A River of BS and an Ocean of Delusion – Just another day at the Pentagon

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 19: Defense Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Ashton Carter testifies during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee May 19, 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The hearing was held to examine the F-35 joint strike fighter program in review of the defense authorization request for FY2012 and the future years defense program. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Ray Starmann

The destruction of the US military keeps humming along at a breakneck pace.

According to the Pentagon and the Faustian Sellouts of the Round Table, aka the Joint Chiefs of Staff, things are going splendidly in the US military.

As the military reels from severe readiness, morale and social issues, you will consistently hear some bureaucratic clown like Secretary of Defense Ash Carter declare that this is the best military the US has ever fielded.


In the screenwriting world, they call that “a beat,” aka dead silence.

Let’s take a look at how well things are going these days:

Operation Kamikaze, the force fed integration of women into the combat arms and special operations is progressing gradually, like a slow IV drip of death in Doctor Kevorkian’s Ambulance of No Return. The Army and the Marines are as busy as Keebler Elves as they scramble to accommodate females in units that have been all male since Christ was a corporal. Latrines and showers are being modified and standards are being chain sawed into the abyss known as gender neutrality.

What kind of recruits will the new gender neutral combat arms have? A buddy of mine, a former US Army officer related a good story to me this week. He spoke of a conversation he had with a waitress in one of his local haunts. The young woman is out of shape, 40 pounds overweight and a lesbian. She told him she can’t wait to sign up for the Army and get into a tough combat arms unit.

Obviously, she’s been watching a lot of TV cops shows where the bulimic bimbo detective goes Steven Seagal on East LA gang bangers.

Obama’s Flying Circus is in town and it’s attracting every possible freak show performer: the gay soldier named Chad, the transgender Marine, Chastity; ­­the delusional You Go Girl feminist with a hyphenated last name and the Millennial kid who’s only muscular development is in his texting thumbs and who thinks real war is like Call of Duty 5.0.

Talk about square pegs in round holes.

Then there’s the War on ISIS.

Sure we’re having a few successes, but, why not, in the words of Sonny Corleone, “Hit them now, while we got the muscle?” I just don’t see Don Obama going to the mattresses against ISIS do you? So, the war on ISIS lingers on, like the Orkin Man trying to take out a hornet’s nest, by killing one hornet at a time.

The Democrats were the maestros of incrementalization during the Vietnam War. They were also very good at tying the hands of those fighting that war. They are at it again.

Of course the bad guys can see right through the Pentagon smoke and mirrors show.

No matter how many Bridge too Far airborne exercises we have in Poland, it ain’t scaring Vlad Putin. He knows he’s dealing with worms. He knows the US Army’s armored warfare capabilities are slim to none. What was once a gigantic, heavily trained armored goliath in Western Europe has been transformed into an army of light infantry, Lawrence of Arabia wannabes. No doubt light infantry is needed and has a purpose, but grunts usually don’t fare that well against tanks. Read about the British 1st Airborne Division dropping in on the 9th and 10th SS Panzer Divisions during Operation Market Garden in September of 1944.

What’s the plan to beef up the US Army’s Armor Corps, you got me? I don’t think there is one. The US Army can always hurl breast pumps at the Russians. We seem to be well stocked in that category.

Okay, so the Army basically is incapable of fighting anyone except ISIS or insurgent groups, there’s always the Navy, right?


The Navy is in big trouble too. Last week, a group of high ranking US Navy officers testified to the House Armed Services committee about the Navy’s sinking readiness. As the American Thinker reported on the officers’ testimony:

“Cannibalization” — pulling scarce spare parts off one ship or plane to fix another about to deploy — is now routine, the captains testified. For example, the USS Normandy has served as an organ donor for 13 different “mission critical” components over the last 45 days, crippling the anti-aircraft cruiser‘s radar. “I could not possibly surge right now” for an emergency deployment, testified Normandy skipper Capt. Scott Robertson.

Naval air forces are in similar straits. Four of the Navy’s 10 carrier air wings are fully manned and equipped, but those four are the ones either deployed or about to deploy, said Capt. Randy Stearns. Getting one of the other six wings ready to go in an emergency would take six to 12 months, “three times as long” as when he was a young officer, Stearns said: “As of today, we don’t have that surge capacity.”

Carrier Air Wing One will not have the funds or parts to fly at all for four months, Stearns testified. That will save $9 million to $13 million in the short run, but they’ll never get those months of training back, said Stearns. In the long term, “it’s going to take me three times the amount and three times the cost to get them back up to speed.”

Compounding this crisis is the Budget Control Act, “We’ve never caught up” on the maintenance and training cancelled in 2013, said Capt. Stearns. Last year’s budget deal loosened the BCA caps for fiscal year 2016 but kept them $18 billion tighter for 2017.

It’s possible that in the near future the US Navy might have to fight the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea.

In the South China Sea, as of February, China had finished construction on no less than six different island reefs from which to project its power in the South China Sea. Included in its military effort is the construction of a 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) long runway on the artificially expanded Fiery Cross Reef as a base for Chinese fighter aircraft.

As Reuters reported:

China’s creation of artificial islands in the South China Sea is happening so fast that Beijing will be able to extend the range of its navy, air force, coastguard and fishing fleets before long, much to the alarm of rival claimants to the contested waters. Naval commanders are worried that our ability to respond to such threats has been severely compromised by an Obama administration more concerned about rising sea levels than rising threats on those seas.

The Chinese are also harassing US reconnaissance flights. Yesterday, a US Air Force RC-135 was intercepted over the East China Sea in an unsafe manner. It seems that nearly every day, US aircraft are being harassed by the Russians and Chinese and the US Navy is being pushed around by the Iranians.

Of course with all of these calamities, the Pentagon is focusing on what really matters, the real sinews of war, diversity and LGBT rights. June 2016 is LGBT Pride Month throughout the DoD. The enablers of the LGBT agenda in the military believe that shoving these directives down the throat of the military somehow make it a more inclusive force. In actuality, the LGBT agenda is destroying morale.

In contrast to what the Pentagon may present to the world, nothing is going well for the US military.  Some have compared these times to the late 1970’s when the Carter Administration severely weakened the US military. But, things are far worse now. The military today is suffering from the same readiness issues as in 1978, but it is also being destroyed by lunatic social engineering never seen before in any military, anywhere.

That is the difference.

Back then we had a weak military with strong leaders and tough troopers. In 2016, the US military desperately needs strong leaders with moral rectitude and fortitude. The US military also needs good soldiers, sailors and Marines who aren’t there to make a political statement for someone’s left wing agenda.

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10 comments on “A River of BS and an Ocean of Delusion – Just another day at the Pentagon
  1. I have a great idea. When we get involved in WW3 lets conscript our best and our brightest. Start in the Oval office, then move on to the Senators and down the line ending in the House and all our “Representatives” that have contributed their Best
    to our country! That way, we’ll surely put the fear of God into our enemies and they’ll probably wave the
    white flag before the fun even starts.

  2. We can end this real quick. Create a Brigade of all female/LGBT infantry and throw them up against ISIS/Al Nusra State Dept. flavor of the day terrorists. We’ll even give them air support and arty.

    Then hear them scream stateside… after SOF rescues them.

    But they won’t. They know damn well they will need to be co-mingled to be baby-sitted.

    • In today’s DM, a boys under 14 team beat the Australian women’s soccer team 7-0. The team is rated the number 5 team in the world.

  3. this will not end well for the usa..

    we poke the Russians and Chinese in the eyes and have not the means or the iron to challenge them, throw in the Iranians and North Koreans and I say we are being set up to fail and lose the next conflict we get in.
    that fat lesbian waitress will be cannon fodder for the Russians, and Chinese, and it is sad what Obama has done to destroy us internally. sadly, we will pay for it for years to come, that is if we don’t see economic collapse first

  4. Thank you for the honesty and point on description. These are the very reasons I retired when I did. Damn good description of what is going on in our military today.

    I will say you forgot to mention the SHARPS training required so you will not hurt the LBGT feelings.

  5. “The Chinese are also harassing US reconnaissance flights. Yesterday, a US Air Force RC-135 was intercepted over the East China Sea in an unsafe manner. It seems that nearly every day, US aircraft are being harassed by the Russians and Chinese and the US Navy is being pushed around by the Iranians.”

    Hey genius, maybe the USA shouldn’t be flying spy planes within pissing distance of China’s largest naval base in the area or parking missile destroyers off the coast of Russia’s largest naval base in the Batlic, eh? But being an apologist for the war-mongers in .gov and the Pentagram you would never admit that these incidents are solely being caused by the US, right? The US doesn’t need to spend more on arms and the military than every other country in the world, combined, so it is high time that we stop interfering in other country’s affairs and close most of the bases we have overseas. Our infrastructure in the US is either falling apart or is outdated so what does .gov do, increase military spending and stir up trouble all over the world. Sooner or later the countries like China and Russia are going to say “enough is enough” and they will lash out at the US for all their meddling and IMO it will be rightly deserved. The only problem is a lot of young, relatively innocent, US servicemen are going to become casualties because of the evil intent of the people running the government and military.

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