REPORT: China Engages “Missile Lock” on US Aircraft Carrier in Philippines Sea – Pentagon Denies

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The Pentagon is now DENYING (6-24-16) Chinese “fire control radar” achieved “Missile Lock” upon the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis  for four minutes in the Philippines Sea on Wednesday, sending the vessel to Battle Stations.  No missiles were fired, but the ship remained at General Quarters (Battle Stations) for a considerable amount of time after the incident.

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2 comments to “REPORT: China Engages “Missile Lock” on US Aircraft Carrier in Philippines Sea – Pentagon Denies”
  1. Once again the administration denies and will not do anything about this type of conduct because that is not politically correct. To stand up to China, Russia or any other country that plays these games because this administration is filled with cowards and politicians destined to destroy our country.

  2. The “Radar Lock” story regarding a U.S. Aircraft Carrier, if true, is very troubling. Recent media content with respect to actions of Russia, Iran, China, Terrorists etc., tends to lend credence to the concept that unfriendly countries are empowered to engage in bullying tactics against the U.S. without fear of reprisal.
    The Term “America is Strong” is touted at almost every “State of the Union” address by current and past Presidents. The behavior of the Government of the U.S. in many incidents like this leads me to believe that there is a lack of will, or ability to stand up to the global bullies. I am having trouble understanding why the U.S. Government would do anything less than making sure that it projects its power and will from a civilized country being threatened to those that are perps and less than civilized. It is time for the U.S. to take more assertive actions to put a stop to this sort of behavior.

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