U.S. General: If We Get Into a Land War With Russia, We’re in for a Rude, Cold, Awakening

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Stunning advancements in ground warfare tactics and technology have given Russia a decisive advantage over the US in ground warfare capability; right now, the US would lose a ground war.  Such is the essence of Lt. General H.R. McMaster’s analysis of US ground force readiness as determined by analyzing what Russia has achieved in Ukraine.

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3 comments on “U.S. General: If We Get Into a Land War With Russia, We’re in for a Rude, Cold, Awakening
  1. Not certain that that is such a wise Foreign Policy-Defense statement to make public, considering who the next CiC might be [even if she is wearing a Mao-style pantsuit].

    • It doesn’t matter that he said it. It is common knowledge our enemies can see the news and read papers. Obama has taken a meat ax to the military. The Air Force and Marines are going to the boneyard to to keep planes air worthy. Obama has lifted DADT, and now allowing Trans to serve, and lifted the ban on women in combat. All that serves is to drive the more conservative troops (the bulk of your force) out and it weakens it. We have had several incursions by the Russians and Chinese over the last few years and there has been no response by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. Trust me, the new Soviet State knows force ratios and weaponry. They’re led by the Old Soviet State’s Chief of Espionage.

    Putin knows that Obama has been personally diligent in corrosively weakening our Armed Forces, its leadership, unit cohesion, troop morale, weaponry, ammunition, spare parts, R&D, nuclear stockpiles and delivery systems, cancelling weapons and aircraft programs, radically diminishing force structure, eroding operational readiness, shrinking our logistics and maintenance infrastructure for almost eight years.

    Does Putin fear a Trump presidency? Yes, but Obama is a long way from through.

    Our “Fundamental Transformer” will remain where he is, as permanent leader of the American urban masses. He now holds the key to racial division, tension, hatred and savage tribal violence.

    A victorious Trump may find it very difficult to address the grave threat to European liberty posed by a strengthened and aggressive Russia and China, when the former president is ordering the initiation of murderous violence, arson, looting and city-closing chaos at his command.

    Obama is about to begin campaigning with and for Hillary. His repeated allusions to Trump as an anti-Hispanic, anti-Black racist miscreant will increase in tenor and malice with every speech he gives, and these fraudulent smears will resonate with every urban mass who flock to attend his violence inciting speeches.

    Oh, the reader can’t believe he’d do this? Do you not remember how the president involved himself in the Trayvon Martin shooting? How the Ferguson police incident became a deadly series of riots, arson and looting? How about Baltimore, when the black mayor gave police orders not to stop the rioters as they burned and looted? Obama’s voice was heard, loudly and clearly, in all of these incidents, with Al Sharpton and Eric Holder holding the bull horns.

    Obama’s anti-police, anti-Trump, anti-European American power will be demonstrated once again, and most starkly, this summer, not in Ferguson or Baltimore, or NYC, but in Cleveland, at the site of the Republican Convention.

    Please, don’t anyone act surprised.

    Putin won’t be. He’s preparing to take advantage of it, as are the Red Chinese.

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