What the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Must Tell the Nation

By Ray Starmann


N.B. Since this article’s publication, some have asked if General Joe really made this speech and if he has indeed retired. General Joe did not say these words. I only wish he had.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, in concern for the lives of current and future US military personnel and to honor those who have gone before, I must speak to the nation today.

I’ve called this press conference to announce that I am resigning as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I am retiring after 39 years on active duty, which included combat service in Iraq leading the finest Marines in the world.

I am resigning as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and retiring from the Marine Corps for the following reasons:

For the last seven years during the Obama Administration:

I have watched and remained silent as hundreds of senior officers were forced to resign or were forcibly retired because of their disagreements with the current policies wrecking the military.

I have watched and remained silent as people who have never served a day in uniform laid siege to the glorious traditions of the US military.

I have watched and remained silent as male ROTC cadets paraded in red high heels, male soldiers conducted physical training wearing pregnancy simulators, combat units dealt with breastfeeding and lactation issues in the field and sensitivity training became the standard operating procedure of the US military.

I have watched and remained silent as trans-genders were authorized to serve in the ranks, and three females graduated from the US Army Ranger School, under what I believe are the most dubious of circumstances.

My predecessors in the JCS chose to look the other way, and like Pontius Pilate, wash their hands of these egregious affairs.

My predecessors in the JCS were more concerned about their careers than about the welfare of the nation and the troops they led every day.

Now the final nail in the coffin of the US military has been hammered in. On April 1, 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, with the full backing of the President of the United States, authorized the legal inclusion of women in the combat arms branches and special operations units of the United States Armed Forces.

In good conscience, I can no longer remain silent. The stakes are too high for this nation and for the women in the US military who, I believe will be greatly harmed by their inclusion in the combat arms and special operations.

I can no longer watch the US military be annihilated. While many have chosen to sit on the sidelines, I must step forth and report to the nation concerning the mortal danger the US military is in tonight because of its commander in chief, President Barack Obama and his cabinet and advisers.

The evidence against women in direct combat from the Center for Military Readiness and the Marine Corps’ 36 million dollar, 9 month study and the performance of women at the Marine Infantry Officers Basic Course is overwhelming. Yet, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of the Army refuse to acknowledge that the evidence even exists.

It does exist and it indicates that while women perform spectacularly in 80% of the jobs in the military, the combat arms and special operations should be closed to them; permanently.

Women are simply prone to more injuries than men, have less muscle mass, do not have the upper body strength, the same aerobic lung capacity and the aggressiveness to fulfill the military’s combat readiness requirements and missions.

The so-called experts often say that women have already served in combat. In the last two conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, females did engage the enemy and many performed heroically and beyond the call of duty. But, returning fire during a military police security operation is not the same as being in a combat arms unit that has the mission of finding, fixing and killing the enemy. That is like comparing Pop Warner Football with the NFL.

Reality says that women serving in the combat arms and special operations is not just a bad idea, but a horrific decision that puts this nation in mortal danger.

The President and the Secretary of Defense are not dealing with reality, but with a feminist based fantasy based on false premises of gender neutrality. They see the world the way they want it to be, not the way it is. These policies are based on the illusion that genders are neutral and that none of this will affect the military’s readiness, esprit de corps and ability to wage and win wars.

There is no gender neutrality on a battlefield.

It is the responsibility of America’s military leaders to protect the nation and to obey the lawful orders of those appointed above us. But, our military leaders are not martinets. There is no Fuehrerprinzip in America. An order is not just an order. The nation’s military leaders have a moral duty to inform our elected officials when policies they support and implement are destructive to the nation itself.

Silence is not golden. It is pure and unadulterated moral cowardice.

Congress also has a duty to protect the nation and to insure that the military is strong and readiness is maintained. On the issue of women in combat, Congress has been full of sound and fury, while signifying nothing. Except for a few concerned veterans like Senator John McCain and Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congress has remained silent because a majority of Congress has never served and is largely ignorant of the issue itself.

I cannot in good conscience promote policies that will order American women, ages 18 – 26 to register and be eligible for a military draft which could place them in combat arms units in wartime.

I cannot in good conscience serve as the highest ranking military member of the US military, when I am completely at odds with the social engineering directives emanating from the Secretary of Defense and the President.

The military has one sole mission. That is to wage war and to vanquish the enemies of this nation on land, on the seas and in the air. It must never be used as a social engineering project by naïve and uninformed politicians and lobbyists.

As the military prepares for this cataclysmic change, the enemies of this nation are lining up against us. They know that this is a lose, lose situation for us and a win, win situation for them. They know that we are now going to wage war with a much weaker force and that our readiness is withering by the hour.

It is very possible that the United States of America may never win another war. I do not believe this is hyperbole. I believe this is a fact.

The fate of the republic hangs in mortal jeopardy. I pray that my successor and a new President elected in 2016 have the courage and the wisdom to amend the policies that might very well destroy this great nation I have served for nearly four decades.

I bid you farewell. Semper Fi.

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59 comments on “What the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Must Tell the Nation

    • Agree with Ray, and we also haven’t won a war in 71 years. Women in combat positions is ridiculous.

      • we have not won a war in 71 years and we will never win another war, no matter how sophisticated and superior our fire power is, times and battles change, we fight with to many rules, our hands are and will always be tied, this country does not have the heart and soul to fight any more.

        Our other biggest problem is we no longer manufacture or back our money with anything tangible, so we have to ask those that we fight to make us a bomb and we print IOU’s to pay them with, it’s sad.

  1. Incredible! An entire article about one man and you didn’t even mention his name. Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr. has provided the backbone for the military as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now the silk panty bunch has taken the military over at the behest of the President. It’s obvious that these limp wrists do not want this country to be defended. In fact, they want just the opposite. They are laying the country down on it’s back and saying come take me, I’m yours, just as a whore would do. It goes without saying the country is in mortal danger with the current crew in Washington and we are on a countdown to extinction. If you don’t pray to God you had better start.

  2. Order a female to charge a machine gun location and that will end this discussion permantly.

  3. TRUMP is the only hope which is why the very creatures that had dragged us to this predicament are so desperate to stop him.

    • I am in total agreement with Albert and sick to see the horrible condition of our military. I lost my husband in Vietnam. He was missing for 30 years. He loved the military and his country. He thought and and believed he was fighting communism. I ask today, what did he die for and all the others. How many more have to die under this administration?

    • This is what the author says he SHOULD SAY! This message should have been sent by the general officer corps to this administration long ago. If they had any cajones, the entire bunch above the two star rank would have quit by now.

      I damn sure would have… had I stuck around long enough.

      • Thank you for your service. And thanks to all who have served this great country. Obama was out to destroy our country and has done a good job of it.

  4. Though I am not by any measure a “military supporter”,I have read your statement in full,as presented on my Facebook page. For your information Ihad an uncle who served in the Marine Corps; my older brother served in the Marine Corps during the Cuban Crisis.and both of my sons,thinking to please their father, and the younger called by patriotic fervor after 9-11.As well my sons father was in the Marines and served 2 tours in Vietnam. I tell you this so you won’t think I’m an uninformed female not knowledgeable about the military. I want to tell you I agree thoroughly with all your statements.This country especially and unfortunately is living in some sort of “Reality show “existence. I feel badly that you feel you must retire completely from a life to which you and no doubt your family have been dedicated. But cowardice. Appears the norm, under the auspices of “political correctness”.And of course it has affected all of us in our workplaces.our churches.everywhere that human beings have any discourse with one another.I can not accept all this; I wasn’t raised to always accept status quo.or whatever fad was aimed down my throat!! I was quite touched by your statements and wanted to tell you. I wish you the finest in your new life.

  5. Don’t hold your breath!

    That message should have been sent by the General Officer Corps long ago! Unfortunately, that group seems populated by sycophants!

  6. Well, if he is a MARINE,why the hell doesn’t he say these exact words?? Because he is a career officer worried about his pension and benefits when he leaves. Just wait,Dempsey will say exactly this and more…when it’s safe to do so.

  7. Dear Gen. Dunford, Thank you for being TRUTHFUL…You are only stating what is common sense. Political Correctness has brought us to the edge of destruction. Female, and LGBT inclusion has no basis in military reality. The myth that our Armed Forces would have a better and more effective fighting force with these new policies is illogical. Placing the rights of individuals ahead of the military Espriti Corp, will negatively effect the morale and integrity, of the U.S. Military. The primary mission is to defeat our enemies in war. Sadly individuals and organizations have placed their agendas into that primary mission. Thank you, for your service.

  8. Someone really needs to say this but, unfortunately, in the climate we’re in now, he could lose his pension over it.

    • You are ‘unfortunately’ right Cindy. I think this every time any one of the retired or soon to retire Flag officers speak out.

  9. Now do we understand?
    Why “business as usual” in D.C., must be overcome by “shock and awe”?
    Which politician do we think is the only hope of delivering The Message?

    • Nick, Likely more then we might ever see. And that is a shame. Obama needs to Face Charges and even Time in Ft. Leavenworth taking orders from a PVT.

      • Yes he does Nam Vet, but we know that will never happen. BTW I am a vet too but not Vietnam, but I think you guys got a raw deal. In a nation that honors its servicemen, you guys have a lot owed to you by these same people in power today.

  10. Our military forces have only one primary purpose – to protect the country.

    Any proposed change which can even be imagined to reduce their capability to perform this function should be viewed with alarm.

  11. This has been going on for 7 years.Congress should have called this out before.The SOROS group despises
    the military, and will unleash all hell on any that say the truth.Let these Women Rangers guard the President.
    Cruz will stop this, I’m not sure of Trump.

    • Trump, according to a good friend of mine, is the ONLY ONE WITH WIT AND SKILL TO FIX THIS NATION and the harm that the BHO administration has done. Cruz is part of the establishment, he’s status quo.

  12. I can assure you that the Military has been in decline for more than seven years; however, the last seven years have been the most detrimental. When Congress has no idea of what the Military is all about, they make some really bad changes. Hilliary Clinton has tried for years to destroy the Military as we know it and she has almost achieved her goal. If she is elected the next President, the Military will be gone. Donald Trump may not know much about the military either, except he knows enough to leave it alone.

  13. Semper Fi’, General…you’re one so a hellava man! God Bless You & the USA!

    Tom Marchant
    Pawleys Island, SC

  14. I am a Marine. I may have been discharged in 1969. I served one tour in Viet Nam. I could not imagine a female in my unit for those 13 months. I did not fire my rifle at the enemy. I was lucky. But I am sure if there was a woman in my unit. My UNIT would have gotten lucky.
    The military has a job to do, let them do it without the PODS stepping on their toes.

  15. Semper Fi ! General

    No pun meant, but great farewell letter.
    The 38th parallel in Korea started the end of a great
    Warrior. Idiots in D.C. have no idea of what is really going on nor do they care. It’s just Me, Me, Me. All the idiots in this country voted for Mr. Useless once and then
    turned around and did it again. This whole mess really scares the hell out of me. Women in combat????
    When B.O. is out he should be drafted, issue him one rifle and one bullet and ship his sorry butt to Muslim land. That’s where he wants to be anyhow. HOME

  16. Bravo! It is not just the military that is being destroyed,. Our very Christian country and u. s. constitution are being weakened and destroyed and no one stands up to challenge this president who seems more muslim than American.

  17. Our country started down hill when the draft was eliminated. No one knows anyone in the military or feels any obligation to the country. Every citizen should be required to spent a time in the military. Most of the citizens are fat lazy slobs, obese pigs that live off the working people. They do not care about our military or even know about the commitment our troops make to support their lazy life style. It is past sad and now with our so called elected leaders, DANGEROUS, for the country. Look at John Kerry, worked as a news man for a general and filled out papers for two purple hearts for himself and signed the generals name. He should have been jailed. The rest of the clown do not have a clue. Except a couple . They are career politicians who have never had a job and live off government money and the little they do has proved to be wrong and the country is sinking.

    • Why is it that “ANYTHING” can be put in print and circulated via e-mail or social media and people believe every word? Thanks Glenn L. for providing info to prove this “letter” is not accurate. GEN Dunford IS still the JCS! You can’t believe everything you read.

      The letter is right on about the deteriorating military and the hell-bent destruction of this country by B.O. but women in combat is just fool hardy. They are trying to be politically correct at the expense of our country.

  18. Time will tell the truth about all this sooner than later, However, as a retired USMC Field Grade Officer General Dunford has apparently spoken the truth!


  20. Way to go General.. Tell it like it is. Americans like you are starting to speak out. Weather you like him or not,Trump is another. The ones with these bull …. Ideas have never had their life in jeopardy and needed a backup. It would have been a different ball game had that last plane struck the Capital or white house instead of the Pentagon. Gitmoo would be packed,water boarding would be perfected.

    One dedicated Marine to another, Semper Fi

  21. Way to go General. I salute you not only for your rank, but for your leadership ability. At OCS during the Korean War, the candidates were often asked about one another, “Would you follow this man in combat?” That’s the reality of war. Sir, I enlisted to defend this great country, I separated as a 1ST. LT, and a Regular Army Infantry platoon Sergeant. How the hell did we, as a country, get those eggheads to tell the Greatest, Fairest military, what to do? They think cap pistols are effective as the ole garands, carbines, brownings, grease guns, etc. They probably don’t even know what they are, what the did, or what the look like. Sir, it is my honor and pleasure to highball you with my sharpest salute. God Bless.

  22. We have not engaged in a war to eliminate an enemy of the US since World War II. As a Vietnam veteran I have seen poor decision making by politicians that have never been in battle or stood a post. Today the current administration will not even call our current enemy for who they are let alone take appropriate action to eliminate. What a tragedy for the entire world. Your resignation is right on. Nothing will wake up our President and his administration. I hope the next President will reverse the terrible decisions that have been made. If not, God Help Us!!!!

  23. God Bless you Sir and thank you for standing up as the only real and honorable soldier in our military and speaking for our family and by your actions trying to protect our son who honorably serves in the USN on a LED Troop transport carrier that is responsible for transporting and bringing your Marine brethren to and from the battle field alive. Evil can only exist when Good Men do Nothing – You may just be the only Good Man left? God Bless You.
    Respectfully Yours, SSG U.S. Army 101 AB and USAF TSGT Air Medivac Retired, Luke T, Gelinas

  24. thank you to a man who is a true HERO. I hope he becomes a consultant to Donald Trump! Or maybe even his Secretary of Defense

  25. when we elect someone to an office,any office wheather it be a Mayor or President that is so ill informed and so against protecting there people he or she serves, it can only lead to disaster and tha is what we have had in theWhite House for the past eight years. I pray this will be the end of complete dis-unity for our nation.

  26. It is comforting to know that there is still men of your caliber rising to inform this Nation of it’s shortcomings I served in The USMC during the Korean Conflict and always believed that Leaders in our Armed Forces had the responsibility not only to advise but to recommend to the President the manner to proceed in winning a war. It’s sad that we elected a President who appears not to care for the safety of our Country or it’s defenders Thank You You will always be A HERO.

  27. At last, someone has grown a pair an tells it like it is. I only hope others take the Marine General’s words as fact and follow suite. Semper Fi General and may God bless you!!!

  28. I have served in the Army for 6 years 1956 to 1962, under a president who cared, this president Obama has done more damage to our “ENTIRE” country then all the rest of the presidents put together. I see the greatest country on the verge of going down the toilet, and you can blame it all on President Obama.

  29. Did The General OK This Post By The Author? If He Did, God Bless Him. This All Began 63 Years Ago When The UN Began Regulating How To Fight A war. The Last War We Won Was The Big One, Where No Holes Were Barred, WW2

  30. At last. Someone with the courage and love for country to speak the truth. This present administration and pansy assed politicians don’t give a crap about this country. Our true military leaders have been forced out one way or another OR forced to retired on their own volition rather than watch the nation died. These present military leaders have become “politicians” picking up their lack of values that I guess, they once had. Hooray, General and Semper Fi. Thanks for your service. Keep talking. RUN FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!

  31. Right on, general.

    Your moral character, values, patriotism, good warrior senses and guts are showing and this old USAF vet salutes you.

  32. Another sad day in our country. The coffin is filled with nails driven there by Obama and paid for by Soros

  33. The executive branch is taken over by subversives. The
    judicial and legislative branches wimps who no longer
    do their job. We are ripe for a coup. If Putin uses the
    EMP, I guess it is useless to worry.

  34. Frankly and sadly, I agree with the General. Political correctness will kill us if we let it. Obama is not and will not ever be my C and C. I went through the Vietnam era and saw good people die because of political correctness. Women in direct combat is a stupid idea and always will be. I’m proud of the General for telling it like it is. Thank God I’m retired and have been for a long time.

  35. The General is spot on! In 1973 Pres Nixon, stopped the draft and created what we have today-all voluntary service. His decision was based on the political environment not the military needs of this country. In order for the voluntary force to be successful many changes had to be made to attract and retain personnel. Almost all of these changes have been bad for the military. These changes have also proven to be to expensive. Accordingly, funds that should be used to support readiness, training, maintenance, equipment, etc. are being used to support the pay, allowances, incentives, etc. — because the end strengths must be maintained. Suggesting that the military should be a 100% voluntary force is wrong by any measure. A core service of professionals is needed and here I would suggest that no more than 30% be in this category. The remaining personnel would be reserves that were either drafted or enlisted. The compensation and allowances for the regulars would have to be high enough to attract and retain high caliber personnel. While the compensation for the draftee would be minimal. This latter category would get few if any allowances. The cost savings in this 30/70 split would be significant. Both the Reserves and National Guard would greatly benefit from this realignment. No more Politically Correct assignments and promotions — returning to an order of merit standard that all could and would support would greatly increase readiness and reduce over all costs.

  36. I would like to know what the General really did say at his retirement. In my opinion, if he did not at least allude to the situation, he failed to do his duty to protect the United States.
    Served in the Air Force 1969-72

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