War by Community Organizers, Leftists and Lackeys

By Ray Starmann


The US War against ISIS is confirming several things:

One – Community organizers serving as commander in chief don’t want to fight.

Two – Leftists in the White House don’t know how to fight.

Three – Lackeys in the Pentagon are too self-serving to efficiently fight.

The US War against ISIS is a complete, unadulterated, incrementalized joke. While ISIS continues to butcher and rape and pillage its way through Syria and Iraq, the US fights back with mere pinpricks.

It doesn’t matter how many dog and pony shows the Pentagon puts on; how many smoke and mirrors, Bob Fosse Broadway musicals they brief, or how many lies they tell us about how we’re winning the war against ISIS, the truth is something quite different.

ISIS, while having lost some territory still has a substantial number of fighters, a flow of cash and a new theater to recruit in, the continent of Europe. Europe has become a virtual Jihadi playground, complete with free benefits, stupid leaders and booze. ISIS is not weakened. ISIS is not losing. ISIS is not being hit by a massive air campaign. ISIS is living to fight another day, and another, and another…

ISIS is combat effective, laughing at us and will continue to seize and hold ground and conduct operations worldwide until they are decapitated and destroyed.

President Obama is sympathetic to Islam and has no intention of ever taking the fight to ISIS. Obama’s idea of Shock and Awe is to drop one bomb on an empty ISIS Porta Pottie and then have Ash Carter lie to the world. Obama sends B-52’s to the region, but the carpet bombing behemoths are only being used to launch precision guided missiles against ISIS. That’s like sending Peyton Manning in and having him only call running plays.

Obama has proven one thing; community organizers don’t fight.

The leftists in the White House are charting military policy and instructing commanders in the field on strategy. Of course the people in the White House calling the shots know next to nothing about the US military, weapons, operations and doctrine. Valerie Jarrett is practically the de facto CENTCOM Commander.

Ride to the Sound of the Guns has become Ride to the Sound of Valerie Jarrett’s latest direct order to whoever is in charge of this cluster in the field.

The lackeys in the Pentagon are just that; lackeys, minions, sycophants; Obama’s Heroes. From the Secretary of Defense and his four physics degrees to the moral wallflowers on the JCS, no one, repeat no one will speak up and tell the President that his war against ISIS is a bloody shambles.

In fact, Ash Carter stated only last week that US-backed local forces in Iraq and Syria are making substantive gains toward retaking Islamic State strongholds.

Carter is also advising against an American-led “foreign ground force” to battle the Islamic State. He says that would play into the hands of the extremists.

It would play into the hands of ISIS by annihilating them.

Carter must be visiting the Pentagon Medical Marijuana clinic, “420 and a Wakeup” during his lunch hour.

Carter’s comment came after US President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that another 250 US Special Forces personnel will be deployed to Syria to assist the Kurdish-majority Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) counter-ISIS efforts. They will join the 50 commandos already in northeastern Syria who have helped the SDF coordinate and execute recent offensives against ISIS.

“They’re not in a combat role, but they are in a role that puts them in harm’s way,” the White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday. “They are armed for combat. They are armed to defend themselves if necessary. But the role that they have is to offer advice and assistance to forces on the ground fighting ISIL [ISIS] in their own country. And that has proved to be a valuable tool and one that the president is seeking to intensify.”

I’m sure there are some SEALs and Delta Force and Special Forces personnel in Syria and Iraq right now who would like to have a private word with Mr. Earnest, aka wall to wall counseling.

The President and his willing leftists and lackeys cannot understand that the only way to beat ISIS is by applying massive military might to the effort. We must launch a serious, mini Desert Storm air campaign against ISIS and then send in a US ground force of 20,000 to 30,000 troops.

Only then will ISIS be destroyed. When ISIS is destroyed in the Middle East, their operational capabilities worldwide will be severely weakened.

Until then, will the JCS please report to Valerie Jarrett concerning today’s two air sorties against ISIS.

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4 comments to “War by Community Organizers, Leftists and Lackeys”
  1. Obama has ruined the military by constant cuts in ppl, and monies,from running out of ammo and vehicle parts, to generals that have quit the military because of no support from obama, the military is in a sorry and sad state of affairs . We need to reinforce the ppl of the military by backing them up and getting manly leaders without all the foolish political correctness. Get women out of the ranks of the combat personnel and let the men get their pride back..Obama and Clinton are not commander-in -chief ppl, they do not want a strong military when we need one so badly, they and their ilk do not like the USA..do not want us to succeed and win. The sooner they are gone, the better..

  2. They may not be in “combat”, but when they are wounded they get Purple Hearts. I am sure it feels like combat to them and the recent death of 1 of them from enemy action seems like combat to me. Been there, done that!

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