First on CNN: Four US military advisers wounded in Syria



Four U.S. military advisers were lightly wounded earlier this month in northern Syria by attackers who were believed to be part of ISIS, CNN has learned. The Pentagon has not yet spoken publicly about the June 9 incident, but several defense officials told CNN it happened when an anti-tank round was fired close to the advisers’ position and exploded a vehicle near them.

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2 comments on “First on CNN: Four US military advisers wounded in Syria
  1. Why have we not heard about this from the Pentagon? We are at war with ISIS. Yes, but our soon to be ex President insists on opening our borders to undocumented persons from the middle east who may also be ISIS related. Our country is at peril and we are on the brink of replacing a foll with another dangerous like minded fool. If Hillary follows Obama, there will be no end to the entry of dangerous people. Come November you must vote against Hillary! If you choose not to vote because you don’t like the opposing candidate your non-vote will help elect Hillary. Many Americans in the past have fought and died for the freedom you have today. Do not relinquish that benefit that was given to you. You must vote for freedom!

  2. ….and now the Russians have told us that “our”
    ISIS locations are fair game, as will be our military
    trainers. This gets worse every day.

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