What kind of nation drafts women and sends them to war?

By Ray Starmann


A nation that drafts women and sends them to war is in its death throes.

A nation that drafts women and sends them to war has lost its moral compass.

What kind of nation subjects mothers, daughters, wives and sisters to a military draft where they could be placed in a direct ground combat unit?

It is a nation that is spiritually bankrupt; spent, doomed and with military and civilian leaders who are either uninformed, desperate, cowards or all three.

The naysayers will state that the Soviet Union had women in combat in World War II, particularly as snipers. Yes, they did. The Soviet Union was also in mortal peril as the German Army rolled through the country in the Summer of 1941. On December 2nd, a German reconnaissance battalion reached the village of Khimki, just five miles from Moscow. The Kremlin could be seen in the distance. Then, it started snowing, the temperatures dropped to 35 below zero and Stalin counter-attacked.

Finland utilized women in Anti-Aircraft units during the Winter War in 1939-1940, after the Soviet Union invaded the country. One of those women was my former German professor at Southern Methodist University, Dr. Margareta Deschner.

Women served in direct ground combat units of the IDF during the Six Day War in 1967. The IDF had so many problems with women in direct ground combat organizations that they were pulled out of the units after the war and then used as instructors. In 2000, Israeli social engineers forced women back in the combat arms of the IDF. Today, women make up about 3% of the combat arms and serve in several battalions that are comprised of 75% females. Apparently, problems with women in these units has been covered up by the Israeli government as reported by Arutz Sheva.

On April 27, the United State House of Representatives’ Armed Services Committee voted to back an amendment that would require women to register with the Selective Service within 30 days of turning 18 years of age, as all men must currently do.

This means that if Congress ever brings back the draft, women will be forcibly sent to war and possibly be assigned to combat arms units, aka the infantry, armor, armored cavalry, artillery.

The amendment is a response to the Pentagon’s decision to allow women to serve in combat. Supporters of drafting women point out that the ban on women in combat was the reason the Supreme Court upheld a male-only draft. Therefore, they argue, it is only logical to now force women to register for Selective Service.

The U.S. House at large will vote on the Act in May 2016, which was approved by the committee 60-2 on April 28.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D., CA) supported the policy change: “I actually think if we want equality in this country, if we want women to be treated precisely like men are treated and that they should not be discriminated against, we should be willing to support a universal conscription.”

Except for a few crusaders, such as Congressman Duncan Hunter, a Marine Corps vet, who served in Iraq, Congress is largely supportive of the idea of drafting women.

In all honesty, Congress doesn’t really care or understand the issue; why should they? Most of Congress has never served a day in uniform.

The Joint Chiefs don’t care. They traded their souls for benefits and defense contractor jobs years ago. When the Army Chief of Staff, a Green Beret, tells the world we need to draft women, you know the end is near.

I will say it as plain as day; the senior leadership of the United States Military is the biggest collection of sycophants and moral cowards that this nation has ever placed in the Pentagon or the War Department or in a tent, 240 years ago with General Washington.

The American people don’t care. Why should they? Most Americans have never served a day in uniform and have no clue about what is happening. Most Americans have the attention span of a fruit fly and are focused on how many “Likes” they’re getting on Facebook. Most Americans think serving your country is tantamount to standing at attention with a bucket of KFC while the National Anthem is belted out by Carrie Underwood before the Daytona 500.

Furthermore, American men aren’t exactly swaggering images of John Wayne these days. They’re more than happy to send their women to war, and that speaks volumes about the decrepit state of the nation.

Why would the United States ever need to draft women, when the country has millions and millions of men to call up, should a national security emergency arise?

Unfortunately, real war is nothing like the allusions presented by Hollywood, which showcase some pint size, anorexic female cop beating the daylights out of six gang bangers on the streets of LA: or Demi Moore pretending that she’s made it through NAVY SEAL training, aka BUD/s, aka Hell on Earth: or some Game of Thrones chick wielding a 100 pound sword with the aplomb of Ivanhoe as she lays waste to hordes of marauding men.

It’s all a make believe land and now the fantasy of women in direct combat ground units and special ops is going to be played out for real.

The delusion will continue unabated to the moment the first rounds go down range in the next war. When the body bags of young American girls are stacked like cord wood, maybe the people will finally awaken.

The supporters that want to draft women are feminists and left wing loonies who will be conveniently out of danger when the women they sent to war are shot, shredded and blown up like cardboard pop up targets.

The US Military is quickly heading for a Goetterdammerung, a Downfall of the Gods, aka total destruction as with Nazi Germany in 1945. Social engineering and moral cowardice is dooming us to obliteration. We are going to smile and lie and rationalize are way to the charnel house.

The only thing that can stop the imminent destruction of the US Military is a President Trump or Cruz. If Hillary wins, start learning Russian or Chinese and brush up on your Farci.

If women don’t have the physical strength to participate in the NFL, why are we sending them to ground combat units, where physical strength and endurance are the basic tenets of survival in war?

The answer is simple: the NFL runs on a profit motive. The military has no profit incentives and is therefore the new playground of the cultural Marxists.

What kind of nation drafts women and sends them to war? Take a look around and you’ll have a pretty good idea.

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14 comments on “What kind of nation drafts women and sends them to war?
  1. Spot on…..the bedwetting liberals are 1 problem….but the dingbat lesbian broads who sign up for combat duty are equally as delusional. But where are our ‘real’ leaders in the military….who will tell Obama to shove it up his ass, then go to the press and ‘out’ him for what he really is???

    And how about the gutless pukes in Congress who sit around and watch this happen? McCain included. He showed what he was made of when he ran for President.

    • In World War II , when the men went to fight, the Women went to work in the factories/ Assembly lines building all of the Bombs, airplanes/tanks , ships needed to win that War, and they out produced our enemies, and supplied our Allies with maximum output as well ! Ever hear of ” Rosie, The Riveter”? And don’t think it can’t happen again.

  2. A nation that deliberately sends women to death is a nation that hates LIFE. Even hunters know you don’t kill all the does; you need the next generation of deer! Male deers in numbers can be sacrificed so long as a few survive to father the next generation, but how long will a species survive when its females are gone? China found this out with its one child policy.

  3. I completely agree, but let me comment on the type of male who sits idly by and allows women to fight for them ( BTW, I’ve been in the military as an MP, serving with women-so all this isn’t just an abstract discussion ). A LOT of gals eagerly embrace women’s lib-the benefits of it, anyway. It isn’t their fault, that is just human nature. And a lot of guys who have been emasculated by women have given up on them. Fine, if you want to be equal, be my guest, is the attitude. Why practice chivalry if the damsels don’t appreciate it? We are at the point where, whatever, you want to be equal, you can fight for your country. Knowing proper historical gender roles, knowing anthropology and biology, you still get a Don’t Give A Hoot attitude with most of these gals. Let them actually take a little responsibility to go along with their decades of reward. Again, our empire and our civilization is doomed, yes, but you can understand why so many men don’t care any more.

  4. This is not about military service. This is all about data collection. Politicians want to get their hands on lists of every year’s batch of draft-age voting pools. They will use it for their campaigns and they will sell the lists to the highest bidders. It beats having to wait ten years for access to the so-called “private” national census. If anyone thinks that this country’s fathers will allow their daughters to be taken away as cannon fodder a la Vietnam they are out of their minds.

  5. “What kind of nation subjects mothers, daughters, wives and sisters to a military draft where they could be placed in a direct ground combat unit?”

    you might want to look a little more carefully at exactly precisely WHOSE mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters are to be drafted – and whose are not. you’d see a little more clearly who is doing what to who.

  6. What kind of nation? One that is circling the drain.

    I am almost sorry I volunteered and served. If I had know this was the way it would turn out, I might have gone to the other side.

  7. I don’t agree with requiring women to sign up for the draft. But if you’re going to argue your point, it would be best not to say things like “A nation that drafts women and sends them to war is in its death throes,” and “A nation that drafts women and sends them to war has lost its moral compass.”

    Reason being; ISRAEL is the kind of nation subjects mothers, daughters, wives and sisters to a military draft where they could be placed in a direct ground combat unit! I’m sure that uber-left fairykind who can’t even figure out if they’re boys or girls can google this as quickly as I did…

  8. I reject the concept of a draft in the first place. That said, if there is going to be a draft then women should not be given any special exception.

    I don’t see a moral distinction between drafting men vs. women. If women can’t fight due to physical limitations then there are plenty of non-combat tasks they can perform.

    I get the feeling the author of this article is doing a bit of male chest-thumping and/or has been sniffing the Old Spice. That’s fine, but don’t try to justify your overproduction of testosterone by questioning the values of those who don’t agree.

  9. No one wants to see a young woman, sister, aunt, daughter or mother screaming on the ground with her abdomen split open and her intestines pulled out about 20-30 feet and her fellow soldiers running all over them as they try to take cover, because no one can help her, except to put a bullet into her head to ease the suffering.
    Picture the reality. Is this what you really want?

      • Exactly. No one gave a damn about abolishing the draft for men, but now that all of a sudden women might have to live up to the obligations that go with having the rights of being citizens, everyone is up in arms (including the feminists the author claims are supporting this).

        In ancient Greece, the city of Athens only allowed land-owning men who were willing to protect the city as hoplites, to cast votes. It’s pretty straight forward: if you want rights, the nation expects you to defend those rights. If you are incapable, you aren’t given the right to decide how the nation is governed.

  10. If the woman can pass the same expectations of the man, why is there a problem? Because you’re afraid of their biology, that you think they are too emotionally weak? Some women want to be drafted and be treated the same as a man. All of your reasons are treating all women as delicate flowers that can’t be more than just housewives. Women don’t want you to hold a door because it’s chivalrous, they want you to hold a door because it’s the polite thing to do for a human being. Sorry times have changed, but women are more than just ‘does’ to populate the earth, to birth your children. They are engineers, mathematicians, scientists, mechanics and any other manly profession you can think of. And it’s a shame you think of them than less than what a man is just because traditionally that was their place. And what ‘rewards’ have women been given? To have some of the same rights men have? It’s not a liberal or Republican issue. It’s a basic human right issue. Women have the same right to fight alongside men as such they can pass the same standards. Women are more than just baby makers for you to dictate their lives and feel superior over. They are intelligent, independent people that deserve the same respect a man deserves. Get upset all you want, but actually think about someone else’s perspective for once – maybe just because something has been historically a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s morally correct.

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