The Tragedy of Women in Combat

By Nolan Nelson


Ash Carter’s announcement December of 2015 demonstrated the Obama’s Administration attachment to a political ideology fueled by arrogance and premeditated ignorance.  His direction of any long period of study and vigorous debate has been among those mutually supportive creatures that have metastasized throughout the military to serve a social agenda bringing future needless devastation.  Most of the points I highlight about women in combat arose first when the decision was made to do away with DADT.  A lot of good men are going to have to die in years to come to cover up this disaster.

This tragedy of women in combat provides another reason I now always council men to never enter the armed forces.  Social engineering that amalgamates feminist ideals everywhere has now become the over arching imperative to which all operational capabilities must submit.

However, combat operations too often demand unpredictably and unimaginably exhausting brutality to achieve victory.  Therefore, only the highest physical abilities and most severe restrictions on human behaviors can foster the required high morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion required.

Human sexuality simply cannot intrude into this sub-culture where only those displaying the greatest savagery and endurance can hope to win.  Resorting to war for national defense entails the ultimate Olympics of conflict occurring at the bleeding edge of existence where the unbelievable must become possible.  In this authoritarian meritocracy there is much less excuse for merging men and women into these struggles than exists for the athletic competitions held every four years.

Combat forms personnel into  rigid, task oriented units.  They then can descend into a squalid cacophony of shrieking, sobbing, crashing dissonance to orchestrate the killing of other humans without hate or joy.  These people continuously face extraordinary stress and survive by acquiring the wisdom of wild animals that live in the moment without schedules for eating and sleeping..   At the point of collision, they undertake operations requiring sacrificial, primitive and intimate actions.  They must display a noble fidelity to each other in spite of environments that are inherently chaotic, barbaric, and brittle.  This alternate reality can be overcome only by trained killers subject to a totalitarian leadership and narrow focus unimaginable for those who see any opportunity for the social alchemy popular in civilian life.

The regimental combat teams for infantry, mechanized and armored units are now the playthings of bureaucrats committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action.  They are dismissive of warriors enduring the carnage imperative for triumph.  Institutional memories no longer exist for fighting ferocious, shrewd enemies such as the Germans, Japanese, Chinese, and North Vietnamese, who utilized a full array of modern weapons.  If one notes the ribbons on any senior officer’s uniform, they show they fought only Arabs the Israelis beat three times at 20 to 1 odds.  Such people now question the necessity for high standards which do not obfuscate or allow inferior female performance.

Women not only do not belong at the pointy end of the spear, but should not be holding it to the extent they intrude into the fellowship of combat arms which depends upon savagery for victory.   As this tragedy unfolds I will remember the quote that, “Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”.

Nolan Nelson served in the Navy as a line officer in Vietnam with both riverine forces and conventional blue water task forces.  In retirement he devotes considerable time to veteran volunteer activities.  He is a life member of Disabled American Veterans and Veterans of Foreign War.  He is Past Commander VFW Post 293 in Eugene Oregon.  Nolan is Secretary/Treasurer of the U.S.S. Westchester County (LST-1167) Association.  He also volunteers at the VA clinic in Eugene.

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8 comments to “The Tragedy of Women in Combat”
  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. As a mom of two sons, one of whom served, and a grandson, I do not want my men serving in a combat situation alongside a woman half their size with the expectation that this person will be able to function as needed. It just isn’t possible and we women have been fed the lie over and over again that we can and “deserve” to have it all. Now if women served in a support function behind the front line, go for it. Or in a unit with all females, do it. And may God help them.

  2. Your assessment of the realities of war are correct. However, even the Israelis use women in combat.
    Women currently make up 3% of the IDF’s combat soldiers. The rest of the women are in combat support positions or Air force pilots.
    Women in actual, front line, infantry combat units around the world is common. Russia had them in WW2, the Kurds have them today.

    The difference may reside in American women’s attitudes and American societal norms. So It is not that women can not function in combat, they can and do.

    The Real question is; Do we want them to?
    To that, I would agree we do not want to submit them to that, unless it was voluntary and in Women’s units not Mixed units. Which is what the IDF system of women in combat is based upon. I would add that,to qualify for admission to such units, the requirements should be like that of any other male combat unit.

  3. Women should refuse this order and learn to practice civil OBEDIENCE.

    Do not do civil DISobedience like the sodomite and carter want you.

    Refuse and ignore their uncivilized behavior.

  4. Personally I hope Obama sends all women to combat as American women are the worst women on the planet. Good riddance!

  5. If you believe that women should have the right to vote for the politicians that send men to war, then you haven’t got a case on this issue.

  6. What continues to bother me the most about all of this social engineering of our military is the deafening silence on the part of our high ranking military officers. How can they allow themselves to be complicit in reducing the combat effectiveness of their own military units? Where is General Patton now that we really need him?

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