on all Muslims (if you listened to the Father’s speech, you’ll note the part where he felt obligated to raise the issue because of his family’s contribution to our freedom). Strip-out all the politics, and the comments are – at best – unpatriotic. And I fought for this country, so I have the right to comment! I’d find it hard to believe that anyone on this stupid thread actually served this country (military or otherwise); if they had, they wouldn’t be saying any of this garbage. just an observation.

  50. Excellent letter . It would be great if Donald Trump could read it. It states politely all that needs to be said.

  51. When I heard Mr. Kahn’s statements, I mentally wrote your response in my head. Thank you. I’m sure yours was better. I hope he reads it.

  52. From what I’ve read, Mr Kahn’s son was nothing like his father, his father advocates Sharia law and is involved with the Muslim brotherhood. He hold the Constitution up high, then tries to undermine it from behind the scenes !
    His son was a American hero, but he like the rest of the DemoncRat’s, are out to undermine everything this country once stood for !

    • You guys are full of shit! Shame on you. These folks are in this country because they believe in our values – they believe in them so much, that they gave their son to the cause – and he died saving the lives of several of my brothers in arms. He deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor. And before you start complaining, I love my country. Not that it matters, but I’m a red-blooded, blond-haired, blue-eyed, midwestern-born American who pays my taxes and works in a field that gives back to society. What have you done lately? Just asking.

  53. PERFECT response to a very unfortunate situation…criticism of Trump’s Muslim immigration stance because of this situation is unfounded and irresponsible…very sorry for this family’s loss, but it simply can’t be justification to open our borders to all Muslim immigrants w/o an effective vetting process

    • I don’t think anyone is advocating for an open border – and the terrorists don’t come across the borders anyhow (they just fly planes into the twin towers or come over on student visas or as tourists – and then don’t leave. With today’s technology, building a “wall” is senseless – we have such good technology these days, a “virtual” wall with better monitoring and response would suffice (and Mexico could still pay for it). But I don’t think it’s healthy for any of us to start down a path of xenophobia and ethnic division – especially given all the progress that our nation, a nation of immigrants, have labored and fought to gain. The last guy who ran this type of campaign ended up exterminating the Jews and nearly destroyed the world as we know it today. We should learn from our history.

  54. As much as I disapprove of Trumps words on the Pakistani father who lost his son to conflict, I detest the fact that the likes of the Evillary’s of this country can use these people to further their agenda’s in their lyin’ ways.

    For talkin’s sake, ”let’s say this couples son had been one of the Benghazi four,” this Father would never have been there, they were used, like BLM is being used, JUST LIKE THE BERNIE SUPPORTERS WERE USED, whether you like it or not, these Parents were used for POLITICAL GAIN.
    So you tell me, WHO in all reality should be more ashamed of themselves? People with a soul? some can only see the mourning parents, did anyone sit to think who used them. and used they were.

    • “The mother of the U.S. ambassador killed in the 2012 attack in Benghazi has asked that Donald Trump and the Republican Party stop the “opportunistic and cynical” use of her son’s name and death. Christopher Stevens was among four Americans killed in the attack on the U.S. ”

      ……….and you were saying

  55. I can hardly find words to express what I feel about this letter. Ever since Mr. Khan spoke out against Donald Trump I’ve been trying to come to terms with my mixed feelings. Something just wasn’t right…yet words didn’t do justice to the grief and sense of loss of the Khans and also to what I felt was an injustice to Donald Trump. But This letter has put it all to rest. I’m so grateful to the writer, former U.S. Army officer Starmann for his remarkable insight.

    • The Constitution actually provides the right to bear arms for the purpose of staving off tyranny and an oppressive government – it’s why the founding fathers fought the British in the first place (they left seeking the freedom to worship the God of their choice instead of the then-mandated assimilation to the Church of England – the tyrannical British oppressed them because they had weapons and the common people didn’t). The right to bear arms was guaranteed during a time in history when the rifle or gun was as common in the home as the plow for the fields or the stove for cooking. It was a necessity for survival (hunting, etc.), but by granting the right to bear arms, the average citizen – in a well-formed militia – would have the necessary arms to fight against the government if need be. This right was not given as a means for policing or protection from other citizens (those things should be handled by the Executive branch (peace officers). That said, none of that matters. The right is specified, it’s been litigated, and it must be protected. It’s just too bad that peaceful, law-abiding citizens feel it necessary to arm themselves in America – Land of the free, home of the brave… Just how free are we if we’re paranoid to the point that we find ways to justify paranoia and divisiveness to combat fear and prejudice. I get it – I fought for (and am willing to die for) my country in the US Army. The USA I fought for then (and continue to do so now) doesn’t tolerate hatred, bigotry, and other isolationist tendencies. If our society ever diminishes to the point where everyone is walking around with a weapon out of fear, then the only think left is anarchy. And I don’t think you’d like that very much.

  56. Great respectful letter. These words are precisely the correct attitude that every American needs to adopt!

  57. it is funny how concerned every one is over terrorist, yet the GUN issue in the United States is technically ignored. If you count the deaths in the US from bombs compared to guns guns blows the door off the hinges. It wasn’tbombs that caused Columbine, Sandy Hooks etc. Never mind cops and blacks shooting at each other like it’s an arcade game at the carnival. Terrorist is the very least of my concern. Knowing that just standing outside any where in the US is a better chance of getting shot. I asked GODabout the gun issue, HIS answer Satan hasn’t changed one iota. Typicalof Satan’s children to put ore value on guns than human lives. Dead is Dead and mass shootings out number bombings in this country. Yet the Amendment stays even though it was written centuries ago when the population was smaller police were little and the only guns out then we’re muskets and rifles. Yet we have more value on that than human lives yet people have the audacity to point fingers at every one but themselves.

  58. Very well said how much better could it be explained in the way the gentleman explained it in this letter I am 100 sent behind him go Trump

  59. Mr. Khan, I am sorry that so many people like those here think this so called “thank you but” letter” is appropriate. We don’t send letters like this to Christians when Christians sacrifice their children to war and are killed by Christian enemies. This is wholly xenophobic shit no matter how nicely put. Excuse my language. All Americans who sacrifice their lives for others in war should be thanked and thanked by Americans from the bottom of their truly grateful hearts – without condition/

  60. The negative comments of this wel spoken succinct letter center around a complete naïveté of world conditions afflicted by this ever growing cancer. The ever growing threat is being witnessed on the continent of Europe with the we onset of 500% increase of rapes and what appears to be the approaching weekly report of bombings and slaughter in a defenseless European citizenry. Our country stands at a crossroads and like I have said on other sites the groups and individuals who deny the severity of this threat should be the first in line opening their residences to these individuals.

  61. I’m a 62 yr old man with prejudices as I believe everyone has in one form or another. Mr. Khan’s speech was right on. I honor the Khans for their sacrifice to our great nation. Watching the Khans on TV brought joy to my heart, tears to my eyes and made me PROUD!! To be an American. To the Khans; God bless you and your family and thank you for being apart of this great nation.

  62. It’s a shame that such a fine Muslim American family was “used” by the DNC and mislead to feel the things he stated.

  63. Thank you Mr Starmann for articulating a commentary that cuts right to the heart of the matter. Your words are intelligent, precisely descriptive, insightful and passionate.

    I am sorry for the loss of Captain Humayun Khan, a very brave soldier. It was totally unfair of Hillary Clinton and her campaign to put the Khan’s in such a position that really equates to exploitation of their grief. And it is despicable of Clinton to put Trump in the middle of this. It’s true Hillary…..this country needs a leader that will help protect us against both domestic and foreign threats. Believe me…we will not boo you on Election Day but we will vote….just not for you.

  64. I read until this point and figured out this was horseshit woth an agenda. The fact that a suicide bomber on any day can represent over a billion and a half people is laughable. To believe in it shows where you stand.

    Do us a favour and don’t couch your true agenda with platitudes and nicities like “sir” etc.

    Have the balls to admit you’re just another bigot…

    “Your religion of peace, Islam, is anything but that in 2016. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. “

  65. Hillary Clinton apparently believes she scored a major victory for herself and a major crisis for her opponent GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump when she invited a Mr. Khizr Khan to deliver a speech at the DNC convention to speak about the loss of his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan (27 years of age), who died June 8, 2004 while supporting “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, when an improvised vehicle packed with an explosive device drove into the compound as he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty.
    Mr. Kahn used his DNC bully pulpit to attack Trumps Muslim immigration policy and called into question Trumps empathy for those Muslims who have served and died in the service of our nation; and he correctly pointed out that there have been many during the history of our nation and whose graves are dotted alongside the thousands of other hero’s in Arlington Cemetery who gave their “all” for our nation.
    While Hillary may be gleefully imagining she delivered a potentially fatal blow to Trump, in truth she only affected this poor grieving father to sully his sons memory when attacking Trump by using the memory of his son to protest Trump’s immigration policy, which is to temporarily halt the flow of Muslims from the worlds hotspots of terrorist activity, and who the FBI and Homeland Security have sharply warned they don’t have the capabilities necessary to properly vet in order to ensure ISIS terrorists can’t infiltrate them in order to do further harm to our nation; as they did on Sept. 11, 2001, killing over 3,000 human beings; and there have many terrorist attacks and atrocities since.
    Then on Friday, July 28, 2016, FBI Director James Comey issued an important and very serious warning to the nation that he anxiously expects a diaspora of ISIS terrorists to soon bolt the Middle East and flee to Europe and the United States; as ISIS continues to lose territory in the Middle East. Comey warns that the world has never seen such a diaspora as we will see very soon…….and that ISIS intends to infiltrate the thousands of Muslim immigrants Hillary proposes to bring into our nation.
    This issue even prompted Ben Shapiro, on July 31, 2016, (hardly a Trump fan) to tweet, “Media using Khans to justify turning a blind eye to dangers of unvetted Islamic immigration ignore the fact that Muslim’s killed Khan’s son”. Restated, “Turning a blind eye to dangers of unvetted Islamic immigration”.
    Yes, we all feel sad for loss of an American hero and the son of Mr. Khan, as we do for all families who have lost loved ones who died in the service of our nation……..and while we can forgive his actions…….what we cannot and will never forgive is an evil Hillary Clinton using Mr. Khan’s grief for her political gain………..causing many to believe that she is evil to deepest depths of her very core.

  66. I’m sickened by this “open letter.” The word “Muslim” and “maniacs” should not be used in the same sentence! It’s a contradiction. Muslims are no more maniac than anyone else!

    Are you stupid!? There are extremists everywhere, but not because of Islam.

    Mr Kahn, thank you for your moving and powerful statements.

  67. Right on. Woodrow Wilson stopped the immigration of Germans and Italuans during WWI because he was protecting Anerucans as he had sworn upon taking office. He was defending and upholding the Cobstitutiin of te Unuted Srates of America. FDR dud the sane to the Hsoanese during WW II, although his measure of interning then was probably unconstitutional.

    Mr. Khan, I too thank your son for giving his life for our country, yet, you let the Democrat party and Hilkary Clinton use you as a puppet of their campaign. That is unacceptable. They exploited your din’s death for political purposes. You speech and you antics with our Cobstitutuin were shameful and were clearly staged to help Gillary Clibtin’s presidential campaign. I know you were used as a puppet because, in spite of you claiming tone for Anerucabs, where were you when your Islamic brothers attacked the Bistin Marathon, or the attack in San Bernardino, or the attack in Buce, or the attack in Orlando. If uou are really loyal to our American Constitution, then how come you didn’t publicly speak against this’d murderous attacks. You see Mr Khan you failed those tests and your speech attacking Mr Trymp was hallow and Shameful and you also, by letting yourself to be used as a puppet of the Hillary hypocrisy, you have dishonor your don’s heroism. For that I do not forgive you.

  68. Mr Khan breaks down the Right’s monolithic view of Muslims. His son was a true American hero who represents a chink in their bigoted rhetoric. It’s no surprise so many were upset by him.

    Here’s a thought, what if a Muslim relative of this dead military hero wanted to come to the USA…to visit his fallen cousin’s grave…should the Khan family be banned?

    The writer’s point is what, vote Trump or die with the Democrats in a Muslim holy war? This is classic fear mongering designed to send the uninformed masses out of their bomb shelters and to the polls. The Republicans are masters at creating fear-based imperatives to mobilize their base. Nothing new here.

    Make America great AGAIN, Bring on the internment camps AGAIN. Another sip of kool aid for the (scared and manipulated) white working class.

    This is the same panicked thinking that got us (wrongly) into the war in Iraq. Another example of fear as the great mobilizer!

    Thomas Paine would roll over in his grave to see a hyperbolic demagogue like Trump elected President. A religious test for immigration, really? This is not what America is about.

    • But, I am more proud of his son patriotic duty of service. That is it. His parents were used as tools. Sadly that is the libtard left and media flaming stories for their personal gain and to destroy our Constitution. Islam is cancer. Side with Trump on immigration control. Sharia law is poison.

  69. And how does this writer propose to defend his country and its citizens freedoms from gun trotting Americans that go about mass shooting inncocent children in schools and colleges. These are American Citizens and most likely Christians, and while they go with a gun and shoot, they are called ‘shooter’, and not a terrorist inspite of the fact they killed a few innocent Christian children in school. And statistics and data clearly show these are more in number than the so called ‘terrorist attack’.

    What is America planning to do about that.
    They want to kill some evil by invading other countries ‘they think and term’ as evil/ what about the proven evil in their own land by their own people ! What are they going to do about that, or maybe America allows ‘mass shootings’ !

  70. Your pain is undoubtedly deep. Your handsome and wonderful son lost his life for our country. We are incredibly appreciative and forever grateful to his sacrifice.
    We never want this to happen again. Isis and other extreme branches of Islam are claiming they are responsible and they are Islam. We know that many mosques and even Islam countries are involved in this world terror. We have proof. It is mo longer an opinion but a proven fact. Why would any Muslim with clean hands not want the hovernment to closely look at their ties and standing even before entering this country. Sir, Trump’s plan will benefit all: it will benefit those Muslims who are truly peace loving and it will benefit your fellow Americans.

  71. Well said if we could get illegal immigrants and immigrants from everywhere to understand this truth, it is not that Trump hates he just loves his country The United States of America.

    • Nope, he loves himself, if he loved America he should never ask Russia a not Allie and not trustworthy to intervene in America’s business and wash out laundry

  72. This man has one son killed in action, for that we are sorry, but we have had thousands killed by the Muslims. Why are they so afraid of a temp. Ban. Come into our country with our laws, and our country needs a ban on Muslums until we can get our country safe again for our people. You go by our laws not muslum laws. Come to America live by America. I did not like the way you trashed Mr. Trump, he has done a lot for our country.

  73. This open letter is too nice to this enemy of our blessed nation. That Muslim scum, was undermining the intent of the United States Constitution.. don’t you know? And the Liberals invented him!

  74. Their are lots of Muslium Americans in this nation, the understanding and temperament of a candidate running for President of the United States of America was not there. It is no doubt why Repubicians can not support Trumps run for President.

  75. This letter sums it up. Excellent insight
    And very well written. I want proof that his son was indeed a US Citizen.

  76. Hillary is trying to cover up her involvement of allowing 4 of our patriots to die in Bengazi without sending them any help. Shame on Hillary, Shame on DNC for parading a Muslim at the DNC convention and booing our Hero American SEAL. I don’t want Muslims telling my candidate that he has not read the Constitution, what an idiot this man is even if he gave his son for our Country. This is nothing but left-wing Propagada and hate speech.

  77. Thank you Mr. Starmann. Yes, the people of the United States are, and well should be, grieved at the loss of one of our military. However, how can you stand there and bash Donald Trump while supporting Hillary Clinton. Have you not read the accounts of her actions. Trump has made a noble and just recommendation/decision concerning limiting immigration for a very valid reason. If anything, you sir are the one who owes Mr. Trump and the American people an apology. How can you stand their and support Mrs. Clinton after everything she has done. Her, in my opinion, treasonous acts have cost unknown numbers of American lives, not just the ones at Benghazi.

  78. I feel very bad for Mr. & Mrs. Khan. Unfortunately, they were puppets for the Clinton campaign. Also, Clinton’s speech writer wrote this speech.
    By the way, what have Clinton and Obama sacrificed?

  79. Please spend some time learning about logically cohesive arguments and factually backed statements before attempting an open letter that you believe is persuasive just because it is filled with the most popular word pairings on Twitter and sprayed on with polite words as “sir” which is not a replacement for journalistic integrity. Otherwise you will never be anything but funny, sir.

  80. to Patrich;I think you miss the whole point ;pat he and e veryone else wants. this fine country to be asit was

  81. Wow what a great letter explaining the idea of not allowing mass numbers of immigrants without proper background identifications. I believe as the writer has nailed it

  82. First and foremost former U.S. Army Officer Starmann, thank you for your service in defending our country. Thank you for recognizing that our country is full of people with ties to the military, past and present. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution, on both parental sides. My family members fought during the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Nam, My Dad was an Army Field Artillery Commander. My youngest son is in year 6 of the Marines. Neighbor’s fought in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    So that being said, Mr. Khan’s comments during the DNC caught me off guard with their venom. His lack of understanding, or denial, that It is radical Islamists performing terrorist atrocities is concerning. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of conquer or kill. His refusal to acknowledge such extremism exists, makes him part of the problem in the Muslim community.

    Your letter was thoughtful and compassionate. It also spoke the truth for millions of us. I only wish Captain Khan was with us today, as his take on the situation may be very different from his father’s.

    Thank you again. I have shared your letter every place I can think of. It is quite powerful.

  83. We can condemn all Muslims, but it is a fact that there are fanatics in ALL religions. I do not judge ALL Christians by what some do shooting up a black church.
    How about looking at the real issues instead of Trumps hateful rhetoric.
    Also remember, the only TRUE Americans are Native Americans. We ALL came from immigrant stock!

    • Sorry, but I must take exception to two things you posted:
      1. Mr Starmann is not condemning ALL Muslims. re-read the article (or read it for the first time if you have not read it at all). He did not say ALL Muslims are terrorists, He did not even say that ALL terrorists are Muslim. He clearly states that “This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims.”
      2. If you don’t think radical Islamic terrorism is a REAL ISSUE then you, sir, are a huge part of the problem. It is one of the most important issues facing our planet today, regardless of what the idiot John Kerry says.
      Get your head out of your — and your lips off Obamas butt.

  84. Sadly, Mr Khan, who’s son paid the ultimate price 12 years ago fighting for a country that believes in Liberty, Freedom and Justice for ALL.. Is allowing his son’s memory to be desecrated by a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who is well known for telling lies, and who has no regard for the American Flag, who just received 4 pinocchios for lies she told America about her emails, and who outsourced American jobs to Pakistan… does not understand the BIG media lies… Mr. Trump is not talking about the Khan family, when he talks about immigration,, he’s talking about national security, like Mr. Trump, I too am sorry for your loss, and the loss of all Gold Star Mothers throughout our beloved America. You sir, could not be MORE WRONG about Mr. Trump, you do not speak for me and my house when you make these blanket statements and insight ill will towards fellow Americans.. Please recant your statements and refuse to be used as a pawn by the elite media. Don’t be the puppet they are looking for, remember, Hillary has too many pinocchios to count already…

  85. Well said. But I add that Mr trump was NOT attacking his wife but was lamenting her unfortunate submissive or victim status. (she wore the sharia head scarf) See it again. Trump never condemned her or her son. Sure he could have left it alone. That is not Mr Trump. I don’t wish to throw the baby out with the bath water so I will vote for trump and not just against Hillary. I think the man is duped in his political lack of knowledge.

    • Michael – small correction – she was wearing a “dupatta” or scarf – vastly different from the sharia mandated hijab. The dupatta is cultural, hijab is religious. Dupatta is popular among south asians of ALL religions. Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims all wear the dupatta.

      The Dupatta, if locked around the neck to cover all hair and skin does become a sharia mandated head scarf but most muslim women in assimilated societies – like ours – do not wear it that way anymore. Capt Khan’s mother also did not wear it that way if you noticed.

      You are right though that Trump could have left it alone. But he is so thin-skinned and his desire to one-up and have the last word on each every issue is diabolical and suicidal for a global political leader!

      Just my $0.02 worth 🙂

  86. Excellent response! If Mr. & Mrs. Khan don’t agree with our Governments rules of the land in the United States of America, then pack your bags and I’ll personally buy a pair of Airline tickets to sent you to be with your Muslim family in Afghanistan! People like you, and of Muslim faith, with views like yours, are NOT worthy of the USA’s extended hands to Muslims who follow the Sharia Law. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!

  87. I am very sorry for Mr. Khan’s loss. He does not even know Donald trump! Mr. Khan is totally
    Out of his element. I’m sure there was a lot of help from the liberals with writing that speech

  88. Thank you Ray. Your tone and debate is exactly what we need in our country today – 100% respectful. Why don’t we have more of you talking? Unfortunately i totally disagree with the bombastic stance taken by Trump and his brain farts. He has surrounded himself with advisors who seem to either have no effect on him or are unable to change his thoughts. Sad!

    On the issue of immigration of refugees from war-torn areas with suspected Islamic terrorists, there is no debate – and should not be if you feel there is one – about them entering our country. At the same token, I want you to read up a bit more – like I did recently – about the whole process of refugees coming to our country. Its a 18-24 month process. Vetting done by multiple international and national agencies. No refugee is even aware which country they will end up in – leave alone planning to come to the US with nefarious purposes. Age/gender/family limits are in place for induction in the US (as opposed to other western countries).

    Yes, I saw images of the thousands of the refugees jumping the border and entering the Western European countries but that is not how we are inducting refugees in North America. So to have a narrative that we are bringing in throngs of muslims without a vetting process is incorrect. Oh, and did I mention that the refugee intake process we have does not look at religion as a preference – so inductees happen to be non-muslims as well.

    Look at the intake process here ( Bipartisan groups have agreed that this is the most stringent ever that the US has put in place. And so far we have inducted only about 1800 refugees.

    But I will admit that there is a threat from radical Islam. I believe the bigger threat is from the open visa program we have the western european countries. Refugees who have already made it to these countries and have been granted permits/citizenship to stay can potentially enter the US through legal means. That scares me. And that should scare the bejesus out of us!

  89. It would have been better if you would never have written this letter. To pat someone on the back with one hand, while stabbing him in the back with the other is always unacceptable and immoral. Liberals see the world as a beautiful place with beautiful people but that does not stop us from realizing that even the most beautiful place has it’s predators. We do not see the world as a place to watch your back every minute, expect the worse every minute or believe every conspiracy we’re told. We are not yet in that dark, future world. Maybe, together, we can keep that from ever becoming a reality. We are two different sides of the same coin…one hopeful but realistic, the other fearful and looking at the world as a place of danger everywhere you look. As far as the Khan family, they have my deepest respect and honor. Their son is an American hero and treasure. Religion, ethnicity be damned. An American is an American. Love of this country, adherence to it’s beliefs, respect for the Constitution, respect for other Americans whether Christian, Muslim or nothing at all make us Americans. Our differences and our similarities are what bind us together. What make us special. We are a nation because we choose to be Americans. I will not be frozen by fear and allow fear to control others to create internment camps like in WWII, monitor a specific religion or require a database on one segment of our society. Mr. Khan, sir, my father was a WWII vet with 2 purple hearts and a bronze star. In his memory, I salute you and your son. God bless.


  91. Very well stated ir, and I agree 100%.
    UI, too, thank Captain Khan for his service and heroic sacrifice for his troops and his adopted country. But, there have been thousands, yea, tens of thousands of Captain Khan’s fellow soldiers that have sacrificed their lives as well. His story is not unique, but the DNC seems to think this was something special. ANY oldier and their family that has gone through this should feel exploited – and the DNC should be chastised for allowing this to occur.
    Mr. Trump is, as you stated so well, PRO-American. He is not a war monger for war’s sake. He is bound and determined to protect the lives of every citizen of our great country, and will take any messures needed to do that.
    God Bless you Mr. Starmann, and I thank you for your service to our United States of America.

  92. Sir Thank you for putting the correct perspective on this issue. I too lost a son in Iraq in 2005. He like so many others gave their life to preserve our way of life. I thank Mr. & Mrs. Khan for their sons service. However, Mr. Khan needs to go to Section 60 at Arlington Cemetery. There are thousands Christian an Jewish headstones that also made the ultimate sacrifice. The Khans are not alone. They all died fighting the same enemy Islamic Terrorists. The Democrats and Hillary Clinton have contributed to the spread of this cancer and to support them does not honor the sacrifice of your son.

  93. Don’t vote for me. I just like to see my name in all the pretty lights. I’m racist, and I will “Make America Great Again!” by going back to pre progressive era times. But the Consitution is up to date for the 21st century, so we must follow that to the T!

  94. Ray Starmann, thank you for a well written letter. Mr. Trump is right in what he says. The security of our country must always come first to protect the citizens and our way of life, freedom. I have high respect for their son. I too am a Veteran and a Vietnam Veteran. The father should honor his son and not use his son as a pawn in politics.

    I am voting for Donald Trump/Mike Pence for the President Of The United States 2016!

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  96. No one could have said it any better. I applaud you Mr. Starmann. As a retire Iraq combat veteran I thank you as you have spoken for so many.

  97. Mr. Starmann, I am also a vet.of the Vietnam Era, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your letter, that expressed my exact sympathy in this matter. Thank you for your service and your Eloquence in presenting the Feelings of so many, I’m sure.
    Karl Baker

  98. Omg I’m reading someone this comments and its kills me Donald dumb ass trump can say whatever his wants but the min someone else say something about some people get so upset. For all the people who gets so upset when you talk about Dumb ass trump shut the fuck up and stop crying like a baby. Damn man up

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  102. Excellent well written letter Sir. Bravo Zulu!

    HC Clark-ENC U.S. Navy Retired Chief Petty Officer (1973-1993)
    Baltimore, Maryland

  103. An awesome letter. An hits the nail on the head. Only thing, I did not like was you blaming Obama. Leave politics aside. Otherwise, your perception is fantastic…

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  105. Very well said. He is very upset because his son died for a country he does not really like so it pissed him off. I remember in kaleenTexas a captain (Dr. who went balistic n killed innocent people in the name of thier god,leader or whomever ,n then we could not destroy him ,but had to allow him his rights,beacause as true hearted Americans,we know what the rights are n know the freedoms that are allowed to all Americans good n bad.That man did not deserve all the medical treatment n all the legal protection from a govt he hates so much. I know that we as good people only allow him these rights as a legal American ,but the bullet that paralyzed him truly killed him n only left his head to bobble around . Maybe the captain that died for this country n his mom who probably got her tounge cut off n could not speak because she tried to speak at the dinner table while all the men were eating ,is a sacrifice n replacement of the captain in kaleen Texas that murdered the innocent. So I think the appologeeze actually done n a fair trade off as now we are even.!!!! The good American people are fed up with the killings n terrorism by the sick n twisted Islamic radicals n thier traitor following of legals we have here hiding like chameleons changing colors to the environment but underneath it all they r still just plain snakes waiting to attack all that’s good just to satisfy thier hate that’s in them Because they r born preditors from the beginning to the end regardless of the evolution from snake to comelean,they are still preditors.!!!! Sorry but i don’t feel sorry for them .

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  107. Simply brilliant. Thank you, sir, for this letter. Thank you also for your service to our nation, and for the sacrifices you – and your family – made for that service.

    God bless you and your work!

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  109. I totally agree with this letter! I have no use for people who want to do harm to my country! And Muslims are the ones who openly are doing just that! Obama Is intentionally allowing this to happen. He is not for America!

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  111. Love this article! It is so spot on! Time to stand up for our country before it’s stollen out from under us!

    Vote Trump!

  112. I agree with this open letter 100 %. My late husband was a Cuban refugee, who (like many others) risked his life to come to America in his little fishing boat in the early 1960’s. Years later, however, Fidel Castro SENT boatloads of his unwanted: criminals, insane, and social misfits to America. It was known as the Mariel Boat Lift. This situation is 1,000 more serious: the safety of American citizens is at stake. Our Constitution does NOT require us to put ourselves at risk — not even to receive peace-loving POTENTIALLY GOOD new immigrants. By the way, is it true that, under the new system, immigrants can become American citizens WITHOUT an Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America ? [I am glad that this open letter has not been suppressed. I first saw it on the FOX News website.]

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  118. I guess this db doesn’t know America is a beacon of hope for the oppressed and that our founding fathers are to blame for it 😉

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  120. I think it is very refreshing to actually hear some else stand for Freedom & Security in the United States! Your letter stated my feelings on this hit piece 100%!

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  122. In the land of freedom, why would anybody chose to continue to belong to the only religion that requires the dhimmitude of those who chose not to believe in it.

    You being a moslem know full well what Dhimmitude is, you know that under Sharia the non-believers are required to pay a pole tax to the moslems so as to avoid death, confiscation of property and violence at the hands of the moslems.

    You know that under Islam, Sharia Law requires the subjugation of the unbelievers and makes unbelief a crime punishable by death, mutilation and slavery.

    You also know that Islam and Sharia Law are synonymous, that does not exist without the other, you know that Islam rewards the moslems with the wealth and property of the unbelievers and requires their death or enslavement for the benefit of the moslem.

    We call these things that islam requires of the Dhimmi and those that refuse to believe in Islam or to pay the pole tax Extortion, Robbery, Terrorism and Murder we also call it Violent Arrgression and Criminal Behavior.

    I understand that you have used the Death of your son to further promote the moslem insistence of the Implementation of Sharia Law knowing full well the implications of all that Islam and Sharia Requires of you as a Moslem and for the rest of us who Refuse to become Moslems.

    I have to assume that by your remaining a moslem that you supportive of Jihad and Sharia and the institution of Dhimmi hood for all non believers and either slavery or death for the rest of us.

    Whereas I will gladly extend to you Son the benefit of the doubt because of his valientl service, I ask you these things because you are alive and living in a land of the infidels, a non moslem nation why would you take this opportunity to dishonor what your son fought and died for by demanding sharia, which recognizes no sovereignty but it’s own to be allowed in our Soveriegn country, that offered you and your family a new home?

    Manuel Lemos Jr.

  123. As a retired Service member and more importantly a citizen of the United States, I wholeheartedly agree with the open letter to Mr Khan. Many more service personnel have paid the ultimate price in defending our borders and the constitution of the United States. Their families have sacrificed their loved ones as well. The Khan’s are not alone and are not special. Yes, their son is a hero and their sacrifice is great. Mr. Khan’s vitriolic slam against Mr Trump is unjustified and misdirected. Mr. Trump had nothing to do with the death of their son or any other service member under the current Commander in chief. The sole blame for the loss of life in this current war against terrorism is RADICAL ISLAM. PERIOD. To win this war, radical Islam must be defeated. To be defeated it must be acknowledged. The current administration which included Mrs Clinton as Secretary of State has been dangerously slow to acknowledge radical Islam thus putting many more lives of our citizens at risk. President Trump and his administration will face this threat head on and political correctness be damned. I along with my wife are proud to say we will be voting for Donald Trump because he will service ALL of us not just some of us like the current President and his administration.

  124. Unlike most Northern European counties which over centuries have evolved into what they are now after each enduring many internal and external wars, invasion, political and religious doctrines, social and demographic flux and acceptance of all people of any race and faith under fair even handed democratic law applying basic principles of courtesy and charity to others the United States of America is in deep trouble right now. If you have an economy that’s partly dependant on the production and sale of arms internally and worldwide, war and fear keep the economy turning. Land of the free and brave? They are killing each other every day! Hundreds of thousands since 9/11! The press, security agencies and government push a war on terror against anyone convenient to control their citizens, a large portion of which swallow this shite and will vote for trump!
    Obamas done his best but there is worse to come and large parts of this Earth don’t deserve or want it!
    A large proportion of American citizens can’t place or name countries in the rest of the world, eat a diet of sugar and fat watching shows on TV where everyone has guns and get paid a pittance to work without statutory holidays and free healthcare blithely ignoring a massive escalation of armed state agencies with ever increasing authority and decreasing respect for normal citizens, and they are told its normal and needed Coz of nasty commies, ruskies, Mexicans and Muslims. A very great country with amazing people is losing itself to an agenda created by its political elite for the benefit of their own stocks and shareholdings and average Americans need to know that other people in this world are concerned, and they should be. Hundreds of thousands of US citizens have been killed by their fellow citizens in the last 10 years and some states allow open carry of semi automatic weapons in broad daylight! From the outside looking in its ridiculous! If a greater proportion of US citizens explored the rest of the world and Europe they would find that most countries work well and harmoniously with very limited levels of violent crime and comparatively low prison populations!
    European socialist zombies are having to cope with the fallout from years of major policy mistakes principally evolved from Misguided self serving American politicians and agencies especially in the Middle East!
    This presidential campaign is exposing the flaws in your great country!

  125. Unfortunately, the Khans only had one goal when they appeared and that was to politicize their son’s death to Clinton’s advantage. Khizer Khan is an immigration attorney who specializes in getting Muslims into the country. He was there to grind an ax.

  126. What a heartfelt letter. It contains feelings that many people have only you described it so much better. As a person who’s uncle’s funeral resting place is underwater at Pearl Harbor, both I and my husband are veterans and our daughter is currently serving, it is with great pride I say thank you your letter and devotion to this great nation and especially to God. It may be true that Mr. Trump may need to work on his wording and delivery of those words, but I would rather have an individual speak up with the truth and passion than you hide behind the very law makers than another individual pays off. It also may be true that although Mr Trump may have not have experienced the nightmare of losing a child to a war where our troops should have been pulled out long ago, doesnt mean that he has not sacrificed. This country has sacrifice much over the past eight years due to the current president’s need to dictate, not unite. Another day, much less for more years of this way if thinking, will really have America sacrificing more than us necessary. Thank you for your words and your service to this great country. As Mr. Trump as our president, America will be greater and better.

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  128. Another bigoted Christian writes garbage about another religion this time Muslims and all the other bigots chime in. This is why organized religion is a joke. This letter and all the bigoted responses would not be tolerated by the Jesus I was taught about. It seems people forget about the people killed by Christians throughout history in the name of their religion.

  129. THANK YOU!!! finally an intelligent response!!! Please talk to trump campaign!!! He needs your way with words to persuade and articulate his thoughts!! Please help him!!

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  132. Perfect letter. Mr Khan want your response. Hilary…your response…I already know their will be no response. When pressed with fact and logic…they retreat…. Hilary is a joke…I can’t believe she’s even getting a vote…her husband was impeached…she lies to’s unreal….

  133. Congratulations, this is an eloquent letter which I believe voices 1000’s of conservative voices. Mr. Trump is on the right track and is speacking for American’s who are tired of Obama and Clinton. We need to protect our borders and vet anyone coming in, no matter how long the process takes.
    Mr. Kahn is being used as a puppet for Clinton and the Democrates. They went looking for a Muslim family who lost a loved one to the Isis. Mr. Kahn, you shuld be ashamed of yourself for being used in such a shameful way. Your wife would have been more credible had she not presented herself as being under Sharia low.

  134. My sincere salute to you Sir, Mr. Starmann for responding to Mr. Khans bashing of Mr. Trump. I was waiting for this moment for someone with courage to state the facts. You have done so very nicely Sir and I am happy.

    I am also a veteran of the US Army having served during the Vietnam conflict in Korea. As a minority born outside of the United States, I owe my allegiance to one flag and one flag only, and that is the American Flag.

    Mr. Khan knows what these sharia fanatics preach in their congregations, their jiihad type nonsense here in the United States. The liberals in Washington know what is going but stay mum because they want their votes. Mr. Trump call it as he sees it. He speaks for millions of Americans like myself. If one does not like the laws of the US, then with all do respect feel free to return to your homeland. We have choices.

    Lastly Mr. Tump did NOT send anyone to war, Hillary Clinton voted for the war. The onus should be on her and not Mr. Trump.

    It’s about time we get someone to lead America that has the courage to speak up, instead of pandering for votes…

  135. Mr. Starmann I applaud you sir for a well written and fact based letter. You sir are a true American hero. God bless you.

  136. He also wanted to know what sacrifices Mr. Trump has made. He might also want to ask Mrs. Clinton the same thing. Also, I believe Mr.Trump has the same constitutional right to speak as he does.

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  138. Trump may understand the situation but his lack of respect for a gold star family is appalling. We need someone who is a protector and a uniter like Reagan.

  139. Thank you Ray for your voice, and I as well as many agree word for word for what has taken place with our Country. I am sure that there are others out there from different Countries who has come to this Country of Freedom BUT out of all of these people Hiw and Where did they find this man and his wife? When I lived in San Bernardino there was a family who lived two doors down from me who would fly there country from Iran or one of those foreign countries, who also would beat his wife and his daughter, he was always having the police called on him. Anyway thank you again????

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  141. Thank you Mr. Starmann. First for your service to our country.
    Second for your letter outlining how the real world works today. Without protecting our country first, we would have no other rights but to die at the hands of those who wish to destroy America.
    Thank you sir.

  142. This is exactly what I have been thinking, though not nearly as concisely. Thano you so much and please get it out to as many media venues as possible, and especially to Mr. Trump.

  143. Am I still allowed to say Amen!. I cannot fathom the depths of how the media and Clinton has used this as political fodder. I thank you kind sir for saying exactly what my family and I think and we thank you for your service in protecting the United States of America.

  144. Trump is an atheist. How can you all be so blind?
    ” We must live in a world af reality, not a world of denial, delusion, and fantasy….”
    Everyone seems to have forgotten all about the IRA too.

  145. Mr. Stramann,.
    You are a coward and a racist and this comes from a ,14 year army vet you are a racist. Period

  146. Spot On, to a ‘T’ and when, if at all, will people take off their rose colored glasses and fairytale living styles and WAKE THE F Up?!? Oh I know, not until, or IF , Killary becomes president, that these naive, poor and brainwashed UnAmericans will wished they would have never layed ?? on Killary!! ????

  147. ..why won’t trump release his tax return? Why is he trying to weasel out of debates? What’s he afraid of?

  148. Thank you, Mr. Starmann, for your well written letter. Having been a Marine grunt in Vietnam and an Airman in DESERT STORM I well appreciate the loss of their son to the Khan family. Captain Khan epitomized the best of America. He was, in every sense, a true American. Unfortunately, the integrity he displayed is not so very common among today’s immigrants from any land. And ISIL and Al-Qaeda would not be as militarily competent as they obviously are if they didn’t use unscreened immigrants as cover to import terrorists into the United States. As an enlisted and then officer veteran of two wars I can virtually guarantee that Captain Khan would have opposed such foolish policy. We do him a disservice to think otherwise.

  149. Amen. Well put Mr. Starmann. We need to hear this often, lest we forget.
    God bless you and yours real good.
    Vicar Dave

  150. Couldn’t of said it better!
    We are under attack of our Constitution!!!

    They, media matter, used them as a tool…
    Clock boy, bomb suitcase parents sued the stat, and school system. Get used to more of that. And on a side note… we lose God in school but sure will fall to prayer rugs soon.

    American first. Always!

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  153. Thank you for a concise opinion most of us feel. America is in danger of being taken over by the liberal thinking of the Democrat party and there are those of us who need to stand up, as you did! I personally thank God for lifting up a man, Donald Trump, to see the truth and deal with it. He’s image aid like no other. To date, most our elected lawmakers are dealing with the lies being subtlety fed to us daily….I.e. President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party, and HILLARY CLINTON, and the media…..all being funded by George Soros. America, wake up! We are at a time we need to stand up to LIES and let the TRUTH SET US FREE of the tyranny that awaits us.

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  155. How soon we forget,,,we’ll never forget here in Oklahoma, home grown extremists, ,., two words, ,….Timothy McVeigh,…..,not a Muslim

  156. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in a respectful way that shows the Khan family that Americans do care about their son and them as well but we cannot turn a blind eye that Islam is a danger to our way of life due to the writings themselves within the Quran, and the laws within them that outwardly state that anyone who does not submit,(become a Muslim) can be considered an enemy…. and “blasphemy” is punishable to various degrees including death for merely objecting when someone who is NOT Muslim say, “Jesus is the son of God”, “He died on the cross”, etc., in other words if someone simply states their Christian faith they are guilty as Islam teaches that Jesus is not the son of God, nor God, he did not die on the cross, etc., so how can anyone feel this is safe to allow inside non-Muslims Countries? Look at UN resolution 16/18, the Islamic world worked 10 years to get it past, and after a name change and a few legal alterations it in now international law, knows originally as “Defamation of Islam”, which makes it legal to punish anyone who states that Islam is not a religion and or political power any of us can accept… AND on a side note,(pay attention everyone), on those GROUNDS, we can use 16/18 to insist they not be allowed as ISLAM inside a Christian and or free society cannot occur without causing conflict as you can all easily see as they have been FIGHTING against each other,(Shiite & Sunni, etc.) since day one of Islam, every were they have gone non-stop for 1400 years and so, we cannot allow them to cause wars, conflicts and infiltrate our Governing offices, security jobs, and or transportation and or hospitals, colleges, etc., because rather they are openly honest or continue to be passive-aggressive that facts remain, their belief system does not allow AMERICANS and NON-Muslim people around the globe to reject Islam without the very real risk of retaliation and or punishments both mentally, physically, socially and emotionally as well as spiritually causing death to occur when we can no longer profess OUR love for GOD as we see fit… so using their current law via the UN, sue these Countries and demand they pay all expenses for any and all Muslims here who wish to adhere to the religion/political system of Islam so they can relocate and have exactly what they’ve earned here, or get rid of the law… ALSO, we must make sure that they no longer are able to teach Islamic rites in school that basically calls for students to declare that “allah is the one and only true god”, and Mohammad is his prophet”, and if a student does not, they are punished with bad grades, and directly by their teachers as my son way… I still have actual test questions and I kept the actual book… AND one last point a Turkish security officers noticed, he said ISIS is approx. 30,000 and yet when it enters a Country that number raises to 100s of thousands within a short period of time because it quickly calls on Muslims within that Country to adhere to the laws within Islam and become a Orthodox Muslim, or risk death themselves… so while “moderate Muslims” do exists and are the vast majority and truly kindhearted normal people…. that easily changes when they are pressed, and or given money to “help” do the will of allah and make everyone submit… AMERICA is not just a Country founded on freedom,(religion, etc), but MORE importantly we WE believe that people should not be forced to believe others and are allowed to question anyone without fear… I mean can you imagine an innocent child asking why Islam has images that are exactly the same as Hindu which is one of the oldest religions… Anyone who has read Mohammad’s “night visions”, know that Mohammad was said to have mounted an animal with a peacock tail, smaller than a donkey, with a beautiful face, wings on its thighs, etc. and flew to Israel and that is why Jerusalem is holy to Muslims??? and not question that A.) that sounds like a fairytale, B.) why do Muslims punish the much older religion of Hindu and yet use the same “animal-being” to transport them, etc??? See how even an innocent question could easily be seen to even the most moderate Muslim as “blasphemy” and while they may not harm the person who questioned their beliefs, they would not object if one of the more Orthodox Muslims did…. Am I wrong? No, look at the rest of the world & you’ll see, Islam destroys everything in its path and all religions and will absorb what they like into their religion BUT if anyone says anything such as this, or perhaps ask about the “satanic verses”, and how can anyone trust a “prophet” that lied about the words being inspired by God, but then later admits it was the devil who put the words in his mouth…. and even with just those few questions, someone could be jailed or worse for asking…. and now even Americans can be held without a trial. NO RELIGION should ever strip people of their basic human rights… so while we are a free Country, we all more importantly a Country that believes in speaking out against our oppressors and abusers who are working on silencing everyone…. Thank you again for sharing… I feel less sad knowing some people still care.

  157. Thank you for telling it as it is. I agee, not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim. And it is not a peaceful religion. They are allowed to lie to the infidels.

  158. Mr Starman I agree 100%. I don’t think it could have been said better. This is the problem. I do not understand how the democrats liberals lefties and whomever else believe the things they believe. I use common sense. I do not lie and I do not tolerate lies. We need someone to stand up and get the right to band together so that we can defeat the left and the radicals that are destroying everything we have built. It is our right as citizens to audit the federal reserve and federal government. It is our right to fire the brain dead running amuck in Washington , BUT no one does anything. This is why people are pissed. No one sees anything being done about anything but they see their money going out the door on every single thing the government / left gets their hands on. From pointless road projects to studies that go nowhere and benefit no one. It’s like the poles everyone is so in love with. Poles don’t mean squat. Why simply because at best they pole a couple hundred to a couple thousand and most don’t go that far.
    All the things that happened in the past year have all disappeared. All the illegals let in months ago the refugees all those children and then got scattered around the country just as they came in. Deseased angry dirty kids who were never given showers clean clothes Physicals and shots. How does no one see what’s going to happen. In many cases it did. Barely reported then and nothing now. We can make America great again and anyone who thinks it’s great now needs their head examined. But not until we the people clean house because every person that gets in to government anywhere does nothing. Listen to obamas speeches he’s going to clean up Washington. Listen to Paul Ryan he’s not going to be run over by the stays quo. Look at what they both did

  159. I hope every American reads this and wakes up before our country becomes too weak to defend itself and we lose more friends and family. To hell with ISIS and All Radical Muslims whose purpose in life is to kill everyone who isn’t like them. Whoever doesn’t like USA and are living here, then get the hell out and don’t come back. Wake up America and stop being so damn sensitive. It’s our family first

  160. Spot on sir. I served in Desert Storm also. We all have to accept the fact that we are at war with Muslims extremists. Until we as a country come together to protect our land from them, we will all suffer as they are in Europe. I pray that happens before it is too late.

  161. Islam is a religion they profess 1.9 billions of muslims.We can’t blame everyone of them for what others do.In the constitution of my country there is freedom of religion,what he has done thousands of muslim are integrated into the catholicism.What we are talking about,a country made of immigrants.

  162. A great letter to Mr. Khan. The only disagreement I have is in the use of the phrase “radical Islam.” Keep in mind the following:

    How can you use the term radical without first identifying the norm? Normative Islam is based on the unabrogated commands of Allah in the Koran, and the examples and teachings of Muhammad (the Sunnah). If the Koran and the Sunnah support a Muslim’s actions, that Muslim is not radical, he is devout.

    We are dealing with Islam, not “radical Islam.”

  163. Dear Mr. And Mrs. Khan:

    Thank you for the sacrifice that you both made and for the celebration of your son’s life, who died that America could be safe from the evil hands of ISIS. May God bless you both. Your son was a great man to give his life for the love of his country- the United States of America. He died so we could be free.

    Thank you both and I hope that the memories of your beloved son will help ease your loss. So many soldiers have given their lives and I know that you do know think your loss is more important than any other parent who has lost a soldier or a child. I know you do not want to be recognized as being more important than any other grieving parent and do not want to have political or financial gain over any other grieving parent.

    Again, thank you so much for having such an honorable son who loved America and kept us all safe from the evil that has tried to destroy our world.


    A loving and caring American mom

  164. When you start quoting the bible I dismiss your letter as propaganda! I am only interested in history that can be verified, and that means now! You have the gull to to say Trump has a right to reply because he was attacked. Shame on you if you saw that as an attack… just like your new savior Donald Trump, constantly call people names because he has no solutions. His wife plagiarized her speech, and has posed for porno magazines is not my cup of 1st Lady. Donald has been married 3 times… where are you so called Family Values. As far as I am concern, you and Donald aren’t worth 2 cents and your letter is not worth reading.

    We need a leader who does not get mad because someone who has the right to say what he did… a good leader would of let it be… and then other could rate him on his actions… not rhetoric.

    I, for one am sick of so called people who found religion, and must force their beliefs on others. Religion and Republicans have one thing in common… they are filled with hypocrisy and sometimes HATE!

    So put your head back in the bible, while your Republicans put their heads in the gutter. Your two of a kind. I, along with my conscience don’t pray for a solution… I’m looking for Justice for All… not just those bible thumpers!

  165. Brand them all. Fear, racism is not written into our Constitution Our country is safe and well protected. Our general condition is Bretter than it has been for years. Afraid? I am not. I am a proud American that trusts that I can depend on our military and intelligence to watch out for and protect us. Oops! I do have done fear. That is that Donald Trump be elected to run our nation. Mentioned in the letter is both the Constitution and the Bible Wonder if Tump has read either?

  166. Mr Khan your loss was exploited by the DNC. Your sorrow has blinded you to the truth and you are wrong in being used as a political puppet for Hillary Clinton, especially since she voted for the war your son was killed in.

  167. This is dead on correct and I do not understand why “who Kahn is” isn’t all over the news. Another Hillary deception tearing out the hearts of Americans with half the facts.

  168. Prayers sent to you and your wife for the loss of your son!! And God bless you in this time of sorrow!! God bless America and God bless Donald Trump and his family! Shame on Hillary!!

  169. Hello sir, I am100% with you on this matter. Your letter to Mr. Khan is right on the spot. And shame on the left, and Clinton team. They have used him to attack Mr. Trump. I think the left and Mrs. Clinton have no feeling and so they can lie and and have a straight face at the same time as nothing is wrong with that.

  170. Bravo Mr. Starmann ! The first intelligent words that have been said about immigration.
    There is nothing in place to safe guard our country. Let’s not put the ” cart before the horse” please !
    My family immigrated here during the 1800’s,
    a very different time. Do people remember the
    “camps” that held Japanese immigrants during the years of WWII? I’m not for putting people in a ” camp”. We need to take a step back right now. Let us hope that cooler head’s prevail.

  171. Thank you very much Sir for the bold response. Gal 6:7 says that God cannot be mocked. The left are distorting the truth so badly that one of these days when God shows up their heads surely will spin.

  172. Maybe people should think back in history.

  173. I, like you, fulfilled our patriotic duty by putting our life on the line for our great country. Volunteer, U. S. Army 1965-1968. I believe you missuse the word “attack” in describing Mr. Khans statement about “deferment” Trump. Capt. Khan was attacked. Trump was not. He does not know or understand the difference. “What is one to do”, you ask. Tell Trump that since his sons like shooting guns, they, like everyone else has a 15 year window in which to serve, unless you have a different definition of patriotism for your country.

    Jose C. Mendez
    (S/P 5)

    • Jose – you criticize Trump about his sons not joining the military, but you forgot that it is their right to choose to serve or not – that is FREEDOM. Shame on you and the leftist media that continue to ignore the truth about Islam and Jihad – they go hand in hand. Continue to deny the truth then we are left in the mess that Europe is experiencing. Pick up history books and understand that for over 450 years the Middle East and Northern Africa were Christian and Jewish lands until the Muslims military (Jihad) came, tortured, destroyed, captured, and killed millions of millions of innocent men, women, and children (Christians and Jews). They are now attacking Europe and soon their population in America will grow to over 10% and that’s when mayhem will really start to show its ugly colors.

      Do you want to understand Islam? Well, the only way is to educate yourself and learn what they are taught.

  174. This letter is bullshit. I’m a proud Army veteran, my father is a 30 year Vet having served 2 tours in Vietnam, my father-in-law arrived in DaNang with the first wave of Marines in ’65, and my Uncle is a Bataan death march survivor. I’m sick and tired of hearing other Veteran’s and their holier than thou crap about Muslims taking over America and how Obama, Clinton, and the “left” is to blame. I hear lots of self-righteous vitriol from the “right”, but few solutions for an open and democratic society?

    • “But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.”

      Steve R. you are absolutely correct. It’s all about fear. The more bile and fear these “patriots” create limits the amount of good and understanding that intelligent, brave Americans can do with our next generation of immigrants.

    • Hey Steve – why don’t you pick up the Qur’an, Sira, and Hadith and read how it teaches Muslims to practice Jihad. How it is their (Muslims) right to wipe the earth of dirty pigs like the Jews and Christians, then you can tell us how much the left loves this country.

    • I agree with Steve R; this letter was mostly rubbish. Hard to believe anyone would side with Trump on anything he says. 1. He gets bent out of shape at the smallest slight. 2. Has been bankfrupt at least 4 times, and maybe as much as 6–who could ever think he really knows how to run a business, much less a couintry. 3. Basically reminds me of the drunk uncle at a party.

      Sure, Hillary has made a mess of certain things, but she also knows how to gettings done. Trump has absolutely no qualifications to be any more than a crooked business gnome.

      People, look around you. I am willing to bet we all know (of) people who have succeeeded at a much higher pace than Trump. Seriously, most of the people I know who have made a success of themselves have far better things to do with their time than blther like Trump. What an asshat. What a failure. What a joke.

  175. Wonderful. Loved every word of this letter. This is how Americans feel and I want my country saved. Vote Trump/Pence.

  176. I thought you article was well written and probably the best rebuttal I’ve seen that wasn’t completely insane or mean spirited. That being said I do disagree with you on several points.

    I’m not sure you can call Hollande a leftie (though I’m not sure exactly how politics works in France). There was a deployment of French troops to Mali to combat terrorists and their one of their carriers was/is supporting the air campaign against IS. This of course is a relatively minor point.

    My main objection is the fact that so few refugees have actually been involved in terrorist acts:

    The vetting process for admitting refugees is very extensive:

    and appears to be working pretty effectively, don’t you think?

    Now I will say that admitting people in willy nilly would be unwise, but I don’t think that anybody is proposing to let hundreds of thousands of people come here as in Germany. I don’t have the exact number but I know that not very many people have been allowed in from the Middle East. Compared to the number of people streaming out of Syria right the theoretical number of people anybody has pledge to admit was a pretty low percentage.
    I realize that this is not an ideal solution to the Syrian civil war, but unless we were willing to deploy significant ground forces to the region for indeterminate time frame it’s not going to end. Maybe not even if we did. And you’re not going to convince the majority of Americans to commit to something like that. Trump certainly won’t and don’t think Clinton would either.

    I for one don’t want to send you, your fellow soldiers or Mr Khan’s other children into such a murky and deadly situation with no clear way to a resolution.

    Unfortunately I don’t see an end to the situation there anytime soon, though I do expect some changes in our strategy after the election. I haven’t seen anything from the Trump campaign that has outlined exactly what his plan is other than “bombing the sh!t out the place” which is exactly what we are doing now. Honestly, I believe that Clinton would be more inclined to step up the operations there along with a big diplomatic push as she seems to be the more hawkish of the two. Until the civil war ends this problem will not be solved.

    Building a wall and hiding behind it won’t work. It didn’t for the French with their Maginot line, China with their Great Wall or the Romans with Hadrian’s Wall. There’s always going to be a way in. So until there is a solution to this problems over there which will probably take generations, the only charitable thing to do is allow for the sake of decency and humanity would be to allow at least some of these poor people a way out of what has essentially turn into hell on earth.

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  179. I endorse this letter and feel just as mr. Ray starrmann. So sorry you lost your son.
    Dave sowder usmc 1964 1967 Vietnam name vet

  180. Astounding that a Pakistani immigrant knows more about the constitution and the rights and freedoms it guarantees than the author of this letter and most of the people commenting on it. Then again he did come here for a better life and to further his education and most of you seem content to live in a hole.
    Ooh look out their coming to get you. There coming to get you go get your guns and shoot….ahhh shucks it was just your nuckle dragging cousin. Bummer.

  181. Thank you for this letter. I hope it gets traction. I for my part directed friends from both sides of the aisle to it. Perhaps a dose of reality will set in.

  182. What a pathetic response. Maybe you should re -read the constitution along with Mr. Trump. “Attacked” Mr. Trump? Please. He asked Mr. Trump if he ever read the constitution, how is that an attack?

    We are indeed at war with radical Islamic terrorists. But not all Muslims are terrorists just like not all former army intelligence officers are constitutionalists or intelligent.

    You should be ashamed of that ranting letter directed at a casualty of wars family.

    At least you did actually sacrifice something in your life by serving your country. Mr. Trump trying to equate the “sacrifice” that most Americans do every day and that he claims he’s done his whole life of simply working hard, to the sacrifice that Mr. Khan’s son made which is the ultimate sacrifice. Once again pathetic.

    You like Mr. Trump need to get real.

  183. The Constitution of the United States of America supersedes everything. To adopt any of Trump’s course of actions will violate the Constitution, and while in the short term any expedient but unconstitutional acts may give some false sense of security, violating the very fabric & principles of the Constitution will ultimately lead to the destruction of the Republic and the Nation which was built upon the Constitution. This is the very game that radical Islamists are want to play. Their beliefs are already bankrupt and they cannot win in arms and numbers, so they attack the values and principles of the U.S. Constitution and ultimately our civilized society.

  184. Oh one more thing. How many deferments did the sacrificing Mr. Trump receive? Then find out and tell us what was the medical reason he used to get a total pass on not serving his country????

  185. I support the content of this letter and as a veteran support what Mr. Trump has more than adequately stated we need to do with regard to immigration. To bad the DNC didn’t let the parents of the Benghazi men killed due to the neglect of Mrs.Clinton who to this day claims it doesn’t matter. Mr. & Mrs. Khizr, you were taken advantaged of to hide Clinton’s incompetence and Mr. Trump was only responding to this and what the acting president hasn’t done with terrorists for almost 8 years. Our nation is in negalent and is prime for more disasters with sons and daughters probably being killed needlessly.

  186. In reply to Mr. Patterson. I am no expert on the Muslim faith nor the Middle East……I try to educate myself as much as possible. It is my understanding that Sharia law can be interpreted by every single individual imam any way they see fit. It would seem to me that decisions under Sharia would be more subjective. Since our country is based on the strength Of separation of church and state I believe that Sharia law has no place in our country.

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  188. The ignorance in this post astounds me. Have any of you redneck idiots ever met a Muslim? If you had, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Open your minds you ignorant bigots.

    Nothing I say is going to change your racist, bigoted minds, so I might as well just insult your intelligence and I.Q. cause it makes me feel good.

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  190. It’s funny, I do not see any muslims attacking countries in central, south nor caribbean region. Haven’t heard of any terrorist attacks in these countries. Why is it that no one stops to think, enemies do not pop out just because. Who has enemies has them because he created them. I do not have enemies because I do not provoke anyone to become my enemy!!!

  191. Mr. Starmann,
    Your letter was so encouraging.
    I pray many many people will read your letter.
    I agree with your thoughts and words.
    Thank you so much,
    Ms. Johnnie Austin

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  194. Thank you for the open letter, it is everything that the republicans are thinking, well maybe not the RINO’s. It seems to me that the only people that are making a big deal of this is Democrats and we all know how much weight that carries.

  195. Great article thank you

    Any golden recipients familiarly should act like one and not to expose in one sided political arena to avoid negative responses

    12 years ago Khan family sacrificed their son and no one has right to play politic with our Heros including my khan and his family.

    Enough is enough to hear your political attack from every media resources u have been and use ur sons vain to benefit dnc .

    My khan Shame has limit and u used all

  196. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful and truthful letter! I really hope the leftist media bring attention to it just like they did to the pawn owned and sold by CAIR.

  197. Factual, eloquent, and stirring. These are the words that would describe this story. This should be read to every liberal in the country maybe then we could convert a few of them back to reality. Thank you very much for the story, continue writing and bringing the truth to America comma and God bless you sir.

  198. Bravo! A clear and brilliant explanation of the threat of islamic terrorism. Mr. Trump should have had someone like you on his staff to promote his agenda against radical islamic terrorism.

  199. Absolutely the most accurate and appropriate response to Mr. Khan that could be written. As a veteran myself, I wholeheartedly agree. Assimilate or leave my country. I’m tired of the political correct approach. One law, equally applied to all, including politicians, and while we’re at it, how about elimination of the Congressional Black Caucus, how racial can one get???

  200. Khan spoke typical, scripted lib-yard nonsense. I question if he even has a ‘supposed’ dead son…

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  202. A beautiful and explanatory letter! I hope Mr. Kahn reads it although it would not matter to him as he was a plant to agitate Donald Trump. Kahn is a lawyer who works to get foreigners E-2 and EB-5 visas and perhaps even citizenship. He would lose his livelihood if President Trump stops immigration from countries who want to do us harm. Also, I’ve read that Kahn is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. He served a purpose at the DNC Convention, and it worked!

  203. Thank you for your service but your missing the entire point. It’s incredible, call it for what it is Trump is a fool and you shouldn’t waste your patriotism backing an idiot like him.

  204. I thought you article was well written and probably the best rebuttal I’ve seen that wasn’t completely insane or mean spirited. That being said I do disagree with you on several points.

    I’m not sure you can call Hollande a leftie (though I’m not sure exactly how politics works in France). There was a deployment of French troops to Mali to combat terrorists and their one of their carriers was/is supporting the air campaign against IS. This of course is a relatively minor point.

    My main objection is the fact that so few refugees have actually been involved in terrorist acts:

    The vetting process for admitting refugees is very extensive:

    and appears to be working pretty effectively, don’t you think?

    Now I will say that admitting people in willy nilly would be unwise, but I don’t think that anybody is proposing to let hundreds of thousands of people come here as in Germany. I don’t have the exact number but I know that not very many people have been allowed in from the Middle East. Compared to the number of people streaming out of Syria right the theoretical number of people anybody has pledge to admit was a pretty low percentage.
    I realize that this is not an ideal solution to the Syrian civil war, but unless we were willing to deploy significant ground forces to the region for indeterminate time frame it’s not going to end. Maybe not even if we did. And you’re not going to convince the majority of Americans to commit to something like that. Trump certainly won’t and don’t think Clinton would either.

    I for one don’t want to send you, your fellow soldiers or Mr Khan’s other children into such a murky and deadly situation with no clear way to a resolution.

    Unfortunately I don’t see an end to the situation there anytime soon, though I do expect some changes in our strategy after the election. I haven’t seen anything from the Trump campaign that has outlined exactly what his plan is other than “bombing the sh!t out the place” which is exactly what we are doing now. Honestly, I believe that Clinton would be more inclined to step up the operations there along with a big diplomatic push as she seems to be the more hawkish of the two. Until the civil war ends this problem will not be solved.

    Building a wall and hiding behind it won’t work. It didn’t for the French with their Maginot line, China with their Great Wall or the Romans with Hadrian’s Wall. There’s always going to be a way in. So until there is a solution to this problem which will probably take generations, the only charitable thing to do is allow for the sake of decency and humanity would be to allow at least some of these poor people a way out of what has essentially turn into hell on earth.

  205. If you don’t agree with Mr. Ray Starmann’s letter, please exercise your constitutional right and move to another country.

    Ray, a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for writing this.

  206. Maybe or politicians are fucking stupid but trust me when i say 17.4 million british citizens who voted to leave the corrupt,greedy deluded EU are not! Maybe the day will come when the right man for the job will be elected as prime minister and get our house in order!

  207. Many whites, blacks, Hispanics, etc who are several generations removed from being immigrants cause crime and death everyday on the States, with a overall total higher than any Muslim has in a terrorist attack. The right lives in a white-protectionist imaginary world. They are worried that anyone them get a piece of the pie. Dress it up however you want, but oh the whole the works is safer than its ever been, major crime rates are down and people are living better. But the right, and Trump in particular, use the white fear of minorities to keep their power. How am I supposed to know the intentions of a former Golf War veteran who could have PTSD? It’s impossible. But I choose to approach with an open hand and not a closed fist. Radical whatever-Islam, Christianity, protectionism, isolationism, xenophobia, etc- are all dangers. But if you think banning a group of people and inciting them with insults will help, you are misguided. The US has its fair share of blame through foreign policy for the hate it endures (like many, I have serious doubts that they do everything for freedom rather than economic security of their elite).


  209. Well put, Mr.Starmann! Bravo. If Ms Clinton and her band of thieves get elected, this country is DOOMED. Pray, Vote and Arm Yourselves!

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  211. Thanks for your service Ray. You are entitled to your opinion, however, I can in no way support a man that is so demeaning to everyone including war heros as yourself and John McCain and myself, father, and grandmother. All current or former military. My son has special needs and there is no way I want him to grow up with some bully as president of the US, who is going to mock him in front of the world. And there is never ever regret or apology.

  212. Trump is an isolationist demagogue who would shrink like a frightened turtle from the fight of which you speak. His words would be (and are already) a great recruiting tool for the extremists who, like you, want a clash of civilizations. The Moslem world today is around where Christianity was in the 16th century. It will grow up in another few centuries but it is not an existential threat to anyone. Sowing fear and division was what Khan accused Trump of, and he hit the bullseye. You are falling for the populist BS hook, line and sinker. America is strong, vibrant, multicultural, and in no mortal danger whatsoever. Obama gets fully that there is evil out there, but to think we can control it or defeat it easily is foolhardy:

    • Finally… some truth in these comments; thanks, UBERDAVE. Sure are a lot of ignorant people in our country. And that’s coming from a pasty white guy. I don’t care: just don’t touch my weed, stop me from getting an abortion (if I were a woman), or tell me who I can merry. Government has no business doing these things, and that’s what’s happening in this election. The religious right in this country will pick the next three or four supreme court justices; what do you think will happen to all of our rights? I find it funny that people actually think that the second amendment is in danger of being embellished; it takes 2/3 vote in congress to make that happen, and there’s no way the country will get behind either position with a majority.

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  214. Not to be cruel but if this family was never let into America, their son would never have been in the service and kille.

  215. I applaud you for a heartfelt letter that needs to be heard. These folks aren’t the only ones that lost a family member, nor will they be the last.
    Shame on those that think Mr. Trump should be raked across the coals over and over. Move on, folks. If Hillary Clinton is really the best for the country, berating over an over will not bring the young man back.
    I am afraid like many others that the polling will be rigged and the Democrats will control the fate of this country yet once more.
    But, thankfully my heart is controlled by God and the fact that Jesus Christ is my personal savior. So I will let the fate of this country be as it may and look forward to the day that I can be in heaven instead of the world that is becoming filthy rotten.

  216. I’m sorry for his son, but wife isn’t aloud to drive go anywhere with out escort .and have to wear that damn scarf on her head. No Muslim goes by our laws. And I here Hes little shifty.

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  218. The thing about limited immigration makes complete sense and here’s the best argument for it: Some years ago Excedrin was taken off the shelves because some idiot spiked a few bottles with cyanide. Millions of bottles were removed. Now I ask why? What was the big deal? Why treat all the bottles as if they might be poisonous… just because a few would kill an innocent?

  219. The article does two things very well.

    It eloquently recognizes one of our true fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price, as so many have in our history, that we may live under the umbrella of Freedom and Liberty today as spelled out in the Constitution. We thank all who have fought and fight today for America, and mourn the loss of all who have paid such a price.

    The letter also speaks with clarity that our Freedom and Liberty are under attack today by evil people and groups who live to do us harm. We will not allow them to prevail, and we need fearless leaders at all levels that are unafraid to call evil by its name and do whatever it takes to protect this great nation from persons or groups both foreign and domestic.

  220. sorry for the loss of your child but I got to thank about the mothers and father who lost their children in Benghazi. when they called for help from Hillary Rodham Clinton and no help came, well I’m sure you understand why I’m voting for Trump 2016.

  221. 5 & 1/2 years ago Cal Thomas referred to the turmoil in Egypt as a scene in a long running play whose final act is world domination by radical Islamists. He also stated that the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to impose Islam on the world and its motto is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” Fortunately not all Muslims are radical but knowing there goal we should not hasten the process by burying our head in the sand and ignoring what is happening all around us right now in every city and state in our country. Mr. Trump is right. Put a finger in the dam before it gives way completey.

  222. Many of the comments here reflect the scum that is trump’s contingent. Have at it. No way in hell your good ol boy is setting foot in the slave built white house. No mention of the white male domestic terrorists living in America killing more of us than any other group.

    • Correction. There was not even one Republican slave owner, Immediately after the Civil War the Republican Party gave black men the right to own land, run for office and to vote. Twenty years later, when the Democrats were back in power, they took away all of those rights and more. A Democrat started the Klu Klux Klan. It was used by the Democrats to identify and kill white and black Republicans. The first movie ever shown in the White House was during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson a Democrat. The movie praised the virtues of the Klu Klux Klan. The Civil Rights Act of 1969 was voted for by a higher percentage of Republicans then Democrats. Approximately 80% of all abortion clinics are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods and approximately 55 “Million” minority babies have already lost their lives. These babies should have been your future.

  223. I just want to correct one line in your open letter: “Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have one goal, the complete destruction of the Judeo-Christian culture, our religions and our way of life.” While this is certain a part of these terrorists’ goals, it is not all. ISIS and Al-Qaeda espouse a violent version of SUNNI ISLAM. There is a deep civil war within the Muslim community in the Middle East between Sunni and Shia Muslims. In fact, the vast majority of terrorist attacks (by a far far mile) have been against Shia Muslims. Americans only seem to pay attention to terrorist attacks in the U.S. and in Western Europe, when in fact the majority of ISIS attacks have been in other Muslim, Middle Eastern countries (sorry to burst your bubble guys).

    Radical Islamist terrorism is certainly a scourge that needs to be eliminated. Though you accede that “while not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims,” I can’t help but get the feeling that you think the vast majority of Muslims are drawn to terrorist, when in fact the percentage of all Muslims who are drawn to terrorism is less than 1%.

    So what is the solution? Enlist the help of Muslims. Get them on our side. Already, per the CIA and FBI, over 95% of terrorist attacks that have been thwarted have been because of information from concerned Muslims. Sorry to burst your bubble again. The vast majority of Muslims in the U.S. are patriotic and have been shown to actively “snitch” on fellow Muslims who have radicalized. Americans seem to forget that the American population of Americans are not radicalized at all. Go to the United Kingdom or France and you get a different story, but the U.S. has done a great job assimilating Muslims in comparison to Europe.

    P.S. I think it hilarious that conservatives hate on Obama when real liberals do not like him precisely for being a center-left Democrat. For those who are not political wonks, that means he was far from being a progressive, but was rather a very moderate Democrat (specifically, socially liberal and fiscally conservative). His foreign policy was basically a continuation and even escalation of Bush era policies. Obama has expanded Bush’s use of drones as both offensive weapons in the War on Terror, but also in intelligence-gathering and reconnaissance operations. Although Obama purportedly closed secret CIA prisons holding suspected terrorists, he continues the policy of rendition under which suspected terrorists can be sent to foreign prisons for interrogation. He has authorized the use of military commissions to try some terrorists, and – with the courts’ consent – supports the Bush policy of holding enemy combatants indefinitely without charge. Despite opposition from both conservative Republicans and many Democrats, he signed a four-year extension of the Patriot act which, among other provisions, provides federal authorities roving wiretap power to listen in on conversations of foreign suspects even when they change phones or locations, and gives the government the authority to investigate foreigners who have no known affiliation with terrorist groups. (To do so, however, requires approval from a secret federal court.)

  224. Look up this father on Walid Shoebats website and learn considerably more about him that will make you see this very differently than this man wrote.

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  226. Mr. Starmann, you are a disgrace to the uniform you wore and to all of us veterans who served our country and would never disparage our country’s leader as you do.

  227. I agree we us Americans need to protect ourselves because it seems our government can’t and won’t do it its sad the president and the government work for the American people not the people for the government people need to wake up and take back control or we all will be destroyed Obama and the Clintons are only worried about them selves we gotta make a change and make it fast god bless America Better wake up its gonna be to late

    • What a BEAUTIFUL letter you wrote Mr. Starmann. I always knew that the Khans were working for the Clintons WHAT A LOW LIFE SCUM Mr Khan is to desrespect Donald Trump why should Mr. Trump apologize Mr. Khan is the one who should apologize.

      Thank you for serveing our Country Mr.Starmann


  228. Mr Ray Starmann, That was so well said, A lot of the things you said, I have been saying for years now. it brought tears of joy to my heart to read it… Sir I would love to give you a big hug and say’ thank you Sir for caring enough for the American people to tell that SOB Khan just how all of us true American Trump voters think..

    Thank you again very much…

    TRUMP 2017..

  229. Having lost a daughter just before child birth. I know that sorrow but there was something that just did not seem totally right. Mr. Kahn sounded professional and very polished. It caused me wonder if there could possibly any hidden agenda or motivation lurking under the surface. Then I discovered today that Mr. Kahn is in fact an attorney who represents Muslim refugees in their attempt to immigrate to the U.S.A. Mr. Kahn stands to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in legal fees if immigration becomes dependent on thorough and totally accurate vetting. There are Muslim families who have actually rejoiced when a son or daughter, even a young child has given their life for the sake of killing one or even many so called infidels. We honor Captain Kahn for defending America and feel sorrow for his loss of life. He was and is an American Hero.

  230. It is unfortunate that this family allowed Lying Hillary to manipulate them into being a voice for Her, Hillary Clinton. Hillary leaves dead bodies and corruption every where she goes.

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  232. Wonderful letter, very respectful and right on the mark. Hillary used the Khans in her power grab and tried to turn our superb military against Mr. Trump. Does she think our servicemen and women are less than intelligent and can’t see what she is doing? Has she forgotten how little respect her husband paid to the best military in the world? The letter was just right and certainly gives us all hope. Go, Trump. GK

  233. Bravo! I believe 99% of rational Americans including peaceful living American Muslims lke the Khan’s would agree.

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  235. BRAVO RAY, you described America to a tee. We shall defend the homeland to the last drop of American blood. My father was a POW in WWII and fought and damned near died fighting the Socialist party of Germany. It appears that I have to fight the socialist progressive commie party of America, aka democRATS. At 60 years old I still can do my part to defend our nation as best I can.
    I would just like to THANK YOU for saying what is on the majority of America’s citizens minds. We have our county’s 6, bet on that.

  236. Excellant letter…right on! And info on mr kahn is that he is tied to clinton foundation etc and a long time hillary supporter. Hope the letter receives max circulation including by rnc/trump campaign…..seems they need u on staff…a vote for Trump is a vote for America!

  237. Why is it that the attacks that have occurred within our borders by Muslim fanatics are carried out by US citizens? Are you going to shut down the Internet? And please explain which countries are on this list….is Turkey? Germany? Egypt? I bring this up because an English soccer team, Arsenal FC, just completed a tour of the US and there are Muslim players on the team from those countries….so if Donald Trump was allowed to implement his unconstitutional order to stop people from entering our country based on a religious test, Mesut Ozil and Mohammed El Nenny would not have been allowed to come. Your letter is BS and so is your choice for President

  238. Mr. Khan actually made Donald Trump’s point.

    His son made a sacrifice and died at the hands of Muslims while serving in the US Army, as a Muslim.

    Major Hasan was US soldier, a Muslim, at Fort Hood who murdered 13 Americans and shot 30 others.

    If the US Army cannot I tell which Muslim is a terrorist and which is not, how could we possibly tell which refugees from Syria are Muslim terrorists not?

    Ban Muslim refugee immigration from terrorist Nations.

  239. This is a beautifully well written letter. Thank you SirFor writing it. Thank you for your service. I’m am sharing your letter in hopes that my friends and fellow Americans wake up and see the true danger we are in as a Country and as a people. Thank you once again.

  240. Yeah Islam is definitely not good at all I agree, but the only ridiculous thing on this letter is the writer try to mix Christianity and Trump and his ideas and behavior, Trump is nasty as Hillary is and both against any true Christian standards, please you guys use the scriptures and the name of God to endorse so many anti Christ ideas, vote to whoever you want to vote but come try to make Trump a messiah because he is not , actually much closer to anti Christ character.

  241. You and your letter are hateful and ugly! You forget that Mr. Kahn is also an American! That his son saved other American Lives. Lives, I might ad, that would have been lost if Trump was president and closed the borders to all muslims, as he states. The REASON Mr. Kahn was asked to speak at the convention was so that other Americans eould understand what a religious test and closed border would mean – Those Captain Kahn saved, would be dead. I’m insulted you forget the United States Constitution. Does not allow a religious test, and it never will! AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN MR. KAHN IS FREE TO PRACTICE WHATEVER RELIGION HE WISHES!!! Your letter on the topic is filled with hate, fear, and serves no purpose but to smear the family of an American hero and try and bolter your psychopathic leader Trump.

  242. Join the military, serve your country. Once a member of the armed forces, you can kill as many ragheads as you want. Remember, one bullet, one Muslim, don’t miss. Hope this was eloquent enough…… Someone once said “the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim”, at least someone should have said that. Ok, I said that, no, Trump said that while sitting on the throne. Please re-read, thank you.

  243. once again Obama does a illegal act in the middle of the night without congress knowledge. Sending to iran 400 million dollars to switzerland to change into euros. in an unmarked plane in the middle of the night. Lets remember he let go 5 muslim leaders go in the middle of the night without congress knowledge. Obama should be impeached. In terms this is called money laundering

  244. How is Trump’s nonsensical attack on the silent, grieving mother of a deceased American soldier being misconstrued as “defending himself”? That is not self defense. It’s another temper tantrum from a man child who is not emotionally fit for the job he seeks. Yes, Trump wants to ban Muslim immigration, and I don’t personally have an ethical issue with that. National security is paramount to political correctness. But how, specifically, is that going to be implemented? First it was a universal ban on entry or re-entry, even extending to Muslim-Americans (which is like, ten kinds of unconstitutional). Then he loosened it and said that it would only be Muslims from the most threatening countries, unless they were coming for sports or business or political events. When asked how it would be enforced, since passports do not specify religions and there is no national registry of Muslims, he said that border agents would ask “Are you Muslim?”, and people who said yes would be turned away. Is it really a good idea to strain our nation’s relationship with Muslims and alienate peaceful Muslims for a ban that’s entirely illogical, I’ll-conceived and unenforceable?

  245. You Con, Swore to uphold the Constitution Laws,not uphold the Constitution on stage. Yet your website brought an held people YOU RAN from to come here an stay. YOU are what killed your SON! SHAME and DISGRACE on YOU. GOD BLESS HONARABLE VETERAN SIR KAHN ,I salute Him!

  246. Powerful, well done. Why isn’t he angry at Clinton for voting for the war. And, why would he allow himself to be used. He’ll get his 15 min of fame. He just may regret using his son’s death as a political stunt

  247. Bush started war for no reason at all? Wrong, there were over 5000 weapons of destruction found in Iraq and many of our own men were hospitalized when handling them……..The Truth and Nothing but the Truth”

  248. It appears to me that this letter is toooo flowery for me, and in spots, it kind of makes me SICK!!!

    Nobody that is a corrupt immigration lawyer, which Khan REALLY IS,” selling United States’ Citizenships, that is in cahoots with the Clinton Foundation, linked to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton (and also Hillary’s girlfriend, Huma, and Huma’s family), with Saudi Arabia, giving $50,000 plus to Hillary’s Campaign, and IS a so-called friend of Hillary’s and connected with pay-and-play with the Clinton Foundation, WE DO NOT FEEL THAT THE KHANS SHOULD GET ANY KIND OF A PASS BECAUSE OF WHAT AND WHO KHAN ACTUALLY IS, AND THAT IT IS HANDS OFF FOR PEOPLE LIKE KHAN, EVEN IF THEY HAD 50 KIDS IN THE MILITARY!!! I, PERSONALLY, COULD CARE LESS. We do not want Sharia Law in the United States, and we do not want a criminal, such as Khan (he does not deserve any title in front of his name), as he is up TO NO GOOD TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND WANTS TRUMP OUT, BECAUSE TRUMP IS STANDING UP FOR THE 99.99% OF US, AND TRUMP IS NOT STANDING UP FOR CRIMINAL BUTT, EVIL BUTTED, IMMORAL, IMMORAL, IMMORAL, IMMORAL CLINTON!!!


    Also, Khan is ABSOLUTELY WRONG that the United States’ Constitution would not let a President of The United States deport certain peoples!!! IT IS THE KHANS THAT NEED TO READ THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ALONG WITH CRIMINAL BUTTED CLINTON, AND MOST OF THE DEMS THAT WERE AT THE DEMOCRAT CONVENTION!!! Who is it now that has college educated people supporting them??? The Dems need to go back another four years for their degrees, as they obviously did not do too well the first time!!!



  249. Ignoramous. Use some facts to make an argument. Not one American has died from foreign Muslim terrorists since 9/11. The few isolated shootings have been done by US citizens. Using your faulty logic we should “protect” our citizens by banning guns because in the same time period over 80,000 Americans have died in senseless shootings. In addition have you read our Constitution and Bill of Rights? We shall make no law limiting FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

  250. I can’t imagine the loss for the VFW when all the racists who have been posting here and elsewhere hand in their resignations on ideological grounds.
    Actually they probably won’t be missed…


    The Immigration and Nationality Act protects the U.S. from ALL TREATS SUCH AS;
    1) DISEASE

    The INA prevents ALL ALIENS, REGARDLESS OF RACE, to enter or remain in the U.S. where the government has suspicion that the Alien, (LEGAL OR ILLEGAL), is a possible Threat to the U.S. codified under INA Section 212;

    See this law firm for a more detailed sections of INA 212

    Here is the Legal Grounds that Trump wants to enforce;:

    (3) Security and related grounds.-

    (A) In general.-Any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in-

    (i) any activity (I) to violate any law of the United States relating to espionage or sabotage or (II) to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the United States of goods, technology, or sensitive information,

    (ii) any other unlawful activity, or

    (iii) any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means, is inadmissible.

    (B) Terrorist activities-

    (i) 3 4 4aIN GENERAL.-Any alien who-

    (I) has engaged in a terrorist activity,

    (II) a consular officer, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Homeland Security knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity (as defined in clause (iv));

    (III) has, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily harm, incited terrorist activity;

    (IV) is a representative (as defined in clause (v)) of–

    (aa) a terrorist organization (as defined in clause (vi)); or

    (bb) a political, social, or other group that endorses or espouses terrorist activity;

    (V) is a member of a terrorist organization described in subclause (I) or (II) of clause (vi);

    (VI) is a member of a terrorist organization described in clause (vi)(III), unless the alien can demonstrate by clear and convincing evidence that the alien did not know, and should not reasonably have known, that the organization was a terrorist organization;

    (VII) endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization;

    (VIII) has received military-type training (as defined in section 2339D(c)(1) of title 18, United States Code) from or on behalf of any organization that, at the time the training was received, was a terrorist organization (as defined in clause (vi)); or

    (IX) is the spouse or child of an alien who is inadmissible under this subparagraph, if the activity causing the alien to be found inadmissible occurred within the last 5 years, is inadmissible.

    An alien who is an officer, official, representative, or spokesman of the Palestine Liberation Organization is considered, for purposes of this chapter, to be engaged in a terrorist activity.

    Barring ANY IMMIGRANT, legal or illegal from entering or present in the United States that advocates the overthrow has been the STANDING ORDER OF U.S. LAW for decades.


  252. Trump has on numerous occasions degraded Muslim-Americans & the entire religion.
    Mr. Kahn as Muslim-American has the freedom to question Trump.

    Seems to me as someone who has also served, that both you & I protected his right to speak freely.

    There is no doubt that Trump degraded Muslim-Americans on numerous occasions. I’ve heard him at least twice myself.

  253. to date 11,314 American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why doesn’t the media give them equal time to error their grief. Also I was stationed at Ft Carson when Maj Nidel Malik Hassan in Army uniform killed 13 soldiers and wounded 32 in the name of Allah stating he was a soldier of Allah Soldiers also killed at a recruiting station. I’d like to here from these families about their losses. Not to mention the thousands wounded without limb and sight.Kahn was on eery station for 5 days.

  254. The idea is when people move to another country they should embrace the life of that country or they should stay in their own land. My grandmother came to America and was proud to be a n American citizen and learned english and raised her children as Americans.

  255. the difference is their religion is the LAW they’ve by and that law does not coincide with American law IE a man believes he can beat his wife. His wife is not allowed to leave the house without being escorted by a male relative etc In our law a man would be imprison for beating his wife.

  256. I’d like to hear from the 13 families of the soldiers who were killed at Ft Hood by Maj Nihal Malik Hassan who in Army uniform claimed he was a soldier of Allah as he killed 13 and wounded 32 others. Obama claimed it was work place violence. How can he use his son’s death for political reasons. Why now his son died in2004?

  257. I am a retired LTC from the Army Nurse Corps. My son is a Navy Seal and Doctor for the Navy and spent 8 months in Iraq. I am first generation in this country. My grandmother came to this country with my mother and siblings. My grandmother only spoke German to my grandfather. I asked her why. She said he was old and stubborn, but we are Americans now and she assimilated to life in America which included speaking english, because that was the language of America. Now everyone comes here and wants to adapt America to the country they left IE: little Havana in Miami. Muslims want to live under Sharia law. That is much different then American law. If you want to live in America you need to assimilate to American ways. That includes English. I live frequently in South America and I speak Spanish!!!

  258. Obama is not looking through rose colored glasses, he knows exactly what he is doing. He was raised by a father and step father both Muslim. His formative years he lived in Indonesia, highly Muslim in his college years he was close to a radical muslim leader and i understand indoctrinated into Muslim brotherhood. He left 5 ISIS commanders freed in the middle of the night without telling congress or anyone for one AWOL soldier next he removed American troops from Fallujah and all US military equipment was taken over by ISIS. Now he laundered 400 million dollars through Switzerland into Euro to Iran which will go into the radical Muslims. All untraceable money. I think the word IMPEACH should be used!

  259. Obama has done plenty without permission from congress. The big was releasing 5 ISIS commanders in the middle of the night for one AWOL soldier who 2 other soldiers lost their lives looking for him. WHY? The word impeachment should have been used Then he removed the American troops from Fallujah and ISIS walked in and took over all that American equipment and Fallujah. My son spent 8 months in Fallujah in 2004

  260. My name is Thomas F Brackin, I am a decorated and retired Police Officer from DeKalb County Georgia. I served (25) years of my life protecting and serving the citizens of DeKalb County. I am a 57 year old male, Caucasian and my memory is not as keen as I wish but I have earned a place to place my comment.

    In the 1960’s Nikita Kruchev stated “I will take over America and I will never fire a shot”. Anyone that does not see this is blind or does not care. There are numerous names attributed to those who hate America and want my Country to cease to exist.

    Socialist’s, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, and Marxist”s. Everyone of these individuals despise Capitalism, yet they accumulate their fortunes by way of Capitalism. They want hard working successful citizens to relinquish their hard earned money, (in the form of extreme taxes) so they can spend as they please.

    When it comes to their accumulated wealth, it is “Leave mine alone”.

    Regardless if Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii. He is a Pussy, a Yellow Bellied Coward, a Liar, a full blown Socialist, a MUSLIM, and a Political Terrorist. He is also guilty of Treason and should be tried and executed.

    Hitlery Clinton, well there is a case for a complete waste of a humanity. She is guilty of Murder, Treason, Extortion, and as an Attorney acquitted many guilty Rapist and Felons. In addition to her e-mail crimes, and perjury her supporters want her to violate more laws. She too is guilty of Treason and should be tried and executed.

    A Coward worse than Obama is William Clinton. After the initial bombing of the World Trade Center, (1993) the FBI investigation led to several co conspirators one of whom was Osama Bin Laden. Later when a U.S. Special Forces Soldier had Bin Laden in his sights, Clinton was too busy playing or watching Golf to be disturbed. Subsequently Bin Laden was able to escape. William Clinton is guilty of treason and should be tried then executed.

    Other extreme Liberals who wish to see my Country fail, are Nazi Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and Michelle Obama.

    The front running Socialist, who boasts about his Government take over is Bernie Sanders. What another sorry excuse for humanity. Free College, Free medicine, Free I-Phones, Free Cars, Free Apartments, Free Food, all paid for by those who are societies most wealthy.

    In Law Enforcement, I can guarantee you I am not in the top 1%. I was raised knowing what I have is what I earned. Every individual (no matter where you live, or socio-economic status is responsible for THEMSELVES) Parents are not supposed to be friends to their children. If you are a parent, then raise, teach, train, and earn their respect. Listen to your child, and let them know you care. You do not have to beat you child to install discipline. Set an example, create a responsible work ethic, and let their teach, not raise your child.

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s almost daily was there terrorism in Israel, Great Britian, Ireland, and many African countries. The United States was involved in a War in Vietnam, and the Chief of Staff or President was a Democrat.

    This man Kahn, has not the slightest clue to the definition of an American. I understand the need to vent after the tragic loss of his son. However, he is not anymore special than the hundreds of thousands of Fathers, Mothers, Wives, and Husbands who have lost their family members in the field of Battle, and as POW’s.

    If anything this man should be proud and stand tall knowing his son volunteered to Fight against the War on Terrorism.

    The current individual occupying the White House is a full blown Yellow Bellied Coward, Muslim, Islamist, and Political Terrorist. He pledged to transform the United States and he has accomplished his agenda. Not since the days of Al Capone is it so dangerous to be a Law Enforcement Officer. The conservative media is afraid to tell the truth. They are afraid of peer pressure. They are afraid of ratings. But mostly they are afraid of being called racist’s. If only one of you will speak out and say what is the truth and be damned those who oppose. Herman Cain, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbeaugh, Megan Kelley, Eric Ericson, just to name the ones I have listened to. I know there are many others, and how I beg of you to expose these traitors, wannabe Dictators, and Criminals for who they are.

    Anybody with half a brain, knows the Attorney General issued a “Direct Order from Obama” not to indict Hillary. Why is it no one will say it. Hillery knew everything about Benghazi, and caused the deaths of an American Ambassador, a (3) additional Americans. She also allowed Russia, to purchase a Uranium mine here in the United States. If this is not TREASON what is?

    I thank God I was born in 1959. I will not see the future America, and all I can do is pray for the younger generations who will inherit our debt, Socialism, and Dictators. Our founding Fathers tried their best to create These United States of America.

    All I can do is go quietly in the night and watch our Republic, sink away and dissolve.
    To those who will leave this Country if Donald Trump is elected. DO NOT WAIT, LEAVE NOW, we are better off without you.

    • Thomas F B.
      That was BEAUTIFUL! Truly. This little letter which started out as a simple example of confused, angry old white guy racism has now morphed into a FULL ON INSANIRANT. And you my friend have outdone them ALL. No-one is going to come off more hate-filled, xenophobic, tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theory espousing than you! You get your own GOLD STAR for that effort truly.
      Now there is one thing I have in common with you. I was also born in 1959, and like you I will also feel better when you have gone quietly inTO the night (the ‘TO’ is quite important to that sentence) and you won’t of course watch the Republic sink away and dissolve, because you will be dead – that’s what going quietly into the night means btw. You may well be missed for your entertainment value, but not much else I’m afraid. Because when you and those like you have finally yelled your last rant and gone to whatever hell you surely believe in; younger, smarter people of all genders, creeds and colors can finally get on with remaking the world for everyone. Thank goodness.

  261. Dear Mr. Ray Starmann,

    Us, “European zombies”, are being destroyed like you said, not by muslim, not by people we received to save them from their horrible situations in their home country, but also by French people, Belgium people or others, born in Europe, with no religion or link with Islam.
    Before writing words like this, please take 5 minutes to have correct information.

    And dear sir, you” American warriors”, are also being destroyed by Americans, with no link to Islam, shooting kids in Universities, teenagers in clubs…

    You are being lobotomized by hate and fear.

    Dear Mr. and Mrs Khan,
    I share your pain, and I admire your courage and also your great Humanity.

  262. Where is the biased press on this one? Very well written sir!
    Hillary will stoop to any level to advance her own agenda as evidenced by her affiliation with Mr. Kahn.

    #neverhillary. Trump2016

  263. Well said. This man has written in defense of Sharia, and advocated that it supersedes the very Constitution he pretended fealty to. Indeed, his son is a hero, but you are correct to point out that Khan began this by attacking Mr. Trump. In doing so, it is not unreasonable to expect a defense from a red-blooded American.

  264. Dear All,

    Most of us are familiar with the angry speech that Goldstar father Khizr Khan gave before the DNC where he harshly criticized GOP Presidential Nominee Donald Trump for his stance on temporarily halting Muslims immigrating to the United States coming from areas of the world where hot zones of ISIS terrorism exist.

    Today, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News interviewed another Goldstar mother [Karen Vaughn] whose 30 year old Navy Seal son Aaron [with two young children] was killed in Afghanistan and I think you will find listening to her extremely powerful words worthy of your consideration. (video is 7min30sec in length)

  265. How typical that defenders of Trump make the same mistake as him — make claims that are false based on faulty information, but that sounds great.

    Please do us a great favor – Stop calling yourselves Christians and stop driving around with bumper stickers that say “In God We Trust” …. If you did, you wouldn’t be so afraid.

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