A Battlefield is not Gender Neutral

PARRIS ISLAND, SC - FEBRUARY 25: Female Marine recruits stand in formation during boot camp February 25, 2013 at MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina. All female enlisted Marines and male Marines who were living east of the Mississippi River when they were recruited attend boot camp at Parris Island. About six percent of enlisted Marines are female. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

By Ray Starmann

It’s 1984 at the Pentagon, where the truth is warped like an old 78 RPM record sitting in the sun all day. At the Pentagon, true is false and false is true and the difference couldn’t be located with a million GPS’.

We are living in dangerous times, when incompetent, leftist social engineers are calling the plays in the Pentagon and in the process, sealing the fate of the US military in future conflicts.

As reported on Townhall this week:

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are getting a progressive make-over.  The word ‘man’ will be dropped from each job and rating description to make them inclusive and gender-neutral.

Progressive make-over defined as the self-immolation of the US military.

Long gone are the days of ordnanceman, corpsman, or naval aircrewman- the new rating could be called ordinance person, health assistant, and aircrew assistant.

What’s long gone are the days of the US military winning wars. 

“This is one more step in how our force has changed,” Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in an interview Friday. “Our force has evolved, our force is different. And I believe it’s stronger and better.”

“It’s time for us to let go of telling women, ‘You’re just included. We don’t call you out by sex, but just know you’re part of mankind,'” said Lory Manning, a senior fellow at the Service Women’s Action Network. “When you hear that ‘man’ at the end, the image is a male image.”

We wouldn’t want any male images associated with the military would we Comrade Manning?

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was asked about this proposition in May by the Associated Press.  

“Signifying that in all appropriate ways is, I think, exactly that, very appropriate and needed,” he responded.

Carter said that he did not have any good alternative titles for those stripped of “man,” but that someone smart was going to figure it out.


A female yeoman told a senior Navy official that “administrative specialist” would be a better title than yeoman.

There are some Army and Air Force titles that end in ‘man’ as well, but the services are not considering changing them. 

The Pentagon has indeed lost its collective mind and is creating its very own version of Newspeak from George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus are living characters right out of the Ministry of Truth in Orwell’s fictional police state, Oceania.

Apparently, in the US military in 2016:

Diversity is a combat multiplier.

Diversity is strength.

Gender neutrality can win wars.

Riflemen no longer exist. They are now rifle people.

Mortarmen are mortar things.

Women in the combat arms will lead the way.

Women in the combat arms and special operations make the military much stronger.

And, my personal favorite…Standards will always remain the same.

Carter and Mabus are certifiably nuts. They need to be carted off in a couple ambulances to Walter Reed, where after their psychiatric exams they will be both deemed mentally unfit to continue holding their offices.

Instant Section 8 – just add Pentagon Kool Aid.

Idiots like Ash Carter and Ray Mabus believe if you alter titles and erase letters, you will somehow create a world where men and women are interchangeable widgets with the same body parts, physical strength, thoughts and emotions.

This pure, unadulterated insanity really began at the ivy covered towers that are the home of the Snowflake Generation, our nation’s overpriced, communist footholds, aka universities. On our nation’s campuses, gender neutral psycho speak is in vogue. Men are no longer men and women are no longer women. They have been replaced by ridiculous made up words and terms that are straight from the Big Brother playbook.

And, the Pentagon is marching right along. Unlike, the intellectual leftist airheads on college campuses, the Pentagon is supposed to deal with reality. The US military is charged with winning our nation’s wars. That is the sole mission of the military. Unfortunately, the Pentagon is now more concerned with transforming the military into a gender neutral fantasy land, than fighting wars and defending the nation.

Here are some questions the military’s executioners have probably not asked themselves:

How are female soldiers and Marines going to survive hand to hand combat fights against a Russian soldier or an ISIS jihadi? The gender neutral nuts will tell you that hand to hand combat is a thing of the past. WRONG. Tell that to the Marines who fought in Fallujah. Tell that to the Delta Force troopers who took down an ISIS prison several months ago. Tell that to the soldiers of the Big Red One who engaged in hand to hand fighting with the Tawakalna Division of the Republican Guard during the Battle of Norfolk in 1991.

Obviously, Carter and Mabus have given no thought on how women are going to carry heavy combat loads on sustained operations. In an extensive study done by the 82nd Airborne, they outlined the various combat loads for soldiers in the famed “Devils in baggy pants” division fighting in Afghanistan.

A Rifleman in the 82nd had a fighting load of 63 pounds, an approach march load of 96 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 127 pounds.

A M240 Bravo Assistant Gunner had a fighting load of 70 pounds, an approach march load of 121 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 148 pounds.

A Mortar Section Leader had a fighting load of 58 pounds, an approach march load of 110 pounds and an emergency approach march load of 149 pounds.

Most women in the world cannot carry those weights for any sustained amount of time or at all, without enduring stress injuries.

Of course these are individual loads and troopers rucking their own loads will not be able to carry more weight to help females. And, what happens when Carter’s mandatory quotas of 25% to 35% percent women in each combat unit are instituted? You’re going to have large numbers of female grunts and Marines who can’t carry a basic load into combat. Combat units are going to be combat ineffective before they even see a green Russian tracer go down range at them.

How about artillery shells? How is your average woman in a field artillery unit going to carry a 98 pound, 155mm round? According to the 2014 Marine study that was thrown into the Pentagon dumpster by both Carter and Mabus, only 18% of female Marines tested could carry a 155 round 50 feet to a gun; whereas, 98% of male Marines could complete the task. It is important to note that that the women tested were the cream of the crop physically in the Corps. The male Marines tested were only in average physical condition.

When you low crawl out of the Disney like, fantasy world of Gender Neutral Land, you realize that US military policy is now based on an allusion and that the Pentagon is lying and betraying an American public with limited, if no understanding of the military.

And, where oh where are the Joint Chiefs of Staff while this delusional destruction marches on?

I call it like I see it and the JCS are nothing more than cowards weighed down by fruit salad and gold braids. I don’t care what they’ve done in their illustrious careers. They are standing by and doing nothing as the US military is destroyed on their watch. Frankly, they should all be court martialed for dereliction of duty.

One day, historians will talk about the power and the glory of the US military like historians speak of Ancient Rome.  The famous Roman Legions were weakened and ultimately destroyed by power hungry maniacal leaders, social decay, weakness and cowardice. The US military is on the same collision course, only 1600 years later.

What Mabus and Carter haven’t figured out yet is that our enemies are not politically correct, gender neutral, egg shell walking wallflowers. They’re going to fight us the old-fashioned way, with men. And, we are going to lose.

There is no equal opportunity on a battlefield. A battlefield is not gender neutral. On a battlefield the strong survive and the weak are shot, shake and baked and gutted like Coho Salmon.

You don’t have to be a field marshal to figure out that the US military is on the eve of destruction.

Diversity is not going to carry the day. It’s the death knell of the US military.

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  1. What we need is someone who can stop the insanity of gender neutrality. Is there any hope that it can be done? I don’t know. I can only hope we can hang on long enough to get a new President who will realize the foolhardiness of the plans for this change. It isn’t Hillary. I believe that Trump might understand and act accordingly if elected. Right now that id our only change to save the U.S. from ourselves.

  2. Most excellent. And not to be a “grammar Nazi” because it really is a first rate article, but….I believe that in the paragraph that begins “When you low crawl…” that the proper choice of word is “illusion” vice “allusion.” Otherwise, keep up the good work. ELK (USNA ’68)

  3. The facts are that if women are included in a combat arm of the military, standards must be lowered for the sake of “diversity”.

  4. NEVER EVER listen to what a liberal tells you! He is anti-God and anti-Christian.

    TWO things that made the mightiest and most BLESSED Nation ever seen.

    Do NOT OBEY them, DO NOT listen to them.


  5. “no sweat”
    I’m sure 99% of those girls in the picture there could bust track and change sprockets on a tank using all manual tools!!!!!!!!!
    even FASTER while being sniped at on getting rid of a busted torsion bar and a pair of road wheels on a tank!!!!!!!!!! GRIN

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