New Benghazi Witness: We Could Have Saved Lives That Day

Fox News


An Air Force squadron member who was stationed in Italy during the 2012 Benghazi attacks spoke out on Special Report, saying that more could have done to help the four Americans who died that night.

“I definitely believe that our aircraft could have taken off and got there in a timely manner, maybe three hours at the most, in order to…at least stop that second mortar attack and have those guys running for the hills, and basically save lives that day,” he said, choosing not to reveal his identity.

The man said the military’s excuse that that a refueling tanker wasn’t available is invalid because American jets routinely refuel using a “hot pit maneuver,” which allows jets to land and get fueled without shutting off the engines.

He says multiple occasions were available the night of the attack.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re the world’s greatest air force. When we need something done and we need to save some American lives, we’re gonna get it done. They just kept telling me ‘We’re waiting on a call, we’re waiting on the call.'”