The US Military is Coming Apart at the Seams


By Ray Starmann

It was another stellar week at the Pentagon.

I knew the Pentagon was up to no good. They had been virtually in monastic silence as Barry Soetero tap danced his way through a chorus line number of cowardice and denial in response to the Orlando shooting.

Speaking of chorus lines…

Ash Carter came out of hiding yesterday and pounded a couple more nails into the US military’s coffin.

The Pentagon is “likely” to repeal its ban on transgender service members next month, defense officials told Fox News Friday, even as one report claimed an announcement could happen as soon as next week.

According to USA Today, top personnel officials could meet as soon as Monday to finalize details of the plan. Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Wolk would sign off on the plan and Defense Secretary Ash Carter would give his final approval shortly before the July 4 weekend. 

Pentagon officials would not confirm the USA Today report’s timetable to Fox News, but spokesman Peter Cook told reporters earlier this week that a decision on the matter was coming “soon.”

“I can tell you that we have made progress,” said Cook. “[Carter] has indicated that he expects to make a final decision soon, and that’s exactly where we are.”

Late Friday, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, accused Carter of putting “the political agenda of a departing administration ahead of the military’s readiness crisis.”

In his statement, Thornberry said Carter had failed to answer a series of questions posed by the committee at the time of Carter’s initial announcement, including the cost of modifying barracks and bathroom facilities.

The Defense Department currently disqualifies transgender troops from the service on medical grounds. USA Today also reported that several issues related to repealing the transgender ban have caused contention at the Pentagon, most notably how long troops would need to serve before being eligible for gender reassignment surgery.

The idea of allowing transgenders to serve in the military is another catastrophic social engineering concept courtesy of the Marxinist-Leninists in the White House and their dutiful minions in the DoD.

As US Defense Watch has reported before, Gender Identity Disorder is labeled as a mental illness, no matter what left wing advocates believe. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

The Pentagon is therefore authorizing personnel with mental disorders to remain on active duty and it is inviting civilians with the illness to enlist as well! Furthermore, the military is going to waste millions in gender reassignment surgeries, when the military is drowning in budgetary and readiness quandaries.

Transgenderism is not looked upon as normal behavior by a majority of Americans, and like open homosexuality, it is another distraction from the military’s mission and most importantly, another reason for the military’s sinking morale.

What Obama and Carter and Mabus and the rest of the left wing social engineers don’t understand is that men join the military because it is looked upon as a male rite of passage, something macho, a maker of men. Or it used to be. When the military becomes saturated with confused men who wear dresses and homosexuals; normal, red-blooded men will simply not want to serve.

Obama’s social engineering is destroying the warrior spirit, discipline and morale of the US military. What could be a better example than the disgraceful conduct of the US Navy in the Persian Gulf last January, when Lieutenant David Nartker surrendered his men and boats to the Iranians without firing a shot, then proceeded to violate the Code of Conduct by groveling to the Iranians on worldwide TV, while one of his sailors was openly weeping on camera. Thankfully, someone in the Navy realized that action had to be taken against the sailors and officer involved.

According to PJ Media this week:

After an extensive investigation, the Navy has found numerous problems associated with the mission and the personnel, and it is likely that at least nine officers and sailors will see disciplinary action.

The report will be released next week.

The mission was plagued by problems even before it began. The day before, one of the boats had mechanical problems and maintenance personnel were forced to cannibalize a third vessel to fix it. The investigation found “the mission was plagued by communication failures, shortcomings with maintenance and training, missteps by members of the boat crews, and a lack of rigorous oversight by commanding officers.”

Transgenders, low morale, lack of fighting spirit, cowardly officers and now the Marine Corps is forced to cannibalize parts for their aircraft and search aircraft boneyards for F-18 Hornets, once thought to be obsolete.

As reported in the Marine Corps Times several days ago:

With most of its F/A-18 strike fighters unable to fly on any given day, the Marine Corps is resurrecting 23 Hornets from the “boneyard” and getting another seven aircraft from the Navy.

The move comes as the Marine Corps and Navy struggle to keep F/A-18s in the skies until the F-35 joint strike fighter can replace the services’ aging aircraft.

“We are very focused on our current readiness, and at the moment, we don’t have enough Hornets for combat, flight instruction and day-to-day training,” said Capt. Sarah Burns, a Marine spokeswoman at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the military continues to participate in Obama’s Carnival Shell Game, aka Operation Inherent Resolve, aka Obama’s Phony War on ISIS.

We have B-52’s in the Middle East, but they fire missiles instead of carpet bombing ISIS positions. We have a carrier in the Med that conducts a handful of air sorties a day. We have a baker’s dozen of Special Forces personnel in Syria and Iraq tangling with ISIS.

Have you heard ONE, yes ONE, senior officer in the US military speak up about our War on ISIS? Have you heard ONE, yes ONE, senior officer in the US military speak up about the insane social engineering destroying our military.


Things are not going well folks. Everyone seems to know it except the idiots in the DoD and the Obama Administration.

Open homosexuality in the military, transgenders in the ranks, women in the combat arms and Special Forces, low morale, discipline problems, poor junior leadership, cowardly senior leadership, spare parts and equipment issues and no clear mission to fight ISIS.

The US military is getting weaker by the hour…

The US military is coming apart at the seams and our enemies love every minute of it.

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19 comments on “The US Military is Coming Apart at the Seams
  1. How far does the obama administration have to go to warrant a coup, for the sake of the nation as well as the military? Seriously, with terrorists infiltrating the country, killing our citizens, we are dying as a nation.

  2. Thank you America for handing the Republic of South Africa to the Communist controlled African National Congress on a plate. Now ithe same thing is coming for you – Karma is a bitch…

  3. This article is no surprise. You have the Top Homosexual and Transgender couple occupying the White House. They have for over 7.5 years. WTF did you Think was going to happen??? (soon to retire LTC)

  4. The Joint Chief’s of Laugh have disobeyed their military oath to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. They should have arrested the muslim communist usurper and they didn’t. Not to act is to act. They are therefore complicit in the destruction of the military they are suppose to lead. This is further evidence that their subordinates are following oath violating senior officers. Remember the Nuremberg Trials that you don’t follow un-lawful (un-Constitutional orders). If issued un-lawful orders either disobey or mutiny. Which of these senior officers will be court martialed by President Trump?

  5. Obama will be gone soon we hope..must keep Hillary out . Trump will bring order back to the military…

  6. I’m a 70 year old gay man, and I can tell you this theater is going to run up against a brick wall because stupidity can only hide for so long before it is outed.

    Transgender men or women do not belong in the military. If they are so confused about their sexuality, one of our most basic human attributes, they are not fit to make decisions on what to do on the battle field.

    This Political Correctness idiocy must stop. Everyone knows that if you cut on your body because you don’t like its born nature, then quite frankly you do not deserve to be allowed to hold a weapon except for personal protection.

    IE: You cannot be trusted if you are that psychologically disturbed, and it is time for the military to stand up and be counted and tell those PC idiots. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON MY WATCH.

  7. I am not entirely certain who is going to end up in HEAVEN for eternity until I am there, but I am certain that I could name a few “well knowns” who are going to end up in HELL!

  8. Obama wants the USA to B no more powerful than any other country. He has dismantled our defense forces to the point we can’t fight a serious war. He also apologized for our stronger dollar. Says we cause the worlds economic problems. We must repeal all the mistakes Obama is responsible for. God Was At His Best When He Created The American Soldiers. ????⚖✝

  9. Well, look at the bright side…

    The Chinese, Russians and Iranians will KILL THEM ALL!!! The Feminazi’s, the F@gs and their supporting ilk… the WOMEN WILL put on Burqa’s or in otherwise be made Sex Saves and their tongues will probably be torn out (No more B1tching/Wining)… their Testosterone deficient male counterparts will be slaughtered/made an example of and the world will most assuredly be a better place!


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  12. I had aspirations once to stay and serve as long as I can. Now, I cannot get out of the circus fast enough. I have to tell you, there is NO bath that can wash off the funk this administration placed on us. I am embarrassed to be an American in uniform. like the presidency that was once respectable, the uniform of the u.s is that of a fashion show and a laughing stock of the free world. I would hope that this scumbag in office and all of his minions dress cool cuz hell is pretty hot from what I hear..I wouldnt serve in this army if they gave me a million t do it, self respect is free and last a lifetime…

  13. I wonder if Chelsea Clinton will be a infantry commander now.. No need for training, just leave her be because she is as qualified as her mother for a leadership role… God help us all. Only a FOOL would join today… Yes, the draft is coming before Granny Mao can leave her office… NOBODY with self respect would join to protect the liberals and their social engineering bs they have placed on us..Let THEM serve!

  14. Gen Smedley Butler laid out the Con of those serving in the military. The USSA has not been attacked without provocation and or complicit agreement since 1812.
    The only War that will matter to Americans are Domestic, or the lack of a counter-revolution to restore Constitutional Gov.
    We have been betrayed by our own “Enemy Within” as described by Cicero.
    If our Liberty is not worth fighting for, then Slavery is guaranteed.
    One man, even Trump, cannot reverse this societal demise. Unite with other Liberty minded, Godly men in your communities or Die.

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