The United States must Declare War on the Islamic State


By Ray Starmann

Churchill’s personal motto was Action this Day…

Obama’s personal motto is Make Excuses and Do Nothing…

While Orlando burns, Obama sits in the White House singing Kumbaya.

While Orlando burns, Obama calls it a LGBT hate crime.

While Orlando burns, Hillary wants to take all your guns.

For the last 24 hours, the president has song and danced his way around the issue of radical Islam once again, by calling the Orlando shooting an act of hate and another example of Americans having too many guns. For Obama, the Orlando terrorist operation was just the act of a lone shooter and there’s no clear proof it was supported by ISIS.

Newsflash Mr. President, Omar Mateen was yelling “Allah Akbar” while shooting people in the nightclub. He obviously wasn’t a member of the Southern Baptist Alliance or a producer from the 700 Club.

Obama has had help from the Clinton News Network to push his agenda that this was a lone act of LGBT hate, not Act One of the coming ISIS Tet Offensive in the USA.

It’s not about hate or gun control or whatever reason the Democrats can come up with to talk themselves out of taking the fight to ISIS.

Instead of cruise missiles slamming into your local ISIS rape room in Syria right now, Obama and Hillary and the Dems want to sit around in a circle, hold hands and sing “Where have all the Flowers Gone” as Bernie Sanders’s wife cooks up another batch of pot brownies.

Clearly, Obama’s Two Bombs a Day air campaign and seasoning Syria and Iraq with a smidgen of Special Forces ain’t doing the job. No offense against SF. They’re the best, but they’re not miracle workers. The Green Berets are being used piecemeal with no strategic goal. They’re not being used in conjunction with a real air campaign and a conventional ground force operation. Simply put, their talents are being wasted by an administration that knows nothing about the military.

Yesterday, ISIS officially claimed responsibility for the hideous atrocity in Orlando. This was confirmed by numerous news sources, including Reuters and Fox News. We’re not just talking here about Omar Mateen in a state of murderous arousal calling 911, but the Islamic State’s official news agency Amaq making a statement that they were behind the DECLARATION OF WAR ON AMERICA.

The time for over-rationalization, over-analysis and endless conversation is over with.

What will Obama do in the wake of this attack yesterday? Instead of blasting ISIS in Syria, he’s going to verbally blast the NRA, the Second Amendment and legal gun owners in the nation.

ISIS has been at war with the US for several years now and because we’ve responded in a feeble manner, they know we’re a weak sister. Yesterday’s attack, whether ISIS planned it or just took responsibility for it, or both, was the final straw. The Islamic State has declared war on the United States.

The President should immediately ask Congress for a declaration of war on the Islamic State.

A real military campaign must be waged to destroy ISIS from the face of the earth, just as the US and its Allies destroyed Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in World War II. A real campaign defined as an air campaign that severs command and control, interdicts supply lines and depots, destroys military equipment and personnel, and most importantly terrorizes the enemy and saps their will to fight. A real campaign defined as a US led ground force of roughly 50,000 troops to retake ISIS controlled towns and to put a stranglehold on the organization. A real campaign defined as increased and more aggressive counter-intelligence measures such as conducting surveillance on mosques, shutting down Muslim immigration into the US for a period of time and hiring more FBI agents and support personnel.

Most likely the Obama Administration will do nothing and that is the greatest danger here. You can’t win wars by political correctness, moderation and talking yourself out of action. You win wars by being the meanest, most brutal SOB on the block.

If we don’t do anything, these attacks will continue unabated until they reach a Tet Offensive crescendo in the coming months. We have to assume that countless ISIS sleeper cells and lone individuals have gotten the word to conduct operations in the USA.

Will we do anything except light candles and cry?

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One comment on “The United States must Declare War on the Islamic State
  1. As a retired military officer I fully agree. I would without hesitation put my uniform back on. As for the campaign it will take some where around 100 – 150 thousand troops on the ground to do it right. They will have to have an open book when it comes to “Rules of Engagement” they cannot have their hands tied and have to ask a lawyer every time they fire their weapon. Having completed 7 tours in OIF/OEF I know it is no fun being shoot and having to ask permission to return fire. That is just BS. We have been back in the same shape as we were in Vietnam with the PC BS and that is what get Troopies killed. Let us do our job and this crap will end.

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