Women in the Combat Arms: The Greatest Disaster in US Military History



Operation You Go Girl is destined to fail; failure defined not as a NO GO, or an F, but as the nation’s young women flown home in flag draped Glad Bags when the nation loses the next war(s). When this happens, the Hollywood producers, the feminists and the cultural Marxists who were responsible for forcing the nation’s women to experience the horrors of ground combat will scratch their heads and wonder why reality is so much different from their imaginary ideas of women in combat.

Think about this: US defense policy is now being run on a fantasy propagated by Hollywood, feminists and cultural Marxists.

Hollywood created the fantasy of the rough and tough, hard charging female cop. On any given night, on any given network, you can watch an anorexic 95 pound model, turned NYPD detective brandish a pistol larger than her waist and proceed to karate chop and cuff and stuff a myriad of male heavyweight thugs with the imaginary aplomb of Chuck Norris on all night POW camp raid.

Goodbye Popeye Doyle…

Unfortunately, real war is much different than a Demi Moore movie. A battlefield is not gender neutral. On a battlefield the roughest, toughest sons of bitches win the fight. What remains of the losers are picked at by ravens or fade away like dust in the wind.

Unfortunately, the Pentagon, the White House and Congress are no longer living in reality.

Simply put, the authorization in December 2015 to allow women to serve in the combat arms (infantry, armor, cavalry, artillery) and special operations forces (SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, Delta Force, Marine Raiders) of the US armed forces is the greatest disaster in US military history.

The defenders of this insanity will say that women have been in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan so what’s the big deal? Returning fire when your convoy is attacked or defending yourself during a military police security operation is different than being in a unit with the sole mission of killing the enemy and seizing and holding ground. It’s like comparing peddling a beach cruiser to racing in the Tour de France.

The social engineers will cry that the standards will remain the same. Horse dung and hay: the standards were already warped so that the three females could graduate from Ranger School. They had months of special training, nutritionists, endless chances to repeat the course, etc. Ninety-nine percent of the women in the world simply cannot meet the male physical standards of the combat arms and special operations units. No amount of estrogen charged You Go Girl battle cries, or Universal Studios light and magic shows can stop reality. Reality says a million times over that women simply don’t have the physical strength, aerobic lung capacity or aggressiveness to withstand life in the combat arms and special operations. They are also more prone to stress fractures and other injuries.

Has anyone in the Pentagon wondered why they’re authorizing women for ground combat duty, yet the PGA won’t allow women to play with Jordan Spieth and Dustin Johnson in any tournament. Why, because women don’t have the physical strength to hit a golf ball as far as men, that’s why.

So, the Masters is out for women, but the Green Berets are in. Are you kidding me?

Either there will be double standards or the standards will be made gender neutral and so weak that the fat ladies driving around Walmart in two horsepower electric carts will become Navy SEALs.

Another factor dooming Operation You Go Girl are the emotional issues surrounding young men and women living together in garrison and more importantly, in the field.

The military says that good leadership will put a damper on human sex drive. Newsflash social engineers, no amount of ROTC Leadership 101 is going to stop an 18 year old with an erection in a movement to contact with a 36-24-36 cheerleader, Private Babs Horny. Get a grip; the Army and the Marines are about to become nothing more than a high school summer camp with guns and high explosives.

You have to wonder if the social engineers who are throwing a wrecking ball into the US military have any knowledge at all about combat, the military and war itself. People like Obama, Joe Biden, Ash Carter, Ray Mabus, Eric Fanning and the rest of the military’s executioners should study battles like The Wilderness, Verdun, Tarawa, Peleliu, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Normandy, the Bulge, Khe Sanh and Tet. Think modern war can be won by diversity and technology; just ask the Marines who fought at Fallujah, or the soldiers from the Big Red One in Desert Storm who got into hand to hand fighting with the Republican Guard during the Battle of Norfolk, on the night of 26 February 1991.

War is about one thing; killing the enemy before he can kill you. It has nothing to do with equal opportunity, diversity, LGBT rights, transgender expression and ludicrous fantasies emanating from Professor Birkenstock’s women’s studies class.

Call me a cynic, but I think the subject is such a third rail in American politics that even a PC bashing behemoth like Trump won’t touch the issue. If elected, Trump would rebuild the military, but I don’t believe he has the knowledge nor will he have any generals with the stones to tell him to amend this debacle. If Trump utilizes the same school of Pentagon jellyfish trolling the hallways of the E-Ring, it’s game, set and match bad guys.

And, of course if Madame Secretary is elected it really is End Times, not only for the military, but for the nation itself.

Nope, it will take a colossal military disaster for this fiasco to end once and for all. Colossal military disaster defined as Putin’s Boys leaving the wreckage of the New US Army on the Ukrainian steppes; M1 tanks, red high heels and breast milk coolers. Or, the Chinese leaving a trail of tampons, mascara, lipstick and dead coed Marines throughout the tiny atolls of the South China Sea.

The true victims of this impending disaster are America’s young women in uniform. Well over ninety percent of women in the US military want nothing to do with ground combat, the combat arms and special operations. They are happy serving their country in the hundreds and hundreds of different jobs open to them. They know more than anyone what they are physically capable of doing in the military. It is a small minority of self-serving women in the military and leftist civilians who are pushing this nightmare agenda down the throat of the military.

The US military is on a collision course to defeat, disaster and perhaps complete destruction in war. The forced integration of women in the combat arms is not a civil rights victory, but rather the single greatest disaster in US military history.

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  1. I already told you so. It is the most ridiculous idea that the SEC DEF , etal can propose. Journey into North Korea and see if the Commies will be nice enough to leave the women alone. Inchon, Seoul, Chosin are a several more places that strong men survived but would been totally wiped out with females along side. When will somebody of importance stand up and knock this idea down?

  2. Mr. Ray Starmann, as a young American woman I can tell you right now that it will never get to that point. If the US government ever drafted women into the military, millions of young, unmarried women would get pregnant on purpose just to avoid the draft. You would see the biggest baby boom in American history.
    And by the way, I have a female relative who is a member of the Armed Forces. But she’s there because she wants to be, not because she was conscripted by some government mandate.

    • Matt Bracken, I have 5 granddaughters who are being groomed for this attitude. Very disturbing.
      Thanks for the meme. Sharing with the article.

    • It’s happening, it’s inevitable and it’s not unprecedented, females have served in combat roles in the U.S military with distinction since the inception of the Republic. A female Officer won the Silver Star leading a military Police company in urban combat in December of 1989 in Panama. The USMC has women and men doing the Cruicible with the same standards for over 2 decades. The Canadians have had women in their infantry since the 80s they even have a female Infantry General the Canadian Army is a well disciplined cohesive military organization. The Israeli military is co-Ed in their combat arms.

      The 2 women Officers that graduated from Army Ranger School they did the same standards as the male studs, not one push-up less, not one pound less in their rucks, they humped and repelled Yonah, they even ate the blue berry pancakes in our mess hall at Merell. The Canadians model will probably be our model, less than 2% of their combat arms is women, they just don’t get that many females volunteer. I think it will be the same for our Army? They will open it, but very few women in the enlisted ranks will volunteer? I think it will mostly be officers and I think a lot of that is they see infantry as a way to move up the ranks more swiftly. By the way the 75th Infantry has a one of those Captains that graduated from Ranger School. I don’t know If she has a company yet, but she’s in the regiment.

      • The standards weren’t the same for the females at Ranger School. I’ve got the documents to prove it. 1LT Haver, one of the first two female “graduates” had three months of endless special training before even showing up at Benning. She repeatedly flunked land nav but was passed. If the Army has nothing to hide why won’t they release the Green Cards to Congressman Russell? The female MP’s in Panama captured a dog kennel. Great job, put them in for a Silver Star.

      • I have to laugh at the assertion that the gender-integrated Canadian Army is a well-disciplined cohesive military organization. What exactly have these gender-integrated Canadian army units done in combat to make you think that? And the Israelis do not have co-ed combat units. Their women serve in separate combat units in the IDF, and they don’t kick down doors. They pull border duty. You also might want to read the IDF study on this issue which showed that women are injured at higher rates, and more seriously, than the men just in doing their daily combat arms duties in these units back in garrison. There is also the Marine Corps study on this matter that compared gender-integrated unit performance to those of all male units. The gender-integrated units were whipped at every task. Too bad SecDef dismissed the results of this study. As for the female captain who was passed thru Ranger School, Capt. Griest? She is NOT serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment. She was turned down by the Regimental Commander for not having ANY infantry command time and is currently serving at ARTB, also called the Ranger Department at Ranger School. She also never attended nor graduated from the Infantry Officer’s Basic Course which is a requirement for Infantry Officer’s. Instead, she graduated from the Captain’s Maneuver Course at Benning which is approximately 2 weeks long. What makes one think that with those credential that Capt. Griest deserves command of an infantry company let alone a Ranger Company? Talk about lowered standards…..

      • Mike – do your homework. Standards for women at the MCRD PI are NOT the same. The IDF has women in Border Guard units; not the infantry or other ground combat arms. They tried it in their armor units and it failed. As for the Ranger School; I’ve heard it both ways. The Rangers I know would not object if it was a FAIR test – but too many tell me it was not. I have no proof either way. Bottom line: you will find selected woman who can do anything a man can in a physical test or school – but not for prolonged periods of combat. The trouble is that combat is a team sport; not an individual event. The Marines integrated females into a unit trial and it didn’t work; the women broke down physically. These were not “wimpy” women, either. They were good Marines but their bodies were not built for ground combat. Our political leaders are at fault here; all those people who have never spent a day in uniform are calling the shots. Pardon me while I go puke.

      • I have been in The Marines for over 30 years and what you speak is false. Men and Women are not under the same standards. Never have been and never will be. The recent testing that pitted the very best women Marines integrated with male Marines against all male Marine units performed substantially lower IN EVERY SINGLE COMBAT TASK. Let me say that again; IN EVERY SINGLE COMBAT TASK. Israeli women do not serve front line operationally as well. I know, I have been there. Your wishful thinking does nothing but put American men and women in grave danger.

        • The records of the female candidates who “completed” Ranger School have mysteriously disappeared; even though records have been kept for the last 30 some odd years of every individual who has attended the course. These records, of these female candidates, at this time and moment cannot be found. Hmmmmmmm?

      • First off no woman won a silver star in Panama in 1989. In fact until Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester a vehicle driver in a convoy in Iraq won it, no woman had won a Silver Star since WWII. When the Germans bombed the field hospital at Anzio beach, Italy during WWII medical personnel evacuated forty-two patients by flashlight without incident, and for their bravery four nurses:1st Lt. Mary Roberts, 2d Lt. Elaine Roe, 2d Lt. Rita Virginia Rourke, and 2d Lt. Ellen Ainsworth, received the first Silver Star medals awarded to women in the U.S. Army. Ainsworth, who was killed during the attack, was awarded the medal posthumously. The crucible in the Marine Corps is not combat. I am a medically retired US Marine. I’ve seen combat. It is not pretty. It gets really ugly when it becomes hand to hand. It’s bad enough we send in men, we don’t need to send women.

      • You are so terribly misinformed on every single thing you have just said it is astonishing you have the brain capacity to continue breathing.

      • apart from just proving his point(an officer “winning” a silver star in 1989 is somehow proof that man are women are equal in physical combat), you spread lies and misinforamtion. i will only comment on the “israeli army is co-ed in combat rules” because of how much of a big lie this is and all of your rethoric i won’t even bother with the other “facts” or “arguments”, it is a waste of my time and id rather deal with this lie as an israeli and former idf soldier.

        in the idf(israeli defense force) there are about 2-3 battalions of “light infantry” or what ever you wanna call it that have either co-ed or are female only. in the only coed one(the Karakal battalion, in the Givati brigade) the health standard for men are lower than those of infantry and special forces. also they do tasks with the purpose of getting all the “men’s” units to less load so they can deal better with the important stuff. they usually guard peaceful borders(they were on egypt but were replaced when the “arab spring” began)
        women are also integrated in a search and rescue unit, MLRS unit, the border police(a lot less than men though, field recon(only women) and military police.
        there were also women in the NBC battalion but they it changed to only men.

        as aposed to that there are 5 infantry battalions, 1 comando battalion, many special forces units and navy combat rules open only to men(even in the airforce where women can apply to flight school, they are barred from some rules).

        so thats a big lie.
        on the opossite, if you want to be an insturctor in the army and you’re a man? you are at a great disadvantage since the idf prefers women and wont even offer the role to men most of the time.

        bottom line, they opened up “some” combat rules to women so they can say to the femenists “here we did it now leave us alone” and at the same time make some use of this stupidity.
        the israeli army has no time or respect for this PC stuff.

      • Same standards my fourth POC, Is it written that way, sure but did they really truly get held to the same standard as their male counterparts? BS, No chance in anybodies definition of reality. Special training, nutritionists, etc etc etc. Same APFT standard? BS I and many many other people know that was an absolute farce. Lie to yourself all you want, the American public while for the most part is buying off on the liberal agenda, In their hearts, they know the truth. Unfortunately there are much fewer numbers of us willing to call a monkey for what it is. and seriously…Panama, That’s what you have? Some MP Cpt getting the silver star in Panama? Yeah cause they have any kind of serious war machine, LOL.

      • Mike Harvey, I recommend that you do some fact-checking before writing a bunch of points that are factually untrue.

        Captain Linda Bray, the MP officer involved in the capture of a dog kennel in Panama, was not awarded the Silver Star.

        The USMC is the only service that has maintained gender-segregated basic training. Women in the USMC do not perform The Crucible to the same standard as men. By the way, when I went through the US Army Airborne School, the women in our class did their runs separately, and got to do the “flexed arm hang” in lieu of doing actual chin-ups.

        Colonel Jennie Carignan, the Canadian combat arms officer selected to become a Brigadier General later this year, is not in the Infantry. She’s an Engineer.

        I’m not going to discuss what happened at the Ranger School. However, Captain Kristen Griest is the MP officer who was approved to become an Infantry officer this year. She is not assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment. According to the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Global Address List, she is assigned to Fort Campbell, which means she’s assigned to the 101st ABN DIV (Air Assault).

        Finally, the Israeli military is not “co-ed” in their combat arms. They have a small number of women in only two Infantry Battalions that man guard posts on the borders with Egypt and Jordan, the two nations that have signed peace treaties with Israel. The Israeli military rejected a recommendation to allow women to serve on tank crews just last year. A simple Google search on “Israeli infantry women” will turn up articles like this one:


      • MIKE HARVEY is nuts.

        Miss Harvey,

        I was an infantryman way back when and spent a good deal o time training with a Canadian Infantry Sister unit in the late 80s and I saw not one, not one woman in their infantry. Me thinks you are a plant here and trying to ‘puss’ the feminist agenda. The israilie army is not Co-ed in combat arms. When Trump gets in this needs to be retracted as his first executive order, then arrest Obama then build the wall

        So wait a minute, reading your post again, your a cooks Miss Harvey? What the hell do you you know about being a man let alone an infantryman.

      • First of all, if you think Females did the Crucible like the males did you’re out your damn mind. I’ve been told BY females that all their heavy gear was thrown into trucks and got towed with them, while we were hiking with all our gear on our backs. Not only are we serving in an organization where they don’t have to meet the same standards we do, but it’s easier for them to get promoted too. So what, if enough women go combat arms we’re just going to have females leading grunt units at all levels on the battlefield? Hell no.

      • Mike, you’re part of the problem, not the solution. I hope to God you aren’t in the decision-making business… ANYWHERE, because you clearly cannot do so. “Canadian model”?!? WTF is wrong with you??? I know this, you need to see a surgeon to get your spine reinstalled!

      • Correction, when I was a Lieutenant at The Basic School, the “Standard Combat Load” was changed to a “percentage of the combined weight of both genders” in order to accommodate women. So yes, the standards for the evolution were the same, but required items for my alice pack were about 40lbs heavier than the required items for females. No matter which way you cut this, the standards are always changed.

      • Mike Harvey….A couple of things to note. Leading a motorized combat patrol in a urban environment from CoP Alpha to CoP Bravo is much different than sustained combat operations as an infantry soldier. I have worked in the field with nations that have women in their infantries in Afghanistan and Iraq and have never seen them off the FOB. But hey, they look good in parades and photo ops. Lastly the female CPT that graduated will be getting a company command in RTB which is not part of the 75th but falls under the School of the Infantry. Follow Me!

      • Let’s dissect those statements:

        First, the Captain did not go to Ranger Regiment, she went to RTB. The 75th is a USASOC unit, RTB is a part of Infantry School which falls under TRADOC, the command that is in charge of Basic Training. She applied for a branch transfer without doing PL time. This is low by any Infantry Officer standards.
        Second, I won’t deny they made it through the standards of Ranger School. They were prepped better than any male candidate to prove that women “can” pass. Physically, it is not impossible. Ranger School was not the same for them. I seriously doubt they carried 110+ pounds through the swamp as the AB+AG as I did. But, women have been passing Sapper School for years; it’s not unrealistic that a woman would pass Ranger School eventually.
        The Army determined it will happen. The Army ran thousands through the unit Pre-Ranger Courses. Then they ran the survivors (400+) through RTAC, sometimes twice. No foul there, I went through Pre-Ranger twice.

        But if you run thousands of midgets through Pre-Ranger, one will eventually pass Ranger School.

        A Silver Star to an MP? It’s almost worse that it’s an MP. But, yes – the female MP earned a SS while her Squad Leader was upgraded to a DSC because he was leading her. They were MP’s their weapons and equipment were close to them in vehicles, not being humped on a three day dismounted patrol

        As for the USMC, females perform a flexed arm hang for their PT test.

        Also, it’s Camp Merrill. 2 r’s an I and 2 l’s. If you want to make it sound like you work there, at least know how to spell it. Merrill’s Marauders. One of the last living Merrill’s Marauders lives close to 6 RTB; I met him at the VA down there. He didn’t fight through the jungle (you don’t know jungle if you haven’t visited Asia) for 5 months with malaria to have you mis-spell his unit name. If you are a Ranger, you know that.
        If you’re a support guy – hit the slab if you don’t have your tab.

        • 1LT Haver, one of the first two “graduates” of Ranger School had three, count em three months of pre, pre Ranger training, every day, all day long at Carson with about 60 other females. Haver failed land nav at Carson and at RTAC and from what I’ve heard at Ranger School as well. As you know, if the Army has nothing to hide, why won’t they release the Green Cards for the three grads to the House Armed Services Committee.

      • Actually, none of the women who graduated are in the 75th Ranger Regiment. One did get posted to the RTB (Ranger Training Battalion,) aka Ranger School. And, contrary to what you and the rest of the public were told, they did not meet the same standards and were given additional chow etc through out school. This is from friends of mine who are instructors at the school.

      • Wow, drinking the cool aid much? I believe the Capt is in the Ranger training brigade. That is not the Regiment! The Regiment still upholds standards. The training Brigade is a good place for her to play pretend warrior. Having worked with women in combat I know how this is going to end, sadly I just hope it does not cost lives or embarrass the military simply for a social experiment.

    • I am a feminist and always have been. Blacksheep of the family in this regard. All in all, I know there is a physical difference between men and women. I am big boned but I know I still don’t have the physical strength of men. A real feminist should understand this. I love it when out of common courtesy, a door is opened for me, but when I work my ass of at the same job and get paid less and get less respect, I get pissed. There are physical differences, but The pay should be equal when when you can do the job. if you can’t, I think it’s fair. I am the head of household, single mom raising my child, but my coworker gets paid more for having a penis, I get pissed. I will not clean up his messes and I am not his secretary. F that! Still I know I have my limitations! I’m willing to be fair.

  3. Brilliant article. I’ve been saying much the same for a long time, but the author said it better. They’re getting away with this because we’re going on three generations of the public and our representatives who have ZERO knowledge of the military in general, and military combat specifically. Thank you sir.

  4. What spoiled this article is the nastiness about mascara, breast milk coolers(someone suggested that nursing mothers should be sent to Afghanistan?) blah blah blah as if women cannot be seperated from their make up even for combat.-and that is what is wrong with them as soldiers.

    Relate to this as an adult, please.

    It is a very serious subject

    Women are not as physically fit for combat as men– that is a fact.The physical training is harder on them and the results not as good as per health and fitness. Women cannot lift as much or carry as much. There is an added risk for women in combat situations as they will most likely be tortured and sexually abused rather than treated as POWS. (Of course with the current set of enemies it is not unlikely that men wouldbe raped and tortued as well.)

    However in some military roles women are generally better..such as instructors, in communications and radar and observation on borders.

    Women are better at multi-tasking and generally more patient.And often better team workers.

    The fantasy starts and the danger begins when the usual gang of idiots claim that there is no difference between men and women.

    Why they are trying to blur the lines between sexes instead of using the different abilities of the respective sexes wisely in military situations is truly a mystery.

    Unless of course they want the US military to lose or do not care how many young women get killed as long as they make their point.

    Perhaps that is the agenda.
    Certainly the so called advancement of women is not.

    • Virtually none of what you said about women’s abilities is substantiated by fact other than that they can’t meet the same physical requirements, Elaine. Better at multi-tasking and more patient? According to who? In what way? Your anecdotes of- “I’m patient, and I can multitask!” Women are better team builders? According to WHO?

    • The human brain is incapable of “multi-tasking”. The incapability is shared equally among both sexes.

    • Uhhhhh better at multi tasking and better team members? When was the last time 2 or 3 women could work together for an extended period of time and NOT have drama?? Combine that with extreme stress and yiou’ll have a bunch of women belly down on the ground sobbing under gun fire. Your skills assessment couldn’t be further from the truth and a complete opposite of what I have witnessed. Good at communication? Women are horrible at communication. Using body language and eye rolls as their #1 language. Using code words as “Fine” or “Yes” when they really mean “it’s not fine” or “No”. This is combat and real life killing. Not a commercial or made for tv after school special. Let’s all take a breath with this equality movement and stay in reality. I do believe if women ran the world there would be no more wars, just a bunch of countries not speaking to each other.

      • You have a very warped perception of women. This kind of destructive stereotyping only breaks down communication. I don’t condescend to my female troops because I know they have aptitude equal to my male troops. We all work as a team. But, I am currently in a non-combat role so this is off topic.

  5. In my opinion the ones with the most to lose are the women combatants themselves.

    It is good for women soldiers to learn how to fight at clos equarters in case at some point they absolutely have to.
    But to send them deliberately into danger when it is known they are at a disadvantage is criminal

  6. how does the Israeli army handle this? Have they changed the PT standards? The last test that I took the woman next to me was not doing the same pushups that I was required to do.
    How will they handle a draft when the new one comes along? Will they require porta-potties to carried to the fox holes? I am sure that the average woman will rebel against being required to do the physical work required of the men.
    When I grew up I was told that girls could not do this or that. My thinking as a kid then was toro caca. have things changed that much. Do women really want to go into that environment? There might be a few, but the majority will refuse to go. If they want equality, there should be no choice, If one goes then all of them should be required to go.

    • The idea that Israel has women fully integrated in the army is simply false. They are limited to two infantry divisions that do nothing than over watch and they aren’t allowed to be tankers or artillery men because they aren’t strong enough to lift the rounds. They have also reported double the injuries in training. Women weren’t built for war and war isn’t a social experiment.

      Michael D.
      OF V Combat Arms veteran

    • Bill, I used to agree with your last comment, mainly because I was angry about this issue, but I have changed my opinion on that.

      Only a tiny percentage of women pushed for women to be allowed in the combat arms. However, I know many, many more women who disagree with it. I don’t think women who disagree with it should be required to register for the draft, and potentially be conscripted in the future and forced to serve in the Infantry, just because a small number were able to get our politicians to make a senseless decision.

      Instead, I hope to see the power of the women voters who disagree with this bad idea used to overturn it.

  7. You excel at writing hyperbole. Truly. This is some of the best hyperbole and strawman writing that I have come across in a long time, and you should be very proud of yourself.

  8. I like this. But how does a country with mandatory service handle this? Germany allows women in their special forces, the KSK I know for sure. It is being done all over the world. The US, Canada, and the UK are the last real holdouts to allow women in combat. While I agree with the article, I remember when 9/11 happened and I was in high school, I wanted to fight for my country. Was told I couldn’t because I was a girl. Tried to enlist anyway, figured I could blow stuff up…..diabetic. Medically disqualified. I think this article is well written, except for the comments about lipstick and mascara. I can’t operate makeup. After speaking with my brother, who is a disabled Army Vet, the stories he brought home scared me. After hearing what he had to say, women do not belong in certain combat careers. Especially SEALs, Delta Force, or any special forces.

  9. Equal. Cannon fodder. In a nation that valued the natural life-bringing and nurturing values of women (instead of disparaging them as breeders, suitable only for bringing business to Planned Parenthood, easily replaced by any man who wants to say he’s a woman), the politicians who pushed for this would be hanging by meathooks right now.

  10. I’ve actually been studying this topic and have interviewed many experts in the field. I’m not saying women should be in or out of the military but the article is saying the social impacts are what is driving this. The social impacts are what excluded women from combat since the revolutionary war. Our military should consist of individuals who can meet the standards. Why the issue of sex is even brought up is beyond me. Those of you who disagree with me and our top leaders making these decisions that’s well within your right.

  11. This article sounds like it was written by a spoiled child that hasn’t gotten his way. Grow up Ray; times have changed. You can either keep crying about it, or get with the rest of us and get over it. One team, one fight.

    • I grew up a long time ago at the 73 Easting. Times are changing because the JCS doesn’t have the balls to stand for what is right.

    • The rest of us are absolutely NOT over this. WE, the active duty members of the military, especially those of us who have been in ACTUAL face to face combat, DO NOT want any part of this. This will do bother but degrade our ability to fight and if you want to debate that, go talk to a grunt battalion.

    • You and who else a bunch of molly coddled millennials? If you have never been infantry or even armor, cav or arty shut the hell up your opinion doesn’t matter.

  12. If you want, call this number 2022243121 for the senators in Washington and tell them what state you are from. The Operator will direct your call to the appropriate senators office. You can leave message on answering machine. Tell them to vote no on girls and women having to register for selective service and the draft. Vote is coming up soon and Obama would sign it if it goes through. We don’t want our daughters and granddaughters fighting on the front lines during war. The social engineering by the liberals is nothing more than a way to help the enemy by weakening or millitary and hurting moral among our elite troups.

  13. As for relations in the field I agree no leadership will be able to keep two 18 year old people of the opposite sex apart. I went to army boot camp in 1980 and not only did I have sex with a female also in boot camp, I married her! They had a wooden wall built between our barracks that got taken down on almost a nightly basis and we were not the only ones. So yes a bad idea for combat.

  14. Mr Newland – your comment is a complete waste. I note that you make no attempt to rebutt on a factual basis. You in essence attack the writer which is of course an ad hominem.

  15. First off, I really liked the article. Many great points about “Obama’s social experiment.”

    There is no doubt this is destined to fail. However, I would say that to prove the point of ALL realist we need to “draft” the daughters of all congressmen and senators that allowed this to happen or that pushed for it. Also, draft Obamas daughters and that of all liberals, democrats and progressives. Train them and send them to fight ISIS.

  16. Great read, got a good laugh! The subject is so ridiculous! The fool has said in his heart there is no God! Just another in a long series of policy debacles coming out of godless Administration. Here is the deal, once you get off the God standard for morality and ethics, anything goes. LBGT, Self Identify Gender, Gay Marriage, Women in Combat, and Sanctity of Life; there will be no end, until our once great, God Fearing society is laying in the dust. God honors those who honor Him. While I wasn’t in combat, I serve eight years in the Marines as a SSGT. Semper Fi Delis, always faithful, to God, Country, Corp. Base line, if God Created, He did so with design intent, i.e. Male and Female. They are equally human; however, not interchangeably the same. They are obviously designed to be complementary, but not interchangeable. The only society that has ever deviated from this is modern secular humanistic society. Like I said, we got off the God Standard and craziness is taking over.

    • “Separation of church and state” Your godless argument is now invalid. If america was still a “Godly” country by your definition slavery would still be in effect, women couldn’t vote, anyone who wasn’t christian would be ostracized and mobbed. How many “godless” soldiers served beside you and you had no idea? How many atheists, muslims, gays, etc fought bled and died alongside you and others for this country but will never be known because of bigotry like yours? “God” is the moral standard? Defend the genocide of the human species (Noah’s Ark, 99.99% of the worlds population wiped out for using free will). How about stoning women to death for not being virgins before marriage? I hope you’ve never eaten fish or worn or used leather because those too are sins in the bible you hypocrite, i don’t personally agree with the integration if women can’t hold up to men on the same standards but don’t you dare spit on the founding fathers’ vision for this country with your close mindedness. A quote from George Washington -The United States is in no sense, in any shape or form founded upon the ideals or basis of the christian religion.

  17. As a Retired United States Air Force veteran with 21 years (1984-2005), the comment from the lady above suggesting women were better at getting along and with teamwork is wrong. In the desert, men lived 12 men to a tent. The women started that way (12 to a tent) and then were downsized to 6 to a tent and walls were built inside their tents first. Why? Because they couldn’t get along. I spent nearly 7 years in the Desert. Women are quite capable soldiers in the Air Force. I trusted many that I worked with everything. However, we were not at risk where the planes land and take off. The Air Force is very different from the other branches of service. There isn’t any job that I am aware of that a woman couldn’t do in the Air Force short of being para-rescue. In any combat scenario, I want my focus on the enemy. I wouldn’t want to babysit. My internal make-up would make me watch over women in my team more. Is that the woman’s fault? No. It just is what it is. I have a bunch of horses now. Anytime new people come up to ride them, I make the group ride to the worst riders ability. It isn’t right to scare the worst rider just because they aren’t as capable a rider as the rest. In a wartime scenario, I would hate to make that same decision to wage war due to the abilities of the least capable. Many people would suffer the consequences there. Women are very capable, but there are things that they can’t do. There are things that a woman does that I can’t do, and I wouldn’t even try…

  18. The toughest Special Forces in the world bar none are the South Koreans. And they would lose to the SAS and SEALS in a real engagement. Because the name of the game is armed close combat, not hand to hand.
    BTW, in you diatribe you mentioned the lung capacity of women. Yes women are generally smaller than men, but their systems are more efficient. Null game.
    You also mentioned 90% of the woman in the Army don’t want to be Infantry. Well neither do a large percentage of the men either. It’s a dirty, thankless, dangerous job. That’s why only the toughest men and women should be chosen. But there are woman out there who are willing and can do the job. I say give them the chance to serve.
    As far as Putin and his sorry ass military……really?
    And the Chinese will be a Naval engagement, with limited combat opportunities.

  19. I was stationed in West Germany in 1979 and in charge of a small detachment of Engineers to maintain a Joint Forces FTX field headquarters. There was also a Signal company there to keep their operations running.

    Talking with the Signal CO, he showed us their bivouac site and the imaginary “Do Not Cross” line between the male and female sides of the bivouac area. Would be believe it if he said it was crossed regularly?

    He said that after a field exercise, typically, 3-4 female soldiers would be pregnant. He was thankful they didn’t have many more than three or four FTXs a year otherwise his unit would have been rendered ineffective.

  20. In world war 2, backed by studies, it was said thay african americans lacked the intelligence and personal courage to fly combat aircraft. Everyone knew they were physically lesser than caucasian men, just as everyone knows here that females are lesser than men. African Americans served with distinction and I fully expect females will to. When Audie Murphy attempted to enlist he was turned away by all branches of the service for being underweight. He would eventually achieve enlistment in the Army. One could say he was a weakling physically, and he never got much over 160 lbs. Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier of WW2. I have served with male soldiers who were physically weaker than my 14 year old daughter. Enlistment standards are pretty low for males, dont be over weight or crippled is about it. Take a good look at that 18 year old male pt test to. 60% standard is stupidly easy yet I have seen many males (many of them senior nco’s) fail to reach 60%. Just as people could not look at African Americans as equal so to are people struggling to look at females as equal. And that is the main thrust of the matter, in so many minds females are not equal. The spirit that drives a female is the same as that which drives a male. Will some be tortored and raped if captured, yes they will. Just as male soldiers have been tortured and even raped when captured. Will a male soldier try to protect a female soldier to the detriment of the mission? I would die for my soldiers, I look on them as my sons and brothers. Ask a combat leader if he looks at his men as black or white or gay or straight. If he is any good he will tell you this, in combat they become family, soldiers and everything in that small brutal world. There are challenges to overcoming any cultural bias. The Army has a history of being the place where these changes happen.

  21. Well, my two pennyworth. Conscription is now dead. The outrage and backlash o conscripting women into combat would be political suicide, not to mention provoking an epidemic of pregnancies in a bid to dodge any draft. In some ways the liberal feminist brigade have aided young men – conscription is no longer a viable option.

  22. This is stupid and smells of egotistical misconpetios perpetuated by stupid people. Those who are ignorant with intent to remain stupid.

  23. Great article and I mostly agree… except for the occasional condescending tone. Why do seemingly educated, logical people (i.e. the author) think that demeaning comments about the targets of the subject matter won’t distract from the real message?

    When I think back on this article, the dig about the ladies who shop at Walmart (whom I’m sure never considered becoming a Navy Seal, because they know their limitations…and yet still got flat-out insulted) stands out and gets in my way. Mainly because that, along with the makeup, red heels and breast milk “jokes” (I agree to an extent on the tampons though) were comedic fails, which could have been edited out considering the serious nature of the point that is trying to be made.

    That…and it seems to have rattled the cage of certain women-bashers (“ahem” David – June 9 at 2:54pm), and started a battle of the sexes.

    Humor is great but there is a time and a place for it. The day we respect each other as individuals, rather than participating in group-mentality pissing contests and rude slights against people who didn’t jerk your chain, will be a cool day. That will be the day when our troops on the front lines (and those supporting them, regardless of gender) will know that their efforts and lives given are not in vain… because the people and freedoms they are fighting for are supporting them AND each other.

    Now…what were we talking about?

    • Shelley, check out the USDW article, Sec Army, “Balance Lactation Support and Readiness.” Apparently, lactating females will now be sent to the field.

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