The West must stop kissing butt and start kicking butt!

By Ray Starmann


The West (meaning Western Europe and the US and Canada) is at war with ISIS and radical Islam, yet it won’t admit it.

The West is at war with ISIS and radical Islam, yet it won’t do what needs to be done to rid the world of this evil.

The West deliberately weakens itself every day through insane political correctness and unrealistic attempts to placate people who are determined to destroy us.

The West is a weak sister, and no doubt the marauding monsters of ISIS, the maniacal Mullahs of Iran, and every other foe of ours in the world thinks that the US and the countries of Western Europe are feckless fools.

This week, the Manchester, England, Police Force was hen-pecked by leftists and forced to apologize for conducting a terrorism exercise, where a mock terrorist yelled, Allah Akbar!

As the BBC reported:

The exercise – criticised for using a fake “Muslim terrorist” – was to test the response of emergency services. Eight hundred volunteers took part in the overnight drill to make it as realistic as possible.

Greater Manchester Police said the event at the Trafford Centre was not linked to any specific terror threat. Manchester peace activist Dr Erinma Bell criticised the use of a “Muslim terrorist”.

She said “a terrorist can be anyone” and “we need to move away from stereotypes”.

Newsflash Dr. Bell; I know it’s hard for liberals to face reality, especially when reality is a sub machine gun or a suicide bomb, but the Muslims are the ones committing terrorism, not the Finns or the Swedes. And, guys named Paddy put away their bombs years ago and are running pubs these days.

She’ll be the first one crying for the SAS to terminate the tangos if she’s ever in a hostage situation.

In a statement released by GMP, assistant chief constable Garry Shewan said: “The scenario for this exercise is based on an attack by an extremist Daesh-style organisation and the scenario writers have centred the circumstances around previous similar attacks of this nature, mirroring details of past events to make the situation as real life as possible for all of those involved.

“However, on reflection we acknowledge that it was unacceptable to use this religious phrase immediately before the mock suicide bombing, which so vocally linked this exercise with Islam. We recognise and apologise for the offence that this has caused.”

Why is it unacceptable, Chief Shewan for the mock terrorist to yell Allah Akbar? Once again, who is conducting terrorism across the world and butchering innocent people; the Mormons?

Repeat after me Chief…Radical Islam equals terrorism. Terrorists in 2016 are primarily Muslims.

Greater Manchester’s police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd, said: “This planning event has helped ensure that should the unthinkable ever happen, Greater Manchester will be ready.

“However, it is frustrating the operation has been marred by the ill-judged, unnecessary and unacceptable decision by organisers to have those playing the parts of terrorists to shout ‘Allah Akbar’ before setting off their fake bombs.

One more time, Commissioner Lloyd; Muslims are committing terrorism, therefore, it’s entirely logical that one would yell Allah Akbar during a mock terrorism exercise. What should the guy have yelled, Rule Britannia?

Across the English Channel, the Germans are currently committing societal suicide by bringing in millions of un-vetted Muslims, in what will certainly only cause more terrorism and an eventual European civil war.

And, back in the good old USA, the left labels Mr. Trump a racist for wanting to temporarily ban, or at the very least severely restrict Muslim immigration and travel to the country.

There is simply no possible way to vet many of the Syrian refugees, which ISIS has certainly infiltrated, yet the White House and the left wants unrestricted Muslim immigration into America.

Have these people completely lost their minds?

But, then again, this is the same President who thinks total war is dropping two bombs a day on ISIS. The US war on ISIS, isn’t even a war. Obama has ordered the Pentagon to bring a butter knife to a gunfight in Syria and Iraq. Every week, the Pentagon orders a smattering of Special Forces personnel into the Middle East. It’s war by incrementalization, as if the President is seasoning a stew with a smidgen of salt.

Apparently, elements of the famed 101st Airborne/Air Assault Division may be on their way to Iraq again. Hopefully, the Pentagon will deploy more than a couple hundred soldiers to the region to fight ISIS.

The 101st’s shining star is the commanding officer, Major General Gary Volesky. I served with Volesky in the Gulf War and he’s the real McCoy, one of the last generals on active duty with intestinal fortitude, not one of the Milk of Magnesia feather merchants who parade around the E Ring.

While we keep sending repeated messages of weakness to ISIS, Iran is using the US and particularly the US Navy as a punching bag. Nearly a week goes by now without Iran threatening the United States of America. Iran is starting to believe they can actually go toe to toe with the US Navy and win.

They either are completely unaware that we could turn their country into an ash tray in 20 minutes, or they’ve calculated that Obama is a complete wimp whose only response to their aggression is to deploy John Kerry and his Ten Speed to the region and apologize to them.

No doubt the feminist destruction of the US Army and the Marines is being closely monitored by our enemies who are licking their chops and waiting for an opportune time to clean our clock.

A perfect storm is brewing. Weak Western leaders are enabling ISIS and other enemies through policies dictated by political correctness and unwillingness to wage war. The US military, the leading defender of freedom across the globe is becoming a dithering, effeminate force lacking any fighting spirit.

The West needs an attitude adjustment and needs to stop kissing butt and start kicking butt!

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