Military Removing ‘Man’ From Job Titles, Citing Gender Equality



The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are getting a progressive make-over. The word ‘man’ will be dropped from each job and rating description to make them inclusive and gender-neutral.

Long gone are the days of ordnanceman, corpsman, or naval aircrewman- the new rating could be called ordinance person, health assistant, and aircrew assistant.

“This is one more step in how our force has changed,” Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in an interview Friday. “Our force has evolved, our force is different. And I believe it’s stronger and better.”

“It’s time for us to let go of telling women, ‘You’re just included. We don’t call you out by sex, but just know you’re part of mankind,'” said Lory Manning, a senior fellow at the Service Women’s Action Network. “When you hear that ‘man’ at the end, the image is a male image.”

3 comments on “Military Removing ‘Man’ From Job Titles, Citing Gender Equality
  1. More political correctness that’s heading us down to the path of military weakness. If we elect Hillary, it will be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back. Our armed forces will no longer have a commander in chief who will remember Pearl harbor, Inchon, Chosin and all the other places where men have gone in harm’s way to defend our way of life. Sure , we need women in the military, but not in the infantry!

  2. As a veteran, I cannot agree with this Obamanization of the military unit by adding females to combat units
    which in turn have to remove “man” from the unit positions. I am sure that the Russians and Chinese are laughing their A-ses off by this remodeling for political correctness. ISIL (Obama’s invention) can care less about political correctness, only political assassinations.

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