Questions all Americans should be asking themselves about women in combat

By Ray Starmann


Most Americans have never spent a day in uniform in America of 2016 and that is a problem. The White House social engineers have been able to manipulate the Congress and the American people and have led them to believe that women can serve successfully in the combat arms and special operations because most Americans don’t understand anything about the military.

Combine the ignorance of a nation, with the political correctness of Congress and the moral cowardice of the Joint Chiefs and it’s open season to destroy the military if your Valerie Jarrett, Ray Mabus, Ash Carter or Barack Hussein Obama.

Ash Carter’s recent authorization to allow women to serve in the combat arms (infantry, armor, armored cavalry, artillery) and special operations units (Navy SEALs, Marine Recon, the Rangers, the Green Berets, Delta Force) is probably the single biggest disaster for the US military in our nation’s history.

As Memorial Day looms on the horizon this week, Americans must stop and ask themselves some questions. The fate of our country may very well be in jeopardy as the military integrates women into direct ground combat units.

Every American should ask if they want their daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and sweethearts exposed to the horrors of ground combat.

Furthermore, why are we doing this to our nation? The nation is not in mortal peril. We have millions of young men who can serve in the combat arms and special operations. Why are we deliberately weakening ourselves to fulfill agendas created by radicals who know nothing about the military?

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter has indicated that every Army and Marine combat arms and special ops unit will be required to fulfill mandatory quotas of 25-35% women in every detachment, company and battalion.

Meaning for every 100 soldiers or Marines in a combat unit, up to 35 of them will be women.

I could tell Americans to read any number of books about the nature of modern war, but perhaps visual mediums are the best to convey the horrors of ground combat; especially since these films and series are known for their outstanding accuracy.

This Memorial Day weekend the cable networks will certainly play a myriad of war movies and military TV shows.

Every American should watch Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, the Pacific, Platoon and Blackhawk Down and ask if they really believe women can perform well enough, much less survive, in ground combat to win our nation’s wars.

Watch Saving Private Ryan and ask if women could have survived a trip to Omaha Beach? What if our units on D-Day actually had up to 35% women? Omaha may have very well have been lost and in fact, the whole invasion would have been a shambles despite the success on Utah. World War II would have lasted perhaps two more years in Europe and Hitler’s mass murder of the Jews would have been completed. On D-Day, the fate of the free world and indeed the lives of millions of people living under Nazi subjugation hung in the balance. Those young men that landed on the beaches of Normandy and who parachuted into French fields the night before had an enormous responsibility on their shoulders. They knew it and they succeeded. But, would a coed D-Day operation have been successful? It is highly doubtful.

Watch Saving Private Ryan and ask if women could have survived a street by street, building by building battle with Hitler’s elite Waffen SS?

Watch Band of Brothers, the brilliant and perhaps the greatest military mini-series of all time and ask if women could have held off wave after wave of the German Army as they hit the fragile sub-zero perimeter around Bastogne?

Watch the Pacific; the mini-series based on the works, Helmet for My Pillow by Robert Leckie and With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa by Eugene Sledge, and ask how America’s young women would have done in brutal, close quarters combat with the fanatical Japanese Imperial Army?

Watch Platoon, Oliver Stone’s masterpiece about the Vietnam War and think to yourself how many women are capable of humping a 110 pound ruck up jungle trails for days or weeks at a time. Then ask yourself how women would deal with feminine hygiene issues in the middle of the Vietnamese jungle while on sustained combat operations against Victor Charlie and NVA Regulars.

Watch Ridley Scott’s, Blackhawk Down and ask how women would have done in the Rangers or in Delta Force as a handful of the elite troopers held off hundreds and hundreds of madmen loyal to warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid on the streets of Mogandishu, Somalia, in violent, room to room, alley to alley combat.

The social engineers, the dingbat feminist professors, the five deferments to get out of Vietnam, Vice Presidents like Joe Biden will tell you that war is fought by drones, lasers guided bombs and high speed smart phone apps. But, nothing can be further from the truth. The military still needs combat soldiers to find, fix and kill the enemy.  It still needs special operators to carve their initials in the craniums of ISIS thugs in the middle of the night. The military still needs rough and ready men to complete impossible missions. The fate of the nation depends on it.

Our enemies are not only laughing at us, but planning to destroy us. The daily threats by the Russians and the Chinese and ISIS and Iran are a harbinger of things to come. Unless we get tough and get tough fast, we are in danger of not only losing wars, but losing the country.

We are at a tipping point. If the insane policies of this administration are not amended and amended soon, we may be witnessing the final days of the United States of America.

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14 comments on “Questions all Americans should be asking themselves about women in combat
  1. I have plenty to say about this subject. It’s the most harebrained idea that can be conceived. Combat is not a walk in the park. There are times when you close with the enemy and it’s hand to hand. Other times are almost as difficult. Places where I have been not a lot of women would have survived, let alone. engaging in direct combat as infantry. Those fools such as SEC NAV, SEC DEF have never seen the muzzle of an enemy weapon pointed at them. And when that enemy’s rifle is only feet or yards away, it’s going to be you or the enemy who dies, and it gets very scary. But you don’t have time to be scared, you have to react automatically based on your training and experiences. When that enemy soldier armed with burb gun opens the hatch of a spider hole and shoots the guy right by your side, you don’t have time to sigh and say I glad it wasn’t me. You have to kill him first then check out your comrade for his wounds. Then you continue the attack. After the objective is secured, and ONLY after, you can check for holes in yourself and wonder how you were so GODDAM lucky. We may never have to fight wars like that again, but I doubt that. And we don’t have time to take care of a panicked
    woman who thought she really was a warrior. Going back to that comment of Joe Biden in a recent article, saying that having women and homosexuals in the military strengthens us, tells me he never saw a day of combat

  2. Republish everywhere.

    Deuteronomy 22:5
    New International Version (NIV):

    A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.

  3. Forget Combat. Just consider any gal you know having to break track on an M113, or dig a defensive fighting position, change a tire on a deuce and a half or Hemit, wrestle a big roll of concertina wire or any of the other mundane chores the Army does.

    here’s how this will go. They will sleep with the NCO’s and Officers and avoid all the heavy duty. Morale will be in the cellar.

    The future for the USA is invasion and conquest.

    • Exactly, it’s just the well known tasks, it’s the mundane, daily stuff you do in a combat arms unit, even officers do physical stuff every day too. You don’t even think about it.

  4. Are there actually mandatory quotas? That makes it so much worse, although I don’t know how they enforce it. Big bonus’s for women enlisting as 11Bs? God, what a mess.

  5. I do not want women in combat units. There are physical restraints that Congress and all those idiots in washington are neglecting. While the young women of America are certainly smart enough to serve our country, they need to do it from behind the lines in a safe place.
    I think it a good idea that all children/young adults do a least one tour of duty and then given a college degree free of charge. But they need to enlist directly upon completion of high school.
    So many young folks are finding it hard to leave home and be out on their own and mandatory enlistment would give them discipline which so many seem to be lacking. It would not only instill dicipline but also a sense of achieve the and better prepare them for their future.

    • Last line should have ended with ‘a sense of achievement and better prepare them for the their future.

  6. We haven’t won a war in 71 years and this country is about to go down into destruction. America’s hop is zero.

  7. What happens when they are caught or tortured are you ready for this America?

    Your leaders already think it’s funny.

  8. In the combat arms we classify a 30% casualty rate as neutralization — or combat ineffectiveness — of a unit. With Trash Carter’s recent edict mandating a 25 to 35% feminization of combat arms units, we’ve effectively “neutralized” or rendered combat ineffective — our fighting units. And that’s before we even cross the line of departure.

    Barry Soterro, Trash Carter, and Ray Maybe-us, et al, have done what no enemy could do: Impose defeat on the American military. Why? I guess out of some sense of egalitarianism incidental to social engineering.

    They have also unfairly risked our most treasured resource, the very thing we fight for… our culture and caring for women and the family unit.

    Certain conquering armies rape, pillage, and plunder the homeland of the losing side—think the Russians in WWII. Think the Islamic rape of European infidels. Well, now it’s one-stop-shopping for the invading hordes because now they wont even have to travel to the states to get started on that because we’re sending our women to them.

    So, Barry— when are Michelle and the girls headed to Boot Camp?

  9. I am a Marine veteran and like all of you I also do not approve of the decisions made to put our daughters and granddaughters in harm way… Yet.

    When the time comes and the need arises our women can perform as well or better than their counterparts in the Soviet Union during WWII for example.

    This is a last resort option when the country is under direct peril of occupation where everyone regardless of age or gender needs to belly up to the bar.

    Will it come? I hope not but based on the decisions made by those currently in power it’s not far off.

    Semper Fi!

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