By Jerome Almon

An Orange County Sheriff's Department SWAT member arrives to the scene of a fatal shooting at Pulse Orlando nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, June 12, 2016. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

The truth hurts, however it is the truth.  America has recently witnessed a devastating tragedy with the terrorist shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and a near tragedy with the attempted assassination of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Las Vegas.  The fact is the two events are connected, connected by no chance, but by America being far behind the eight ball on security.  There are very specific reasons as to why America is behind the eight ball, they are not palatable, but they are factual.

First, the Pulse nightclub shooting. Americans have now learned that the shooter, Omar Mateen was interviewed by FBI and placed on their terrorist watch list twice. Additionally, a member of the mosque Omar Mateen attended, and a gun shop owner who was suspicious of Mateen’s attempted purchase of body armor, weapons, and ammunition both contacted the FBI and warned them that Mateen was a danger to society.  No action was taken by the FBI. Although most Americans would think this is an exception, it is the norm.

Examine the following:

-FBI field agents, actor James Woods, A Minnesota Flight instructor, and foreign intelligence agencies warned the CIA and FBI that there were Arab pilots in America planning an attack. One FBI agent warned of the threat 70 times. Actor James Woods was on a flight with the the 9/11 terrorists on 1 August 2001 and warned of that, ” I think they’re going to hijack this plane.”  

-Russian intelligence warn the FBI and CIA that the Boston Marathon bombers were Jihadists.  No action was taken by either entity.

-The father of the Christmas Day bomber, who attempted to blow up a plane over Detroit 2009, sat down face to face with the CIA and warned that HIS son was a jihadist headed to America on a mission.  No action was taken by the CIA.

This is the same for San Bernardino, Ft. Hood, Little Rock, and almost ever other terrorist attack in the US since 9/11. The question is how can these world class Sherlock Holmes and James Bonds that head the CIA and FBI not figure out what “FBI street cops,” foreign intelligence agencies, and everyday citizens FIGURED out? How is it even theoretically possible that the FBI, who has terrorism as their #1 priority, interview someone like Omar Mateen and NOT immediately put him in handcuffs?  As with the Boston Bombers, the Christmas Day bomber, and the 9/11 hijackers all had been to Jihadi hotbeds for an extended period of time ranging from the Caucuses, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.  To be direct, Stevie Wonder would have seen what was about to happen, so how could the FBI, DHS, and CIA not see it, although fighting terrorism is their primary job?

I can answer this question with a recent personal experience with the Secret Service. Due to conversations I had been having for several years with a high ranking Las Vegas Police Commander and a member of the city government, I contacted the Secret Service to warn them of an imminent threat to a Presidential candidate slated for an appearance in Sin City.  With my first call, I was sent to voicemail by an analyst. On the second phone call I spoke with an agent and was blown off.  I insisted on sending an email for the purpose of CYA.  Two days later an assassination attempt was made against the Presidential candidate I warned about. The candidate Donald Trump on 18 June 2016.

My warning was not due to clairvoyance, a hunch, or hairs standing up on the back of my neck. The warning was due to solid real world factors, as were the warnings concerning the 9/11 to Orlando terrorist attacks. I head a loose think tank of real world experts from Germany, Australia, and the rest of the EU that formulate solutions to the West’s most pressing problems and threats. I reached the conclusion concerning the attempted Trump assassination due to the real world factors on ground in Las Vegas. Those factors consisted of Las Vegas having its murders double since 2015, a large music festival with 300,000 attendees from all over the world, the fact that many of the concert goers would drive rather than fly (a common thread in recent terrorist attacks), the fact that the LVPD is overwhelmed due Vegas having one of the lowest police to civilian ratios in the country (Vegas has 14 cops for every 10K citizens vs NYC with over 40 cops per 10K citizens), and the icing on the cake was the assassination of UK MP Jo Cox on 16 June 2016. The individual that attempted to assassinate Donald Trump was a British citizen in the US illegally, who drove to Las Vegas for the sole purpose of pulling a hit on Mr. Trump by snatching the service weapon of a Las Vegas police officer.  Right on all accounts. I have not heard from the Secret Service, I will not hear from the Secret Service, not now…not ever.

WHY won’t I hear from the Secret Service or FBI (who are now aware of my warning)? Directly put, because I was CORRECT in my forecast.  Half a dozen times I have warned various security agencies about threats and vulnerabilities in US security, each time the issue I warned about occurred, and not once have I ever been questioned by DHS, the FBI, or any other security personnel-not once. For example, in 2001 I warned what is not DHS, NYC leaders, and the FBI about a catastrophic weakness in American security. The warning was concerning several tunnels that went under rivers at the US-Canadian border and in NYC, and the ease at which they could be breached by an explosive. All told me that I was the dumbest person Earth, and dismissed my warning.  Within weeks of my warning an individual drove into the US-Canadian tunnel with a bomb (one of many such incidents), and in 2006 a terrorist plan was discovered to blow the NYC tunnels. NYC spent $600 million to “terror proof” three under water tunnels. The Secret Service was given my complete history of correct forecasts, consisting of dated emails, letters, and interviews between myself and top US intelligence chiefs, members of Congress, and major media interviews.

The absolute cause of this serial ineptness lies with those who lead the the various intelligence and security agencies, along with President Barack Hussein Obama II. The cold harsh truth is the leadership we have in the White House, at the FBI, CIA, DHS, and the Secret Service are substantial for the job. These chiefs have no idea what they are doing, and ISIS and Al Qaeda know it.  These Ivy league “geniuses” that run the various security and intelligence agencies bring to mind one of my favorite quotes, “I will take a street PHD over a Harvard PHD any day.”  You have had the heads of the CIA and FBI Honey Trapped by a Hezbollah spy THAT EVERY ONE BUT THAN THEM KNEW WAS A HEZBOLLAH SPY. You have had Secret Service chief after Secret Service chief relieved of duty due to prostitution, Congressional spying, and other on the job criminal activity scandals. As far as President Obama, he has done more harm to America in 7 years than all of America’s enemies have done in 240. America needs Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson caliber talent, and instead it is getting Johnny Manziel, Vince Young, and JaMarcus Russell. ISIS and Al Qaeda are led by the best the history of the Muslim civilization…we are led by the dumbest in the history of dumb. Who do you think is going to win this one?

What this means to you, is very simple. Death, destruction, and poverty. Death of YOU and YOUR family, not someone else’s family. Destruction of the American culture, which is the ultimate goal of ISIS and Al Qaeda. Poverty due to the trillions wasted on fighting half-assed lost war after lost war in the Muslim world. If you hate what happened in San Bernardino, Paris, and Orlando, you really are going to hate what is coming soon to a venue near you. ISIS and Al Qaeda are about to launch Phase 3 of their 3 step attack plan against the US and the West, and this phase is intended to break us. It has always been the plan of Jihad Central to win or lose the battle for the Middle East in the US by taking the battle experienced gained by facing off against US Army Rangers, Delta Force, and the Navy Seals and turning Islamic Special Forces loose against American civilians. You MUST get this, because our leaders don’t. They cannot see the terror for the terrorist. They are as blind as Stevie Wonder when it comes to the big and grand pictures. (The BIG picture being the “Islamic Tet Offensive” we are now experiencing, and the GRAND picture being what former CIA chief and Admiral James Woolsey recently stated on Fox News-Obama is on the verge of “losing the country.” Take this LITERAL, it is completely accurate, and I and others warned of this ON (9/11). When Omar Mateen stated he was a SOLDIER of Allah, again this should be taken literally. We are fighting an Islamic ARMY, gleaned from a pool of 1.6 billion adherents. They have an endless supply of fighters, we have a limited supply of fighters with a population that is 1.3 billion less at 320 million.  It is like your family going up against the Mafia/organized crime groups from the movies “Casino,” “Scarface,” and “Goodfellas”…the ONLY chance you have is to follow the axiom,“When in doubt, be ruthless.” We best start killing, or start planning some funerals…

ISIS and Al Qaeda see US leadership for exactly what they are-weak/weak minded, dumb, treasonous, and worse STUPID. Trust me on this, I have had Jihadist call me due to my correct forecasts concerning terrorism and tell me exactly this. They know victory is just a matter of time as long as we continue to follow the Keystone Cops of security and the Barney Fifes of intel. The problem is that Americans don’t see their leadership in the same real world way as the enemy does. These people are the Bernie Madoff’s of security and patriotism. Trusting them to protect us after all the blatant and inexplicable failures in the area of terrorism is like the people that Madoff robbed for their life savings going down the prison where he is doing 150 years for running the world’s largest Ponzi scheme and forking over their social security checks. I was born at night, but not last night.  America will be a graveyard for Americans and Americana in 2016 if we don’t get this.

Folks, the cavalry ain’t coming over the hill as I have warned since 2001. A matter of fact every event I warned of in interviews with the US, European, Canadian, and Middle Eastern media circa 9/11 has come true without interruption, and that is downright scary.  This means that even with America being pounded from pillar to post like Sugar Ray Leonard was in his first fight with Roberto Duran, we have not changed course one bit. As Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This is it, either we follow the logical, pragmatic, All American path that we followed for the first 200 years of our country’s existence, or it’s all over. Not might, WILL be over.  American cannot take 4 more years of the policy of emasculation, minority rule, and fantasy over the real world.  We don’t have 1 year, if you knew what I knew as far as what ISIS and Al Qaeda have planned, you would throw all of these charlatans and political con-men out of office ASAP and empty the stores of AR-15’s yesterday.

The bottom line is I respect ISIS and Al Qaeda more than I do President Obama, DHS, the FBI, and Secret Service-I want to kill them, I want to end them, but I do respect them. ISIS and Al Qaeda are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to win and protect Islamic culture, we are not even willing to fire a group of traitorous imbeciles that are on the verge of destroying everything we have built in the country over the last 240 years.  As another one of my favorite sayings go, “In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.”  The people also get the life and death they deserve. We can have THE BASEBALL, HOT DOGS, APPLE PIE, AND CHEVROLET LIFE WE HAD AT THE DAWN OF AMERICA’S 200 BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS…OR THE ISIS, SAN BERNARDINO, ORLANDO, DC DEATH THAT WE ARE GETTING NOW.

Jerome Almon is a former university lecturer/expert on domestic violence, international politics, terrorism/border security, school shootings.  He worked under global experts Dr. Mitja Zagar (Slovenia and co-author of the Slovenian Constitution/Syrian refugee & security expert/Top EU negotiator), Dr. Otto Feinstein head of the Urban Agenda and author of concept of Ethno-Development, Dr. Richard Mansbach- former CIA consultant and author of the “Global Puzzle.”Mr. Almon worked on the Delphi Project out of Belgium at the University of Toronto (Canada).  Mr. Almon has been the target of Al Jazeera documentary due to his correct predictions concerning terrorist events and trends (documentary was turned down).
– Mr. Almon served a one year tour in the first Iraq War, is a paratrooper, combat engineer, and was featured on A&E for saving his unit’s mission during combat.  For this he was commended directly from the Pentagon. NYC’s anti-terror unit has invested $600 million in security measures due to his warnings. Mr. Almon regularly advises Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Mayors, and other prominent individuals regarding his areas of expertise.

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  1. The point is that the present administration in the US is a muslim jihad group. Fact. Their goal is to take over the US and kill all those that do not agree.
    Obola has one thing right, why say radical islam , when in reality, the jihad thought is in nearly all muslims.

    The key term is Taqiyya President.

  2. the correct blind character is RAY CHARLES not STEVIE WONDER as the author erred in citing…twice

    otherwise… very good article

    • I agree with you Frank. It is a good article but it is too politically correct to keep calling the administration uninformed, dumb, and unable to figure things out. They have it all figured out, it is exactly the plan. The problem is North America has not awakened to the fact that the very governments they have elected are in fact the enemy. People keep expecting their government to fight the enemy when they raised the enemy and they are in bed with them. It is up to the people to make the change.

      • Laurie

        You are incorrect the people have become aware the problem is not that they don’t care it is they do not know what to do about it. Too many are counting on leadership to arise in Congress and take action which is not going to happen. Why? The excuse be patient his term is almost over. Not good enough most are awaiting a leader to arise and begin. Where or who is it to be?

      • Absolutely true, Laurie. Our government and all of its departments such as the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc., etc., know exactly what they’re doing. Liberals now run the show entirely, and even a blind person can see this! Because liberals are dishonest, immoral, dishonorable, and terrible hypocrites, we will never see true justice as long as they are in charge. This article would be more believable if there weren’t so many grammatical errors. Also, the author often uses the negative when he means positive, and vice-versa! It’s hard to follow along with his train of thought!

  3. Would it not be real funny if al Queda and/or ISIS were creations of Western intelligence including the Israeli Mossad. it called self inflicted wounds via false flags. Ha HA the jokes on us.

  4. After laying out the facts in your article, how is it that you can’t seem to connect those dots to complete the picture they make? Which is: these attacks are shadow-government, staged terror. With a high probability that the alleged perpetrators are total patsies who were unknowingly being set up as the villian in terror drills gone live. I also am not convinced 100% that anyone actually died in some of them. The Trump assassination attempt was almost certainly reality. However, 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, and Orlando are fantasy. They have their origins in Operation Gladio, and Operation Northwoods.
    Yes, Muslim jihadists are a real threat. But, it is the traitorous faction of globalists within our own government and corporate institutions that manage and weild them as a weapon against us to further the globalist/communist/satanic agenda.

  5. The author misleads us by laying the blame on the Obama administration. Obama, like the Bushes, Clintons, and most American presidents since Wilson, is a puppet. This explains why Obama’s policies are the seamless continuation of Bush II policies, which were the seamless continuation of Clinton policies which were …. etc. All of these presidents and their “administrations” have been placed in power by the globalist conspirators ensconced at the Council on Foreign Relations — the true and only Secret Government of the United States. The rest is just smoke and mirrors to confuse the sheeple.
    Read the book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order to get a better idea of what’s really going on in America and the world.

  6. I haven’t even finished reading HALF of your Article and I HAVE to say THANK YOU! FINALLY!!! “TRUMPIAN”; BRASH, UNDILUTED, POINTEDLY UN-“p.C.” TRUTH!!! I’ll continue comment in a bit…

    Well, NOW! You’ve detailed enough TRUTH to get a Grand Jury indictment…and, (hopefully), a Trial for TREASONOUS acts and policies…a QUICK Conviction, and then out the back door for execution! Hoo Raa!

    Unfortunately, the MASS will ignore your plea for sanity, and simply ling up at the “SNAP” Card vendors, and Food Stamp Offices…and then b*tch because they had to WORK to get otta bed, to go there!!!

    But, what-the-heck!

    They’ll never figure out what all that “Pop!” “Pop” “Pop’n” is about, until their stomach begins hurting, and they look down…and…WHOA! There’s A LOTTA!…OMG!!! OMG!!! And then they’ll collapse & die…along with a WHOLE LOT of other dimwitted morons… But! AT LEAST you did you’re BEST to warn’em!

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