The Era of the American Wimp


By Ray Starmann

As politically correct and in total denial as President Obama is on the subject of taking the fight to ISIS, he has a lot of company these days from his fellow Americans.

The primary governmental organization responsible for our homeland security issues orders for its employees not use the terms Jihad or Sharia.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation can’t conduct surveillance on mosques over concerns of offending Muslims.

The President and members of Congress green light Syrians into the country as ISIS blazes a trail of terror across the globe. Muslim migrants storm the country like a horde blasting through a Walmart entrance on Black Friday.

At least half the nation believes that law abiding gun owners and/or conservatives are to blame for the Orlando massacre, even though there is audio and video footage of the shooter yelling Allah Akbar, swearing allegiance to ISIS; excuse me, ISIL, Mr. President.

The Attorney General of the US issues orders for any references to Islamic Terrorism to be scrubbed out of the Orlando 911 calls. Question – what does she want inserted instead, a George Wallace imitation voice yelling, “I wish I was in Dixie” or Gary Busey screaming, “One People, One Nation, One Trump?”

The Republican nominee to be is labeled a racist for wanting to temporarily halt immigration from countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan that breed terrorists.

No elected official can say stop illegal immigration without being labeled some kind of KKK bigot and then be hen pecked by a roundtable of left wing bimbos on The View.

We’re the world’s leading apologizers, criers and egg shell walkers in the face of the greatest evil to invade the planet since the man with the bad haircut and moustache turned a group of four down and out Munich beer drinkers into the Third Reich.

The US military is on the verge of becoming a total joke, a chorus line farce, led by a group of zombies, perfumed princes and feather merchants weighted down by ribbons and brass.

No doubt, conservatives and liberals alike are infested with American Wimp disease. It’s not just Obama and his band of Alinskyites. Last week, Paul Ryan said it was just awful that Mr. Trump wants to temporarily ban people from Afghanistan into the country. How dare Trump try and do his constitutional duties to protect the nation if elected President. Then, John McCain stepped into the ring, hammering Obama for basically letting the ISIS dogs out across the world. Within an hour or two, McCain was in front of the press back tracking on his words.

Get inside your average ISIS maniac’s head for a moment. What is the enemy thinking about us? I’ll let you in on a little secret. They think we’re complete candybutts. The President can’t say radical Islam, but he can say that the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to morning prayer. Whose side is this guy on? Imagine FDR during WWII saying the most beautiful sound in the world is a thousand Jap soldiers yelling Banzai!

ISIS knows we are not only tied down by political correctness, but also frolicking in it like the alley cat overdosing on some high grade catnip.

Everything in this country is now powered by political correctness. Americans can’t make a decision to do anything without worrying about how that course of action might offend someone.

What would our ancestors in this great land think of us now? They would think we were pathetic to put it bluntly.

Of course in the Era of the American Wimp, the one man who says what needs to be said is labeled an extremist, a racist, radical, dangerous, un-electable, scary.

No doubt there are Americans reading this article who are awake, have common sense, hate political correctness and are ready to pull their musket off the wall and protect the country from all enemies foreign and domestic. But, you, my fellow citizens, are in the minority and surrounded by a nation that currently prides itself on being as soft as four ply bath tissue.

Needless to say, we are, as my old sergeant major liked to say, “In Deep Kimchi.”

During World War II, the British were at first led by the erudite, bumbling, walking pacifier, Mr. Neville Chamberlain. With debacle after debacle piling up and leading to the Fall of France and the “Miracle at Dunkirk,” the British Parliament, sensing the British people had had enough called in Mr. Churchill to rescue the country.

Will Americans bring in Trump to rescue the nation? Or, will a plethora of special interest groups, fear of action, political correctness and good old fashioned moral cowardice usher in Mrs. Clinton and our final demise as a nation? Right now, with the current mentality of Americans, I’m betting on seeing a lot of Maoist pants suits in the next four to eight years.

Time will tell.

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6 comments on “The Era of the American Wimp
  1. How much more evidence do you need that Obama is a Manchurian candidate, put in place by Saudi Arabia? This clown would have been impeached 20 years ago. Heck, he never would have made it to president 20 years ago and nobody would have voted for him. Shows just how far down the toilet our country has fallen.

  2. the heartbreaking thing is all of my friends that died for this country ,and this is what we have become.over a million men and women gave there lives in the past wars and we squanderd it here at the last moment

  3. Bingo!

    And just to drive the apathetic quagmire right on home … just remember … about the new Amerika we now find ourselves sunk in … Rest Assured, Nobody (or not very many here) Cares!

  4. AMEN!! Wish I had discovered you earlier…I found you about a month ago and agree with everything I’ve seen from you since. Thanks for being the lone ranger fighting the PC BS
    in the country and even more sadly, the military.

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