Tensions rise in Germany as refugee centres targeted by 45 arson attacks in just 5 months

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Holger Munch, the president of Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, known as Bundeskriminalamt or BKA, revealed 45 fires have been started at centres that house refugees in less than five months.He said the fires were mostly started by men, and 80 per cent of the arsonists lived close to the refugee centres they attacked, indicating a rising resentment of the hundreds of thousands of migrants setting in the country.

Mr Munch confirmed police have also seen an increase in verbal violence and online hate crimes against refugees since the start of the escalating migrant crisis.


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2 comments to “Tensions rise in Germany as refugee centres targeted by 45 arson attacks in just 5 months”
  1. They keep pushing the buttons in Germany
    and elsewhere and will find out that it will
    become very ugly…..
    I fail to understand why the US and Europe did
    not sign on in 2013 to create a safe zone in
    No Syria…
    Now stuck with the fallout….and it will become
    worse and worse.

  2. Germany is being invaded. Can’t the German men do more to protect their country from these third world savages? Obviously no. They will soon unleash mayhem and violence on the people pf Europe. Are Europeans so dumbed down they will just stand by and do nothing? Seems so. Europe is with out hope because of the decadence, stupidity and apathy of the citizens.

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