By Jerome Almon

Americans bet on the wrong people with the wrong plans. This is the true cause of the Orlando terrorist attack, and all the other terrorist attacks against America from 9/11 to San Bernardino are the result of leadership that is deluded, disloyal, and inept.  What you are seeing with the Orlando terror attack is the result of the REAL WORLD crashing head on into the fake-ality TV world we have created for ourselves in America.  And of course the REAL WORLD won as it does EVERY TIME.

If Americans are depending on President Barack Hussein Obama II, Congress, or the various security and intelligence to save them and their families from terrorists…make sure your burial insurance policies are up to date.  They don’t have a clue. The President is lost, completely and totally living in a dream world on terrorism, a dream world that has become America’s nightmare.  The heads of DHS, the FBI, and CIA are so incompetent that in the REAL WORLD they could not get a job as security at Wal Mart third shift. Re-examine what I stated in my highly controversial piece Was General Petraeus ensnared in a Hezbollah “Honeytrap…” and  the following:

-Did you know that NO one, and I mean NO one that understands security believes TSA and DHS are security agencies?

-Are you aware that President Obama deliberately lied to America about ISIS being “JV” in order to get re-elected, although he knew it would result in the deaths of scores of American soldiers and civilians?

-Are you aware that the Obama plan for defending the country against attacks on clubs, bars, and restaurants is for the bar owners to fight off ISIS, and “prepare a list of succession” for these owners inevitable and sure deaths?

Our entire plan for Homeland Security has to be redrawn, and ALL of its directors IMMEDIATELY replaced, they are getting us killed PERIOD.

This is what is really going on, and because our political and security leadership is so incompetent, they are blind to the BIG PICTURE, and worse the GRAND PICTURE. The big picture is that the enemy is executing its plan of the destroying America, and the grand picture is that they are winning and America will fall as every other great power has due to the failure of the leadership to recognize both the threat and the plan.  As we fall for the non-existent Islamophobia BS, diversity, and minority rule, the enemy is laughing at us as they WIN and we LOSE over and over and over again. What Americans have to get is for 200 years of our country’s existence America was growing, progressing, and WINNING. And for the last 35 years we have been LOSING. It is not guns, the ratio of guns to citizens in the country has been consistent-where were the Jihadi terrorists in WW II? The 60’s? The 80’s?  It’s not racism, or bigotry, or any other made up nonsense, it is the TERRORIST that we IMPORTED along with their AMERICAN KILLING CULTURAL POISON.  Not one of the “experts” being consulted by the cable networks have any idea what they are talking about, hence why the massacres keep occurring and getting worse and worse.

The Jihadist are executing a plan they enacted 35 years ago (since the 80’s-just Google Dearborn terrorism and get shocked). That plan was to place as many killers in America and Europe as possible, and in as many sensitive positions as possible in preparation for the war between Islam and the West. Just examine America pre 1980 and now in terms of the number of politicians, business owners, government administrators, and high ranking advisers in America vs now.  This is no accident, it is an invasion.  The Ft. Hood shooter infiltrated the Army, the San Bernardino shooters infiltrated the California government, the Orlando shooter infiltrated government security. Each position gave these terrorists access to exactly what they needed-weapons training and unlimited targets. Mission accomplished.

What’s next? PURE HELL. Keep in mind as you read this, I am an expert on terrorism. I have successfully forecast every major trend and event in terrorism post 9/11-including Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, and Orlando.  I have forecasts attacks that cities such as NYC spent $600 million to prevent.  I have worked with and trained under top EU security experts and due to my  correct forecasts, I have been the target of documentaries by Middle Eastern TV outlets (which I turned down) and my correct predictions were featured on one of the top Jihadi websites for a decade following 9/11.

The problem with the fight against terrorism within the US and EU is that, I correctly forecast the attacks and trends concerning terrorism years in advance of the incidents, and the people in charge of DHS, the FBI, and CIA didn’t. To the contrary, these agencies stated that my prognostications were insane…until they occurred exactly as I said they would.  American anti-terrorism efforts are being led by Johnny Manziel’s when we need Tom Brady’s.  Stevie Wonder could have seen that the Orlando shooter was a stone cold terrorist and was going to slaughter Americans like the sheep we have become sooner than later.  Like the other instances of the FBI being warned about imminent terrorist attacks from the Boston Marathon to the attempted Detroit Christmas Day airline bombing, the FBI did everything but what is their jobs and worse what is natural. That is what Americans have to get the actions of American political, intelligence, and security entities is completely unnaturalunnatural to the point that it cannot be explained away.  They are the dumbest people in the history of dumb, and it is getting us killed DEAD.

What Americans are now facing is the clear black and white choice of losing America, as former CIA director James Woolsey stated on Foxnews 14 June 2016.  The enemy has us surrounded and infiltrated from the Canadian and Mexican borders all the way to the White House. I say this from experience not from theory. I grew up in the most terrorist rich places in the West, metro Detroit, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. Since the 80’s numerous first generation or recent immigrants that I personally know have left the US to fight in wars from Lebanon, to Chechnya, to Iraq…against America. They have committed terrorist attacks from North Africa to Europe to the US, they had it planned from day 1 upon entering the US. It was always the intention of parents such as the Orlando killers parents to have their children do exactly what Omar Mateen did at the Pulse night club. You can ban all the guns you want, it will not work. The terrorists have already made the decision to move to truck bombs…as in right NOW. The only thing that is going to stop them is PHYSICAL FORCE, not words, not wishes, not politicians.  These people are not Americans, they are not giving up their 1500 years of religious history for our 240 years of secular history, and anyone that thinks they will is a FOOL. Trust me they feel the same way as Michelle Obama stated about her first time being proud of being an American in 2007. I have had this conversations hundreds of times with Jihadis, and they laugh at the fact that Americans are so gullible as to believe they want to be American. No they want to win, and they are winning.

The enemy has launched its “Islamic Tet Offensive” as of 13 November 2015 in Paris, and they are not going to stop until they achieve their goals. Those goals are and always have been to defeat us in America on American soil. They always wanted to face off against our best on the battlefield- Army Rangers, Delta Force, the Green Berets, Navy SEALS, Marine Raiders, and Air Force Commandos, then to have those battle hardened Jihadis face off against AMERICAN CIVILIANS-ESPECIALLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN. They plan to KILL A CITY, and there is nothing, as of now that is going to stop them from doing exactly that.

Time to accept reality folks or else…

Jerome Almon is a former university lecturer/expert on domestic violence, international politics, terrorism/border security, and school shootings.  Almon has worked under global experts Dr. Mitja Zagar (Slovenia and co-author of the Slovenian Constitution/Syrian refugee & security expert/Top EU negotiator), Dr. Otto Feinstein head of the Urban Agenda and author of concept of Ethno-Development, Dr. Richard Mansbach- former CIA consultant and author of the “Global Puzzle.” Mr. Almon worked on the Delphi Project out of Belgium at the University of Toronto (Canada).  Mr. Almon has been the target of Al Jazeera documentary due to his correct predictions concerning terrorist events and trends (documentary was turned down).

Mr. Almon served a 1 year tour in the First Iraq War, is a paratrooper, combat engineer, and was featured on A&E for saving his unit’s mission during combat.  For this he was commended directly from the Pentagon. NYC’s anti-terror unit has invested $600 million in security measures due to his warnings. Mr. Almon regularly advises Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Mayors, and other prominent individuals regarding his areas of expertise.

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  1. The sodomite in chief well knows the plan, and he’s helping it along. It should be obvious by now where his loyalties are! It’s not America or Americans, it’s his click of elites that seated him there! He is fast tracking his last but not least agenda – taking the guns. Trouble is all these false flag flops backfire, and the masses arm up even more. Now his fellow sodo’s are arming up with the hashtag “shoot back”. So, we can only conclude the guns will soon or later be taken by force, and that will be a bloody period in time! But America has to go down for the NWO to be completed!

  2. You’ve actually missed the BIG picture, because you still think the reason things are happening is due to incompetence on the part of the Obama administration, etc.

    I strongly encourage you to find and watch “The video TRUMP SUPPORTERS DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE!! (The plot to murder Donald Trump)” by YouTuber C. Ervana.

    I’m not asking you to watch it because of supporting Trump. I’m asking you to watch because you’re going to hear a 1990 speech by President George H. W. Bush.

    That speech is going to open your eyes to the BIG picture, the GRAND picture. Because that speech reveals that everything happening today is carrying out the plan, the vision, being laid out by BUSH, or more correctly, by the cabal Bush was working with.

    It proves beyond any shadow of doubt, the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama train of presidencies has been a single thought and a single plan and the Obama “failures” have been the culmination meant to bring America to her knees with her head on the chopping block to make way for the New World Order so eloquently put forth by Bush.

    The plan was actually conceived long prior, but I only go back to Bush as it serves the purpose of PROVING that, without any shadow of doubt whatsoever, it is all part of a single plan and it involves both Democrats and Republicans and the seeing of it causes all the pieces of the puzzle to simply fall into place.

    Like, why have the Republicans not only not stopped Obama, but actually “fast-tracked” his objectives. Answer: they’re all working for the same objectives. Their differences are for our amusement only, a tool to distract us and to prevent us from seeing what they were up to.

    The “terrorists” aren’t winning. The terrorists are the hammer. The leaders are the hand wielding the hammer. The leaders on both sides of the aisle are the true enemies of the Republic.

    This is also applied to the European leadership. The terrorist-refugees are part of the plan to destabilize Europe. It’s not “just happening.” It is a plan conceived and carried out by the western leaders, to create the chaos by which they will gain control and establish their precious NWO.

    Why do you think TPP was fast-tracked? Why do you think climate change meetings were held in private? Why was TPP carried in secret? Since when does Congress not be allowed to even view legislation being passed? Why do you think these were allowed without any opposition, save one or two speaking up? Why has Obama been allowed to bring Chinese and Russian soldiers into the U.S. to show the inner workings of our grid during a period of time when we’re supposedly on the brink of war with both countries? Why are we on the brink of war with both countries after our military has been weakened so desperately by the Obama policies? Why in the face of these conditions has Mitch McConnell fast-tracked the legislation to green-light Obama to grant him the most sweeping War Powers given to any president in history?

    It is all part of the plan. And THAT, my friend, is the BIG picture, although arguably I still haven’t gotten to the GRAND picture. But I’ll leave it here, as the points I’ve touched on suffice to illustrate the truth of my words.

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