Biden: Diverse military of women, gays strengthens US forces

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Vice President Joe Biden told the U.S. Military Academy’s class of 2016 on Saturday that greater diversity, including more women and openly gay soldiers, will strengthen the country’s armed forces.

“Having men and women together in the battlefield is an incredible asset, particularly when they’re asked to lead teams in parts of the world with fundamentally different expectations and norms,” Biden said in his speech at a graduation ceremony at Michie Stadium on the West Point grounds along the Hudson River.

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5 comments on “Biden: Diverse military of women, gays strengthens US forces
  1. Their call of duty is to defend the Constitution… can they effectively do that when they are preoccupied with figuring out what sex they are.

  2. Having that kind of diversity on the battle field does not strengthen your force. What does Biden know about combat. Nada!! I’ve been there and done that so i can speak from true battlefield experience. (check ur history books for a place called Chosin) The places I have been are not as good place for women and known homosexuals create problems with the troops. I am here today because all we had to think about was killing the enemy and taking care of our foxhole buddy. You know he’s got your back and you can trust him not to abuse it!! Hopefully with a new CinC, this women if in the infantry B. S. will get tossed out fast. Training in the boondocks isn’t the same as closing with the enemy and destroying him and when you are only a bayonet length away from gooks or charley, you don’t have time for niceties. nuther thing. consider you foxhole buddy as a female and you have been in combat for a couple of weeks, no shave or showers, no change of clothes, and smell pretty rancid and she does too and is also having her period, you are not gonna appreciate the company.

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